Gun Brothers Battle-Clash of Nations Desert Warfare 2 Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: ChaseNet Inc
  • Updated: May, 02 2013
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 25.64 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ChaseNet Inc

minor bug fixes

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- New tanks
- Better game play
- More Fun

"It's a fast blasting, crazy dune buggy desert war ride!"

You, along with Lt. James Chase and Sgt. William Colby are caught in the hostile deserts of Iraq.

It is your mission to maneuver the speedy Desert Patrol Buggy out of enemy territory while the two Gun Brothers man the rifles.

The only way out is to BLAST your way out!

Use your duel mounted .50 caliber anti-tank machine guns to destroy anything that gets in your way. Blast enemy tanks and soldiers before they destroy you. Avoid RPG's and Scud Missiles coming from all directions.

Do you have the courage to ride with these two legendary war heroes?

- High powered buggy rifles destroy enemies with amazing explosions. You have to see this!
- Exciting, fast paced addictive game play
- Challenging enemy soldiers pop up from all directions
- Game center enabled so you can compete and test your skills against your friends
- Collect the Iraqi gold coins to unlock awesome new cars


Come check it out now!

Customer Reviews

  • Brother's Rum

    by Brownie Washington D C

    Love those 2 Brothers!!! Awesome Game!!! Very Entertaining !!! Characters And Graphics Are Out Of This World!!! Could Not Put The Game Down, Played For Hours !!! The 2 Brothers Are So Cute And Oh Such Characters !!! Love Everything About This Game !!!

  • Fun and easy to play!

    by Thowse

    My family loves this game!

  • Fun Brothers!

    by AppsMaster22

    This game is fun and the brothers are awesome!

  • Amazing game!!

    by GreatestApp13

    So addicting and tons of fun!!

  • Lots of fun!!

    by Shanna Singh

    Fun, fast paced game!! I love it!!

  • Did not like

    by Mr. Sped 5-0

    Controls were not responsive at all. Seemed very glitchy.

  • Those 7 people that rated it 5 stars all work for the developers of the game

    by Tired player #2

    I don't think I've played such an AD infested game in a very long time every other move I made. Caused an advertisement to jump out onto the screen and take over. So fast so that several times it caught me attempting to do something else and activated the ads cycle opening browser then app store. It finally took over the game and froze the controls so I couldn't even play anymore. Before resetting to see if that fixed it I decided o write this TRUE REVIEW of the game. If this is Gun Brothers, I'd have to say they fired everyone and hired first graders to make this game. BORING. It doesn't even have an options menu. Or I couldn't find it. All it does is make sounds with flashing lights. Boom bang boom bang terrible graphics. Need I say more. Don't believe me? Then go and try it for yourself ad after ad.

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