Alarm Clock Picture Frame Utilities App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Utilities
  • Publisher: BahnTech
  • Updated: Apr, 01 2010
  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 15.59 MB

Languages: English

Seller: BahnTech

-Added many customer requested features
-Updated version presentation code
-Enhanced user selectable location for weather updates
-Fixed reverse geocode issue

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Alarm Clock Picture Frame turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a full featured Alarm Clock with industry leading features including; Talking Time, Weather Forecast, Wake to Music or Alert, Drift asleep to Music, Facebook Stats, Shake to Snooze, Integrated Flashlight, Beautiful Themed Skins, and Picture Frame using any image form your camera roll. All in one amazing app.

This application will wake you up gently using music you select from your library or from a large selection if included alert sounds sure to get you moving in the morning. The snooze can be fully configured and activated by taping the screen or shaking the device. When you snooze the time and date is read to you before you fall back asleep, ideal for people who require glasses or otherwise cant read a clock when they first wake up.
When you wake up a quick glance gives you access to the time, weather, and your overnight Facebook stats. This will allow you to get your day started without booting your computer!

Feature List:

-Wake to Music
-Wake to built in Alert sound
-Snooze fully configurable
-Shake phone to snooze
-Vibrate Alert Option
-Set for specific Days (i.e. Alarm 1 for Monday - Friday)
-12 / 24 Hour Support

-Read the time and date on snooze event
-Read the time when you touch the screen
(very convenient for people who have vision trouble when they first wake up)

-Sleep to Music from your iTunes Library
-Fade out gradually to allow you to drift off to sleep

-Current Outside Temperature
-Forecasted High and Low Temperature
-Dew Point
-Visual Graphic of current Weather Conditions

-Facebook Messages Pending Count
-Facebook Friend Request Count
-Facebook Post Count

-Select from a variety of pre-color keyed skins
-Change Colors of Skin Text
-Change Opacity of Skin Objects

-Select any Image from your Camera Roll to use as a background
-Change label colors to match your Image
-Change element opacities to best fit your image

-Flashlight activated by shaking device (optional)

-Portrait [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]
-Landscape-Left [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]
-Landscape-Right [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]
-Upside-Down [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]

-iPad (full featured)
-iPhone (2.5G, 3G, 3Gs : all full featured)
-iPod Touch 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen (full featured)
-iPod 1st Gen (No audio without external speakers, noter than that full featured)

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Customer Reviews

  • Glad I waited.

    by Blacklabelunion

    Took a long time to fix the background images but so happy they finally did. The only thing I'd change is to have this app work in the background. Lots of great features otherwise.

  • NEEDS THIS........

    by MOOREZY


  • So so

    by Sandyandy_1

    Should been able to set it as mane screen saver...or background

  • Please make an upgrade

    by Kbsmiley

    I like this app cause I can wake up to my music, but the backgrounds are really dark.. Like u can only see them if u look close. I suggest you people try ur own app and fix what bugs you, and everyone else! ... Otherwise it's okay. Prob could be layed out better and less confusing. Kk thanks for reading :]

  • Review

    by Keithmj

    I just bought this and can not get the background to work. I'll write more after I use it but was hoping that it would work.

  • All of a sudden buggy

    by Chris Bullard

    Not sure when but at some point in the past month it started to get buggy and the background is too dark to even see. Tried adjusting all the settings and tried several different pictures as well as reinstalling it with the dame results.

  • Help no background.

    by Megly42

    Used to be cool but backgrounds will not change on new iPhone 4.

  • Great alarm clock app

    by Mark Waite

    I don't know why the ratings are that bad, this app is great

  • Nice clock

    by thecros

    This is a nice clock. I did go into my iPad settings and turn off the sleep timer there. I will give it five stars if they add iTunes controls (other than shake) and the ability to show a slide show.

  • Clock

    by Kila.Malia

    Nice when it works, you have u hit the iron u want hard just for it to come up and sometimes it just froze. Fix it I'll raise my rateing. Good idea tho

