Baldur's Gate II Games App Review (iOS, $14.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Beamdog
  • Updated: Dec, 25 2013
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 1.79 GB

Languages: English

Seller: IdeaSpark Labs Inc.

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“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster... When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you...”

Kidnapped. Imprisoned. Tortured. The wizard Irenicus holds you captive in his stronghold, attempting to strip you of the powers that are your birthright.
Can you resist the evil within you, forge a legend of heroic proportions, and ultimately destroy the dark essence that haunts your dreams? Or will you embrace your monstrous nature, carve a swath of destruction across the realms, and ascend to godhood as the new Lord of Murder?

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition includes the original Shadows of Amn campaign, as well as the following expansions:
* Throne of Bhaal: Travel to Tethyr in this thrilling conclusion to the Bhaalspawn saga, and delve into the treasure-filled halls of Watcher’s Keep!
* Fist of the Fallen: Help the Sun Soul Monk Rasaad find peace in his quest for vengeance, and determine the fate of a heretical sect.
* Unbound: Join the Blackguard Dorn in carving a swath of destruction across the Realms, as he struggles to appease the increasingly bloody demands of his dark patron.
* A Shadow’s Life: Recruit the mysterious Thief Hexxat and take up her mission of retrieving long lost artifacts from tombs as far away as Zakhara..
* In Defense of the Wild: Protect the innocent and stand with Neera the Wild Mage against a ruthless school of Red Wizards.
* The Black Pits II: Gladiators of Thay: Explore the tactical depth of high-level Dungeons & Dragons combat. Turn your captors against each other while you dodge traps and battle for your life against Demi-Liches, Mind Flayers, and the legendary Githyanki.
* Gallery of Heroes II: Keiren Yanner: Expand your character collection with these six beautifully painted hero portraits from acclaimed artist Keiren Yanner!
* Easy Multiplayer: Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition makes it easy to find, list, and join multiplayer games, even while behind a firewall.
* Widescreen and More: Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition features full widescreen support, remastered area artwork from original renders, and a host of other interface and gameplay improvements.

Customer Reviews

  • Please fix this bug

    by Trottypace

    Paladin Keldorn keeps conversing "The infernal stench of the Abyss is strong in this place."with NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS

  • Beware In-App Purchase

    by PappaJezzy

    After dropping $15 on this game (which is pretty high for an ipad game) I was shocked to see that the additional characters (and related quests) that were touted in the official description of the game were going to cost $9 MORE!!!! What makes it worse is that I don't know as I start the game if I have to purchase them now or forever lose the chance to play the quests?!?! Poorly done marketing!

  • Great on the ipad!

    by Erikku42

    I really like playing this on the ipad, feels like the more natural interface. I see people have complained of bugs, I haven't had any problems. Runs quickly and smoothly. The new content is very good, definite level up from beamdog compared to bgee content.

  • The best RPG on the perfect platform.

    by Space Ace

    This is my favorite game, and having it on the iPad makes it available everywhere I go. Prepare to research D&D.

  • Great

    by bob527724

    This game has taken my soul it's so good .Just know that you can survive the werewolf glitch in the circus tent if you quickly use dispel magic on them.

  • This May Be Too Much Game For You

    by Wizegie

    Baldur's Gate II is epic. Not slang epic or hyperbolically epic, but for real, straight up denotatively epic. I have never before met an RPG with such depth and grandeur. This is the kind of game only serious gamers get involved with. It's the kind of game you spend three times the amount of time studying how to play than you do playing it. It's the kind of game you have to commit to as a learning experience, the way you would commit to learning French, or how to surf. And when you've mastered it, you include it as part of your skill set: "Why yes, I can cook with the best of them, critique obscure literature, check someone twice my size in hockey and, oh..yes, I can play Baldur's Gate II." It's the kind of game you play and then wish you hadn't played because no other game can live up to it. It's my kind of game. It might not be yours though. It takes fortitude, curiosity, resourcefulness and tenacity. Don't spend $15 on this game and then whine about it being too hard. It's not too hard. You're too lazy. And now you've been warned.

