Ticket to Ride Games App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese

Seller: Days of Wonder


• Facebook Native Share support: share your Achievements on Facebook with a single click!
• Improved sign-up/login user interface:
◇ One-click sign-up using Game Center or Facebook.
◇ Easy step-by-step process to find your existing Days of Wonder Online account and link it to your Game Center and Facebook accounts.
◇ New panel in the Settings screen to manage your accounts, switch to another Days of Wonder Online account, etc.
• Online Games: the Ranking Score of your opponents is now displayed under their name in the Waiting Room.
• You can completely now stop the in-game tutorial before your first game ends.
• iOS 6 support.


• Saving your Achievements to your Days of Wonder Online account was improved.
• Other various fixes.
• Enable Halloween for iOS 4 users

Customer Ratings

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680 Ratings
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3611 Ratings



Elegantly simple… 3 minutes to learn… tension building at every turn – definitely NOT your Father's train game!

*** Apple Game of the Week (iPad), June 9-15, 2011 – #1 in Strategy Games – #1 in Board Games – #9 in Top Apps in the App Store*** (Source: TopAppCharts, May-June 2011)

**Pocket Gamer: 9/10 with Gold Award – "A fantastic adaptation of an excellent boardgame, and a must-buy for strategy fans"

**Ars Technica: "The iPad version of Ticket to Ride impresses right from the beginning."

**Wired: "the app is a beaut. If you’re a fan of board games and you’ve got an iPad, this is definitely one you’ll want to get."

**148Apps: 5 Stars and Editor's Choice – "…the best translation of a board game to iOS yet"

**iOS Board Games (BoardGameGeek.com): 9.5/10 – "A fun and engaging app that offers a sleek and speedy online multiplayer system. It ranks up there with the best offerings on iOS."

By the makers of Small World for iPad, winner of the Pocket Gamer Awards 2011 for Best iPad Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year!

The best Online adaptation yet of Days of Wonder’s best-selling train game, Ticket to Ride features:

• Includes Pass-and-Play with up to 5 live opponents on one iPad
• Alan R. Moon’s official Ticket to Ride maps with original artwork
• Game Center and Days of Wonder Online support for Online Play against other iPad, Mac and PC gamers
• An unparalleled online player community with tens of thousands of live opponents willing and ready to play 24/7!
• Solo play against up to 4 AI players
• Additional maps of Europe, Switzerland and USA 1910 available as in-game purchases
• Terrific iPad video tutorial with voice acting for quick and easy learning
• Detailed, interactive turn-by-turn, in-game tutorial
• Contextual in-game Conductor’s Notes (web-based rules) to help you master all the maps
• Grand Central Station, a fully-animated and colorful experience to discover the world of Ticket to Ride
• Online and offline Hall of Fame

Customer Reviews

  • EXCELLENT GAME!! Graphics, audio, etc!

    by Mark Colling

    This is such an awesome board game! Love the crisp, colorful graphics and sound. Animations are fresh and rewarding. Plenty of tutorial--rich and descriptive. I don't know why anyone would give poor ratings due to no asynchronous play; an online game typically lasts no more than 10 minutes. Very pkeased with the quality of this title, and even bought the expansions, making it approx $20 for myself, yet worth every penny.

  • Addictive

    by Samson802

    I love the board game and this ipad version is great. I love the online play. One of my all time favorite apps

  • Asynchronous Multiplayer still not available.

    by I.AM.BRUIN

    Come on, DOW. The pocket has asynchronous multiplayer game for awhile. Please implement it in the iPad version. The current online system is buggy. My friends and I tried a couple times to play together but failed to sustain a game.

  • Good but could be better

    by Ecm1981

    I love the board game and the app is a decent version, but a lot could be better. First, as others have noted, it would be great to have turn-based play so you don't have to play in real time. More importantly, the game needs to time out players in online mode who do not make a move. I was playing someone in online mode and they would NOT go. I waited a half hour and finally left the game. This has happened to me several times and now my karma is shot and now one will play with me. Really annoying as I never left the games because I was losing or anything like that. It takes forever to build good karma but only a single left game to destroy it. I've also found that the AI, as with most games, isn't that bright. They each have a strategy they stick to without fail even though not every strategy works for every scenario. I'd recommend, but wish the developers would improve as there has not been a meaningful update in some time.

  • Love it!

    by KingLouie914

    Game play is great, whether CPU or online! Highly recommend!

