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Big Fish Games Studios summons you back to the deep mystery and magic of Azada. Too afraid to enter the library, young Titus calls upon your courage and superior puzzle-solving skills to disarm the magical menace. Luckily, Titus has given you a magic medallion to call upon him when in need. Enter the lives of storybook characters in more than 20 magic puzzle books. Meet famous legends like King Arthur, Rapunzel, Henry Jekyll, Buffalo Bill, and many more. Can you unveil the dark hidden secret in Azada: Ancient Magic?


☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆

✓ Stimulating puzzles from beginning to end!
✓ Interactive beauty and stunning art
✓ Choose Adventure or Relaxed Mode
✓ Get enchanted by books that come to life!

✓ Unlock the Collector’s Edition to get exciting extra content, including:
--Exclusive access to "The Lost Pages" featuring 8 all-new minigames!
--Helpful Strategy Guide

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Customer Reviews

  • Not fantastic, but worth playing.

    by Sherrie95

    If I could give it 3 1/2 stars, I would do that. It does not have a lot of freedom or wit, but it's still a pretty good game. To me, the puzzles are the best part and there are a lot of them located in a mini-game section outside of the main story. The only reason I would pay three bucks for this game is because of those mini-games because the actual game itself has zero replayablility. So if you're looking to enjoy something over and over again, I suggest you look elsewhere. When I said that there is little freedom, I meant that they do not encourage you to solve the mysteries critically -- they sometimes penalize you for taking good guesses, in a game that's comprised largely of taking shots.

  • Keeps booting me off

    by RawrSaidDinOsaur

    I bought the full version and can't even get passed the pig and wolf part before it closes and kicks me off. Please fix it I do like the little that I played.

  • Azada

    by Bay2225


  • by 

    Lots of random tapping and guessing what you are supposed to do but awesome game

  • Ms.

    by Ge jt


  • Azada

    by Myluv4christ

    Great Adventure Game!!! Plus it has Lots of mini-games within it as a bonus ;)

  • Azada 2

    by Breejan81

    Too difficult to play on the iPod. Way too small. Plus I tried to open the hidden safe behind the pic in the library and it said he already gave the code. I played twice trying to get it but when u do free him the dialog box is so small that u can't get all the words and there's no scroll option

  • Different

    by Monkey616

    Way different then other puzzle games but very interesting

  • Cool

    by Faye_everygreen

    Good game

  • Fun

    by Damnb166

    Fun game, really enjoyed it, but I wouldn't give it a full five star rating just cuz I don't think it's worth THREE dollars... I don't get y all of a sudden all the games r being so overpriced.. Not that they're not good, it's just they're not long enough to b worth spending that kind of money game after game...

  • Fun but kinda short and easy; Take really long time to load

    by Teddi-o

    I like the game but agree with other reviewers that it is not that challenge. Also, I found that the first page with all the advertisement about other games are kind of annoying and often crashed. And the game takes really long time to load.

  • Azada

    by J&JsGaGa

    Great game a welcome change from hidden objects. GO BIG FISH Moodstruck

  • Azada 2

    by Nephthys721

    Easier than the first game, but still a lot of fun. Hopefully the third one will take longer to get through!

  • Azada

    by Kellapea

    Great game!

  • Like the mini games; but hard to see on a iPod

    by nationaltreasurehunters6

    I like the option of the relaxed mode.

  • Azada

    by Kitkatflower

    It was a pretty cool game.

  • Azada 2

    by Froggy Nana

    Good game. Puzzles were great. Would liked to have more of ths game.

  • Easy

    by Tscott55

    So much easier then the first game. In this one they have a relaxed mode.

  • What a card

    by VoddyJ

    Book em Dano

  • AZADA 2

    by GEEs'Music

    Great game

  • Azada Collectors Edition

    by mrsben20

    I tried the free version and really enjoyed it. I the tried this one and despite not really getting much of a feel for the game before having to purchase I thought Big Fish has been very good purchases. Let me tell you that was wrong assumption on my part! I have never felt so disappointed in a game and more so one that I had to pay good money for. Each story book is a guessing game of four pages and the mini games are so difficult because they are so darned tiny. The potted plants were hard enough but the gold ball with the platform raising and lowering and having to get it to the target is just impossible. I did or tried to do(with a few successes) but no time to finish the rest of the game, at least 8 times. I finally got so damned frustrated and realized no game is worth doing this to me. But I was not going to be quite. I feel a full refund should be given for it never met any expectation and I gave up at book 5. Big Fish you are raising your prices but lowering your standards. Now a good mixture. A very unsatisfied former loyal customer.

