Infinity Blade III Games App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: Chair Entertainment Group

Thanks again to all of our amazing players for their continued support of Infinity Blade III! Follow @InfinityBlade for all the latest news.

Update 1.2.1

- Bug fixes and optimizations
- Additional Customer Care features, including addition of Customer Service button in Options menu

Update 1.2 INFINITY BLADE III: Ausar Rising

- Play through 3 new quests: Siris and Isa come face to face with the ultimate embodiment of evil – a soulless Ausar the Vile!
- Travel to where it all began – the Dark Citadel (the original Infinity Blade I castle), Siris’ home in Drem’s Maw, and the legendary Plains of Koroth.
- Battle 9 new enemies, including a ferocious new Dragon.
- New Mode: THE ARENA – How long can you survive in the Arena? Do you claim your prize now, or risk it for ever increasing rewards?
- New Hardcore Mode: DEATHLESS QUESTS – The ultimate way for the ultimate Infinity Blade gamer to play the game!
- Trade tips and secrets with your friends via the all-new in-game chat feature.
- Over 60 new items for both Isa and Siris, including weapons, shields, helmets, magic rings, and armor to collect, master, and sell.
- Unlock 8 new Skills: Remove equipped Gems for free, double Chips earned in Battle Challenges, cast super boosted Magic, and more!
- New Goals, Potions, and Gems.
- New Holiday Helmets for Isa and Siris.
- Fully compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 7.
- A number of additional balancing tweaks, bug fixes, and gameplay enhancements.
- Optimized for the new iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina display, and iPhone 5s: featuring full screen anti-aliasing, bloom, full screen vignettes, distortion, high resolution shadows, and environmental reflections.
- Recommended: Update device to the latest iOS version, and restart device before playing.

Also includes Update 1.1 content, INFINITY BLADE: Soul Hunter.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
444 Ratings
All Versions:
17260 Ratings


What the press is saying about Infinity Blade III:

**USA TODAY: 4 out of 4 - "Another fantastic epic!"
**TOUCH ARCADE: 5 out of 5 - "ChAIR raises graphical bar to low earth orbit"
**IGN: "A gorgeous, intense, and rewarding adventure!"
**MODOJO: "The big, beautiful sequel we've been waiting for"
**KOTAKU: "More powerful than ever"
**AppSpy – 5 out of 5 – “A platform-defining series”

The award-winning Infinity Blade video game trilogy reaches its epic conclusion!

Created by ChAIR Entertainment, the original iOS blockbuster returns with adrenaline-fueled sword-fighting action, gorgeous visuals, and a thrilling story of love, betrayal, and redemption.

Siris and Isa have joined with the God-King Raidriar in a desperate attempt to destroy the Worker of Secrets and his army of Deathless titans. Uncover new mysteries to wield the power of the Infinity Blade in this timeless adventure of champions and villains.


Attack, dodge, block, and cast devastating spells - all with the simple swipe of a finger. 


Easy to use, tap-to-move controls enable players to effortlessly navigate and explore while searching for collectable items such as treasure, swords, shields, armor and other magical rewards.

Explore larger, beautiful and immersive environments that dynamically change as you choose multiple gameplay paths, new quests, side missions, and ClashMob engagements with the new in-game World Map interface.

Battle all-new enemies as both the legendary hero Siris, and the stealthy female warrior-thief, Isa, each with three unique combat styles and hundreds of fantastic weapons and items.

Discover and unlock allies to join your cause at your all-new base of operations. Here, you’ll encounter the Gemcutter, Potionmaster, Blacksmith, and Merchant, who will help you unlock incredible new strength and skills.

Three new modes! Team up with players from around the globe for unique "massively social,” group-based challenges to defeat new enemies, unlock rare treasures and earn exclusive items.

All-new Goals feature takes achievements to the next level, allowing players to earn valuable Chips that they can spend on keys, treasure maps, prize wheels, and other rare in-game items.

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology powers the definitive visual experience in mobile gaming, complete with cloud saves and HDMI output.