  • Second player option now hard to find after update

    by Ticket to scam

    It used to be easier to find the second player option.

  • Great game

    by jmulls2112

    I never played the board game so I purchased this on faith. It is an excellent game and an excellent digital game. I have purchased all of the expansions and am enjoying it. Good strategy and fun to play. I have not done multiplayer yet.

  • Great game, but can't get other maps

    by csi755

    Can't download legendary Asia app. Can't connect to iTunes Store. PLEASE FIX! Then you get 5 stars!

  • Won't let me but Asia map?

    by sonriseagain

    I love this series and own every app and almost every board game version. I have tried every suggestion but the app just won't let me buy the Asia expansion. It would let me buy every other in app purchase (which I didn't need) but not the Asia one. Please fix this, it's really frustrating. I would like to add that I have done all the steps provided through your support site. None of them solved the problem, which then makes frustrating to have no way to talk, message or email someone in customer services or support.

  • Love it... Except one thing.

    by kt_congdon

    Love the game am addicted to it actually. However Duluth is not the city that should be shown on the map. You should probably change that to St. Paul or Minneapolis.

  • Great board game BUT...

    by LovinDeLife

    My only problem is with the achievements. There is one, the Asian boardgame achievement of "win a game in 24 turns or less" that is un-win-able. I would like to know if they put that one in there just to make my life miserable. C:

  • Second thoughts

    by Awesome owner

    This game is great it's so much fun but there is one problem: the tickets.I tend to get such bad tickets so I believe they should make a version were you create your own tickets.Keep it on your mind it would be really fun

  • Turn based no problem. Great adaptation to iPad.

    by Namenots_Laments

    What are all these reviewers talking about? TTR is one of the best turn based ipad games around. My only negative comment is that they don't push out new maps for me to buy fast enough. Great game. Ps. Just because you don't like one feature does not justify giving a 1-star review. For the price of a starbucks coffee you get hundreds of hours of fun. They worked hard on this. Be fair and grow up. Maybe stick to bejeweled going forward?

  • Addictive

    by ikemarrus

    This is totally addictive and fun. Just wish the wouldn't prompt for the Game Center. I'd choose it if I wanted it. Also wish the scoring was faster. Just show the scores, and then let us go back and explore those results.

  • One of the best board games on the iPad

    by skipnola

    I don't usually buy games but having a well made board game with beautiful graphics at your fingertips is irresistible. Especially being able to play multi player anytime of day is a board game lovers dream.

  • Good game, but no turn based play!

    by scotty321

    Very well done app! But this game really needs turn-based play so that I can play with my friends over the Internet! It makes no sense for us to need to be available in real time to play! The developers of this app should take a look at Carcassonne, the finest game for iOS... they have implemented turn-based play perfectly! Besides that issue, very good game.

  • Some small suggestions

    by Cigmed

    At the end of the game, the counting of the points should be a little slower, or allow the possibility to pause. Also, it would be nice if it was possible to see the board in order to verify the longest route, rather than look at a cheering crowd.

  • Great family fun

    by Jgretsch

    I finally got myself to quit playing the bots when we started playing over the network. Very fun. I wish I could win.

  • Ticket to ride

    by Bailee grace

    The way the computer players play does not make any sense. It is very hard to play a normal game with them!

  • My families favorite board game on the go.

    by Dilain

    My family has enjoyed playing the physical version of this game for some years now. It's been very popular at our get togethers so I decided to pick up this app for on the go playing. The app looks and plays great, and while I do miss the textile feeling of the wooden game counters and the train cars I find that the apps sounds give an equal level of fun. My only complaint and the one thing keeping this from being 5 stars is the lack of Asynchronous online play. Add that in and it's an easy 5 star app.

  • Great game .... But

    by Crispy32

    Love the game, but won't keep me logged in through Game Center. Drops me and I have to log back in after each game. Very annoying.

  • Async

    by World B. Free

    When in Jebus's name are you going to implement async play?? No updates since September 2012. :(

  • Forget single player game

    by Jus-cogens

    Computer opponents cheat like you wouldn't believe. Avoid the frustration.

  • Game Center is broken

    by Good Thom

    I assume the people who rate this 4 or 5 stars don’t play using Game Center. Things seem to work fine for local play, but it seems to be nearly impossible to set up multi-player games using game center. The invitations disappear locally, and it’s unclear how to accept them on other device, once invited.

