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Languages: English

Seller: Digital Chocolate, Inc.

General optimization for the iOS 4.0 software and bug fixes to improve overall gameplay

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Experience mind-blowing brick breaking action with unbelievable new 3D graphics, all new levels, insane power-ups and epic boss battles in this sequel to the revolutionary iPhone game that set the standard for fun in breakout style gaming!

Get blown away by 2 amazing game modes full of fast paced excitement! Take on 5 unique levels and 1 evil boss in Classic mode and fight to survive for 1 life in Revolution mode in the Free Version. Purchase the Full Version for 99 levels of intense action, 5 challenging bosses and unlimited Revolution levels! Pick up insane power-ups including all new Electric Shock and Decoy– some are good, others evil! Watch your score explode as you race to break blocks in this innovative action arcade puzzler. Break your first brick to start a revolution today!

•Enjoy a new Story, 99 Levels, insane Power-Ups and stunning new Graphics in 2 wildly popular game modes – Revolution and Classic!
•Battle 5 new bosses including the all new super boss C.H.E. 2.0
•Pick up 20 insane power-ups including over 10 new ones – Electric Shock, Super Nuke, Decoy and more!
•Revolution Mode: Survive as long as you can against infinite levels and deadly bosses
•Classic Mode: Complete 99 levels and defeat 5 challenging bosses
•Check your progress in real time; earn up to 15 new Achievement Badges for completing challenges
•Great controls – gently swipe or tap your fingers on the touch screen to break the bricks
•Play your own music as the game soundtrack!

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Download the Paid version for unlimited replay value packed with even more gameplay modes, levels, power-ups and special unlocks. Get the full experience!

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Customer Reviews

  • Too fun

    by Thrashermagman

    So fun, i could play all day

  • Very cool

    by Snowman154

    I love the new backgrounds on the levels. But on revolution mode, it doesnt save!

  • (read me)

    by Victor Robayo

    This game iis approved by me you should buy this it dosent even crash

  • Great game!!!

    by Froggal59

    I absolutely LOVE this game!!!!! Its super fun and very addicting!

  • Not as good as first one

    by Michaeltthegeek

    Never as good as original

  • amazing

    by johnmarc997

    Best game for free bravo please make more

  • I love it!

    by Wickidskillz

    It's a fun game to play, and while it does have few levels, remember this is the lite version. If you want max fun you should get the full version. I've never had it crash as some of you have stated but maybe that's because I update. Anyway, this games fun but I reccomend the full version:)

  • Brick

    by Madrocks

    Awsome. Best brick game ever!!!!

  • This one works ios4

    by mtcabs

    Tried 2 versions, this one works the other doesn't even start in ios4.

  • What's up with the sound?!?!?!

    by Grannaz

    I like the game but the Lois stupid sound it makes when starting is just annoying and bothering others and it doesn't seem to get disabled even through setting!!!!

  • Works great

    by IHopeThisNameIsntTaken2

    I got this one because the first one wouldn't even open. This one hasn't crashed on me at all and is so fun to play!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Trixcy

    It crashed on me!

  • Awesome

    by Sir Frisco van Squat

    Great but needs more levels

  • Crashes

    by Aooga

    Crashes on ios4

  • Great but....

    by C upchurch

    It crashes a lot  but fun really funn

  • Great !

    by Doc 1980

    The best brick breaker in apps store,but how can i pause the game ?

  • Kinda hard

    by Drumboy202

    This app is kinda hard i die on level 3 but the power ups are epic especially rockets AWESOME! :)

  • Its awsome!

    by Brickbreakerfan

    It's my favorite game in the whole world! I play it all the time.


    by DanaLiz

    this game is one of the best games that you can get for FREE!!! its fun, addictive and has really good graphics!!! this one is a bit more challenging than the 3d brick breaker revolution 1, which makes it even more fun!!! my only problem is that comparing it to the 1st one is that u cant earn more lives... but u do start out with more than 1 life... u start out with 5 lives, but cant earn more!!! :(

  • 1

    by Greengirl16564

    Even better than the first one!

  • Get the first one instead.

    by CLawlz

    This version (compared to 1st): 1) is less colorful. Very monochromatic! 2) less interesting music 3) less interesting weapons/effects And the first one (non game center version) is free right now. Go get it!

  • Not bad but not worth the space

    by kimbo010

    i like the 1st version better. in this version the ball is bigger & faster & the bricks are very low. maybe this game was made to be more challenging but it seems like it's cheating. i'm deleting it bkuz it doesn't interest me but everyone has different tastes.

  • Bugs on os4

    by Jezzy M.D.

    Need update

  • Crashes

    by Fawniqua

    Constant crashes. Unplayable

  • 1st one is better

    by Sweet Cupcakes569

    I liked the 1st one better.

  • Just a copy of the first one

    by sumdumguywriting

    The only thing I enjoyed about this one was the music. They need to get rid of this game, since it's almost exacty the same as the first version, and put the music for this one in the first version. The weapons aren't any better and the red capsules are easier than the first version. I'm not sure why they think I'd want to buy the full version.

  • Game

    by gabby and caitlin


  • Poor control

    by McKenn Dog

    The original is far superior as far as control is concerned. Also, it moves to slow in relation to the speed of the ball.. Cool weapon concepts, but having a red (fake balls) and no extra life makes this version sub par in my opinion.

  • Good

    by Tofoursixeigjt

    Make "seal" last until the ball actually hits it and make it so that we can get extra lives it would also be nice if we could get more than 1 life in the revolution mode

  • Addicting

    by Celk18

     yummy

  • Hobofan

    by awesomeaaron07

    It's dumb how if you don't touch the arrow it moves you to the side of the arrow. The first one was better

  • Okay....




    by BrawlerX


  • Alright

    by Soccerjake1

    Brick breaker 1 is so much better

  • Ok

    by Ph!llip

    The theme is better than the actual game. Block breaker 2 by gameloft is way better than this

  • Cool, but....

    by SuddenlyWolf

    Can you please increase the hit detection?

  • Looks like more funn and excited!

    by Timo hoho

    Cool game

  • Cool, but

    by PilotRob

    But not as difficult as I'd like. Better than the original 3D. The effects are great on both, but they lack long term playability for me as it's not as challenging as I'd want it to be. I LOVE the 2D version, IT is awesome, and I bought the full version of that, absolutely no regrets there!

  • Great game 1 problem

    by osome

    This is as good as the 1st but it won't let you exit out of the game and save the level you are on. The 1st one let's you save and continue playing at another time

  • Does not work

    by Tayler2015

    Takes a while to load Have to hit slot of buttons just to play Exits to the home page on it's own

  • Good update!

    by HDMHello

    Thanks for the tweaks

  • Sweet game!

    by Slime Monster

    Sweet game! Cool graphics and good weapons

  • 4 stars!

    by keldrocer

    Not bad for a demo!

  • Laggy

    by jeffy777

    Framerate is too laggy

  • So Sick!

    by jmswng

    Better than the original in every way.

  • Great!

    by Hmetaldummer

    I'd buy this game, for at most 3 or 2 dollars. Game play is just fantastic!

  • love it.

    by heydn

    if you like the first one this one is pretty amazing too. :] 5 stars for sure. i'd pay $3 for it most definetly.

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