Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Games App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Beamdog
  • Updated: Nov, 30 2012
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 1.67 GB

Languages: English

Seller: IdeaSpark Labs Inc.

* Newly Enhanced User Interface
* New unique default colors for every race and class during character creation
* Cross-platform Multiplayer Match-Making (Beta)
* Custom portraits now only require a large portrait and will scale and resize from resolutions up to 1024
* Spellcasters can now select the same spell to be memorized more than once during character creation
* New, sharper fonts
* Locked containers will now highlight green for thieves
* Movies now offer subtitles (change this option in the Language screen)
* Rasaad's kit changed to Sun Soul Monk
* Shadowdancer kit rebalanced
* New Language support for: Italian, Polish, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish
* Dual-class characters now receive the correct number of hit points when imported
* Arriving on the east side of an area now correctly places the party at the edge of the map
* Spells that can be written into the mage’s spellbook now display a green overlay
* User journal entries created during multiplayer no longer appear as invalid strings when created
* Characters that deplete a stack of ammunition will now automatically switch to the next stack if one is available
* The game no longer remains paused after resting (this prevents duplicate spawns from appearing in towns or other areas where rest is interrupted)

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The dawn is especially cruel this morning...

For as long as you can remember your view of the world has been limited to the heavily fortified walls of Candlekeep. Your foster father, Gorion, has done everything in his power to protect you, and keep you out of harm’s way.

All of that is about to change. Forced to leave your home under mysterious circumstances, you find yourself drawn into a conflict that has the Sword Coast on the brink of war. An iron shortage of unknown origin threatens to plunge the city of Baldur’s Gate into conflict with Amn. Meanwhile, there is something else at work, far more sinister than you can even begin to fathom...

Since its release in 1998, this classic saga of mystery, intrigue, and adventure has set the standard for Dungeons & Dragons™ computer roleplaying games. Customize your hero’s traits and abilities, recruit a party of brave allies, and explore the far corners of the Sword Coast in your search for adventure, profit… and the truth.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition contains the original 60-hour epic, as well as the following expansions:

* Tales of the Sword Coast: Explore the fabled Durlag’s Tower and more locations from the original Baldur’s Gate expansion.

* The Black Pits: You have been captured and forced to fight in Baeloth’s marvelous arena. A myriad of monsters await, as well as countless other adventurers who face the same fate. Maim, murder, and maul your way to freedom…if you can!

* Brothers Lost: Lend your aid to Rasaad yn Bashir, the Sun Soul Monk, as he scours the Cloud Peaks in search of his lost brother.

* Neera and the Red Wizards: Save the wild mage Neera from the cruel machinations of Thay’s dreaded Red Wizards.

* Path of the Bloodied: Join the blackguard Dorn Il-Khan in taking revenge against those who betrayed him in Luskan.

* Gallery of Heroes: Reimagine your character with eleven never-before-seen character portraits from acclaimed Icewind Dale artist Jason Manley!

* New professionally recorded voice sets to choose from to further customize your character

* Discover countless improvements we’ve made to the original game, including high-resolution fonts, an improved interface, dynamic zooming, and more!

We’re making improvements all the time; join the discussion on our official forums to see what’s coming next!

Customer Reviews

  • Great port for the game

    by gnricusr

    Plays extremely well. I was originally worried about how well the touch controls would work but they're just fine. Any quirks with the game are the same that the original had. Easily worth 5 stars.

  • Noob

    by Rawr1995

    Been maybe a couple hours in and I'm lovin it. While I'm new to this game I was able to quickly grasp the information given to me. While the tutorial is tedious, it's def worth doing if you're new.

  • Great!

    by Erikku42

    I hesitated after seeing some negative reviews of the ipad implementation, but my experience was great. Touch interface is good refresh for the game experience.

  • Great game and great port.

    by Space Ace

    Having this game on the iPad is wonderful.