  • Awesome Game... Terrible online play

    by Music Teacher PA

    If you want to play with another specific person online between two iPads, or ipad and iPhone, forget it. We could not get a game to set up through the Game Center. Please fix this to work smoothly and simply like Ticket to Ride Pocket app does between two iPhones. Thanks.

  • Great game but app needs some fixes!

    by shufflingparrot

    I love this game, but, like other reviewers have said, it needs asynchronous online play and we need to be able to have better choices for the avatars and colors that represent us. Also, I am very annoyed that I paid for the Switzerland map as an in-app purchase, but I can't play on that map in solo mode against the AI. I should have been told that before I wasted my money. I feel cheated!

  • Freezing on my iPad 1

    by FweeSewl

    Was looking forward to trying the game, but it froze as soon as I took the ticket. Will see if it works after a reset of the iPad. Can't give it a true rating yet; will have to start with one star for now.

  • Just get the pocket one

    by Fahrendorf2000

    Once you buy the app then you have to buy all the expansion packs if you just want to play the regular game just get the pocket version

  • Need offline support!!!!

    by Varun Chawda

    I feel I just wasted 7$!? Why can't I pass n play with my family?? We don't always have wifi...

  • Great Implementation

    by Codymaxx

    I play Ticket to Ride on the PC and the Xbox 360, too, but the iPad version is my favorite implementation. I love all the maps, the interface, and the variety of methods to play alone or with others. Great job! Please add more maps. Can't wait to see the iPad implementation of Africa, Germany, India, Nordic!

  • GREAT game!

    by DSWq

    Love everything about this game, love all the options...pass and play, solo against AIs, online games, that each AI has different strategies, all the different achievements you can earn, etc... If they plan to make more editions I would LOVE to see GERMANY, as it is my favorite one.

  • Polished gameplay but...

    by BIGWes1028 ytube

    I love the game, but there are some small things that should be fixed. First, the online chat is terrible! If you or your opponent writes a message longer than a few words, it gets cut off and is invisible. Make it so that the full comment can be seen! It is also completely unfair that the person who creates a game room can't go first. It should be random! Other than that, a very good game! I absolutely love the original artwork and music. The app is extremely polished. PS- Please add a new map soon!

  • Wow, great game!

    by Winniethepoopybutt

    Was skeptical at first but it's quick to learn, fun and strategic. Love the online play as well.

  • Great game!!

    by Mr T Diggler

    I own pretty much all the good board games in the App Store and this is hands down by far one of the best! Best multiplayer setup!

  • Needs some improvements

    by PiaJo

    The game is awesome, graphics really true to the essence of the game. There are however a few areas that need improvement, but I don't see any effort on the developers side to even try & address them. C'mon for a $10 game, I expect some quality updates after the game matures in the market. 1) the chat feature is not that great,at least alternate chat colors in each line! 2) Finding the online game room is not easy for a noobie, it's just titled as 'More'. 3) Inviting a specific person to play requires a 150 IQ and a handbook, it's just NOT intuitive! 4) India & Africa expansions are not available.. :(

  • More Versions!

    by Jru123456789

    Need more In-App purchases available!!

  • Fun, addictive

    by Jd76325

    A few things--what does the ratings switch do exactly? What's with the hokey odd brass plate sayings in the game table? The chat is clunky and gets cut off. Hard to find your own rating and score. I wish there was a room for "fast" players. The graphics could use an update, so tired of,the game room, waiting for players to arrive.

  • Fun for a while

    by Cortina+Omega

    This game was fun right up until the point I tried for the 240-point achievement. You'll try for it. Trust me. It's too easy to win against the bots and too easy to get disconnected from an online game. So you'll try this. And you'll get frustrated. And the game will rapidly lose it's allure.

  • Almost there

    by Kofiman

    The game is really fun to play on my iPad. I really enjoy trying to get all the achievements. I keep getting burned on a few of them because you can't choose how many locomotive cards to use for a turn. The game just assumes you want to use all the color train cards and then takes locomotives to fill the rest. If I have 7 locomotives and 4 black train cards I should be able to choose to only use one black train card per turn and fill the rest with locomotives. Other than that its a great pass time. Please fix this and get 5 stars!

