Ticket to Ride Pocket Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English, French, German

Seller: Days of Wonder


• Facebook Native Share support: share your Achievements on Facebook with a single tap!
• Switch between Ticket to Ride Pocket & Europe Pocket with a single tap
• Improved integration with Game Center and Facebook:
◇ Easy step-by-step process to find your existing Days of Wonder Online account and link it to your Game Center and Facebook accounts.
◇ New panel in the Settings screen to manage your accounts, switch to another Days of Wonder Online account, etc.
• You can now abort the in-game tutorial mid-game.
• iOS 6 support.


• Saving your Achievements to your Days of Wonder Online account has been improved.
• Other various fixes.

Customer Ratings

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*** Winner of Pocket Gamer 2012 Reader's Choice Award - iPhone/iPod Touch ***
*** Ticket to Ride just won the 2012 Pocket Gamer Awards for Best Strategy/Simulation Game!! ***

*** Apple Game of the Week (iPhone) in Europe, November 17-23, 2011- #1 in Board Games, #1 in Strategy Games in 32 countries, including UK, France, Germany, Canada and USA!



Kotaku Gaming, App of the Day: "If you've never played the board game Ticket to Ride, boy, are you missing out... I've only played the iPhone version, but can't put it down."

Cult of Mac: "Like its bigger iPad-dwelling brother, the iPhone version is very well designed and produced... It’s set to take the mobile gaming world by storm again."

Epinions.com: "It’s the most enjoyable game I've played all year. Call it heresy but Angry Birds just didn't do it for me like placing colored trains across a map of the United States. "

Gamezebo: "An excellent portable adaptation of one of the best board games of the last 10 years (and) a great point of entry for gamers not familiar with the series."

TapCentral: "A phenomenal game at a phenomenal price."

** What is it?
A digital adaptation of the best-selling Ticket to Ride board game, designed from the ground up specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

** What’s in it?
• A SOLO and PASS-and-PLAY version of the US map that made the original Ticket to Ride board game so compelling and popular (2 million copies and counting...).
• LOCAL play support over a same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network, making it perfect for a game-on-the-go between friends.
• A new MULTI mode for playing asynchronously with one or more online friends, using Game Center under iOS 5. You can even play multiple games simultaneously.
• 30 uniquely fun Game Achievements you can win while playing SOLO!
• Distinct leader boards showing your highest scores in 2-3 and 4-5 player modes and on Game Center.
• Four distinct AI personalities to compete against.
• A new under 2 minute Tutorial video, custom-shot for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

** What else?
We care deeply about your ideas, comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us on our forums at www.daysofwonder.com

Customer Reviews

  • Brilliant iPhone game, multiplayer not so much.

    by Sanjeev Shinhmar

    I love the iPhone version of the game. We just bought the board game version as well, but it's so convenient on the phone that we don't feel like playing the real one. No need of shuffling cards, keep verifying what your routes are, setting up trains etc. Me and my wife are completely addicted to it. My only major complain is the multiplayer format. The game gets stuck many times. Also, the players playing sometimes take years to do their move. My suggestion that will make it 100 times better is to put time restriction on the multiplayer format or add a new desperate format. The players have to take their turn within 30 secs or a minute max. or the game is forfeited. Also give some kind of bonus to the winner that will have the forfeiters avoid leaving the game in between. One other thing I love is the great AI. So if u want to play with more players, just add the AI. That makes it fun as the AI plays a decent game as well. Overall the game is excellent, and has much more potential. Keep riding!

  • Super fun!

    by blueslingo

    This game is really fun to play with friends or solo.

  • Great game!!

    by Chris C 227

    This game is a ton of fun! I played the board game for the first time recently and bought this app because I had so much fun. I like the app better than the board game!

  • Five stars with full screen support

    by brettg

    Enjoy the game a lot. I love the Game Center integration to let you play a move here or there with friends without having to stare at the app waiting for your turn. I would be glad to buy the in-app upgrade and even the Europe version, but I don't feel we are getting enough support from the developer for me to reward them with more of my money. It's been a year and half since iPhone 5 screen ratio has been out for developers. I would think that would be long enough to tweet the code to address the new aspect ratio. Maybe not?

