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Awakening: The Skyward Castle tells the tale of young Princess Sophia, who awakens from a magical century-long slumber into a land threatened by an ancient evil. Braving the dangers of an unfamiliar world, Princess Sophia has travelled far to discover the fate of her exiled kingdom. Having no magic of her own in a land built with living magic, she must overcome the many foes, perils and obstacles with her wit, skill and allies. Can Princess Sophia lift the curse that plagues her people? Find out in this epic conclusion, brought to you by the world's #1 Publisher of Adventure games, Big Fish!


☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆

✓ Go back to the beginning of Sophia's adventures!
✓ Can you lift the curse that plagues your people?
✓ Enjoy 3 Gameplay Modes(Relaxed, Normal, Dreadmyre)
✓ Meet fascinating new characters that help Sophia save her kingdom

✓ Unlock the Collector's Edition to get exciting extras like:
-- Integrated Strategy Guide
-- Bonus Chapter with 5 new Hidden Object scenes and 9 Mini-games
-- 7 Outstanding Wallpapers
-- 6 Stunning Soundtracks

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Customer Reviews

  • Can't wait for #5

    by tbrodzel

    Anxiously waiting for the next installment

  • Very challenging and enjoyable!

    by Otter mom

    Enjoyed the game greatly - the puzzles are more challenging and the pieces do not always mesh where they should, but overall a wonderful addition to the series. Eagerly anticipate the next game.

  • Awakening

    by Kiddle16

    Love it. Some of the HOS are hard to solve but the strategy guides are great.

  • Great addition

    by Pexi1128

    Enjoying it so far

  • Awakening 4

    by Vxn1

    Great but what about Sophia's parents? I can't wait!! Hopefully it will come out soon on the iPhone. I see you have 2 additional games for this series so when are they coming out on the iPhone since I don't have a computer?

  • Great series!

    by MKConway

    Loved it, although some I the mini games were repetitive, and the hints were often very vague. Over all, I really enjoyed it and I can't wait for the next one.

  • Awakening

    by Maydenfair

    Big Fish is awesome with high definition games. Wish more were available for the original IPad. Finding games are hard because many are being made for newer ipads. Please keep the original ipad in mind for developement.

  • Nice

    by Wffocixuzucovof

    Great game

  • Loved it!!!!!!!!

    by flowerlily802

    2 bad there's no more I used all of my allowance on buying it tho :(

  • Great game

    by Huskies2000

    In depth storyline and fun!

  • More!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Embedding

    Love it!!!!!! I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can't stop

    by princess dae

    This game is pretty good. I like that the owl guides u some with out having to use a hint or a strategy guide. And the story line is good.

  • Cool game

    by Love awakening

    Love it!

  • Great Game!

    by MariaCarbajal

    Please make awakening 5 for iPhone 4s

  • Awakening 4

    by Lyric254

    The graphics were great, the game was challenging, and also worth its price. I've played the other games in the series and loved the second and third ones much more than I did this one. This game got to a point where I felt like it was just dragging on and on. I enjoy mini games since they are challenging and fun, but I thought some of the ones in this game were not well-conceived and had poor instructions. The hint button was also, not always as helpful as it should be, so thank goodness for Walkthroughs. Bottom line, it was okay for me, others loved it, but I doubt I'll be purchasing the next installment.

  • Loooove it

    by Sweet_Juliet

    Great story line. Fun mini games. I love this whole series! I want the next one!

  • Love this game

    by N@NCY REYES

    Can't wait for the next one

  • LOVE!!!!

    by Karissa N.

    I'm soo happy this is out now. I'm addicted to the series. Please make #5 please!!!!!


    by Debby Cochran

    This entire series is well laid out, great story, puzzles and the graphics AMAZING!

  • Awakening

    by Joleen671

    Best game ever, nothing like it, can't wait for next sequel.

  • Can't unlock the full game

    by Insulted-birdlover!

    I clicked "Unlock Now" from the main screen and paid my two dollars to unlock the full game. When I went to play the game, nothing had happened - I still had to purchase it. Even though two dollars had been deducted from my account I couldn't play the full game. I clicked the "already purchased" button and it claims I never paid for the full game. So, tell me, if I have never purchased the game but two dollars were deducted from my account, where has my money gone?