- The most detailed story scenes ever shown on a mobile device, featuring the voice talents of fan-favorites John Noble and Troy Baker.
- Animated “Infinity Blade: Origins” short film by acclaimed director Ben Hibon.
- The in-game debut of “Monster,” an original new song from internationally acclaimed rock band Imagine Dragons.

Play across all supported devices - iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch 5 - for a single low price.

- IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended users update to iOS 7 before purchasing or updating Infinity Blade III.
- Supports full iPhone 5 resolution, iPod 5, iPad 4th generation, and iPad mini - and it looks amazing!
- PARENTS: you can turn off In-App purchasing in the iOS settings.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Dubb202

    Only problem is the frame rate drop on the iPhone 4 (not sure about other phones) while completing combos. You should offer the option to remove the combo special effects to improve performance. Otherwise it's pure genius.

  • H

    by Jimtimlengettogoto


  • Just a Great Game All Around

    by MakerZane

    Well done with the awakening reset and necessary weapon levels - fun and entertaining game!!

  • Glitch

    by FearsomeGecko7

    Okay so I am experiencing a glitch every time I start the app after a while of loading it instantly crashes I have an IPad 2 with the latest update and IOS 7

  • Please update..

    by Kim Minsu

    Loading screen stays snapped long. Update it.

  • Amazing

    by DirectorRamy

    Game is on another level. But it. With ur money.

  • Great game

    by Saibrex...

    Tons of fun times

  • Franking awesome

    by Bigchaff

    The graphics of this game are beyond compare to some of the others. One of the most addictive games I have. I freaking play this more than flappy bird. Love it. Buy it.

  • Da best!!!

    by Ffhjffgb

    I love the game! I think it's the best one yet. But some times the game crashes, and the graphics glitch out. But be sides that its great

  • Fantastic Game

    by jll2kgl

    I've played this series since it has been out 1,2 and 3 - I can't wait until the next episode is out - Chair Rocks!

  • Update fixed glitches

    by Xray616

    The new update in February 2014 fixed a lot of glitches, the epic staff was very responsive in addressing the issues and dealing with the customers. I have to hand it to them for that. As said before fantastic graphics and a good story line you can play over and over.

  • Crashes while loading so annoying

    by Bgamer18

    I'm sick of this game crashing for the i pod 4 while the game is loading please fix this problem really mad

  • UGH!

    by lilrizzyg

    Please fix the too hard option. I can beat anybody because I lost all my good items in the deathless challenges. So now I'm stuck with all my crappy level one items fighting hard bosses. I pressed too hard option and it doesn't even make the battles easier. Please fix this.

  • Great game except

    by Dodger fight

    One of the best game apps, I have ever played except crashes so much, you want to toss your ipad

  • Awesome!!!!

    by The helix

    Although the game was incredibly designed, made, and had a good story line, for some reason I can't get the new update with the second dragon.

  • Please fix the cash

    by Dragon3607092304

    Please fix the crash when it starts it crashes otherwise it is asome

  • Great ending to a unrivaled trilogy.

    by Magic Johnson23

    This game is awesome!!!

  • Whats going on?

    by Zombiewatcher

    The game is good and I been at the end for a while because the game loads forever and then it gets off the app completely. That's just messed up...:(

  • Great Game!

    by Thbrown1

    This game is worth playing an infinite number of times!

  • Fun but

    by Timbucktow16

    Fun game but big problem to much crashing! So I beat the game and I can't play now I'm just want to play and the start up is way to slow it tacks me 5 min to load. Still a very fun game but needs to be fixed.

  • Can't even download

    by Death_King16

    This app takes up 1.80GB and I have 3.4GB storage and its not letting me download the app. It's frustrating. I've played every infinity blade game so far and I can't even download this one. It's really upsetting

  • Won't Load

    by Davey and J9

    Went to the underwater section with Isa to get the treasure. After I beat it the game crashed and now it won't load up again. Tried uninstalling, quitting, cloud install etc... iPad 2

  • Unable to play

    by HaYNHulaGirl78

    Unable to play past the beginning fight; app keeps force closing. Deleted & reinstalled a few times but it still doesn't work, even after recent update. Please fix b/c it looks real awesome to play.

