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  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: covworks
  • Updated: Sep, 13 2010
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 34.41 MB

Languages: English

Seller: covworks

- BGM on/off ability
- Minor bug fixed
Please keep watching us for further updates on more levels. Thank you.

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How do you spend your time when you are bored?
How do you kill time when you are waiting for
a bus, a subway, or someone?
'4Steps' was created for you to play in times like these.

'4Steps' is a brain-training game using combinations of images. Now you can enjoy the game and train your brain at the same time with '4Steps'. Enjoy training yourself by solving three different types of puzzles and 45 levels in total.

If you become confident with the puzzles, try the timed challenge mode. As you solve the questions, your imagination and agility will improve.

Intuitive icons and graphics make it easy to play without any explanation. It is so easy and simple that almost anyone can play it immediately.

Just give it a try!


- High Resolution images for iPhone 4 Retina display
- iOS 4 Multitasking Support
- Level mode : 3 types puzzles, 45 levels in total
- Timed mode : solve as many questions as possible in 60 seconds
- 1800 hand-drawn illustrations
- Openfeint compatible
- 40 different achievements
- Intuitive interface and icons

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Customer Reviews

  • Super!

    by RiddiM99


  • Lovvvvve it

    by Ikhawla91

    So great i lovvvvvve it ❤❤❤

  • Love it... BUT v1.2 does not work!

    by MalteseSW

    I luckily still have the previous version, so am able to play it. Version 1.2 crashes immediately, so I have to be mindful not to update it. Developers - please fix this app!!!

  • It's great!

    by Melin617

    This game is so addictive! I love it!

  • Like totally get this app!

    by App revieeeewwweerr

    I bought this game when it was free so I didn't pay for this awesome game! I don't have any "launching" problems and it's fun and simple. Worth it, plus it's free!

  • Fun fun fun

    by Crixus89

    Great game but. Yes a but. It won't launch. What's the deal been waiting for an update for the longest

  • Awesomeness

    by Bhfjjft

    Ok this game is really awesome but since the last update you can not even open it. When you click it the game just goes closed right away. I wish that I would have never updated it. Please fix it fast so I can be able to play it again!


    by jag93.

    used to play it alot and loved it. now it doesnt even open at allllll! just crashes right away. hope people fix it soon cause its really fun....!

  • great

    by dd3953

    I love the look, feel, and flow of this game. it's simple, fun, and works just fine.

  • fix me please :)

    by kiwikelly2006

    obsessed with this game, however the last update has seemed to have killed it. really hope someone is planning on fixing it.......

  • Nice app!

    by Dongpz

    I spent almost the whole afternoon playing this, and i got all 3-stars, really nice app.

  • Nice Idea & Great Execution

    by Hey_eaps

    The game works fine for me. The challenges are very engaging, and I find myself going back to levels to get "Perfect" ratings. The game is a little short, but the artwork is really quite nice and fits well with the game's theme/ ambiance. Maybe an instruction page would be nice for newcomers, and I'd like to see a fourth set/ style of puzzles added to the initial three--I mean, it is called Four Steps. :D

  • Simple, fun, intuitive

    by JosuaXD

    I love the lack of instructions. No tutorial, just four images. Pick them in the correct order, before the time runs out. Now do it again, and again. It is simple, but very engaging. The interface and graphics are perfect. Wonderful, simple drawings. Nice clean sketches, not poorly drawn doodles and stick-men. That is what makes this game worth playing. If this game had a clunky interface and mediocre art, I wouldn't bother with it. The puzzles themselves aren't bad, but they aren't amazing either. They are very simple. (Getting them all in under the time limit is the challenge.) The audio could be a little better. There isn't anything wrong with it, but the visual presentation is so slick that it raises my expectations.

  • blank

    by Tacoman13

    blank screen fix plz but i got it for free so yay!! :(

  • challenging!

    by Jessica Chia

    can't seem to open openfeint though. which is really annoying. other than that, thumbs up!

  • Sounds fun

    by Pocket Frogs <3

    It sounds pretty fun but like everyone else is saying I got a blank screen): please fix it I want to play!!!!!

  • Super game!

    by BiggerBlue

    Very fun, would gladly pay for more levels, extension to sequences of more than four steps, etc. Fun, absorbing, good prep for taking the WAIS!

