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Mugen Pop Pop™ is a highly addictive handheld keychain device from Bandai America Inc. that stimulates the strangely satisfying experience of popping plastic bubble packaging. Originally launched in Japan as Mugen Puchi Puchi, which translates to “infinite bubble popping,” Mugen Pop Pop has been rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S. It’s perfect for everyone who loves to pop plastic bubble packaging or wants to pop their stress away. Users pop one of the eight authentic-feeling bubbles on this irresistible little keychain device. For added enjoyment, Mugen Pop Pop plays zany sounds at random – like a dog bark, door chime, horn honk and more!

Mugen Pop Pop™ iPhone App
With increased game play, the Mugen Pop Pop iPhone App allows you to play 3 modes; Normal, Repeat and Scramble.

Normal - Touch Mugen Pop Pop bubble to hear "Pop" sounds - Be on the lookout for surprise sound effects!

Repeat - Select difficulty level - Mugen Pop Pop will play a "Popping" sequence and then flash all buttons. It is then your turn to "Repeat" the popping sequence. A sound will be heard when you've completed it correctly and new sequence will start.

Scramble - Select difficulty level - Mugen Pop Pop will illuminate one or multiple "Pops", you must "Scramble" quickly to touch the Pop before Mugen Pop Pop scrambles you.
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Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by Rachelgymnast

    This app is just like the toy.I have the pink one!

  • Nice

    by Yasser =)


  • OK

    by Snakebeast

    I agree. A customizeable device would be better.

  • Get the real thing

    by Littlekirby

    I got the key chain about a year ago and love it. This app is ok

  • lol

    by 101gymnast101

    Fun addicting lol


    by COMY from CP

    lol cool

  • Hmm...

    by Traceur_ryun

    Strangely amusing O_o

  • Great!

    by Logano5188

    Fun and adicting!

  • Amazing

    by Lvsp

    I love this in stead going somewhere to by it u can play it on your phone!! I love it amazing u should so get it!!!:):):):):)

  • Awesome

    by Kagome333

    I love this app!!!! It's almost like the real thing!!!!!! Keep making more like the mugen chocolate one where u snap te chocolate or mugen tokoten or something when u squeeze the sea alga. I love that one

  • Super!

    by Mac-F3rd

    Fun like the real Puti Puti and with some extras. I got a keychain from Japan around a year ago, and still use it, it's great. Thanks.

  • Addicting, stress relieving, fun

    by ShunFan15

    I just got this app. I love it already. It would be cool if it had an update that allows you to personalize the bubble popper. It also relieves stress.

  • Love it like the keychain!

    by ZaffiroRubino

    Lol, I absolutely ADORE this little app! I have one of these keychains and found it fun, but now I have one on my ipod! XD Endless bubble wrap is fun!

  • It's a cool app

    by Hamhamkun

    I think it's a cool app but I have the real life toy somewhere in my bedroom. xD I like the real life toy more though, it's so squishy! XD

  • Awsome

    by gilly csws

    Almost as great as the keychain one! I love the dog bark, soooo kawaii! 

  • Love this

    by Jenna Rose Fletcher

    Omg! i just got this and i love it its addicting!!

  • Love it

    by Angel hills

    I think this game is fun and the people that don't like u all stink because it is fun and something to do on free time

  • A

    by Mr. Cuddles7


  • Better than bubble wrap

    by Froggy1120

    Better than any bubble wrap app because it isn't just popping. There is a memory game and cool sound effects!

  • Not the same, but still entertaining.

    by Creepy99

    it's just not the same without the bubble pop feeling, but still the random sounds are a surprise you keep searching for.

  • Ok

    by Dogclone

    I like the thing. I just wished you could change the color of the system.

  • Uhhhhhhh

    by VixSofiya

    I guess it's ok... I as expecting it to be better....

  • Weird worst game ever

    by Awbakergirl

    It is sooo boring it makes no sence at all if u like boring games than it is for u but if it is for a Kid like three this would be perfect for them

  • Gay

    by Xghxrikvfhkjv

    Frikin gay

  • ZZzzzZzzz

    by Inuyasha42x

    It is a good way to put yourself asleep.

  • Its ok.

    by Cheesy1999

    It was sort of boring. If u wanna give this to your child to keep occupied, this is great. But if it's for yourself, not a very good choice.

  • Eh

    by mrskaic

    It's an ok game. Nothing like the actual bubble wrap.

  • Boringgggg

    by Carolina Sandoval

    I hate it could they make more boring):


    by TheGagaLuver

    POP! this app gets addicting and for free! COOL! I love repeat! Hard is really HARD! if you like Simon says get this

  • Addicting & Cute

    by xJoanne

    This game's so addicting and I love how there are different modes. The sound effects are very cute, too!

  • Can't stop the pop!

    by AJ42

    Very addicting and love the game aspects - cool sounds too!

  • refund

    by colourbear

    i lost 0.99

  • Awesome, but not for everyone

    by TheNewMike02

    I can't believe this is free it's pretty cool when you're bored out of your mind sometimes

  • Strangely addicting

    by vivby

    If you like tapping pencils or drumming your fingers when you're bored, this app is for you.

  • The funnnest!

    by The uknown person

    This is the best game I have ever played so far,the tapping is to fun, to stop!

  • Awesome!!!!

    by ZacAttack914

    Mugen pop pop is really cool! I wish I have the keychain one too, this thing is so fun! Get it! Also, I think there should be an update so I could change the color, background, and sound of the bubbles popping. But don't let that stop you buying it, it's still a really cool app!! Plus it's freeeee!

  • Scoreeee

    by SD flip pascasio :)

    This was my favorite toy cause I like to tap my fingers a lot so it's cool how they made it an app on here. :)

  • Fun

    by Jittahz93


  • Cool

    by Zeoth

    This is a cool app by itself. It's free how can anyone complain? That being said, please Bandai bring Digimon to the iphone.

  • Amazing

    by Evil mykall

    Good, buy this app. Notice I used "this" and not "dis", so trust my nonretarded\ghetto rating.

  • Just like the toy

    by KittiHello

    The sound is a little quiet and slightly different than the actual toy keychain... But it's a fun little bubble popper with a few actual game modes instead of just popping sheets of bubbles.

  • tiny little app

    by Philip Anselmo

    but tons of fun. sure, there might not be a huge amount of functionality, but it keeps your fingers entertained. also a big fan of the colors. love this app, i truly do.

  • Worst game ever!!!!!!!

    by Omfreakingg

    It's in the title

  • Terrible

    by Brules17

    What is the point of this app? It doesn't even sound like bubble wrap!

  • Bad

    by No girly girl here

    Dis app is so retarded! All it does is make a noise when you get the green one! Do not buy dis app!!!!!

  • Yay!

    by CacheBasket

    I have the blue keychain of this. I got it at target.

  • To cc 323...

    by Taylor McFlyy (:

    I think your a 23 year old guy. 

  • pretty cool.

    by xboxbeast

    it's cool. my favorite part of the game is shuffle you gotta be alert. and I have riddle 4 u guys out there feel free 2 write a review as your answer. Here's the riddle:am I a boy or girl and how old am I? P.S. the sound affects are kinda stupid. can u try to put better ones? I'm not saying the games bad though.

  • Awesome

    by Victoria's iTouch

    I have the actually one that is a keychain and I love both of them!

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