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Help Jess track down seven ancient artifacts and rebuild a village that has been ravished by a hurricane in Artifact Quest! Travel to a tropical island and use your Match 3 talents to collect the necessary golden coins to help out the locals. Rebuild your own home and track down the artifacts and the plunge into an unforgettable journey. Can you repair your home and help the people of the island?


☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆

✓ Match flowers, diamonds, coins, and more!
✓ Variety of puzzles in different shapes
✓ Navigate around islands and tropical waters
✓ Go on a Match 3 quest!

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Customer Reviews

  • best game ever!!!

    by Timon-25

    if i want to have fun time i play this game.if i want to relaxe i play it! so cool

  • Very nais

    by Hamnz

    It is very matsh foon

  • More levels please

    by Lea chris

    Ok game but not enough levels. Bought it because I thought there would be more to it; very disappointed!

  • Great game, keeps my attention

    by Starlight_2848

    The only problem, when I build the house it won't let me go any further !!!!

  • artifact quest

    by RankinStation

    Good Family Fun

  • J

    by Ms.ruby7

    I like thi s game but they shouldn't let you play till u love just to make u buy it.

  • Good

    by Butt14

    Good games

  • V good

    by khalid5

    V good

  • More! More!

    by HapEPants

    Great fun. Needs many more levels then would get 5 stars.

  • Artifact quest

    by *tarry

    It's a wonderfully game

  • Cute game

    by Onefryshort

    It's a different twist on a match 3 game. Very entertaining. Shame you can"t play more levels before buying

  • Jo

    by JoS1006

    Very fun!!

  • Moleroja

    by Dimande

    Artifact Quest is the best ever quite awesome keep it up thanks!!!!!!!

  • Love this game

    by Carawil8

    When I want to relax I play this game. It has enough variety to keep me interested but not so difficult that I am frustrated. Great for any age!

  • Nice !

    by Joy lady

    Nice bright screens, good variety. No nasty vampires or evil witches. It's great to have a game I can enjoy with my grandchildren. Also price is not outrageous.

  • Fun

    by Cruz n on

    Really enjoy playing this game.

  • Like it

    by momasaid39

    Fun game

  • Linnet

    by Kokesito

    Very good I like it

  • Artifact Quest

    by Gurka-Tex

    Love this game!

  • Fun

    by chanmi1957

    I enjoy this game. Great way to pass time!

  • Mom in need of a break

    by Repconservmom

    I am enjoying this game very much it is a good get away and great for waiting in an office or waiting to pick up kids. I am finding that the games produced by big fish are very well done. Thank you for quality work. Hard to come by these days.


    by suzieq2223

    Very Addicting!!!

  • Great!!

    by Flburnette

    Love this game. Wish it had more levels.

  • Good

    by Daisy Hernandez


  • Artifact Quest

    by Connie_Faith

    LOVE it! If you're looking for mindless, relaxing fun-you've found it! I highly recommend you install & play. Enjoy!

  • Grate, but doesn't last long enough...

    by BobbJo

    Once you buy it, then play it... It doesn't last long enough, so unless you want to replay and replay ....I wouldn't buy it...


    by LaDanaWendy

    I can't believe I bought this game about a week and a half ago and I'm complete through it already (so addictive)!! I'm playing the Mini Games now and I'm still having BIG fun!!! GREAT game Big Fish!!!!

  • Fun

    by Shagsmom411

    Fun game but need more levels or differents parts of the island. More for the $$...

  • Friend

    by Draco810

    It is ok

  • Ok

    by sweetie207

    Could be longer like it claims to be...

  • It is ok

    by Marie93

    A bit childish in anamation

  • Artifacts

    by Beth76543146

    Entertains me when bored. Could be a little longer.

  • Amusing

    by ShebaML

    Simple game that's amusing and not taxing.

  • Fun

    by Anniesis4

    Just started playing, and it is already addicting. Hope the whole game is this fun

  • Rag

    by Putt/put

    Fun game

  • Artifact Quest!!

    by Tan7ie

    Very fun but needs more levels!!!

  • Love the game

    by Chrissiecat6

    But it is too short. Especially like the part where shapes drop and you fit them into a grid. Hope more levels are coming.

  • Artifact Quest

    by Blueeyes Girl

    Luv it ! It's addicting !

  • Engrossing!

    by Wanderer KJ

    Pulls you right in. Is a lot of fun because it keeps changing it up which keeps it interesting. Would recommend highly.

  • Really fun!!

    by jua_nita

    Love the change up so each level isn't necessarily the same as the last. Hope this keeps going with additional updates! Thanks for a VERY nice game!

  • Artifactually Fun!

    by Mcr310

    This game is similar to Dreams of a Geisha. It is more entertaining and more colorful. I like the variety of challenges and I can play while walking on the treadmill! Great way to make the time fly.

  • Love the match 3

    by Muhammed10

    The new game modes are fun, kinda reminds me of jewel match except a little less fun

  • New 2 match3

    by Old Palm User

    This is fun and fascinating, keeping me going back to play more.

  • Good

    by Troublex5

    It's a great game due to its variety in the gameplay. I gave it four stars because it doesn't take advantage of the iPad screen. So it's on my iPod. Which is fine. Now it's a toilet game. Watch out thou, the next thing you know is that an hour just went buy.

  • Fun!

    by Nicola2cute4u

    Like this game a lot, very addictive!

  • Active game

    by Mowgus

    Love the various activities. Not all the same thing

  • Artifact Quest

    by "Idget"

    Love this game!

  • Artifact Quest

    by Sasy23

    Love this game is very addicting. Thanks for it.!!!!********

  • pupsik

    by r_epilepsy

    igra otlichnaia!!!

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