  • No online play! Can't invite friends

    by Sbmorty

    Game doesn't allow me to play against those on an iPhone. Not cross compatible with TTR Pocket. Can't play over the Internet

  • Great execution of a modern classic board game.

    by Sherricat

    I only have a few minor complaints about this game. Does not randomize starting player on local play, which is a little annoying. Icons for other player actions should stay up longer, or have the ability to tap to reveal them. AI can be a little weak at times, lots of missed routes when they would have been fairly easy to complete. Otherwise, an excellent game that my spouse and I play together way too frequently.

  • The worst Game Center integration I've ever seen.

    by Mike Apfelbeck

    First off, the actual game play is great. it's just like the board game. That being said the online multiplayer lobby is so awful I wish I could return the app. To begin with, if you want to play single player or against someone via local wireless that one menu (you just press the 'play' button) but if you want to play online it's a completely different menu labeled 'more'; this is very odd but at least it's only irritating once. Once you get into the multiplayer lobby, starting the game with a specific person in game center is downright difficult. First you select the person in the Game Center tab, then press 'invite to play', then press 'play' and then press 'play now'; then and only then is the invite actually sent. How many play buttons do you need?! After pressing three different play buttons the other person finally gets an invite to play (if it doesn't time out on you). The problem with the invite is the other person only gets a few seconds to actually accept the invite because the only way to accept it is the fleeting message center notification. There are other problems too like how if a Game Center element is already open when you accept an invite the game actually breaks and leaves a zombie popup that never goes away. The ridiculously bad online play makes and otherwise good game an exercise in frustration to play.

  • Need asynchronous for iPad

    by Trainfanatic818

    Great game, would give it five stars if the iPad version had asynch play!

  • Worth the money

    by j3ns3n

    Love it and the board game

  • Absolute Addiction

    by Exec. Staff Member Jensen

    I love this game with a burning passion and its amazing and you should play it!

  • Would love to see device-independent multiplayer

    by JosephJ.

    Have seen several games that are capable of doing it, so it would be great to play against the Ticket to Ride Pocket app.

  • Asynchronous multi-player

    by bonebox

    Why hasn't it been added yet? And it makes no sense that the iPad and iPhone versions aren't multiplayer compatible--if Carcassonne can pull it off, so can you.

  • Good... But...

    by Ahbe

    Good game, but it could be great. Add multimode and I'll give it five stars.

  • Gamecenter integration needs fixing

    by GetARythym

    Please fix the gamecenter integration. Unable to connect with family to play remotely. Love the app otherwise.

  • Gaming

    by too much time

    This is not a turned based game but a real time game which can be played in about five minutes. This wonderfully created, fun game is beautiful on iPad and a must have for anyone looking for a quick play to play with friends.

  • Barb

    by Grams10143

    So disappointed in the App...is useless to play with friends as cannot connect. What a waste of money in buying this.

  • No turn-based?!

    by kisertn

    So disappointed! I've had the iPhone version for awhile now and always appreciated the turn-based-over-the-internet feature. Was so looking forward to finally getting the iPad version because my mother can't make out all the features on the map on the iPhone. So we now have bright new shiny iPads, purchased TTR with all the in-app options only to discover that the game is useless to us except in single player mode. She lives far away and we have different schedules. turn-based-play on the iphone allowed us to play even with such conditions. Really disappointed to discover iPad version does not have this. With this feature, a 5-star app for me. Without this feature, it's just taking up space on my iPad. Hope you'll consider adding this feature in future.

  • No turn based gameplay (no ASync)

    by NateLS

    TTR is perfect for asynchronous turn-based gameplay over the Internet, but Days of Wonder is too lazy to implement that feature. This really kills the usefulness of the app. Implement this feature, and some better UX in your menus, and I will re-rate accordingly

  • No turn based play

    by Kangel14

    This game is really good however it is useless to me. If you want to play against he computer then this is great. If you want to play your friends on the internet, you better buy the iphone version and play it on the iPad like I do. The IPAD game looks A LOT better, but you CAN NOT PLAY TURN BASED GAMES ONLINE. You can only play online in real time!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update this version to allow it to play turn based like the 1.99 iPhone version. If so I would give it 5 stars..

  • Great fun, and addictive

    by liberteabelle

    My only complaint on this game is too much animation, especially for the Asia map with the tunnels. Its SO SLOW to wait for the tunnel cards!!!!! You take your turn then the robots take FOREVER and meanwhile you have to sit and wait-wait-wait-now-no-wait-not-yet-wait-now-finally til your own turn. Please allow us to speed through the unbearable animations with a setting we can toggle off. Please? That dramatically reduces my rating; otherwise you'd get a 5.

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