Amazon™: Hidden Expedition® Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: Big Fish Games, Inc

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Customer Ratings

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1076 Ratings
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2136 Ratings


#1 iPad Adventure Game in the US!

"With phenomenal hint systems, a lengthy adventure, and inventive multiplayer on iPad, Amazon: Hidden Expedition is a delight."
Pocket Gamer '8/10 Silver Award and Top 10 most promising iPad launch titles'

Big Fish Games takes you on an adventure into the stunning world of the Amazon with the Hidden Expedition team in search of a missing professor. A tattered map referencing the legendary Beetle Temple is your only clue as you begin your adventure deep into the Amazon Rainforest. Explore cities, temples, and ruins while unlocking the secrets of an ancient yet advanced civilization. This adventure is the largest yet for the Hidden Expedition team, and the discovery of the Beetle Temple is just the beginning.

☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆

✓ 50 hidden object scenes
✓ 14 unique mini games
✓ Replay chapters to gain higher rankings
✓ Play in portrait or landscape orientation
✓ Listen to your own music with integrated iPod controls
✓ Localized into five languages: En, Es, Fr, De, Jp
✓ 3 stage hint system


☆ iPad Multiplayer! ☆

Play head to head multiplayer with a friend on the same device. A single screen is mirrored to each end of the device – race to find more objects before your opponent!
You can also play cooperatively in landscape mode.

☆ More Reviews ☆
“Highly enjoyable and challenging gameplay. Many fun mini-games. Extraordinary production values including gorgeous environments and great music.”

"Amazon: Hidden Expedition is probably the best hidden object game I’ve played both on iPhone, and on iPad."

'..a very immersive and addictive hidden objects game.'

“…one of the slickest hidden object games we’ve played”
Slide to Play 4/4 ‘Must Have’

"Players will not only recognize its replay value, but the game is literally one of the best hidden object games out there, period."

"The story is fantastic. The scenes are bright and fun. The puzzling with tools across multiple maps is very cool and adds a layer of strategy."

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Customer Reviews

  • Hunting

    by Gjhfcj

    Fun game hard to put down.

  • Great HO Game

    by Mahaniac1

    I've been disappointed lately when I buy a HO game, then find it's more mini-games and weirdness, with only a few Hidden Objects. I love this game--if HO Games are what you're looking for, look no further. (Although I'm not new to these games, I'm not a pro or collector like some of the people who write these game reviews seem to be.) For me, this is a fun puzzle with tons of HO and some mini games. It's not the most difficult game I've played but it keeps me involved and entertained.

  • Only for thinkers

    by Sly1173

    This is a great game with out Shooting or killing, that's what our childrens need, a ton of thanks.

  • Won't let me past 8th level.

    by teric89

    I like the searches, however at the level (I think it is the 8th level), where you are supposed to remove the medallion from the mouth of the statue, the mouth opens, but I am unable to retrieve it. Thinking I might need something from one of the next levels, I worked through the "20 reptiles scene", and now I can't move on at all. Bummer.

  • Wonderfully addictive...

    by Queen of Cuffdom

    I have played a lot of hidden object games, even got my husband hooked on one...but this one by far is the most intriguing, most inventive and the most fun! Keep up the great work! Update: After playing awhile I also discovered that i cant go on due to missing objects. I find everything except the blue words and then don't have a tool to GET THAT OBJECT! Very annoying. Enjoyed it up to this point. And yeah, pg 29 of the journal is missing....this appears to be a problem for a long time now. Come on guys, fix the bugs!

  • Game

    by Nariah7

    Seems good so far

  • Seek and Find

    by Sunny Daisyyyyyy

    A great app to exercise your brain to keep your wits sharp. Also, lots of antiquities to pique your curiosity!

  • Froggy

    by Seekandfinder

    I actually enjoyed this game quite a lot. Nice combination of searches and challenging puzzles. I'm going to look for another one like this one. There are a few glitches that need fixing, but I liked it.

  • Great Game - Very challenging -Fantastic Music! Wow!

    by MissLCinSF

    I feel like I'm watching a movie with the crazy good music tracks playing in the background. I love love love how well hidden & blended the items are, extending the life of the game. Its a great price & I hope there are more just like this one. The only issue is the Mini Puzzles have NO instructions & no real hints that explain the purpose or meaning, which would help greatly. Is it to be opened? Moved? Closed? Turned over? Changed? Placed in order from biggest to smallest or the other way around? The need for some type of clear direction is HUGE. Please fix this! Thanks!! ;)

  • Fun time spent

    by kangaroolover1

    Enjoying learning this new game

  • Cool

    by Adhdivirbebslcldk

    Fun game to play cool mini games and fun scenes to find things in, collecting style puzzle hidden object game

  • Good game

    by Messer2b

    Excellent game!

  • Great time passer

    by Madarcanian

    1 word...Addicting! ;-)

  • Great Game!

    by Arschylus9

    Great for casual gamers! The bugs are fun to find especially when other things take longer. Humor is pleasant change from other games.