  • Nice app

    by MrFlipples

    Great quick view of everything. Thanks

  • Solid

    by zmk13

    Overall I would say this is the 3rd party best alarm clock app that I have used. But it is just that: a 3rd party alarm clock app. Pros: -there are a ton of features, including multiple alarms that allow you to use your own music. Also there is a battery logo, facebook notifications, sleep times to fall asleep listening to music, and weather. -All these features actually work pretty well, and the sleep timer is a great feature that I have used a lot. -the picture frame idea is a cool one. Cons: -It is a 3rd party alarm clock app. The fact is that these apps have always been handcuffed by apple. They are not allowed to work in the background, so you will have to have the app open all night for it to work. Also, you must make sure that you have the sound switched to on, as it will not wake you up if the phone is on vibrate (believe me, happened this morning). -for me, the themes did not work at all. I opened up the app, and instead of getting these fancy pictures, I got a black screen with different colored numbers. I don’t know if this is a problem with others, but I was a little disappointed in that. It was the same after I re-downloaded and reinstalled, so I don’t know what the deal with that is. -Too quiet. I am a very heavy sleeper, and it takes a lot to wake me up. Once again, this is mainly caused by the fact that I don’t have a dock with speakers, but it is worth noting that with a dock (which usually has an alarm clock built in) this app would be a little unnecessary. -can crash at times. Random times, twice in 2.5 days but never while sleeping. The only concern would be it crashing overnight and losing your alarms. As with all 3rd party apps, I always set the original iphone alarm as a backup. Overall, I use this app because it lets me wake up to the music I have on my iphone. It is a nice feature, and about $80 cheaper than buying a dock. Like all 3rd party alarm apps it shouldn’t be used as your sole alarm clock, especially if you absolutely can’t be late to something. Set the native alarm clock too. It does what it is advertised to do (except the themes for me) with a few extra features that are nice. Solid, but certainly not flawless app.

  • Interface is too busy

    by Pdearmore

    I tried this out as I was searching for the ultimate iPhone alarm clock app. In the end, I went with a different one. Although this has a lot of features, the interface is just a little too busy and not configurable enough.

  • Alarm Clock Picture Frame

    by MikeExPNG

    Screen is so cluttered that it is hard to find the info you want. It needs an option to choose only the widgets you want.

  • Just a minor issue

    by Cookie26

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?! This would be a great app., but the alarm is not waking me up even though it's set. I've tried both several times with music and an alert and tested it, and nothing.

  • good start

    by myphone1969

    This is a good start, good idea. I would like a talking alarm with something like a daily weather forcast added to it, other than that not bad at all.

  • Updates needed

    by ImSoAbsolute

    Should have an option to close app...this app needs push.

  • Love it!

    by TPeira

    Fantastic eye candy, works great, I just keep my iPad plugged in at night so it doesn't matter if it draws battery or not.

  • Alarm Clock Picture Frame

    by Arthappy

    A lot of good features. However, because of it's complexity, it froze a lot. Quite frankly, it was too much--too busy, too.

  • Only two features from perfection...for me :-)

    by WolfPack1989

    Overall, I really like the app and I think the developer(s) have done a really good job. It has most of the features I would want and the ability to use my own pics is great. I know it also shows the current date, which is good but I have a couple of requests. I would like to have an editable calendar view so that it could display 1-3 months at a time while still being able to see the background picture. I would also like to have the ability to show 1-4 clocks from different timezones. They could be displayed as smaller clocks above the main clock as digital or analog with editable labels to indicate the city time being displayed. With the addition of those two features, this is definitely a 5-star app and definitely worth more than $0.99.

  • Used to be my favorite

    by Changed4Good

    I used to love this app---they haven't updated it in over two years and the features don't work at all. Try to use this and it crashes. Can it be fixed so that it's usable again?

  • Uhhhhhgggg

    by i<3 neon green

    I have an I pad and this takes forever to load !!!

  • Not Good

    by AJsAWiz

    Used to work when I first purchased it. Now it doesn't work at all . . . zero functionality. Not only do none of the features work but there is no background at all.

  • Horrible

    by a.t.o.m.i.c

    Just plan horrible, a complete waste of money for me. Nothing works

  • Background doesn't work anymore! No updates.

    by Wicked1a

    They have no support to be able to fix this - it's been awhile since I've been able to view any background. It's always dark. I've emailed for support. I would not recommend getting this until this app is updated.

  • No good

    by chuysgarage

    Background problem need fix 

  • Backgrounds???

    by Kellylyn411

    Prior to iOS4 upgrade, it worked great. Now I can't get ANY backgrounds at all. It's just black, YUK!! I used to have a picture of my 3 kids on there, now I can't have anything. What's the deal? Also, there's WAY to much crap on the screen. The alarm in App Box Pro is way simpler.

  • Too busy

    by Jodi Marie

    I'm a clock app addict. I've tried so many clock apps that I've lost count. The interface is just too busy. You lose the information you want because there's just too much. If you could choose what info you want and don't want, that might help. The themes provided have wallpapers that make it almost impossible to make out the information. There are a lot of clock apps out there with as much information but much cleaner interface.

  • BEWARE!!!!!

    by RTBlue_808

    This app does not work for me. (on iPad). It plays music and puts me to sleep. Overnight the iPad goes into sleep mode (I'm assuming) because when I wake up (from my alarm on my iPhone) my iPad is off. The app shuts down. I've even set my settings to "Auto Lock : NEVER". It's been three consecutive days and it has not woken me up once. Otherwise, besides the cluttered screen, it looks kinda cool. Too bad, fix the issues and I will rate it higher. Lesson learned! READ ALL REVIEWS BEFORE BUYING!!!!!!!