  • Circus Werwolves be damned!

    by Jeuscristo

    Well worth the money spent. This game is an exact duplicate of a revolutionary PC game. It is absolutely true that the werewolves in the circus will 1 hit kill. If you can get past that, as I did, this is one of the best games to play. I think I may need to put down the ipad, for a few days; or so.

  • Sound issue

    by Stellabella89

    No sound? Not reinstalling took hours

  • Bugs!

    by Cgbaskin

    By far my favorite game of all time. Features are great for iPad but there are still loads of bugs. I have the predecessor version as well. Functions great. This version however tried to meld BG 1 & 2 but left out purchasable features from the first. In addition it won't show the screen when starting a new game!! To many bugs. Looking forward to a finished product.

  • Pure awesomeness!!!

    by Dcmix

    Could not believe my eyes when I saw this game on the App Store the other day. How in the world did the cram 2 huge games on the little ipad? It runs so smoothly. I remember a decade ago when this game used to slow my desktop to a crawl. This is a dream come true.

  • Awesome! Best product for ipad hands down!

    by Oboaboa

    Having played the Black Isle games as a kid, seeing this available for ipad has been incredible. The touch interface is awesome, this is how this game was meant to be played. The people who are complaining are out of their g*ddamn minds and are being too critical. It is new, and an epic programming undertaking, so of course there are few bugs, but nothing that affects playability, and Beamdog is a dedicated company and is diligently working to improve the experience for the few people who will devote time to this game. Recommend!!!!!!!!

  • Please fix freezing problem

    by Ghabas

    The game freezes every time I switch to another app, go to home screen, auto lock or get a low battery warning.

  • Some small bugs.

    by Colonel Guido

    So far the game has been fun and i have spent hours playing it and thats why it has three stars. I would have given it a five if ...That they fixed it so the pointer would describe an item when you hover over it, like a spell. Right now you have to remember the spell and the icon. Also the scripts for the ai aren't working. For the party members Not worth $15 maybe $5-$10. If your thinking of buying you better understand the control because their is no tutorial. Although you can get the instructions on line. If your a fan of the series even with the bugs its fun.

  • Fantastic!!

    by Angelotokalon

    I have played Baldurs Gate 2 on PC so many times over the years that I can say with confidence that I know this game almost completely by heart. Let's start with the positives of the port: It takes a little getting use to the touch screen interface at first but once you get used to it, the game plays wonderfully! Being able to zoom in and out is a great plus for directing your guys to do exactly what you want them to. The inventory interface is way better than on the PC, you can see short descriptions of your damage and defense capabilities among other things. Many items and some spells have been upgraded and fixed to balance the game and to create a more lore friendly world. Items like potions and arrows stack much higher numbers than they could before and there are so many other little things like this that make the game such an enjoyment to play. It seems like they ported an already patched and fixed Baldurs Gate 2 which is very forward thinking. It is also the FULL game that you are buying! The in app purchases are only extra characters and not in any way necessary to get the full gaming experience. However there are a couple of things that need to be fixed still. The werewolf illusions in the circus tent are still not working properly and almost one shot kill your guys. Also on a touch screen you cannot hover your cursor over spell and ability icons for tool tips to remind yourself of what they are, you will kinda have to learn them all from their descriptions but it's not really that difficult, just read the description and remember the icon, simple. You would have learned everything on the PC version anyways. Overall I'm extremely excited about being able to play one of my all time favorite games on the iPad! Thanks for porting this and doing such a fantastic job with it guys. Two thumbs up!!

