Chess Score Pad Games App Review (iOS, $6.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: CalcFxC, LLC
  • Updated: May, 10 2012
  • Version: 1.4
  • Size: 2.94 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Roger Carey

iOS 7

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Chess Score Pad is for chess players who want the ease and accuracy of an electronic scoresheet. There is no need to write down coordinates, just move the piece by dragging or tapping. Since you see a graphic of the board for each position, you know your scoresheet is accurate.

Portrait and LEFT and RIGHT hand landscape layouts.
There are several features to make it easy to enter game information like the event, names, round and date.
The moves are automatically saved.
After the game you can print the notation or email the game notation with a PGN file attachment.

More screenshots and documentation of all of the features can be found at

Due to the changes in the iOS 7 user interface, users will find Chess Score Pad difficult to use on iOS 7.
An update for iOS 7 is being worked on and will be out soon.

Customer Reviews

  • Great tool

    by Jason ch.

    This is the tool do exactly I am looking for.

  • Love it

    by AWOLUK

    I was using chess scoresheet for the longest time, but, being an iPad user, I was annoyed at having to play in 2x, ewwww. This app is not only designed for iPad, it's perfect for tournament play. Hats off to the designer and coder.

  • Does what it says very well

    by blinddrive

    It's the only program that does this function well. Ways to improve (and make it a no-brainer buy-it-now app for the $7.00 (or more!)) 1. I love the simple way you can record moves! Any way to keep this, but also have a "review" or "journal" mode where you can input variations and annotations? You could even ease navigation through the variation tree by integrating more of those awesome finger gestures you have already used. This mode would be incredibly helpful, especially with access to the talk-to-text feature to comment. Have the comment show prominently in a separate frame next to each position? I would gladly pay $25 for that capability. 2. Looking forward to standard algebraic notation! 3. Add more tags to your app store search. I couldn't find this app without really digging. Pgn should be a tag, for instance. Overall, great app. If you make even a different program to do these things, I will buy that too.

  • Excellent App!

    by Jedi.Master

    It's about time someone made a functional chess score pad. There are a few others in the App Store, but they are of a very crude design and functionality. This App however is Excellent! The developer did a wonderful job. The App has even allowed me to enter in old games and put the date in even as far back as 1992. The other Apps would not allow a back date to be put in. Keep up the good work! I'm sure there maybe future updates to this App, but right now, I can't even think if any suggestions for future additions. The App is just fine the way it is.

  • Great for Tournament Chess!

    by ChessReviewer

    This app was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted an app on my iPhone that would allow me to keep record of my games with faster time limits, like G/30…and this is it! You can tell that the developer is a tournament chess player, because all the features on this app are essential for recording a chess game. The design is very clean and simple. All your moves are automatically saved, so there's no risk of losing your game. And probably my favorite feature is the ability to email yourself the game in PGN format. I'm definitely pleased - great app!

  • Semeah

    by Semeah

    Great app, pgn file has no flaws in comparison to chessscribe. The only snag is having to figure out how to work some functions in the app which you can figure out in a few minutes. But otherwise no problem, moves are saved automatically, you can even edit a game after it has been saved which is a plus. One thing I would have love to see is having move notations with the time, hopefully in an update that will happen.

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