  • the only real rpg for iPad

    by King.Albestar

    BG is an experience you have to live. And what makes it one of a kind is that's the only full-blown rpg in the Appstore. Compared to it even all the Square stuff is a joke. This is an incredibly deep game and nothing has been altered, it's exactly like its desktop counterpart, even the saves are compatible. For this reason alone Beamdog deserves all the praise, awesome work. Thank you thousand times you didn't make 'iBaldur's Gate for mobile', a match-3 game with iaps to buy xp and equipment :-)

  • Fun but buggy

    by Jefffhay

    Waaay too many bugs but it does make me nostalgic.

  • The best!

    by muggle-most-fowl

    I absolutely love this game! One of my top 5 favorite games of all time! Can't wait to get BG 2.

  • iCloud support? WHERE?

    by IcarasX

    Thanks for the effort to bring this epic game to iOS, but you guys have been promising iCloud sync support for over a year now and it’s still not here. When will this finally be implemented?

  • Ummm wow

    by Big_ol_bass

    Amazing doesn't describe how I feel about this game. It is fantastic. I was always a fan of these games and ice wind dale type series. It involves tactics using each of the classes. The story line is great and the interface on the iPad almost makes it seem like the game was originally created for it. If you are having any seconds thoughts get it now! I will continue to purchase all the rpg games from this developer.

  • Awesome!

    by ThePidgwan

    Really fun game, that I have been playing for hours. You could play this game for hundreds of hours. The new update fixed all the bugs. One of the best RPGs of all time.

  • don't listen to warhammer fanatic

    by atalla

    best rpg game. Hours of fun. Whole product works like a dream from start to finish!

  • Great classic!

    by n1honeybee

    Can't put it down! Have had no trouble with it so far.

  • An amazing game

    by Awsmness101

    This game is really good I have played it for so long I don't know how long it's been the touch controls go nicely with the game but sometimes tapping on people takes multiple times and you always want to move your party away from corpses before looting but these are very minor and do not really annoy me overall an amazing story for an amazing game

  • Just buy it already

    by Sad Sad radio listener

    Played it back in when it first came out on the PC, and the experience is just as addicting.

  • Amazing

    by Labustakin

    Played and loved this game on the PC. Received an iPad 2 for Xmas and was surprised this game was here. Amazing port I had no bug issues or crashing anywhere in the game. Highly recommend this game. Can not wait for part 2 to appear in App Store soon.

  • Can't wait for the others!

    by Dragon man of death

    It a great game till my mock guy won't follow a order all the way.But still a good game and I want to see Ice Wind Dale and BG2.Get this game it worth it!Great work Guys!

  • What Baldurs Gate should have been and more!

    by Gamereaper the real slimshady

    Title says it all it has all the content you wished it had back when it first came out. Other notes.... When is BG II coming out I can't wait been searching App Store for days! I may just install windows 7 on my iPad just to play it sooner.

  • Enjoyable for experienced users

    by Only1andyr

    I was able to play to the end of the story on an ipad2, no problem. Having played it on the PC, I appreciated the subtle changes (arrow storage, zoom, potion case, & Dynahir can cast identify). Please note that the interface is more complex than most apps, so a larger screen is very helpful. If you're willing to be patient and set up your AI and auto-saves, it's a rewarding story, especially for $7 instead of $10. Would appreciate having an iCloud save. It appears that if you pad crashes, that's it.

  • BG is back!

    by copyright1971

    One of my all-time favorites available on the iPad? You had me at hello. Beamdog put tons of hard work into translating the interface, expanding the content and fixing some long-time bugs. The test of a great game is timelessness, and the BG franchise stands up as having the best story telling and character development I've seen in any genre. It's still an absolute joy to play!

  • Awesome D&D RPG

    by Drizzt Do'Urden 4

    This game is awesome. Cannot wait for BG2EE and BG3 on IPAD. Being mobile with it really helps - for an old school D&D guy (specifically old), can still hang with family and play, unlike PS games and PC games.

  • experience points cap

    by Paige Huntington

    How long till a fix for experience point capping??