  • the only real rpg on iPad

    by King.Albestar

    All the things said for the first one still stand but this time the content is squared...even more to do than its already huge predecessor! If you feel impatient you can even start the story from this one as everything is neatly explained but you will miss the good times of being under leveled in an Ad&D environment, like wizards being waporized in one attack :-) Beamdog did an incredibly good job porting it on the iPad, it's not an easy task for a game created with clunky nineties desktops in mind. The critiques don't understand that there's nothing like this game on the Appstore, right now the experience of the full BG trilogy alone is worth buying an iPad for!

  • I love this series!

    by DarrenKM

    I am so excited about this game! I played BGI for the iPad and loved it. It is a great classic computer RPG, ported really well! Considering they worked so many bugs out of BGI, there are a few more bugs than expected in BgII, but I'm still rating 5 stars because I'm sure they will get the most important bugs within the first patch. Otherwise, this game is fantastic so far, and has some amazing side quests and background stories/quests for the side characters you pick up along the way.

  • Great RPG

    by Tyranozord

    This is probably the best rpg on the App Store. I am a huge fan. One thing I think they NEED to add is an identification button. Like a little magnifying glass. It is very difficult to hold down on an item for so long without moving in order to see it's stats.

  • Game killing bugs

    by dhfusion

    Save your game BEFORE you enter the circus tent. The circus tent is broken. The werewolves one hit kill my entire party within seconds. Also - when it's time to level up my characters I have no skill points to assign! Is that normal? Basically I'm completely stuck unless I start a new game or Beamdog fixes it. Really disappointing.

  • Great game but one problem

    by Terdflinger

    I played through the first one on iPad and loved it. So far I am loving this game just as much but the game will randomly shut down. If I haven't saved I have to start at the last save. Please fix this. I am playing it on iPad air.

  • Whew!

    by Scohou

    It took me awhile to figure out the interface and controls. It is my first time playing the game so I had quite a bit to learn. This game is very in depth and is very fun. If you are looking for a challenging game this is it. You must plan and strategize unlike many other App Store games. Stick with it, get frustrated, and finally reap the rewards for your hard work. Not for people looking for a casual game or a game where they don't have to think. This game takes some brain power. Well worth the $15

  • Crashes

    by Me 7890

    Was great up until chapter 6. Crashes every time I check my inventory. Can no longer play, please help,

  • Shopping Bug

    by Ziosk77

    I can't scroll down the description of the item at the shop. Only after I buy it, and I should move to the inventory to read it through by scrolling down. Please fix this !!!!!

  • Horrific bugs that destroy gameplay

    by FleshTone

    Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn is among the greatest games ever created. And due to that fact, it's incredibly sad that this port has serious bugs. Try beating the Circus Tent'll be one-hit killed by werewolves that aren't supposed to be able to inflict damage. Containers that re-lock; traps that can't be undone despite being low level. And on...and on.....this game needs serious fixing is really the bottom line.

  • Download problems

    by PoweredByStarbucks

    The game downloaded, but there's no icon and the Open button doesn't work. Help please?

  • In serious need of improvement.

    by Bphoto25

    First off, I'm playing this on the IPad Air. I've tried to play this game several times, and each time the game has crashed and I lose all progress. Besides that, the game has a huge learning curve, and this is coming from someone who has played similar games such as Neverwinter Nights. Now the learning curve isn't the problem, the problem is when you do want to learn what everything means your only source is the web, there is nothing in game. This game has great potential, but game crashing bugs and lack of polish really hold it back.

  • Unplayable on iPad Mini

    by Ballsout9999

    Like it said, unplayable on iPad mini. Tapping doesn't even work, got past character creation only to find an unplayable game. I want my money back please, this isn't functional yet.

  • Can't Play It

    by skarit

    Graphics are muddy and out of focus, difficult to tell foreground from background. Have to tap around just to find a door. Avatars are too small. NPC's are wallpaper, until they move. May be my old eyes, but it's just too painful to look at for more than 10 seconds. Controls are very unresponsive. Game freezes. Using iPad Air, so don't think it's the hardware.