  • Love it!

    by Dragonborn93

    It's absolutely amazing but come on hurry with the fifth one now lol

  • Awakening

    by Lol I lol 2u

    I love it. Soooo worth the wait.

  • Can't unlock after purchase grr!!!

    by Mwales

    Been a fan of this series and big fish in general but having second thoughts about ever buying another game from them! Tried to buy and unlock full version, even got an invoice from iTunes, but some glitch in the app makes it keep saying either "purchased but not downloaded" or "no record of purchase found." Been through all their troubleshooting and lackluster customer service tips to no avail. A week after first reporting this and still no resolution... not impressed, big fish, not impressed.

  • awakening 5

    by heather176

    when is the next episode of awakening coming on the iPhone or the iPad it's already on the computer so why not on the iPhone

  • Love it!!!!!

    by Rythmic4ever

    Only have two things to say... Favorite game, and whens the next one coming out

  • Awesome

    by Music lover1894

    Really awesome game really enjoyed it can't wait till the next one

  • Love the series

    by Jmroses

    I love this series! Need more like it! Didn't like it took so long to come out. The mini games and graphics are awesome, and good story. Don't like the map, even if you try just running your finger over it to see where you need to go it will send you. Be better in plain ole' english. And thought the goblins and previous characters might still be tied in but still a great story. Dont want the series to ever end! I play on my iphone and the only games avail are ghosts, dead, and dreary...nice change! Need number 5 NOW!

  • Fun and challenging!

    by Timsgirl2011

    I am so happy with this whole series! There is a story, and a variety of games and hidden object and I don't have to build a ridiculous village. The graphics are great too. Love it!!!!

  • No game!!!

    by Mini Moo 3/5

    I have purchased the game, but it tells me there is no record of the purchase! I tried to purchase it again, but it say's I already did. It needs to be downloaded.

  • Great

    by Slu1989

    I can't wait for the 5th one

  • Can't wait for the next one

    by Dallahandra

    I'm glad they're still continuing the series. This fourth one felt a bit different, like having a new director to a series your already familiar with, but it was still good. The graphics were amazing as always. Only annoyance with this one was the voices of the supporting characters. The voices didn't fit the characters and the dialog was outright annoying most of the time. It seems as though they're really shooting for the younger audience on this one.

  • It's good but not as good as earlier ones

    by LilaMoon

    I didn't care for it that much. I loved the previous ones. The handling was complicated and often needed multiple attempts to " hit" things just the right way and angle. The hints didn't work at times and some characters were so bluntly copied ( pirate) it was annoying. Graphics were beautiful as usual so was the score. For some reason it felt like a rushed filler sequel ( puzzles were dull and repetitive) in order to build a franchise and the cliffhanger after story just concluded a prelude to awakening 5.

  • Wonderful !!

    by tantan:)

    I love this gameeee !! When will the fifth be out?

  • Beautifully done!

    by DiabolicalNess

    Really enjoyed playing the sequel. Seems the glitches in the previous ones are all fixed. Can't wait for the next one!!!

  • Come on!

    by Daisey43

    It costs 633 MB and I have 905 MB and only 6 apps and it says my storage is full! There's got to be something wrong with the app!

  • Skyward Castle

    by Colbie786

    Love love love this game! I've played all 4 and I wish there were more of them!

  • Awesome

    by l3n3

    Love it can't wait for the sequel

  • Next one please!

    by JB1016

    Really great! Can't wait for the next one!

  • Great!

    by Snide_Piper

    Super fun.

  • Loved it!

    by Jubs123456

    Just de most interesting game I have played! I want more!

  • Awakening 4

    by RubenO29

    Love it

  • Still new puzzles

    by Elizab3thTX

    Love it

  • Love It!

    by Broadway2234

    I have played the entire Awakening Series. The game is fun and challenging and the visuals are stunning. Just love this series.

  • Awesome

    by Imryleeq

    This is awesome! Okay, so where's #5?

  • Great addition to the series!

    by awakeningaddict

    Can't wait for the next one.

  • Love this series

    by Sb8318

    Make more please!

  • Woo!

    by Future Awesome Chef

    I liked it and I hope they make another

  • Awesome game

    by Fyreflyght

    I really love this game. It really went well with the first three games. I hope they make a 5th game. Because I'd get it.

  • Loved it!!

    by Khalasar

    Loved it, loved the series. Can't wait for the next to come out. I thoroughly enjoyed that they have become progressively harder as well.

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