MegaPk Games App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Chess Nuggets, Inc

Plays MegaPk Problems.

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Chess Nuggets MegaPack consists of all of the Packs and SuperPacks listed below, at one very economical price. Chess Nuggets MegaPack contains 600 problems, with a level of difficulty from easy to Grandmaster level.

To solve a problem, touch the correct piece to make it light up(reverse the process by tapping it again), then move it to the correct square, which will also light up. If your move is incorrect, the square will show an x; touch the square again to cancel the incorrect move. If you need a hint, tap the Hint button once for the right piece, twice for the correct move. To choose different chess pieces, go to Settings.


Mate in 1 SuperPack of 200
Mate in 2 SuperPack of 180
Mate in 3 SuperPack of 75
Pins and Skewers Pack of 30
Decoys and Deflections Pack of 30
Brain Ticklers Pack of 40
Brain Busters Pack of 45

Customer Reviews

  • What a waste of money

    by YetAnotherRobWhoseNameIsTaken

    BEWARE! This app has no navigation. No option. A poor interface.

  • Good Idea But LAZY Developers!!

    by cpacook

    I have tried and discarded a lot of apps. Generally, no harm no foul. But to pay $10.00 for an app that crashes like crazy as this one does, feels like a genuine RIP OFF! I just hope our free market economy corrects this problem and either the sellers get their act together and fix this glaring problem, OR-- be forced out of business.

  • It crashes

    by Deathbystarfish

    Please fix it crashes on trying to take the wrong piece. Cmon. Mega pack is ten dollars. Please update I want to learn better chess. Until update it was the worst app I ever paid for. Fix it and I'll star this app up

  • Horrible app

    by Chey007

    Doesn't even give you correct tips

  • Still needs improvement

    by funkbass09

    It would be nice if you could save your progress, but this game doesn't, an you have to start at the very beginning each time you launch the app.

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