  • Cross-Platform Doesn't Work

    by NostaglicSucker

    The only thing that makes this decade+ old game fun is playing with others. However, cross-platform games don't work. It's a big fraud.

  • An absolute theft of your money

    by Spacemonkeyfoo

    You can't play it period on anything. There is no directions. There should be a return this piece of crap option. However that would require instructions as we'll. save you time and money this was a disgrace to gaming.

  • Not for ipad

    by M3Mad3

    I own KOTOR, XCOM, WARLORDS, and more. I do a quite a lot of gaming on the ipad and I can tell you that this game is not optimized for it at all. The inventory and character system is a mess and clearly a straight port over (seriously not sure how you can not include a group inventory). The combat AI for allies is by far some of the worst ive ever seen. The highlight button does not stay on so you must constantly press it, the game is way way too dark and every thing is too small and pixilated to heck, items are a pain in the a to identify (I mean just figuring if it's chain vs scale armor), and half the time your character will just stand around instead of fight even when he is being attacked. Do not buy this game in the current state, this game needs serious upgrades to make it playable on the ipad which is a shame.

  • Circus Tent Beware!!!!!!

    by Vcdrums

    Loved the first one on IPad, loved the second one until repeatedly having 1 hit from a werewolf kill every party member over and over. Please fix!

  • Circus Tent Fiasco - otherwise best RPG For IPad

    by Astaldo Tulkas

    I had discovered the perfect RPG to shorten long air plane flights for work and figured it would sustain me through the duration of 2014. Not so fast! About 1/10th through the very first of the three games included in this,"enhanced edition" I encountered the werewolves discussed in prior posts. Game over. I will be giving this game 5 starts when the issue is resolved because it is outstanding!

  • Tedious, incomprehensible

    by Zeke and Crowly

    Tedious, incomprehensible gameplay, poorly executed mechanics, waste of money from my point of view. Deleted after a short and frustrating period of time.

  • Horrible interface

    by Stevryn

    I really want to love this game but unfortunately it has so many bugs (The Circus Tent, etc) and the interface is particularly bad. For instance, it is extremely difficult to know how to use the toolbar - particularly for spells. In fact, the whole spell-casting system is frustrating at best.

  • werewolf instant death

    by winterfe11

    could someone please fix the game ending bug that lurks within the circus tent? the werewolves are not supposed to instant kill your characters. once fixed and i can continue playing the game, i may be able to review it better.

  • Circus Tent Bug

    by Dfvo82

    I found a major bug while playing. In the circus tent in Waukeen's Promenade, the Werewolves are not supposed to be able to attack you. In the PC version of the game, they simply attacked you and did no damage. On the iPad version, they one-hit-kill my entire party. This needs to be fixed as it makes it almost impossible to complete the quest. I did find one way to complete it, but it's extremely difficult. If you can hit the Werewolves/Shadows (whatever they are), they won't be able to KO you with a single hit. Magic Missiles work well to give them the initial hit. This method will probably take many tries to make it work, but it beats waiting for a bug. Another annoyance about the iPad version, is that you can't really tell what spells you have. On PC, I would always hit the TAB key, which would display the spell name over the selected icon. Unfortunately, this isn't an option on the iPad. This makes it very difficult to play with mages that have a large arsenal of spells to use, especially later on in the game. These really need to be fixed before i would recommend this game to anyone.

  • Sadly disappointing

    by BlkjckWZ

    A classic game with a poorly designed interface = frequent freezes & crashes. Don't buy.

  • Pretty good so far

    by Drrnhrn

    Great game, love it on the ipad. I am starting to get a little annoyed with game freezes though. Seems to happen when I pause then go to the home screen then wait a little while and when I come back to the game it's frozen and I need to restart the game.