  • Beautifully made

    by bertoochy

    So much fun. Completed steam pipes now I'm stuck

  • Mammy

    by Missy1234ssdeseffdrdfttfd

    Enjoyed the game, but I think your prices for the games are high!!!

  • Fun game

    by Dixiegirl50

    Love this game, can't stop playing it. :)

  • Needs more chapters

    by Emily Anastacia

    I've beaten this game so many times.

  • This game is so much fun

    by Tolepainter

    I have had brain surgery and this is helping me with keeping my brain healthy. I wish it had a few more ways to get clues but my daughter helps me figure out where I get stuck.

  • Addicting

    by Hi mom 1994

    Great game! It was difficult at some points but that's what made me keep coming back to it.

  • Won't continue

    by NinjaMunki

    I have solved 3 levels and its been great to that point. Now I just get a loop where it shows a video of the game, asked to upgrade, click continue and then the video goes again. Frustrating

  • Pointless Game

    by princessevilbunny

    Don't waste your money. Don't waste your time. Don't waste the energy. The game is a ripoff and a cheap one. The game is short and doesn't update with anything new. The same scenes you did this week will be the ones you do next week. There are plenty of other hidden object games that update with new scenes all the time and don't cost this much. You think your spending a few dollars on a good game? You've been tricked! Save your money.

  • Confusing

    by Catgirltoo

    Instructions are vague at times. This is frustrating. There is nothing after obtaining page 5 of the journal.

  • Ms

    by Urhere

    Great way to pass time and get frustrated all in one :-:

  • Don't download !

    by Lizzo65

    It took 4 HOURS to download this, when it was finally done, I had a dead battery. Now it's looking like they are going to ask me to buy it...figuring, it's downloaded, I might as well.... The sad part is they're right.... Just don't download at all!

  • I love it!

    by P00p3rsc00p3r

    It's been a great game! I Agree it only gives you a few more scenes, but I think it's even worth those.

  • Hidden expedition

    by Sruppert

    As with all of the Big Fish games I have played, this is visually entertaining and mentally stimulating.

  • Excellent

    by Busymom316

    The items are well hidden so it's a bit more challenging than a lot of the hidden object games. Great job!

  • Hidden Expedition

    by Ammie63

    Like this seek & hide on iPad very much. Keep up the good work.

  • Adventurous & Mind Boggling....Fun!

    by NanaDezzyKennedi

    One thing leads to another and each success has its own reward. Definitely keeps me coming back.... You will too!!!!!

  • Fun!

    by MamaRN23

    First time player, fun so far!

  • Fun and entertaining but....

    by Jen817

    The scenes are find to search but sometimes you have found everything and you still can't advance. There are no clear clues in some cases...just my opinion

  • Love this game.

    by NUwLax21

    Was mad when my husband deleted and so happy to have found it again

  • Awesome!!

    by JaCqUe_BlOuNt

    Love this game!!

  • Just beginning

    by tbnfl

    Playing on iPhone so not best experience, 4S. Have to write review not to continue but if you don't write one the 1-2 time it asks you to, on the 3rd time, trial to see if you like it is Over! I'll see now what happens since I'm reviewing the 2nd time. If it still ends after next scene then not worth the download!

  • Awesome

    by Summer.Love.77

    Very good time killer albeit it's also a battery killer. Really excited for the next one "the devil's Triangle"

  • Lov it

    by Warrior of the Light

    I am abso addicted to this game. Can't put it dien

  • save your money

    by shy1112

    There was a point beyond which the game refuses to progress even though the expedition is not over. I don't know where these glowing reviews are coming from but save yourself the frustration.

  • Have to

    by Tammie Lewis

    You have to write a review to go on with the game, this is what I write.., especially when you haven't even had a chance to play the game to see if u even want to buy it, to pushy for me... The games that are not all up in pushing you to rate a game that you haven't even had a chance to play .. What is really happening this game is getting lots of false reviews because there forced to write a review ... It's the games that are not all pushy and selfish to get ahead is the game that I wrote nice reviews...

  • Not Good

    by TalleyJane

    First time playing, 15 minutes into the game (3rd scene) and it froze. I couldn't change the screen or move onward or backwards in the game. So glad I didn't pay for it!

  • Love the App

    by HoustonVenus

    Very relaxing way to end the day! Thank you.

  • Loved it

    by 33boys

    One of the best I've played so far

  • Freezes

    by GrkGddss

    Game freezes at level 26 can't progress

  • Awesome

    by Ang8605

    Addicting to play!!

  • FUN!!

    by Cochisecc

    Soooooo hooked!

  • Great time waster

    by ShamaMomma

    Great game

  • Great!

    by grandmom3


  • Rate

    by Ilean Dover


  • Great hidden objects games

    by XaSiro


  • I love it

    by MichelleJM

    I have played this game three or four times and I love it every time. I keep coming back for more. So can't wait I play the new boards.

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