Fighter Jet Storm-Combat Grandpa vs Alien Invasion Games App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: ChaseNet Inc
  • Updated: Apr, 26 2013
  • Version: 1.0
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Languages: English

Seller: ChaseNet Inc

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What people are saying about Fighter Jet Storm:

Love that Grandpa is getting some attention! 5 STARS
by MobilizingYou - May 4, 2013

Absolutely spot on graphics and Grandpa is a real force to reckon with. Great game! Nice soundtrack!

Great grandpa game - 5 STARS
by boywithk9 - May 3, 2013


awesome game!!!! 5 STARS
by Larry leas - Apr 30, 2013

I'm addicted!!! This game rocks!!!!

Strap in…You are now cleared for takeoff! Time to blast some alien invaders and save the Earth from total destruction!!

You are retired Col. Vic Brown the old but wily WWII veteran about to embark on one last battle to save mankind.

Your mission is to fly the lightning fast Gloster Whittle Jet fighter plane into the nastiest dog fight of your life.

Blast the Alien space crafts before they destroy you and before they reach the Earth.

Take flight in your flying metal war bird and go straight into the storm for a epic alien combat adventure.

What are you waiting for?? Get up there soldier...THATS AN ORDER!!



- Exciting and fun game with super cool effects
- Touch screen technology to dodge and fire on alien space ships
- Option to choose your jet fighting machine
- Insanely addictive game play
- Crazy alien space crafts will test your reaction
- Challenging game play
- Collect military coins to unlock cool, HOT new Jet Pilots.
- Share your high score in GameCenter and challenge your friends to try and beat it

****Download NOW while it's 100% FREE****

Customer Reviews


    by Jayhawk Jim

    This game truly does rock! And NO, I don't work for the developer. Contrary to what a couple of idiots said, this game has great graphics, spooky music, and is just overall fun to play. And I've played over 300 hundred games since I got the iPad 2 nine months ago. It's a simple endless runner (or flyer) that is quite addicting. It has great touch controls, the same type that are used in many shmups, like Espgaluda 2, Storm Strikers, Shogun: Rise of the Renegade, and Lightning Fighter 2. Currently, on this game, I'm #13 out of over 3,000 players. My high score is 1,418. Well, got to get back to gramps so he can lead me to the blonde bombshell! UPDATE: I'm now #1 All-Time: 3,016 miles!! I'm psyched! Not being cocky, just stoked, that's all! And Gramps did take me to the Blonde Bombshell, but it was Gramps who got the record. Thanks, Grandpa for saving the world!

  • Sooooo fun

    by appyhappy!

    Omg I love this game! Fun for everyone!

  • Pap's adventure in space :)

    by Tn411

    Challenging and lots of fun!

  • Oh my achin' back!

    by Mattam911

    What a great tribute to Victor!

  • Fighter Jet Storm. Chase net.Inc

    by Brownie Washington D C

    Awesome!!! Game!!! Love it !!!

  • Awesome Game!

    by Thowse

    Great graphics, cool concept and a must have!

  • Col. Vic Brown is back!

    by AppsMaster22

    Great graphics! Love the idea of grandpa back in action in space!

  • Love that Grandpa is getting some attention!

    by JanevH

    Absolutely spot on graphics and Grandpa is a real force to reckon with. Great game! Nice soundtrack!

  • Love the old codger

    by jnmip

    The old guy is terrific and I can see why kids would love this game

  • awesome game!!!!

    by Larry leas

    I'm addicted!!! This game rocks!!!!

  • love it

    by Shanna Singh

    Great game for adults and kids! Very addicting!!!

  • April 28th 2013

    by Leslie Pelen

    Great game!!! :)

  • Addicting fun

    by Addictofapps

    Addicting fun

  • Awesome!

    by GreatestApp13

    Great game and graphics...very addicting and stellar music!!!

  • A delight!

    by Jambajuicenumberone

    Excellent and addicting! Beautiful graphics!

  • Great

    by GardenGnomeBBQ

    Fun time waster

  • Stupid game!!!

    by Awesomdude64

    This game is crap I agree with what that other guy posted this game was made by first graders and all the other five star review were from people who worked with the developer!!!

  • Painful those 15 or so 5 star ratings are from people that work for the developer.

    by Tired player #2

    This game is on par with being the most ad infested game I've played in the long time. In fact that other game is some 'gun brothers 2, game that's made by the same 1st graders that made this game. You can clealy see the same game engine at work. They just took 2 different templets and lapped them on the same game engine the controls stick like the other game and it makes the same noises as well total junk ad infested crapola

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