  • Love these type of games but not this one.

    by cutterr

    Just ok

  • Booooooooooring.......:(

    by tmbanduccijr

    It sucky real bad

  • Not worth it

    by LaTurkle

    Games that you just randomly tap things hoping to get something you don't know existed not with it

  • Hate it

    by Yanmory

    Love the first Azada. Hate this one.

  • Very disappointing

    by Daffodils08

    The interface on this game is frustrating. It is difficult to select things, and I end up poking my phone over and over trying to move an object. Image is very small not good for iPhone. Finally the game won't work and totally crashed. Looked promising, very sad

  • Not great

    by Xotchi

    I was a little disappointed. I loved the 1st Azada, but this one.... just didn't measure up. It would have been cool that there were so many books, except that I got the feeling that they were just made haphazardly in order to keep them short. Not to say that some of them weren't challenging, but many were ridiculously easy or just didn't make a lot of sense. Honestly, I would have rather had several really long books that had more creative storylines & puzzles. Also, they weren't user friendly. Pages and items were tiny, and it was difficult to zoom in (dialogue boxes kept opening & making scenes zoom out again). The overall plot of the game was also not too intriguing. Developers had an interesting idea for this game, but it was not executed well.

  • Frustrating!

    by Girl Thursday

    I would potentially like this game if there weren't some really annoying user interface issues. The screen on a iPhone is too small to see details, and when you zoom in to look more closely, one wrong tap and it zooms you out again. For example, tapping anywhere even near a character zooms you out and opens a text box, and you can't get out of said text box unless you tap OK. Also, you're supposed to combine objects sometimes, but the inventory boxes on the bottom are so tiny that even with my small girly hands I can't see what items I'm grabbing. There's no clear direction on the objects you're supposed to pick up and use, and I was left just tapping randomly around the screen in hopes that I'd find an object that was too tiny to see otherwise. Some of the puzzle instructions were unclear and again, it was sometimes too small to effectively solve them. There was also no "skip" option for the puzzles either. Wow, I'm ranting. I'm not even going to bother finishing this game, I'm just going to delete (too bad I already paid. Maybe a larger screen would help, but it's not worth it to me to find out.

  • Like it so far

    by Lady in the Lake2

    Strangely expensive, but I really like it. It's pretty and almost every bit of the game reminds me of Myst due to the library's design, the way the screen moves, and of course, the books. Unlike Myst, most of the time you have a pretty good idea what to do, lol. The story line is inconsequential, but since this is a game of (mostly) pretty puzzles, the lack of a story is a plus; it means you can play at your leisure and not have to worry about remembering where you left off. (gotta warn ya' : all but two of the books are pretty. Jekyll and Hyde is exactly what you'd expect, but the Frankenstein book is flat out revolting. I just went straight to the strategy guide and followed the instructions as quickly as I could while avoiding looking directly at the screen.) While it is a bit hard to pick up some items (this might be due to the protective case I keep my iPhone in), it is still better than the first one because the graphics are sharp and clear (they were blurry in the first one) and you can opt to play it without a timer. If you liked the first Azada but hated the timer, you will probably like this game, too.

  • Azada

    by NikEgg


  • Sammiee

    by Sammiee626

    Awsome !

  • Too tiny to really play

    by Cypipes

    I love these games, but if you're going to sell them on an iPhone, then ALL screens must be "pinchable". Trying to "spot the differences" from such a teeny comparison screen is maddening!

  • Eh

    by Blueyes9

    Yeah I guess it's all right but not at all what I was expecting. Really, really, really short and not too impressed. It's almost as if I played a different game from the other reviews. First one was longer and better

  • Fun puzzle game

    by A casual hotelier

    Visual style and music are really nice. Only "complaint" is that iPhone screen is small. ;)

  • Amazing game !!!

    by Lucas m klein

    Great job big fish games for making this game possible on the app store. Thanks.

  • Fun game

    by Tina-ultima

    The pictures are nice. Sometimes it's hard to see what to do next but still worth figuring out.

  • Nice puzzle game w a nice magical touch

    by Ddddsess

    The graphic is sharp and pretty; the puzzles are fun and various; the stories in which you will be helping along your favorite characters are nostalgic... I give it four stars instead of five because I keep feeling that I was playing a pc game on iPhone. iPhone screens are too small for all it's much needed details and the zoom-in does not work in half the situation.

  • Like

    by G.g.1


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