  • Alvin and dexter

    by tvfun

    Need the monsters on the iPhone

  • Colorblind people avoid

    by Synthfreek

    How easy could it have been to make this modern classic into a classic app? Two of the main train pieces are so close in color that I can't tell them apart.

  • Has bugs

    by sheilakc

    Great app but has bugs such as not being able to do anything but draw more cards on last turn.

  • Good game

    by Уникальныйпсевдоним

    But Game Center integration is not perfect

  • Crash :(

    by GeeSmee

    We love the Ticket to Ride games, especially the Pass and Play feature, but we have multiple issues every time we play on my iPhone. Most currently, the app will crash at the very end of the game when totaling the final score. I also agree with previous posts that if the app doesn't zoom in for you, the spaces are so tiny that it's hard to tell the difference between some colors.

  • Fantastically addictive

    by MPM10223

    Was given the board game as a gift, loved it, and thought "this would be awesome as an iPhone game." Luckily they beat me to it. Best $2 I've spent on an app

  • Online play.

    by Lucidthought2012

    I love the game for my iPad so I got it for my iPhone so I can play my friends online more often. Well I have not be able to play a single one because the game has repeatedly quit on me. It has not worked once. Hope it works in the next update. 5 stars to the normal play though!

  • Good game but...

    by Gecko1001

    The overall game is good but we need the ability to trade out destination tickets like in the board game version.

  • Great Game, Annoying Notifications


    I play this game with my family often. It’s a great way to connect since we love board games but live in different states. The notifications to read their messages are so annoying though. I have to open the app and click on the top right note so often that I don’t even read the messages any more. I need notifications on for game play, but the marketing messages are overkill.

  • iPhone 5???

    by Only Derek

    Sitting around with family and about to recommend this game but couldn't due to lack of iPhone 5 support.

  • No support for 4 inch display?!?!

    by Willy Peacekeeper

    I would easily give this game 4 or 5 stars if it supported the 4 inch display. The gameplay is great and I love being able to play multiplayer through Game Center. But the little black bars on both sides of the screen are just tacky. I mean come on they've had over a year to work on it. What's the deal?

  • My favorite iPhone game

    by EnzorX

    I love this game for single player and it is easier to play with friends then getting the board game out.

  • Fun game, buggy app

    by bubba hotep

    There's a few glitches that make the experience less than perfect. Notifications don't seem too reliable. It was my turn for days before I just decided to open the app and discover it was my turn. Some of the graphics look broken. iPhone 5 screen support would be great too!!

  • this is an epic game

    by The Lengthy

    there are only a few games that have this much replay value. the only reason i docked it a star is because it is not universal.

  • Update

    by D4mani

    Update please. It's been over a year!

  • Love it

    by TrishaFilth

    I love this game!

  • Where is the iphone 5 support?

    by Unbreakablecomb

    Over a year and no update for iphone5/5s resolutions? Come on guys!

  • Great game, bad app

    by rockmSOCKM

    The app is in desperate need of an update. It's one of the few apps I use that isn't iOS 5 ready. Frequently crashes. And way too many button presses just to get to the game. Too bad

  • Not as fun anymore

    by Lamb2112

    Interface doesn't allow for multi player games to play back and forth. Sometimes errors out, sometimes just hangs, sometimes delays hours between turns. I have two games stuck in my "my turn" page that won't let me play nor will they let me delete them nor forfeit them. Has been this way for a while, please fix!!

  • Needs work

    by Dr schmoop

    The game is good. However, the notification system is awful! It often doesn't let you know when it is your turn. Worse yet, it notifies you it's your turn, and when you log in it isn't your turn, but instead there is a "letter" notifying you that there is some new product you can buy. This has to end. Take a note from the Words with Friends app... their notification system is far better. Ride has such potential, but the delays and poor notification system make the games painfully slow and aggravating.

  • Horrible on iOS, and horribly written

    by apoplectic.ape

    Get the physical version and forget about this adaptation. It's buggy (lost my pass n'play game) and poorly written (asks you to "quit" a game, when in fact you are just putting it on pause). The multiplayer takes forever and you can only have 1 game going. Not fun at all.

  • Crashy Crasherson

    by bfreed

    Multi player crashes even before I can get into the game! Stinks!!!!