  • Doesn't work

    by Lopg

    Does not work on iPad mini

  • Was fun when it worked

    by CheezuzCheezie

    I was really enjoying it until I finished the first awakening and the game doesn't get past the loading screen, it just crashes, and I'm sorta bummed cause this game is pretty expensive compared to other apps. I've played the previous ones and they were really good and I was hoping to finish the trilogy but apparently not.

  • 5 stars for the game. 1 for the Corporate Slugs at ChaiR!

    by alsnyder

    The game itself is great! But do not buy it unless you like shelling out your hard earned cash for gold and especially CHIPS!!! You can always grind away and get more gold, but getting any sizable amount of Chips is impossible. That's when you will have to purchase them with your real money. Unless you are very gifted as a player, In Game Purchases are a necessity. If you run out of chips, you can't even heal yourself, let alone buy any keys for chests. But all of the legal methods are time consuming and frustrating. Chair should do away with chips, or at least allow you to purchase them with the gold you earn in the game. But despite what they say, all they care about is money. Your money. The corporate slugs at Chair Entertainment are liars and worthless - at least the 2 I spoke to. After having taken advantage of their Christmas time giveaway, all of the gold and chips mysteriously vanished from my game after only 1 day. I got in touch with someone big in Chair's corporate chain, who would not even reveal his/her name to me. After 5 rounds of Bullsh*t from them, back and forth they would not give me back the gold and chips that vanished due to one of their glitches. Their claim that they care about the individual just a much as they do for the huge group that they screwed under the act 5 glitch that robbed loads of players their leveled up characters and built up items is a lie. They are in fact, the worst Corporate Liars I have had the misfortune of coming into contact with. The person in the first line of support was extremely helpful, and after 5 failed attempts at trying to get the Chair Corporate Big Boss/SLUG to re-instate the gold and chips they took from me, I wanted to fill out a customer service report on how well the lady handled my problem being stuck in the middle of this mess, and the kindness she showed me. But guess what? They don't have those customer service forms!!! Chair doesn't even care what you think if you have had a great experience with one of their employees! All they care about is getting our money... Heaps of it. Chair Corporation is a very bad Joke!

  • Needs work

    by Journeyman24

    Over all the game concept is good. I couldn't play until the most recent update due to crashing. It worked for about a week with crashing every so often. As I progressed in the game though it is back to crashing before it even loads. Chair has to know about this and doesn't seem to be fixing it. That's a shame. I bought the other two infinity blade games which didn't seem to crash. I also notice that I wrote a review before the update and explained about the crashing but magically it never posted. I am sure Apple wouldn't filter reviews to make profits now would you Apple? Don't buy the game until it's fixed. I hope this time you actually get to see my review.

  • Broke for iPad 2

    by GamerGuy6257

    Love the game......would love to play it. Never gets passed icon pulse screen

  • Still need to fix this game !!!!lost my file everything

    by Spikeymex

    This game is really good but still need to fix it !!!! Why because just right now ! I was playing and I lost my file, I lost my money, my weapon, and some how I have to start new game ! All the way in the beginning !! Plz fix this game and also plz let have my money, weapons, ring back... I work really hard to get all of those weapons and also level up !

  • Crash

    by Jedgdcyhcihucf

    The game crashes ever time I play the game FIX IT!!!!!!

  • Stupid

    by HamaBlekArk

    Won't work. Kicks me out after I do the intro and won't let me enter. Waste of my money...

  • Jimmy Hofer

    by Jimmyhofer11

    Ok. I spent $6.99 for this games and I can't even play it. I have a brand new iPad mini. Shouldn't have any problems. Can u please fix this or refund my money.

  • More crashes than a demolition derby

    by Bejeweled Nut

    This is a good game if it could run without crashing so much. It crashes when the blacksmith screen is opened, it crashes when the blacksmith screen is closed. It crashes when an act ends, it crashes when an act begins. After it crashes , it takes what seems like forever to launch it back.

  • Too many set backs.

    by tmiso

    For some reason when I restart the game it starts at the point it froze before the last update. All progress is lost. This has happened multiple times.

  • Keep looping sword logo

    by Si Joni

    After upgrading to the latest version, this game just stuck at sword logo

  • I love it but I hate it

    by Xavie G

    I really love this game but I hate that it crashes way to much. It has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Until then only one star rating.

