Bubble Blast! Games App Review (iOS, $29.99)


Languages: English

Seller: blue lakes auto repair



---Thanks to you support Bubble Blast! is THE MOST POPULAR bubble shooter game! ---

Bubble Blast! has exceeded all our expectations and now over 12 million people around ther world are playing the game!

Thank you all for you support!


- "From the second I started playing, I couldn't put it down until I completed it. Literally. Bubble Blast! is a top-qualiy, highly-addictive puzzle game."

- "Bubble Blast! just might be one of those addictive match three games that will surprise you... can be easily grasped within the first level or two, but ends up being very addictive. The game features a bright and enjoyable presentation package as well."


Bubble Blast! is an amazing bubble-shooter game featuring addictive gameplay and tons of exciting new bubbles and power ups!

The game is easy to play - clear the marbles and blast the bubbles - yet incredibly fun and challenging!


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