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Languages: English

Seller: Chair Entertainment Group

- Verified compatible with iOS 6
- Bug fixes and improvements

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VOTE!!! The Game

From the creators of the bestselling and award-winning Infinity Blade series, play as President Obama or Mitt Romney in a slapstick battle for the White House. Equip your candidate of choice with a variety of iconic American outfits, accessories and items. Use your skills to unlock score boosters, win votes and rack up the top score as you campaign for victory.

Who will win the presidency? On this campaign trail, both popularity and skill matter, so join now and VOTE!!!

* Comedic cartoon-style political slugfest.
* Award earned votes to your candidate of your choice and follow the worldwide results in real-time.
* Featuring informative, real-world voter resource links, including voter registration powered by Rock the Vote, to help make your vote count!
* Outrageous outfits for you to dress your favorite candidate in. Featuring the Super Prez, Karate Chop, Uncle Sam, Groovy Threads, The Champ, and many more.
* Hilarious weapons to unlock: the Ice Cream Cone, Sparkler, Microphone, The Constitution, Foam Hand, Balloon of Justice and more.
* More than 30 wacky ways to accessorize, including the Baseball Cap, Clown Nose, Eye Patch, Sweet Mustache, Cool Shades and Top Hat.
* Iconic battle arenas: The White House Lawn, the Oval Office and the Debate Stage.
* Each candidate will lay down the verbal smack down with their most popular catch phrases of the political campaign trail.
* Fun and challenging Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards.

- It is highly recommended that you upgrade your device to the latest iOS version
- Parents: you can turn off In-App purchasing in the iOS settings

Customer Reviews

  • Vote!!!

    by Hobo on METH

    The most addictive and funniest game on the app store!

  • Hilarious!

    by dStruct

    I absolutely love this game, genius idea and design, I would really like to see more characters, Dick Cheney or Bush would be good?

  • VOTE!

    by Skyler Moon

    This game is fun if you're bored and want a quick and humorous round of two presidential candidates beating each other up.

  • Love it! Except for only three rounds

    by Dd132

    I would give it four stars if they add more levels

  • Just great

    by Christian the smart

    It like ib 2 plus it does not require iap purchases

  • Funny

    by Sevren117

    Had fun playing this - will it be updated each election?

  • Great app

    by Manpie379

    I love this app I play as Obama, and I love to make mitt look like a hot dog warrior. Also this is great for people voting for Mitt Romeny

  • Swag

    by Cephas345577743

    Really good game

  • Great Fun Game

    by alexdloia

    Very funny.

  • Hilarious

    by Billybuscus

    I've played infinity blade before, but this is just top notch hilarious.

  • Love this app!

    by GameGamer12345

    More needs to be add to this app. This is by far my favorite game to play on my iPad.

  • I VOTE!!! Yes

    by NicknamerModernFamily

    I don't usually review but this was actually so fun to play just for kicks! I recommend you buy it because it's fun and easy and that game that your always looking to play in that five minutes you know your going to have to wait in the dentist's office

  • Fun and Funny

    by The Incredible Nitro Circus

    Fun, but kind of pointless.

  • Best game

    by Jalgikejs

    Your game is very awesome I love MIT Romney even though the graphics could be better the game is still awesome

  • Cool

    by aquaticAsian

    I like your game, it's really fun

  • Cool

    by Doggydude23

    Great game could have more places to to duel but yea

  • Too bad Romney couldn't beat Obama

    by Krabby man

    But now I can! :)

  • Vote

    by Pink_panda567

    I love it but I wish more people

  • What to add

    by Can it jabba

    This game is really addicting but i hope you agree to add more stuff to the game and add a mode for some old-school presidents just for the fun... i just really want the next update to be great :D

  • Fight

    by The Bugatti man

    This app requires Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to fight for who the president is with different weapons and is epic

  • No updates

    by Firesomar

    I wish this game updated. It hasn't since last year.

  • LOL

    by Timtard

    Amazing! Got it free, never left my iPad since elections! Great game, fun upgrades, smooth gameplay, funny art! The best thing about it is its size! Incredibly small, but full of entertainment! Love it

  • Go Obama!

    by csylvgo

    I can hurt stupid Romney like he would've hurt our great country. Go Obama he is the best!

  • Best game ever

    by I've played this

    I recommend this game it's the most awesome game ever download it now it's free

  • Don't buy this

    by Something person

    Not good

  • Good game

    by Bull Wrestling

    Vote to me

  • Vote

    by Kedron Simon

    Great game

  • Amazing! Go Romney!

    by Dinox7

    Amazing! I can beat up Obama the way he is gonna beat up our country! Go Romney!

  • The Vote!❤

    by Jesperanto

    Great game! It's really fun and addicting. Choose the President of ur choice, choose from multiple outfits, "weapons", and accessories. Right now, my Obama is wearing Karate suit, fighting with rubber chicken, and wearing a clown nose. Fight the the opposing team to earn money to buy more accessories and boosts! Try this game out, I'm telling u it's worth ur money, the 5 stars mean something!

  • Best app ever

    by tnrox

    FREE and fun

  • Hi

    by Bbbbnldjf

    Great game so funny.

  • Update

    by Bunnyten

    It's a good game. Since the game wasn't free at least you could do an update and add more characters.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Gun gun bot kid

    This game is really fun, but I wish there was more areas to battle. Something like area packs. Overall this game is ROCK'IN!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!

  • The Vote is the best

    by Best game The Vote

    Best Game Ever

  • Update

    by Incorrect Username

    It was great, but you need to update.

  • Good app

    by BC(4)

    It's a really fun app but I can't figure out how to do a combo

  • I bet good

    by Awsom free app

    I think good game

  • Fun to play!!!!!

    by Matman2013

    Wish there more Pres.

  • App Rocks

    by hugheann

    This app totally rocks. Best app in the whole history of the entire world get it!

  • iPhone 5

    by Christian for life

    Upgrade for iPhone 5 support then it is 5 stars!!!!!!!!!

  • Great game

    by Donavonbull

    Fun to play. Hope they make it so you can play as more presidents

  • Archangel

    by Lockstitch

    Infinity Blade (which is perfection incarnate, btw), except with caricature Obamas and Romneys fighting with microphones. 5 out of 5!

  • More games like this...

    by Marr3dVisAg3

    Awesome... Luv It...

  • Good

    by Sg640

    It fun but it does get boring

  • Ow yeah

    by Kids can make changes to

    I love this game best game ever great Job people who made it

  • Needs different presidents

    by Paradox505

    I love the game its awesome. It has the same fighting style as infinity blade 2 so im good at this. but it needs new presidents because the election is also glad i got it while it was free

  • Cool but

    by Cb killer

    U know what would be a good idea if u add different presidents now that is a money maker. And I really didn't want any of them to win. Add Ron Paul please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great game!

    by iDot2K3

    We are in so much trouble with Obama again.


    by Harrybalsac


  • Vote!!!

    by Darthjoe345

    I love this game I loved beating up obama

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