  • Multiplayer

    by JJiggens

    Online multiplayer does not work at all. Beware

  • Doesn't work

    by All Time Almond

    Unable to login with email or game center Anymore, deleted and reinstalled the game and nothing. Garbage game, I purchased several of the expansions too, waste of money

  • App Keeps Malfunctioning

    by Jurossinator

    The game used to work on my phone; however, it keeps malfunctioning following the latest update. The game itself is great; wish I could play it on my iPhone 4S. At first, the app kept crashing when playing multiplayer games; now it is acting like I never purchased the app at all.

  • Over a year since last update

    by Pico 2

    No support for iPhone 5 screen. Game Center has tons of bugs, it won't let you invite friends most of the time. If it does the game quits.

  • Great game, still no iPhone 5/5s support

    by MC Hampster

    Still no widescreen support? Getting a little ridiculous now.

  • Unplayable for the colorblind

    by Forrest Fleming

    You'd think that Days of Wonder would have figured out how to make a game colorblind-friendly, but you'd be wrong. Such incompetence is embarrassing, particularly given the history of the cardboard version of TTR.

  • Update?

    by Michael189188

    Here we are a year later and still no iPhone 5 or 5s support. Now we're also behind on the new iOS support too. Game Center and notifications don't work well at all now. Games lag because people don't know it's their turn. Instead of promoting your other games on the main screen why not spend some time updating and pleasing the customers you already had? I have no interest in buying other apps when you just leave them by the way side in the interest of future projects. I love the game, but the development of this app has just gone downhill. I would love a chat feature too, but I'd settle for the notifications and full screen support first. Fix those and I'll redo the rating.


    by Logan.cj7

    It's been over a year since the last update. What happened??

  • Love it

    by gilason11

    Fun and way quicker than the board game cause I don't have to wait five minutes every turn for my mom to decide what move to make

  • Great start!!

    by FabCricket

    This a great board game and I'm delighted that there's an app too! There's some room for improvement though. I'm pretty frustrated with: 1. How often I get an error message and am kicked out of a game. Temporary or not, it shouldn't happen. It's a bit better with os7. 2. How often my account (and games) doesn't load on opening the app. This is much worse since os7. 3. Moves not loading in a timely manner. I've waited hours for opponents to take their turns to finally get notification that moves were taken up to 14 hours ago. 4. Pop up notifications that amount to ads. 5. How often I start a 4-player game only to have it populated by people who don't want to play. The last 8 games I've initiated haven't getting past the first round of play.

  • Great game but buggy

    by mercurybones

    The game often locks up when I am playing people online and try to take a turn. I have to reinstall to get it to work again. It's too bad they can't get the technical side to work correctly. The game itself is great fun when the bugs don't get in the way.

  • iPhone 5 support

    by aberrix

    Terrible resolution

  • Good family game

    by naughtykid001

    Just great

  • Update?

    by Tprater

    I love this game and have been playing with friends for a long time. Since the new IOS update, however we have been unable to play a multiplayer game. Games disappear, players aren't notified, there are various error messages. Can I get a fix on this? A five star game if I could once again play it.

  • Awesome, but...

    by Bay Ryder

    I love this game! I recommend it to all of my friends. That being said, I do have one small problem. Every few days or maybe a week the game won't let me select a track or pick up cards. I have to restart my iPhone to fix it. It's not that big of a deal but if they could fix this, that'd be great. Thank you!

  • More features needed

    by Icesalmon

    No online play and iPhone 5 full screen support for iPhone version. It would be 5 stars with these two features added.

  • Amazing execution

    by PropellerHead

    Bravo on this one. Totally love the fast pace. I wish multi player was better though. Would be way more fun to have a real time version of multi player. Local play is awesome on airplanes!

  • Crashes & closes

    by 44Sara

    I have the TTR Europe & love it but haven't been able to play TTR with friends because it crashes every time & closes itself down. Not happy.

  • Online play doesn't work

    by The Real BC

    I love this game on an iPad. I bought the iPhone version and could not get an online game to start in four tries. Worthless.

  • Freezes!!!!!

    by Pooki5376432575678

    Great game but the app is a constant let down. Always needing to be shut down and restart. Very frustrating!!