  • Game is HORRIBLE!!! Unplayable on IPAD

    by Crygon

    This game is unplayable on the first generation IPAD - Constant crashes - If you buy content game won't start - Multiplayer cashes loading to Friendly Arm Inn What a disappointing port to a beautiful game. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

  • Broken quest ends game

    by Dave54322

    Whatever you do, do not enter the circus tent in the first area. You can not leave and mobs insta kill you

  • Bad interface

    by Player1rt

    The interface on this game is terrible. When I try and cast a spell I follow the instructions, click the cast spell icon and then click the spell and then tap a person and nothing happens. Overall very cumbersome to play.

  • Broken Multiplayer

    by Lableugrl

    Since at least December, the version numbers between the iPad and other versions of this game have been out of sync. This means that cross-platform multiplayer between the iPad and Mac or PC doesn't actually work although it's an advertised feature of the game. Fixing this problem is not a priority for Beamdog. You have been warned.

  • A good game ruined by a terrible UI

    by MalcolmReynolds

    Love the game, but the touch controls are terrible. Took me an hour to get through the tutorial due to poor controls and bugs.

  • Best RPG game

    by papabeargary

    Baldur's gate is far and away the best story and the most replayable game out there. The ipad version is outstanding. I've played it through several times with no problems. I don't think any game out there comes close to it.

  • Fantastic!

    by SDog1123

    Beamdog has managed to transfer to iPad one of THE classic PC RPGs. If you a fan of the Baldurs Gate series or RPGs in general, this is a purchase you won't regret.

  • Popup freezes game

    by Popuphater1324452536376373773

    Great game but a simple popup (such as a reminder) will freeze the game!!!

  • Slider

    by zskelowolf

    I can't select my entire party anymore. I left the app and came back and the party management bar/slider on the right is gone. It doesn't even have the tab in the bottom right to pull it up from being minimized. Save, full shut down, reopen, and it still doesn't come back? Needs to be fixed.

  • Loved it.

    by DeltaY

    I didn't have any issues with this game. Bring on BGII.

  • A must buy for RPG fans!

    by Paullyrocco

    I've been playing this since it came out a year ago. The latest patch has fixed (nearly) every problem with the original release. The price is very fair for the HUGE amount of top notch content here. Playing on on ipad2 and have had very few crashes, even before the patch. This is one of the very best RPG's ever made, and playing it on the ipad feels really natural. I prefer this version to the desktop version.

  • Finally on the iPad!!!

    by Pianoprince

    I was always a baldurs gate fan,& was so exited to be able to download baldurs gate. Love it can't wait for bgee2

  • Buggy

    by Gilliwan

    The game just keeps crashing on my iPad 4.

  • Download

    by Asg93

    This is a rip off it won't even download on my ipad after i bought it

  • Incredibly Good

    by Andellyn

    Not only is Baldur's Gate incredibly good (it always has been), but the translation to touch controls and overall presentation and playability on the iPad is suberb. I'm playing on an iPad Mini (retina display) and the game looks gorgeous and plays nearly flawlessly. What a treasure to have BG1 and (very soon) BG2 on a tablet this size that goes with me wherever I go. Thanks Beamdog for all the care you put into this. Here's to hoping for Icewind Dale!

  • Great game, great App in 1.2!

    by Errol the Elder

    I am about 20-30 hours (maybe more) into this game. The recent 1.2 update really seems to have resolved the playability issues. I am having a great time. Evenings find me sitting on my sofa, iPad in hand, connected to my surround via bluetooth, having a great time with Baldur's gate. I played Baldur's gate when it came out in 1998. It was a great game then and a great game now. It has a sprawling depth that is lacking in many PC games these days never mind iPad apps. The iPad format is well suited to this game. Do yourself a favor and pick this up. If you played it before you will re-discover the old magic (with the bonus of being able to play at the Dentist's office waiting room..). If you have never played it you are in for a rare treat! Beamdog has enhanced the game with most of the features released in Baldur's Gate II so you will be able to explore classes that were not possible in the original release. Two thumbs up. Nice job Beamdog. Now I will cross my fingers that they decided to pursue Icewind Dale after they get BG II pushed out..

  • Do not be fooled

    by Warhammer fanatic

    Yes, this game is baldurs gate and seems awesome, but it has a game ending bug that appears when you get to baldurs gate itself. Do some research on the Lothander bug and you will see. Do not pay good money for a defective product. There is no solution to this bug on the iPad. Beam dog are happy to sell this defective product knowing about the bug and do nothing to fix it. You have been warned.