  • The awesomest game ever

    by Shadow blade22

    This is the best game I've ever played in my life even compared to console it has a grate story line awesome armor and the best game handling ever but you must play the first and second one to get the full infinity blade experience!!!!!

  • I love this game but

    by Tooty808

    Every time I press that button with sword to do my combos my WEAPONS SWITCH EVERY SINGLE TIME. And this is after I updated it started happening. Please fix that glitch because it's driving me nuts.

  • Again and again...

    by Tatemo2001

    Whenever I open this app it crashes. This is becoming extremely irritating. Please fix. This is a waste of money :-(

  • Hate

    by Sofia Akber

    I started,beat the first part(prolog)and the game quit and would not work. Please fix it!

  • WHY??!!

    by ndxownszoms

    Cant even get through the intro. It just repeating the motion and sound of the sword. ( After all the company logos.) Couldnt even try the game or even touch Play/Start. Now it just crashes. I don't know why, maybe just my iPod 5th gen. but I wasted 6.99 to get a game that wouldn't even let me press play.

  • awesome

    by 칼있수마마마

    very nice

  • Great game

    by Jennings700

    Hours of fun

  • Another great installment

    by Nice critic

    Worth every penny. I would buy again if I had to.

  • Fantastic game

    by An elephant

    A wonderful addition to a great series!

  • Keeps crashing. I want a refund.

    by Angmyers

    I am unable to play. Keeps crashing.

  • Paid for what?

    by Very not happy customer

    It crashes on third fight...uhhhh can't even play just star for the 2min of happiness I received for my money.

  • Crashing

    by SPARTAN117599

    I beat the game.....Restarted it.....get to the intro....beat it....It it won't let me even get past the flashing sword

  • great

    by Plutocrusher101

    im starting to have trouble starting the game because right when the sword dissappears after loading it kicks me out if the game plz fix this this game is one of my favorites

  • Surprise

    by Astrostar27

    I was so shock when I saw infinity blade iii my friends were talking about what if there was a infinity iii and one came out all 5 of us Purchase the app and began playing. It is awesome game continue the good work and am hoping for a infinity iv. Thanks for the game

  • App Won't Load

    by Poison Gloom

    iPhone 4S iOS 7 the sword keeps popping up in an infinite loop, it would be nice to play this game I payed for. Its only after I beat the intro aswell

  • Whelp ugh

    by Guy who recently got an iPod 5

    Whelp I was thinking the new update would fix the problem but nope. It still is the same but worse. Like now it won't even let me open more than 10 seconds. I wanna play!!!!

  • Game crash

    by TheAlaskanboy

    I have an iPhone 5 and every time I open the application it crashes before I even get the chance to play.

  • Best app

    by From: create a nickname.

    Amazing app

  • Thanks for Nothing

    by Danspeed

    Thanks for deleting my progress. I had the king armor, the queen armor, and the vault Infinity Blade. I also bought in game money and chips, about $40 worth, and now it's all gone.

  • I got hooked,Again

    by Rayray2002


  • Seriously.

    by EricRandom1023

    iPod freaking 5, latest iOS and the game crashes right after the loading screen. I deleted my other Infinity Blades to get this one and it doesn't even work. Awesome. Update After reinstallation I have concluded that the game starts crashing only after I finish the cutscene portrayed after the god king is defeated. Why me? This happened with the other two games as well. Fed up. Done. ✌️

  • Awesome game

    by Calaelen313

    Another jewel in the Infinity Blade series. A must play!

  • Best iOS game

    by Gtgtired

    Saves Restored! games works again! 5 stars

  • Fun but won't work unless it's the first level

    by Tanner Joseph white

    It won't work it keeps crashing

  • Stupid

    by Star22233

    I will change my rating when problems are fixed I got the app and got on to play I finished the first part(learning the basics) then the game crashed and I have not been able to get on the app ever sense then it is the only game I have so I don't think it's a space problem I love the other games and waited so long for this one to come out plz help I have hi hopes

  • :(

    by Ferdek Kiepski

    Plz fix for ipod 4g

  • Mine still isn't working

    by Killerbilly

    Pls fix it I really want to play it

  • Off the chain!!!

    by JayHolla

    Awesome game for any platform

  • Fun so far

    by Edenclaw

    Not bad at all. Good fun.