  • Great game, love it! Definitely worth playing!

    by ccwei

    This game has nice interface and good graphic. The very last level on the math is a bit hard, have to play a few times to memorized the sequences in order to pass. Thanks for making the limited time promotion again, I got it when it was on promotion last time, I will be featuring it on my site, wish you good luck with your promotion! DecentFreeApp.com

  • Eran

    by E.R2e

    I really liked this app. It's not that easy as it seems.

  • one of best puzzle game

    by Leon Lee

    it has smooth jazz style music, nice graphic design, beautiful hand drawing puzzles, and the puzzles aren't so easy like it looks. absolutely one of the perfect puzzle game for killing time!

  • Doesn't open

    by gokuban

    The app won't even load the game up it just shuts off.

  • Does not work!

    by abitadude

    Another App that doesn't open!


    by hope poncho

    I really want to play this game with all of the great reveiws but I can't cuz it won't launch!!!!

  • Awesome until current update!

    by SgtSpamboy

    Was a really fun game until current update (1.2) made it unable to launch. Please fix or downgrade app!

  • Really?

    by Hfgfghcjxhbbhgzgjjbkghhp

    Thank god I bought This when it's free. Crap doesn't even open. Looks good but I guess that expression "looks can be deciving" works after all, and really well in this situation. The stars will go up once I actually get to see the main menu.

  • Stopped working

    by Sliderlee

    Used to work and be fun. Stopped working after last update..

  • *sigh*

    by Clutch716

    It looks really good but every time I try to play it, it crashes instantly! I even restarted my iPhone and it still didn't work

  • Bad

    by Tactical Doughnut

    Deleted it.

  • Wait!!!!!

    by monkeys inc

    Dont get this guys!!!! All it does is goes blank, it is a waste of suspense!

  • 4steps

    by princess55

    If I could give this a 0-rating I would; a waste of time.

  • Game goes blank

    by *siayra*

    As soon as I open the app it is just a white screen with music

  • Go blank

    by Eli&1187

    Everytime i open this, it goes blank... Literally

  • That music!

    by Messifan128

    Put an option shut that stuff off i hate it when games dont let you play your own music. I'll change my rating when you fix it


    by Jesjul

    Every single time I try to play the screen goes blank

  • BLANK!!!!

    by Da a master

    Hi guys every time I click wut I want 2 play it always goes blank and I can never play anyone no wuts goin on??PLEASE HELP ME CUZ I Can't PLAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • very goooooood!!

    by maengseung

    this app is very fun and u can enjoy ur time with ur brain 

  • That's what an iPhone needs!

    by M3tz_x19

    I love this app very smart and addictive well worth the free money :p

  • Excellent graphics and addictive gameplay

    by Mohd.akram

    This game has beautiful retina display graphics that really shine. The gameplay is easy to understand and very addictive.

  • Nice game and adorable interface

    by jeissonh

    It is delightful to play this game. Graphics are really good elaborated, and animations are not intrusive. Recommended! Developer: Is there an error in the green crayon image's order?

  • Wow

    by PJLassen

    very unique puzzles! Love it

  • Freeze, man. Freeze!!

    by James Bae

    This one freezes every time levels completed. Sound is OK but the screen crashes! Fix it or... you know what I've gotta say...

  • Freezes after every level!

    by BummedOut222779

    The game freezes on the screen after every level! I must exit the game and go back in every time! Please fix it asap!!

  • Fun and simple.

    by Greg mo

    Played it on a friends phone and immediately loved it. Very cool and the interface is pretty. Sweet all around.

  • Great Puzzle game!!!

    by camvision1st

    Nice design! Easy controlls! Very enjoyalble!

  • Very nice design and Easy to enjoy

    by XMedulla

    This puzzle game has very neat and nice design. Hand-drawing-like-images are great too. It's very clear even in iphone4 retina display. User interface is so intuitive that anyone can play easily even without any explanation. Among 3 modes, I like imagination mode most!!! :) Timed mode gives me some challenge also. This is really good for the people who want some fun and brain test. Go get it now!

  • It's cool app for brain training


    I like pen style drawing

  • I love it

    by Nzin

    This app quality is awesome!!!! And good idea! Love It!!

  • Awesome!!

    by moonjc2000

    This is a very useful and well executed app.

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