Ticket to Ride Europe Pocket Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English, French, German

Seller: Days of Wonder


• Facebook Native Share support: share your Achievements on Facebook with a single tap!
• Switch between Ticket to Ride Pocket & Europe Pocket with a single tap
• Improved integration with Game Center and Facebook:
◇ Easy step-by-step process to find your existing Days of Wonder Online account and link it to your Game Center and Facebook accounts.
◇ New panel in the Settings screen to manage your accounts, switch to another Days of Wonder Online account, etc.
• You can now abort the in-game tutorial mid-game.
• iOS 6 support.


• Saving your Achievements to your Days of Wonder Online account has been improved.
• Crash fixed: while reloading a solo game with PoirBot
• Other various fixes.

Customer Ratings

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2505 Ratings
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** What is it?
A digital adaptation of the best-selling Ticket to Ride EUROPE board game that introduced Ferries, Tunnels and Stations into the game.

** What’s in it?
• The map of Ticket to Ride Europe
• A new AI bot, PoirBot, specifically designed for Europe
• 5 new European-specific achievements
• The map of Ticket to Ride Switzerland (available as an in-app purchase) that also comes with its own specific bot, EscherBot
• The same Conductor Level and Pressure Gauge achievements first introduced in Ticket to Ride Pocket; they can now be saved online and take into account Online games played with other copies of Ticket to Ride
• The same SOLO, PASS-and-PLAY, LOCAL and MULTI modes, and leader boards, that made the original Ticket to Ride Pocket so popular

** What else?
We care deeply about your ideas, comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us on our forums at www.daysofwonder.com

Customer Reviews

  • Fun game

    by TrishaFilth

    I prefer the original game, but still enjoy this one.

  • Good family game

    by naughtykid001

    Just great

  • Pretty good

    by TigerWoodsLibido

    Pretty good but it really needs some work on the multiplayer. My wife and I can't even play on the same network in a local game with computer players. We should be able to put it down for a while, then pick it up later, but when someone closes their phone, the game ends because it says someone left the game. This REALLY needs to be fixed!

  • Awesome

    by Best Ryan

    It's a great game and I think it is even better than Ticket to Ride pocket.

  • Goodgame

    by Kindovefun

    Thereviewer here and I bought this cause its been getting really good reviews so I got and played a game and I'm amazed, no ads, no cheats by computers, absolutely outstanding though, it would be nice if you lowered the price down $1 instead of $2 but that's minor

  • Superb!

    by Lydianfanfare

    Days of Wonder sure knows how to develop a great version of a widely loved tabletop game! I have nothing but praise for the quality of this app! Except...

  • Buggy

    by CoachGage

    Great game, but lots of online multi-player bugs. Please fix.

  • Good but horribly cheats

    by NoxTerran

    Got the app after falling in love with the board game, initially wonderful but after a while it becomes apparent, the game cheats. More than once i have been plaing a game against the AI and it will horde cards till i make my first move, sa soon as i do it blocks every short route between my points forcing me to burn all my trains going around. It has even done this to the point of not completing any of its routes just to mess with mine. Its like playing in person with someone looking at my cards. At first i thought it was just a fluke, 2 dozen games and recorded instances later, i know the game cheats. BE WARNED

  • Glitch

    by Lolo0627

    I love this game but it keeps giving one of my trains to another player! I'm constantly having less points than I should. It took me a while to notice the glitch since I just assume my points are being added correctly but it happens very regularly.

  • Great game, lousy tutorial

    by brytefalcon

    Love the game. So much fun once I got the hang of the rules and strategy. The tutorial, however, leaves a lot to be desired. On the iPhone, it is virtually impossible to see the board while the tutorial is playing. Also, the tutorial goes far too fast, & it ended up only confusing me.

  • Love it!

    by Othersfirst

    I don't normally play games like this but I loveeeeee it!

  • Great game!

    by screenartist

    I love this game and its a great version of the original board game.