  • Spectacular Import, Buggy Upgrades

    by Jpx736aw95zd

    So, as a port of BG:2, this game leaves little to be desired, however, those several little things add up to be an irritating gaming experience. About 2 more updates of bug fixes from beam dog, and this will be the definitive game on the App Store for a whole to come. I've played for one night and already encountered massive bugs. Mostly pertaining to the new stuff, black pits. After making a character save file from black pits, that save file no longer seems to be updatable from black pits. So, if I want to export fighter again, I can't use file fighter, I have to make an extra file, figter01. On iOS devices, there is no way to delete all the extra files without using third party software. In addition, sometimes exporting from black pits sometimes takes permanent spell failure out of the pits with your character. Multiplayer in the black pits is essentially unplayable. Single player works fine, but multiplayer it's hard to complete a fight without a crash. Abilities just get so irritating to use as to become unmanageable, because you have to memorize every single icon in the game. You cant use tooltips from the place you activate you abilities for combat from, you have to go find them through menus, and some of them, like you HLAs, aren't listed anywhere. If you forget which icon is which, you just gotta kind of guess till you get it right and remember the icon.

  • BGi to BGii

    by Chester311

    If you go to BGi, click on your main character's abilities, click export, then it will bring up the airdrop box. It will then give you the option to transfer it to BGii. Then you can import when you create new character. No need to use any other programs and can can continue playing with someone you have worked so hard to develop!

  • Few little annoyances

    by Wilynga

    Good game and awesome content. The port of the controls seems to work okay except for a few minor annoyances. Swapping weapons and armor is frustrating since the drag stops and you just end up swapping the same item over and over. The other one that has made me rage quit so many times is the quick save button. One press and you overwrite your last one with no warning and if you haven't hard saved in awhile then you are screwed...please make this button like a pop up that asks for quick save or quick load or something.

  • Needs refining

    by Rausdowher

    The game plays great, the graphics look pretty nice, and it's a fun game. The only problem I find is that there isn't enough information presented to the player regarding what spells do, it's basically just icons. I hope that the dev will address this in future updates, because it would make the price justifiable. Until then, I would not recommend purchasing this.

  • Fail.

    by Samneonation24

    Game is broken. The Werewolves in the circus tent are glitched and insta-kill your party. Can't exit once you're in. Shame on you Beamdog! What a waste of $15 (plus the DLC I purchased).

  • Dialogue Crashes

    by Seatac Gamer 1001

    Crashes constantly in the middle of character dialogues rendering game unplayable. Don't bother buying until fixed. Too bad because this was a great game on PC.

  • One of the best

    by Eyedontwantone

    I am so glad BG2 is out on the iPad. I played through BG1 and 2 on the computer when they first came out and recently went through BG:EE on the iPad. Total throw back. The controls are not the most intuitive, but if you played BG:EE then it's no problem. Runs smoothly on an iPad 2. Excellent story. Great characters. Great memories.

  • An app dream come true!

    by MasonMSU

    Welcome to RPG goodness tossed with a heavy dose of nostalgia. This is a pleasure to play on iPad with little to no bugs to speak of. It's great to retrace the steps of my youthful adventures plugged into this game. If you've never played it before, no worries!, you are in for a treat.

  • Perfect, intuitive, and faithful

    by Atari Rocks

    As someone who's played the original edition of this game, I cannot stress how much I expected this to play terrible on the iPad. I am so happy I was wrong. The controls are great and easy to use. The new graphic touch ups are just enough to keep that Classic feel while also making it look a bit more modern. It took me a minute to find how to loot items, but just click the red diamond on the toolbar. Game is just about perfect IMO.

  • Ultimately disappointing

    by mikepinkerton

    Yes, it is fun, yet disappointing. Mostly disappointing. The interface relies on being able to mouse over things and right-click them to quickly get more info. Remove these and you have a game that isn't fun unless you already have mastered every pixel on a different device. You want to know what the 30 spells your characters have memorized? Have fun with press-and-hold, and make sure you remember every little icon. Even better, in combat, the icon is on a different background so you can't tell what it is. And yes, I *did* play BG2 on the PC years ago. So this isn’t the first time I’ve ever played this game. Furthermore, I hit a point right near the start of chapter 2 (The circus) where if you enter, you can’t get out until you complete it, and your characters aren’t strong enough to beat the shadows. So your game is over unless you had a previous save before you went in. There is no way out. You’re dead. Sorry. Sure, it's probably got hundreds of hours of gameplay, but with a gameplay that's infuriating, I don't see how that's much fun. For $15, it's just not worth it. I took a chance, oh well.