  • Way to hard

    by Hfruhdeuhgyyfdu

    On your 4th rebirth thing the enemy's kill you in like 1 hit!i hate it

  • Best game ever

    by Commanderjets

    This game is awesome and works perfectly for me congrats on a good game chair

  • Good game

    by Fluffy person

    This is an awesome game it has amazing graphics and a good storyline.

  • Not challenging but awesome

    by Bananas splitter

    It is really fun. It does not have many parts though.

  • I love this game

    by Greg

    Best game on an I phone

  • Game keeps crashing.

    by SSNNKK1133

    I love this game, have all three of them, and this worked for a while after update. Until I died on deathless quest. Then it wouldn't startup afterwards. Please fix this soon.

  • One of the best apps

    by Reddragon685

    Excellent game. Great graphics by the way :) very pleased with this app

  • One of the best!

    by My Other N1ck NAm3 taken -_-

    The infinity blade series has always been one of my all time favorites and this game raises the bar a little higher ^_^ good work Developers!

  • Crashing on ipad mini

    by Glisten 3333

    Still after the newest update it still crashing on my ipad mini and many others people I'm a big fan of the infinity blade series but this one I can't even play because it keeps on crashing on ipad mini

  • Infinity blade 4

    by C seibel

    I really love this game I just hope they come out with a 4th one

  • BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Supersuite

    Would rate it more than five stars if I could. It has a good story and I am never bored. it is a must have game. The graphics are amazing. Is worth every cent that I paid for it.

  • Awesome

    by 毛慕

    I really enjoy playing infinity Blade. Best game ever.

  • Super

    by Cino 62

    Super good ending to the stories

  • Sword Keeps Showing On Intro

    by eL FeeDz

    Every time I start the game the sword keeps showing up and doesn't want to load waste of money.

  • Lost my saves

    by Halodude246

    Title says it all lost my saves

  • Lost my saves

    by Halodude246

    Title says it all lost my saves

  • Awesome game thanks

    by Thud cut

    Great game

  • Hidden strikes

    by DigitalDreamer

    Love the options to choose but they need the platform of part 2 . Making a game more complicated doesn't mean it will be better. Don't like that you have to pay to remove gems from weapons. The game play is very slow as well. Dragon scenes are top of the line but not worth the sluggish game play. Also why do I have to wait. Hours before I can play in the arena . Null crap ! Part 2 is still way better

  • Some suggestions

    by Kelvin Cheung

    Finally, Act V is back on the map after a long wait, along with a number of bug fixes. Cloud save still not working though, and can't get into clashmobs by tapping the character icons. [UPDATE: I finally got it fixed using the "Clear data from server" option, after manually backing up my local data. Clashmob is also working fine now. ] Some other suggestions: 1. I don't like how all weapons end up with the same stats when they are upgraded to level 10 - that makes one's choice of weapon meaningless in the end except that they have different bonus combos. In fact, some weapons do offer better stats/gem slots at certain levels; some lower level weapons, when upgraded to level 5, have higher stats than stock level 5 weapons while costing less gold to obtain. 2. Rare defense gem takes too long to be forged. 3. Bring back Raidriar instead of just letting him die at the beginning. It should have made the story more convoluted with the worker, Siris and him all present. Simply having the god king killed is kinda lazy. 4. Arena mode's reward amount is of proportion - too little gold/chips considering the difficulty of the last few fights. 5. In addition to the titan speed gems, there should be another gem that, instead of slowing down the titans, increases the speed of the player's character. I find this necessary for fighting some dual-wielding enemies who attack so fast that consecutive dodges are impossible to do and you have no choice but to parry or block. It isn't that I am not fast enough to dodge, but the character simply isn't fast enough to respond to my tappings. Also, titan speed gems can sometimes make dodging less easy, as some rapid moves could be avoided by a single long dodge at normal speed, but would require two short dodges for a slower titan. 6. Another type of gem that I think would be welcomed is one that can increase dodge points. Either make the dodge points of an armor increase when upgraded, or a kind of gem increasing dodge points should be useful when the titans start to do stepback combos consecutively for 3 times or above and yet do not break at all. Or alternatively, anything that can make dodge points regenerate faster (maybe a new magic spell for this also?). After all, if there could be a potion for unlimited dodge, why not also have a similar kind of gem for more dodge points? 7. Another idea that might or might not work is, in addition to perfect block and great/perfect parry, we can distinct a "great dodge" from a dodge based on how fast/accurate the player does a dodge, and whether if he is holding the dodge for an unnecessary amount of time. When the player is able to dodge the swipes with respect to their duration, he is rewarded with dodge points or the points are not consumed by that successful dodge. This should serve as a great motivation for players to practice not only being able to dodge, but to dodge more skillfully. (Then maybe we can also add a titan perk called "Great dodge only"?) 8. Add a new set of items that would include the Worker's helm, armor and especially the shield (called Infinity guard maybe?). It looks like it is lightweight enough to be used by both Siris and Isa, despite that only Siris is able to do shield bashes.