  • Love the board game and the app

    by MarbleMadness

    This app is a great transfer of the board game. I don't play against other people, but the AI is a nice challenge.

  • Meh.

    by Michosa

    It works fine, but it really could have used more work before being released. I'm not thrilled with this being a separate app from the original, and STATIONS. I only know how they work after several games of trial and error. It's not well-explained or well-implemented (just let us pick the route we're claiming, so we know what's going on and which ticket we've used and how we can't put anything down next to a station or it ruins everything?), and it's not like I could look at the CPUs for guidance, because they apparently don't know about stations, despite the fact that they are one of the few big changes in this game. And I still don't know the specifics of why I can or can't use a tunnel. Either have a better UI or explain your rules better.

  • She's got a ticket to ride

    by Denon Audio

    And she don't care.

  • Still needs work...

    by Furrawn

    Even with iPhone 5, the tickets are hard to read unlike the original TTR pocket... and it still has multiplayer bugs:(

  • Great adaptation!

    by Hollekatz

    This is a great adaptation of the board game. It's easy to learn and fast paced. Simple but requires strategy. Great job from Days if Wonder.

  • Awesome

    by RobT2007

    Love the game!!

  • Love it!

    by Honestgamerater

    Best game for iPhone!

  • Thanks!

    by redkloud

    One of my faves! Can we please have an update for the iPhone 5 screen please?

  • Time to update

    by MC Hampster

    Been over a year since an update had been made available. Still no widescreen support.

  • Horrible notifications

    by Rob Wettach

    I've been playing this game for months with a friend and we both really enjoy it, but the notifications have always been a little flaky. Recently notifications have completely stopped and the only way to see when it's your turn is a badge on the Game Center app or manually opening the app. This doesn't work for an asynchronous game that used to have quick push notifications.

  • Glitches in multiplayer setup make this game unplayable

    by ReboReads

    Very disappointed with the multiplayer function, every time I try to start a game I get extra "auto match" players. I love the board game version of this game and 3 of us all just bought this app and can't play it together which was the whole point.

  • Yawn

    by Eri143

    Boring game :-(

  • Gay

    by Niyehhhhh!!!!!

    I can't tell what the CPU's tickets are! Not fair

  • TTR is great but apps should be combined

    by Danib62

    TTR is a great game but Days of Wonder should have just one app instead of three. They should combine the iPad and USA iPhone version with this one into one app with in-app purchases to unlock additional maps. It is very frustrating to not be able to play a game with someone using the iPad version of the app and to have to switch between this app and the USA version. Update: I purchased the Switzerland expansion and it is extremely buggy! Points and cars don't register, extra turns are granted, and someone last game had negative trains! This has to be fixed.

  • Ticket to ride Europe

    by Bdog1902

    Great game! 5 stars

  • More train fun

    by BlueBudgie

    I love this game but there are a couple of things that could be improved on the app. 1⃣ While better than Pocket the tutorial could still be clearer. As someone who's never played the board game the use of stations baffles me. 2⃣ It would be nice to have a Play Again/Rematch button on the final game screen instead of having to quit and start again. 3⃣It would be nice to be able to pick your avatar and color instead of having the colors tied to the characters.

  • iphone5 update

    by rOtringer


  • Better than Ticket to Ride Pocket

    by Harvey Fangboner

    Great implementation of a great board game. Lots of fun and more interesting than the America map.

  • A great must own game

    by Das snare

    If you loved the original you will love this sequel. I highly recommend the Switzerland expansion as well.

  • Not as refined as ticket to ride pocket

    by chuck h

    I love the new mechanics in this version of the game: tunnels, ferries, stations. But the AI doesn't seem to know about stations: I've yet to see a computer opponent use a station to avoid a penalty at game's end. Or ever, in any circumstance. Moreover, the interface doesn't update my routes as complete after I play a station. I get credit correctly when the game is scored, but up to then there's no indication that the route's complete - and that makes for confusion. At the end of the game, when I click on a player to see completed routes etc., the bottom of the map is hidden, and there's no way o scroll it up. In sum, great game, but not fully polished. I'd also like a path to upgrade to the new iPad version of the app.