  • Ahhhhhh!

    by Teapot Agnostic

    I flipped out when I saw number one on the iPad, now to see number two? Am I in heaven!?!?! Touch screen play is fine. And I have my two favorite games with me everywhere I go.

  • Best hardcore RPG ever is back

    by Peteandkevin

    For those who haven't played BG before (either one or two) the learning curve is quite steep. For those who stick with it however will be rewarded by getting immersed in arguably the best RPG of all the time. The content is amazing and the complexities of all the classes and NPC interactions makes for great replay value.

  • Good but it crashes often

    by Jim johansen

    Crashes often mostly when entering/exiting menus and going to new areas. Also for the people saying that there is only 25% of the game available that is not true the in app purchases are only for extra party members they are not necessary to the game even the slightest. Also if you are having trouble finding out how to play use the tutorial its a no brainer.

  • Incredibly frustrating

    by Hayami208

    For someone who did not play this before (this is a port/enhancement), it is incredibly frustrating. Would not recommend to anyone. Lost two hours of my life trying to figure out this game and $14.99. For $14.99 I would not expect a freemium in app purchase game. As others mentioned you only get a 3rd of the game and must purchase the other pieces. For $14.99 everyone should feel ripped off.

  • Old School Awesomeness

    by KoolHandDan

    Icewind Dale next????

  • Epicness on your ipad

    by Erik7899

    This is hands down the best rpg of all time. Any minor control or UI issues pale in comparison to the pure awesomeness of having this HUGE and engaging game in your hands and on the go. And just because you choose not to learn how to play the game is no reason to give it 1 star. Ridiculous.

  • Hardcore Goodness!!!

    by ELIGOR15

    I absolutely love this game. Having it on the iPad is a dream come true. It plays very well with the touch interface. A few minor bugs are to be expected with a game of this size, but I haven't encountered anything game breaking. If you have never played Baldur's Gate or are unfamiliar with D&D 2nd edition rules you will have a very steep learning curve to deal with. I recommend downloading the game manuals off of the Baldur's Gate website. This game is not a paint by numbers JRPG. There is a lot of play value with this game. The DLC characters are a lot of fun, but not necessary to get the full experience. If you like hardcore RPG's with hours upon hours of gameplay then look no further. This is easily the greatest RPG on the App Store.

  • So far so good!

    by Sarthos1

    I Have not played too far into the game so far, but I love BG:EE and this one plays even better. It wasn't obvious how to transfer my character from BG:EE using iTunes, but it was easy enough using a 3rd party utility. I can't believe how misinformed the two bad reviewers are. One states the DLC makes up 75% of the game. This is a 2GB game! The DLC is just icing on the cake. With the DLC, the game is identical to the full PC and Mac versions. As for the 2nd guy, if he made more than 5 minutes of effort he would find descriptions of the controls and tutorials of the gameplay. This isn't Angry Birds. Just about every online reviewer points out that it's a challenging game that takes a bit of effort. The payoff is endless fun!

  • Best Game Ever

    by Nyguy66

    The sheer amount of content is incredible. This is the best computer game ever written.

  • i cant play

    by bob527724

    i created my character and when i try to start the game (throne of bhaal) its just a black screen. i can hear nature noises in the background and when i tap around i can hear the interface clicks but its just a black screen.

  • Classic!

    by SkyrimTESV

    Good-old-fashion RPG. The best day of my life.

  • Total waste of money

    by Band or

    Utterly stupid, no info on controls, nothing intuitive. You feel stupid just trying to play this game. Avoid at all costs. Total ripoff.

