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Seller: Adan Vielma

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Are you a soccer fan? Love watching the World Cup? Have swelling national pride over your country’s futbol team? This is the app for you! 11 on 11 takes the game to a new level, combining stellar visuals with authentic soccer sounds from real international exhibition play.

To play, swing your device with a full range a motion to simulate the effect of kicking a ball. Advance the ball up the field with each “kick,” passing it along with each swing. The stronger your kick, the better chances you have of scoring a goal on your own.

Who knows—a group of crazed soccer hooligans just might cheer you on! Be sure to leave it all on the field with 11 on 11 Soccer Shootout!

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Rockman lvx

    It is fun I learns a new soccer Song but sometimes it is hard to Score Osi osi osi!!!!!!!!!


    by LimyJuggler8320

    Worst app EVER!!!!! U can't do anything


    by My Town #1 Fan

    What kind of app is this?? It says "Swing to kick!" but when I did it on my first time it didn't even kick. I mean it didn't do anything!!!

  • Worst

    by Wilber123

    You can't even play.

  • Worst

    by Killa wayne

    No stars for u!!!!!

  • Terible

    by leo bremond

    Not fun

  • Crap

    by Roar my head is dead

    Even pele would have hated this

  • Terrible

    by Skip Schmiett

    This is the worst app in the world no exaggeration

  • Stupid app no game! What was that?!

    by Trig118

    No game just a stupid set of sounds

  • Horrible

    by Yooooooopeoplesallday

    Really bad.

  • Boooo

    by Kmf98

    Crazy and stupid

  • Worst game ever

    by Addicting awesome game

    It is retarded and stupid the only thing you do is swing your apple device they should of not made this horrible app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Freaked

    by Matt60056

    The most freaked retarded game ever

  • Worst app

    by I AM SPARTA

    I have never downloaded a dumber app.

  • Stupid!!

    by Kool Chica

    Osi osi osi !!!!!!stupid stupid stupid!!!!wats with osi and this STUPID game???

  • Boring

    by Sir Waffles

    Title speaks for itself.

  • Jewish

    by Kurdstar

    This is the worst app ever known to mankind I'd rather jump of a dam bridge

  • Wow

    by Jackofskitz

    This has to be the worst game ever I'd rather drill a nail through my hand am it would still be better then this game

  • Awful

    by tcCarlsbad

    If I didn't have to give a star I wouldn't this game is horrible all u do is swing ur fone u can't c anything they shouldn't even bother making this app

  • Terrible

    by wolfattack

    Just awful

  • gay

    by lil mnm


  • Horible

    by Gdtdf

    It's horible it's stupid you can't see anything exept for swing your kick

  • LAME!!!!!!!!

    by LMsoccer14

    This game is so stupid and isn't fun at all!!!!

  • Bad

    by Bjb5879

    Completely retarted

  • not good

    by m_salah2006

    No Fun

  • stupid

    by ksoccer3333

    this is sooooo stupid! I didn't even shake my iPod and it said I had scored!

  • Jewish fail

    by Davïd


  • Death to all that play

    by GiggitySpam

    This game makes me want to punch a baby!!!

  • Stupid!!!

    by Pocketsportsfootballchamp

    The game makes no sense. You are not going to kick the I-phone. You don't even see your shot after you kick the ball. I deleted it when I got it! No wonder it's free,it's stupid!

  • Horrible

    by Úńdêrøâth

    Really REALLY bad

  • Worst

    by Zufer

    Dont use this app its really really bad.

  • Not very good

    by 21nj 12

    This app is not that good you swing to kick and that is it. It is fun for a little bit then it gets boring

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