  • Update deleted save

    by Rovk God

    Bought portrait pack, game crashed, and now it asked me for my apple id. When I put it in, the game crashes and refuses to restart. I have had to reinstall - losing my save in the process - what gives?

  • Amazing Game!

    by coconuthorsey

    This game really holds up to the test of time. Still better than many of today's RPGs!

  • Finally!

    by spacehat0079

    The long-awaited patch arrives! There’s a few little interface quirks, but nothing that hurts the game. I’ve been playing nonstop since it came out the other day. Return to Faerun! There’s knolls to smash, and basilisks to run like #$%@ from!

  • Buggy still!

    by LarryWP

    I waited until the big wonderful update 1.2 to buy this game, and the tutorial is so frigging buggy it won't finish. All through the tutorial was horrible! Can't wait to see how buggy the game is now... iPad 4, iOS 7.

  • If you were thinking about getting, don't wait!

    by WarHammmer

    A timeless classic has just become one of the top games ever!

  • Thank you


    Finally an update (well worth the wait) that fixed the game. I will definitely play it a lot more now that the UI is better

  • WOW

    by Vidya Gaem

    The new update fixed literally every minor gripe I had about this game. Hands down the best RPG on the App Store. Well worth the purchase.

  • Balling af

    by Setie1985

    Awesome update and Ty !

  • Great to play BG again but not an iPad game

    by whistler12

    After the December update, some issues(i.e. Finding doors) were fixed. But the game, overall, still doesn't feel like an iPad game. The interface (somehow) has the same annoying glitches it had in the original BG! ---- BG is a very special game for me, it was the first time I saw Forgotten Realms on a computer. I waited for BG:EE for months as well- I was going to be able to play BG on a mobile device (I can play BG in the bathroom!!!) Yet, this is the same BG I played on my PC years ago. Same controls, practically same graphics. I am not sure whether there was any improvement in the gameplay to call this version an enhanced edition. Do not get me started about the lack of a shift key to see chests and drawers or the impossibility of going through doors or constant crashes... Especially after playing the Bard's Tale (another old RPG favorite of mine) on the iPad and seeing the awesome graphics and controls, I have to admit I am a little bit disappointed. But it is still nice to play BG again...if only it felt like a real iPad game...

  • Superb Update!

    by CottleChad

    This update is drop-dead gorgeous. If you're on the fence about making this purchase, there's no more reason to wait. Spectacular face-lift of one of the best RPGs ever.

  • DnD 2nd Edition is hard...

    by Uberpesh

    They new patch is everything I wanted Baldurs Gate to be on the ipad.

  • April Fools?

    by dallascowboys27

    Um...after the update my character is dead in all of the different save points I created! What's up with that Beamdog? The game was awesome before today.

  • New Update is Fantastic!

    by ELIGOR15

    I loved playing Baldur's Gate on the iPad before, but with the new update everything just feels far more polished. If you like RPG's they don't get much better than this. Just remember that this game is pretty hard core, and won't hold your hand. Once you understand the rules and mechanics of the game you will be treated to a true classic of the RPG genre.

  • Great Job!

    by Mobile musician

    The new patch looks and plays so nice. Ignore all the bad reviews from people who either "don't get" a classic and excellent game like this, or who somehow felt entitled to special treatment from the developer who toiled long, hard, and passionately on this difficult project. Enjoy the fruits of their labor. This patch is beautiful and worth the long wait. The game has long been perfectly playable on the iPad, (I have logged hours and hours) but now it's close to perfection.

