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Seller: Cheat Master And Friends Words Cheats LLC

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◉ AS SEEN ON TV! Don't just win at Words With Friends, DESTROY your opponents!

Win every single game even if THEY are the ones that are cheating. The app they are using to cheat does not stand a chance against #1 Cheat!

#1 Cheat is completely automatic. This means that your Words With Friends game is scanned for you and there are absolutely no letters to input. Check out the YouTube video to see the magic in action:


#1 Cheat is the MOST EFFECTIVE word finder on the App Store hands down! Other apps claim to find the highest scoring words. They are liars!

#1 Cheat is compatible with Words With Friends, Scrabble, and Friendle.

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Customer Reviews

  • Delivers as promised!

    by Scondrat


  • Like it lots

    by Ktsngstrss

    Works well with my iPad and helps with placement as well as anagramming the letters. Keep up the good work!


    by halmoeser

    Doesn't seem to work on iPad but works great on phone. Really performs effortlessly. When WWF updates it sometimes takes a while for Cheat to catch up. Frustrating when it happens in the middle of a game. Don't update until both are available.

  • Awesome! Works Great!!!

    by DonSanterion

    Better than using online dictionaries. Very easy tot week and play with. Love it!!!

  • Letters

    by Didandi

    When taking pictures of board, the letters are not always correct .

  • Cool app

    by Mike9365

    Update 1/13/2014 - okay. They fixed the problem and that brings them back to five stars. They work better than any other cheat for Words. Update 1/11/2014 - crashes with iPhone 5. No fix. Deleting. Update 11/6/2012: after waiting for the update, it scans and then crashes. Sorry - you were a great app (see below) but now you're not. Fame is fleeting. This is a great app. I initially gave it one star because it wouldn't work with the iPhone 5 due to screen changes. They fixed that within a week of the release of the phone! That's pretty quick. There are other cheats out there and I've used them to check words, etc. They're great for that. However, if you're trying to learn the game and want help, this one seems to work well. However, the human mind is better than this app. After you've played a while you will easily select word placement worth more points than the app does. It still gets 5 stars from me for being cool and fun to use.

  • Works again

    by P Carn

    Works again

  • Loved this app: but!!

    by Jon-mayn

    Stopped working yesterday with the new WWF update. I loved this app.

  • Not working

    by Superauntt

    Words with friends updated their app. Now this app no longer works. Please update.

  • Great help


    Great help.

  • great, but needs update

    by applesucksa$$

    well words with friends just updated and now when i use this app it says "fatal error", but theres nothing wrong with my screenshots..

  • Need update

    by Darkrailer

    With the new update for words my cheat app keeps having a critical error and can't read the board now.

  • Needs an update for new version of WWF

    by kgresko

    Stopped working with new version if WWF

  • Loved it

    by Spot78000

    I really loved this app, it gets a great list a good words in a second. But, it doesn't work with the newest version of WWF. Please fix the app with the new version of wwf.

  • Really helps when I get stuck

    by ShannaDawn

    Sometimes I get stuck & need some help with words

  • Bob

    by Bob in corps

    One of the best games on the market.

  • Words with Friends

    by Nahnah741965

    Awesome, love it, totally addicted!!

  • Augie

    by Xxtinxxxx

    I really like it...!!

  • Dee Dee

    by Cody Simpson lover.com

    I love it!

  • Wow

    by CCTEX

    It works every time. Rare to loose a game.

  • TF

    by What's Up With Support

    Stopped working after 1-month. Screen freezes and then goes blank. e-mails to support never get answered!!!

  • Disappointed

    by juneykp

    Program worked great for months. Now is displays a foreign game board when the picture is uploaded. I'm disappointed because I emailed support with no response.

  • Just wasted my money

    by Shopdaddy

    Doesn't work with the current WWF! Wish I could get a refund!

  • Update!

    by Jwicked

    Doesn't work with new words update :(

  • Did work but not after WWF update

    by Bigjohnnij

    Did work perfect before words with friends updated. Now it's not able to give anything.

  • Please Update

    by circawdm

    Does not work with latest WWF update - get "Compatibility Error" message. Please update. Thank you.

  • Was working but....

    by KimmiTip

    This needs to be updated quickly. It crashes each time you use it now with the updated WWF.

  • Still doesn't work after latest WWF update

    by DaBeaner!

    Please fix! My app is current.


    by Angrysweetness

    This App, after paying for it is Not Working on my iPhone! Everything is updated on the phone including Words With Friends! It just keep stating that it cannot read my board. Maybe your App needs to be as updated as my iPhone is because this is the second App that I downloaded from you that when I try to load the photo of the board it says the same thing 'Fatal Error'!

  • Update needed

    by Ron skip

    Does not work please upsaye

  • #1 Cheat

    by Beezyswife

    100% waste of money. Does NOT work with most recent update of WWF.

  • Junk! Waste of Money!

    by ChrisM71

    Not compatible with the current version of Words With Friends (1/6/14 update).

  • Doesn't work

    by ThompStud

    Since updating wwf the app doesn't work. I think if it isn't fixed soon you should start issuing refunds, you crooks. Even when it worked it didn't always give you the best option! This app is a joke and a waste.

  • Not working with iOS 7

    by 1KFF

    Out of order...

  • Stopped working!

    by ginostef

    Words with friends updated this evrning and #1Cheat stopped working!!

  • iOS 7 compatibility??

    by Jack Sparrrrrrrrrrrrrow!

    It does not work with iOS 7 yet. Please make this happen soon.

  • Very helpful

    by Xxxyxz

    Easy to use.

  • Works wonders!

    by Cbarron311

    I can finally win against an opponent who was using this app all along.

  • #1 cheat for words with friends. Not working w/iOS7

    by Barbraqdribbs

    Works mostly with Scrabble too, but "blank" tiles don't appear on board picture.

  • Not compatible with iOS 7.

    by dbtllk

    Worked fine until iOS 7 update. Now it doesn't align the pic correctly got scanning. Please fix.

  • Won't work on iOS 7.

    by Robbie Von Christiansen

    Won't work on iOS 7. Need update and I will update my star rating otherwise this app is useless

  • Brain Training

    by bgdart

    Really makes you use your brain. Love playing multiple games with friends.

  • CAUTION!!!

    by Othello911

    Does not work properly. Takes incorrect screenshots. Puts up incorrect letters. This is useless to me. $0.99 gone. Ya got me! I will be more careful next time.

  • Cheat

    by lisa rockwitt

    Great app. Works great

  • Very fun!

    by Spachic

    Very fun, everyone of my friends too! It's east to find friends via Facebook or email.

  • !!!!

    by Bravo2453

    Works great!!!!!

  • Perfects

    by Tamika Porter

    Wish I found it sooner.

  • Good Ap!

    by Jonidups

    Works really well, except when it occasionally misreads a letter! I had a "J" stuck in the middle of every opening screen for weeks, but it finally disappeared.

  • Review

    by Msuehnholz

    The cheat tool works, but it does not matter if I use with my phone or my ipad. The camera images take inaccurate images requiring multiple shots. It will miss tile letters and it will mistake letters in words. This could be improved.

  • Great

    by Lanckris

    Great app but sometimes it doesn't work. When you click on scan photo it shuts down completely.

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