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Seller: Coded Velocity, Inc.

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A cute toy ambulance for your little one to play with!

I loved playing with a toy ambulance as a small child, so I worked with my children to make a simple, easy to play with toy ambulance app. It has light up flashers, sirens, headlights, and a honking horn, all with voice and word labels. You can also touch up and down the road to make it drive back and forth. Plus the sun is a daytime/nighttime switch - so you can really see those lights go in the dark!

My two year-old loves it, and we hope your little kids love it, too!

* Simple, easy touch interaction for little ones!
* Interactive wheels, lights, horns, sirens, and driver
* Bright flashers
* Fun sound effects
* Voice and word labels for learning
* VROOOM! Drive back and forth on the road with engine sounds!

Customer Reviews

  • very simple, good for little ones

    by KevNDaFamily

    pretty cute, very simple touch controls for little ones

  • Don't waste money

    by Angatc

    Wasted money.

  • Hi

    by Hgbgbuu

    Is not good

  • Stupid!

    by Nochatter

    Don't waste a buck!! Buy a pack of gum instead!

  • Na

    by Struck123

    Worst app! Don't waste your money!

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