  • Game has finally become one of the best iPad games.

    by Dave Mo

    Wow. The December 2013 update really made the game great. The touch interface feels good now. Scrolling, issuing combat commands, and general interactions are very comfortable now and do what you would expect (apart from store inventories where the scrolling takes time to get used to.) I can't stop playing this game! The App Store is full of mediocre and shallow games. It is great to have a classic with such depth available. It is a wonderfully deep and robust game. I have never played BG before, but I have played BG2 and Planescape: Torment is one of my all time favorites. Fun to play the original on the train! Since this is a PC game originally, it requires precise interactions in a way that most mobile gamed don't. I don't see how this could ever really be transformed into a seamless touch experience without ruining the game. I mention this because when the game was originally released, it was hard to click on the exact right spot to interact with things. Now, it is easy to mistakenly click on something you didn't mean to click on. This is not a big deal so long as you are away and stop you character from completing the action if it is detrimental (like opening picked chests while others can witness your theft). One update I would like to see is the ability to select dialog options similar to the system in place for KOTOR, another of the top iPad games (also a PC port). Having the dialog option numbers at the top right of the screen makes like much easier. The numbers are a bit pointless as of now with no keyboard support (or is there bluetooth keyboard support for this? I need to confirm).

  • Version 1.2 is WOW beautiful and responsive

    by timerino

    WOW! I know I love baldur's gate, but this new update is so beautiful and useful. The action icons are on both the portrait and the ring! I dare say, the iPad version is now better than the original PC version.

  • Totally worth the money .

    by TruFreestylerz

    You won't find a better RPG then this. I've played them all back in the day on PC and now it's improved and on iPad with two new classes and story lines for both. Ready for for baldurs gate 2 release later this month. iPad 4th Gen.

  • Garbage

    by Yobeastyyo

    Complete trash DO NOT BUY. WASTE OF MONEY. Absolutely horrible

  • What a flaky experience!

    by DrBilly

    I bought the game and tried the tutorial. It kept referring to buttons on the screen that didn't exist, and icons on the screen that I couldn't identify. This is apparently a very complex game system that requires some prior experience with the game before you can even play the tutorial. The end result is, I can't figure out how to finish the tutorial. Very frustrating! I want a refund!

  • Amazing!

    by Japan8o8

    I couldn't be happier with this rerelease! Nostalgia like crazy and fun to relive the experience. And I was a little hesitant at first with all the negative reviews about controls. there in my opinion better then pc as long as you don't smash your ipad with your fist or tap wildly like a 3 yr old, you will have no problem targeting or you know...getting out a door. Love this soo stoked 10/10

  • Awful

    by Nopartybrian

    Sound is broken. Targeting is a guessing game. Movement is horrible. Scrolling is stupid. The game is not finished and should not be on the App Store. How do I return this?

  • Game breaking bugs well documented, never addressed

    by Dr_Injection

    The final battle is basically unplayable due to spell effects slowing the game to a crawl. Never been addressed. Unless you are okay with never finishing the game don't buy.

  • Classic game buggy interface

    by mtb_ogre

    This is a classic game and a decent but buggy port. I took some time away from the game hoping they would release some fixes for it but no luck, no updates since February. Worth it for a stroll down memory lane, but new gamers will be frustrated with little reward.

  • Controls are TERRIBLE. Game virtually unplayable

    by Yomammam

    I was really excited to find this game ported to the iPad. After trying to use the controls for a couple of days, I uninstalled it. The sub menu system is bad enough, but it's also compounded by the fact that the buttons are labeled with runes or symbols. In the old PC version, hovering would tell you what the button is. Can't hover with the iPad. I know this was a port and there are going to be issues like this anytime a game is ported but at nearly $10, I feel ripped off. This game is unplayable.

  • Baldur's Gate

    by Leaping Leamer

    Ok, I played the original and loved it so I could not pass up the iPad version. Content and looks are pretty much what I remember from the original except you can zoom which is a nice feature plus the Black Pits added content. Back in the day it took half a day to load a game onto a PC and you expected many crashes and bugs playing a game. While much improved there are still some bugs. Does this make the game unplayable, he'll no. Content, engrossing story, great game mechanics make a game and this game explodes with it.

  • Despite what I have read...

    by Glenp5

    Despite what I have read I had a great experience with the port to the iPad. It took getting used to the touch interface but the only real problem I ran into was the AOE spell slowdown and that was across all platforms. I loved being able to play one of my favorite games wherever I wanted and not being tied to a computer. I am really looking forward to BG2EE on the iPad.

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