  • We want it fit for iPhone 5!

    by ds1407

    We want it fit for iPhone 5!

  • Irate.

    by rapxzelll

    I know nothing about this game, I purchased it by mistake and I am angry as hell so therefore, you can get one star. To be quite honest though, I think I would've given it one star anyway based on the recent reviews and the screenshots.

  • Broken multiplayer

    by Jadefalchion

    With the new Game Center you can't get a 2 player game with a friend to work. You can get a second player and a third random player to work, but that means the game can go as slowly as the person you don't know and don't want to play with.

  • Fix The Bugs

    by supernitin

    Great game conceptually. However, this implantation is plagued with bugs. It was buggy enough on iOS 6. On iOS 7 it is worse. Aside from the bugs the game is still not formatted for the 5/5s screen. These guys are asleep at the wheel.

  • Fun game. Needs update.

    by clifster

    Great game but desperately needs update for both iPhone 5 but more importantly now iOS 7 compatibility. The game crashes at times and now makes actual route selection hard because the route highlighting is not displaying correctly. Additionally the online multiplayer in the iPhone version is handicapped, offering only auto-match to players versus the viewing online games and create or join options of the iPad version.

  • TTR

    by MJS2601

    Addicting game!!!!

  • Great Game!

    by solomatt

    I purchased this game back on December 26 and it still is the game I play the most. It is the best board game app I have found so far on the IPAD.

  • Great game but the "mail" is driving me crazy

    by StickChic

    I really like this game and it is well thought out but I hate, hate, hate that when there's a new ad for me, it displays as a turn notification. To dismiss it, I have to navigate all the way out to the main screen and then I have to not only open it, but scroll through the whole thing to make it go away. It's very frustrating. All this is compounded by the fact that I have to do it in both of your train apps on both of my devices.

  • Solo Games can't be paused?

    by Hamsta76

    How come I can't interrupt a solo game? I can't switch to a multiplayer game to take my turn and switch back to a running sologame because its been ended for good...? And why isn't iPhone 5 supported?!

  • Please optimize for iPhone 5!

    by Nephihah

    One of the funnest games available! The only thing is PLEASE optimize for iPhone 5! After that five stars is yours!! IPHONE 5!!!!!

  • Multiplayer is aweful

    by nofreenameilike

    Multiplayer does not work well it needs chat. Also It needs to find Better way to find people who are playing so that the gameplay is less choppy. Waiting for your opponents to make a move is nearly unbearable. Needs to be a better way to add friends

  • Love!!!

    by SAGGYBottom

    I love this game!!! It's especially nice to be able to play with friends over the internet. The only thing I wish it has is an option to chat with your opponent in the game. That would be most helpful!!!!

  • Great!

    by M00ses

    I love the tabletop version, and this port is a great remake. I enjoy playing this just as much as the physical game. Playing the online version is fun when you want someone to play against.

  • Love the game, BUT...

    by Dalisair75

    Love this game normally. But bugs have appeared. If a user plays on both iPhone and iPad, and switches back and forth, it can revert moves backwards for their opponents, taking routes away but not giving them their cards back. This happened to me when my opponent switched devices. Game breaking bug.

  • iPhone 5

    by Bryan92686

    Please update for iPhone 5 users. The pocket screen is small as it is. Why not allow iPhone 5 user to have a bigger screen if possible. I also think a color blind edition would be nice. One with colors that are easier to see. Quite a few people have this issue. Might be a market to tap into.

  • Fun

    by Search4theWorst

    the game is certainly fun, and motivated me to buy the physical board game. However, the achievements are ubsurd distractions to the game. Its hardly even possible to: a) Win without opponent completing any tickets b) Win with only black tracks c) Win, and claim all "5" tracks. The "Black Track" achievement is 100% luck. The black tracks are scattered across the board, and do not supply you with high pay-out. The "5 track" achievement means forfeiting the idea of completing your tickets, and yet, its the deducted score at the end that kills you. ^^Why bother even making them achievements?? They can't be accomplished by casually playing, and the odds of completing them when you do try are like 1 in 500.

  • Very good

    by Mtsmith9788

    Great game, really love it. Needs an option to chat with opponents, hate when people quit when they are losing and you can't say anything.

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