  • nice

    by appletty

    thanks .. this game for 64bit only

  • Epic game

    by The Kbullguy

    Gotta try it

  • Much has changed and at the same time nothing really

    by Gr3yf0xhound

    The mechanics of course are still the same. Since the update a lot of replay value has been added. The graphics are better than ever. Characters do move funny however during cutscene. Makes me feel awkward just how much arm and head movement they use as they talk.

  • Excellent conclusion to the series

    by tentofortysix

    The team at Chair have done an amazing job. The 3rd installment wraps up the trilogy brilliantly and the game itself is the best of the series by a wide margin. The narrative, fight options, and RPG sophistication far exceed expectations. IB3 is the high-water mark of mobile gaming.

  • Best game on iPhone!

    by Timothy_Ryan

    Awesome game! By far the best installment to the infinity blade trilogy. I have all 3 infinity blade games and I am a huge fan!

  • Crashing

    by Visceral Ranger

    It was better when you fixed crashing after the intro but now my game keeps crashing when I try to load it ever since I got to the merchant and the speech and movements out of sync for me on iPod 4th gen

  • Will not start

    by Deathass

    The game does not load, all it does is flash the sword a bunch of times and crash sending me to my home page. It seems like an interesting game it just needs to load so I can see it. Please notice and work on this problem. --------------------------------The game still is crashing after the update, :/ It seems that everyone else's game is working, but why isn't mine... And the problem is still the same, the sword flashing a bunch of times then the game crashing to my home screen.

  • Amazing

    by DilG4r92

    Amazing the story line......great game!!!!!!!!!

  • Please fix

    by Epic dude 7777777

    Its a fun game but i cant play it anymore because it crashes please fix it

  • I want a refund

    by Big sffarbvdag

    I would like my money back please

  • Good

    by Bunso78


  • Patch please?

    by Mkag

    After getting close to the end and dying, the game now crashes every time after the sword loading screen. Was not doing this before, so extremely weird. Can't even play the game now, so it's just taking up memory. Still doing this after the update!

  • Aahhh

    by Ch1ck3nh4wk

    Now that's the long awaited update that I've been expecting. Thanks Chair! Now where's my 5000 chips?!?!?! I've played all the IB games like everyone else!!!

  • Ok game

    by Beast971

    The game itself pretty good but after I beat it for the first time I had a pretty good set of armor and weapon and I thought that I would try out deathless mode not realizing that everything is 3 times as hard to fight as normal but also that if you die you lose all of your currently equipped items, and so of course I die against the immensely hard enemy and find out that I have to fight him again and win to get all of my items back. So basically now I will have to replay the entire game again just to get my items back from one stupid enemy that I will never be able to defeat, thanks Infinity Blade for just taking every little bit of fun out of the game.

  • Great Game

    by MySTiC BEATZ

    This game has amazing features and it never LAGS!!!!!

  • Crashes

    by Cd ace

    I love the first and second game in this series, and I would love to play this one (especially after spending money on this) so please fix this! Please!!!

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