  • Good but buggy

    by Keeks137

    The way the game is laid out will work to simulate a ticket to ride game, which is a great game. However, there are glitches galore for the online multiplayer. Turns are forgotten by the server, routes disappear, at times it indicates that someone made a route when they haven't. If that can be fixed, five stars.

  • iPhone 5 love?

    by Twisted View

    Great game, but the pillarboxes are marring an otherwise perfect recreation of the board game.

  • Railing good fun

    by Joey Zag

    Fun, challenging and engrossing. It is a nice blend of strategy, skill and chance in that order. Never had any problems with bugs. Plays well for a quick diversion and easy to learn.

  • Pretty fun

    by ZDCShawn

    So good it makes me want to try the board game version

  • Unfortunate

    by Sminnster

    Horrible! First game closed unexpectedly in the middle. No way to resume it...

  • Addictive

    by Brock J

    Only flaw for me is that it is not optimized for the taller iPhone 5 screen. Very addictive game. I'm always shaking my fist at the AI players. I have been able to play multiplayer over Game Center without problems. I haven't seen any stability issues that others report.

  • Great game

    by MegLeta

    I really like this game. There are problems that the last turn quite often doesn't allow me to play my trains stating there aren't enough. Also, when claiming a station, it doesn't open one route like it states in the rules. In addition to that, it gives you the completed route at the end with the station but doesn't count it during the game. I still am very addicted to this game despite the problems.

  • Fun but buggy

    by Pork Rinds

    This game is fun...when it works. Later in the game, much of my time is spent waiting for turns to complete. This is not what I would imagine to be a processor-intensive game, but for some reason it just hangs and hangs and.... I play similar games on my phone (e.g., Tikal and Catan) with no problem whatsoever. I think that this is just a buggy product and I wouldn't recommend purchasing.

  • Good version of board game

    by Ironbudd

    I've played the board game for several years. This is a good implementation of the game. I have not had the trouble others have had in playing this or the Swiss explanation. I gave not played multiplayer though. Hoping that more expansions will come, particularly the India exp.

  • Seriously buggy

    by RaggedyAndroid

    Every time I complete a ticket, the game freezes up. Sometimes it just takes a while but other times I have shut everything down. This is too bad, because the original Ticket to Ride plays very smoothly, as does Big Cities and Mega. However, Europe and Switzerland are so glitchy, that gameplay is frustrating rather than enjoyable. I have paid for every expansion and the original app set the bar high, and so these bugs are disappointing.

  • Serious multiplayer bugs

    by C.Fred

    One would assume, since this game is built on Ticket to Ride Pocket, that they would have gotten the bugs with multiplayer from that game fixed in this one. One would assume wrong. All the bugs (no notification, turns eaten by the server) are still there.

  • Great play and it's free!

    by Leftfreddy

    Have the board game (which is fun) and this app is just as good. One of the best apps I have!

  • Wish there were more board games on iOS

    by madigan82

    Great game and great execution.

  • fills the Eurorails void

    by elziard

    as a eurorails and nipon rails fan from the early '90s, i was looking for an iOS port. this does a fine job filling the void. fun, quick games. wish you could customize the play (e.g. AI difficulty, run x many routes, score x amount of points, build x distance). the achievements create some challenges outside gameplay to keep it interesting.

  • Lots of fun

    by TeachJunkie

    This app works great, has good sound effects/music, easy to play and is just like the board game. I love playing it!

  • It's free!

    by Motivated Designs

    Love the app, own the board game. Interested in expansions and other maps.

  • Great game, very visual, good geography

    by Audiophile57

    Much fun

  • So fun!

    by Hien Truong

    Loved the original board game & love this game app, too! No crashes or anything so far :)

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