  • Ipad3 32gb

    by Devistator

    The iPad can do many cool things but playing a rpg like this only enhances the benefit of owning an iPad. Well worth the money if your an rpg fan at all... Blows away almost any rpg out today for depth and replayability, RPGs today really ought to look back before pressing onward, theres too much garbage out now and developers have forgotten the masterpieces!

  • Disappointed.

    by drizzt5481

    The game itself is outstanding. What I'm disappointed by is the obvious cash grab. I paid 14.99 for this game, I realize I've only bought 25% of the game. Only one of the stories are open. I have to purchase the other three. I know it stated there were in app purchases but considering I paid 14.99, I thought they would be boosts or something, not the other 75% of the game I thought I already purchased. Sick of companies doing this.

  • An RPG to rival all others!

    by Russodog

    An all time great,finally available to ipad. Colossal storyline, masterful mechanics, and hrs of pure enjoyment.

  • The Best An RPG Can Get

    by ClassicArmy

    I just have to say that this game is absolutely amazing. Hours upon hours of content, plus expansions that came with the game. You won't be bored of this game for a long time, there is so much content that it could take months to finish it with a 100%. If you have the money then buy it now, and buy the extra DLC with it. It's worth every penny!

  • One of the best ever

    by Arzman

    Just buy it, this puppy has at least 50-60 hours of gameplay. Widely considered one of the best RPGs ever. The interface is fine, dont worry about touch controls. Doesn't crash on my iPad air either.

  • Amazing game!

    by Dvisti

    This game is the ultimate RPG ever made, and now, with the touch interface on the iPad, it's even better! It has a rich storyline, great characters, and it uses the DND rule set for lots of great tactical gameplay! If you love role playing games,you must buy this game!

  • Favorite RPG ever

    by Jvrflmn

    Been waiting/hoping for this release to a non laptop portable device forever. It's now here and so far, 3 hours into it, I'm absolutely loving it. Haven't had/noticed any bugs yet, but I'm sure there will be, it's to be expected. Imported my character from BG1 with no issues. If this release succeeds, I'd like to see the Icewind Dale series next...

  • Ready you're blade, bind you're spells, may you roll 20's

    by moorecliftonw

    It's finally here!!! Wait no more fellow D&D fans and Baulder's Gate fans. Thank you to the developers for all you're hard work.

  • YES!!!

    by CAnthonyZ

    So excited to finally continue the saga! My favorite PC game by far. Thanks for bringing this to iOS.

  • Trent Oster has exploded!

    by Dave2193

    This is my first review and well warranted! This history is the best reduction of dice, player screens, DM monologues, pretzels, coke(beer?), and CHOICE to destiny that any game since has followed. Enjoy at your own marvelous peril! ... And to the @appstore - be a bit more timely in your release process next time!

  • Great

    by Munktar

    All the way back to memory lane

  • Best Game Ever

    by Nyguy66

    The sheer amount of content is incredible. This is the best computer game ever written. Oh, and it's over 10 years old....

  • Finally.....

    by CB28252

    Thank you Trent Oster & Company!!!!!!!

  • At Last

    by Logazman

    After several months of waiting I can finally play this masterpiece

  • Finally.

    by Bjornestein

    It's not perfect, but it's very close. Runs gloriously on ip2.

  • RPG Nirvana !!!

    by Master Strap

    Define "gaming bliss" :(Download Now For Answer)

  • Finally!

    by Chester311

    Been waiting for BGii to show up! The wait is over! Hope it plays as we'll as BGi on my iPad!

  • Absolutely fantastic.

    by pslayton

    Hands down one of the foundational RPG's in computer history. Broad story arc, freedom of choice, epic characters, BgII has it all. Absolutely worth the few bucks to take on the heroic (or demonic) role you always wanted. Do it.

  • Wow

    by Amenbrother!!

    Its finally out!!!!!

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