  • Great app but need work

    by MailletCane

    Love the app and the customizations, weather, and Facebook widgets but it tends to freeze more times then it works. I have reset my iPad, reinstalled from both my iMac and through AppStore on iPad and still freezes and crashes 75% of the time... Please a dress this in next update and I will give 5 stars!

  • Would be good.. if it WORKED!

    by Anjinash

    I like this app, so it's so disappointing that as soon as the display of the iPad goes to sleep this app punts me back to the home screen, effectively rendering it useless since the alarm won't go off at that point. Several versions ago the author said this would be taken care of in the next update. That was several months and point releases ago, and I still can't use this thing as an actual ALARM (unless I set the alarm for 1 minute from now!). Subsequent emails to the author have been ignored. It's a pity, but stay away from this one and go with an actual supported alarm clock app. They may not have as many features or look as nice, but at least they function in their main duty.

  • Way too busy

    by B "D" Roth

    This alarm works, but it has one the most cluttered screens i have ever seen. Even when you figure out how to make them disappear the screen is still unattractive, and the backgrounds are cheesy. If you need any hint as to how busy this app is just look at the app icon that you will be forced to look at all the time.

  • iPad problems?

    by T.E.Moore

    I find that it won't make it through the night without quitting, which makes it pretty useless. It seems to get hit with MS Exchange notifications that come in during the night, but I'm not sure exactly what is going on. Apple's iPhone clock can run in the background without problems but perhaps that isn't possible for other developers.

  • Not as good as advertised

    by bokusama

    Buggy: Loses control over iPod music, music in sleep mode at least suddenly mutes. Only fix seems to be to restart app. Also, sleep shuffle option not working: always same order. The main clock is stuck in 24 hour format. When I config to 12 h format only the alarm times at the bottom change to 12 hour format. Also, 2 alarms is not what one would consider "multi-alarm". And the flashlight has a light bulb picture on it so not as efficient as a blank screen. No in-app help. Weather forecast is ridiculous... Just today's, not that useful to see forcast for tomorrow during the eve. Time should be read (optionally) when alarm starts. Snooze disable should be an option.

  • Doesnt work 50% of the time

    by nycore

    I once rated this the best alarm clock app that I had but recently had a serious change in opinion. This app simply doesnt work. Over a 2 week period I saw the app crash randomly on a plugged in iphone and totally fail. I never depend on just an app as the alarm clock so the default iphone clock app saved me. Ive seen this app crash 5 times in an hour at random times: the screen just goes black or the app shuts off and the iphone goes back to showing all the springboard icons. Ive seen this app crash anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours so its not like the phone was going into sleep mode. Only for the fact that the app crashes I rate it poorly. When it works you get the most detailed display of any clock app that there is.

  • Getting there

    by Chihuahua70

    In my everlasting search for an alarm clock/nightstand app for the iPad, I downloaded this one in the hopes it would be the "perfect" one, and even though I like some aspects, it is lacking in several points: 1. Interface for settings and preferences is not iPad like. 2. Buttons are extremely small and bunched up together. 3. You only get one font for alarm clock. I've seen that font/typeface for 30 years with conventional LED clocks. I want something different. 4. We need the ability to customize the position and size of gadgets and clock. 5. We need the option to dim screen by swiping it up/down, and not inside a menu. Menus are hard to use at 3am. 6. Included pics are useless. To "busy" to make out what's happening (even after dimming). Fortunately, you can add your own pics. With so much available and small info on screen, you need minimalist backgrounds. 7. Can never open Facebook from the app. Hopefully these suggestions will be incorporated before this app becomes one of those purchased-but-not-installed nor recommended apps. What I DO like: 1. Alarm function 2. Talking clock 3. Futuristic looks

  • Works and you can't beat the price!

    by MDLatch

    Really nicely done with virtually all of the stuff that you want. Talk to Apple about multitasking on our iPads and then you will be able to have this run in the background. And for anyone that is complaining about buying a free app... WTH?

  • Neat!

    by Waitress 4 2 Many Years

    Lots of nice features!

  • Pretty ugly app

    by GamerMom

    For something that I bought because it would be pretty in addition to waking me up, this is one ugly app. The controls shown in the screen shots are on all the time, they do not go away. The touch areas for the controls are small and their appearance is inconsistent. If the app were free such things might be tolerable. In a paid app, more attention should be paid to design elements.

  • It

    by philadelphiaeaglesfan

    Does what it says it's going to do and the icons are a bit cluttered but other than that it works great

  • Some huge flaws

    by lenw

    1. When screen orientation is changed, all the app display settings (e.g. Brightness) are wiped out. 2. When you make app settings, there is an unmodifiable "beep" for each key click, regardless of volume setting. 3. iPad: It feels like everything was simply repositioned from the iPhone version - things are too small, and all squished together 4. If you pick a song to play as alarm, it just keeps repeating. Over and over. On the plus side, the alarm does come on...

  • Waste of time-a lot to say considering it's a CLOCK!

    by KevinCT

    This is a piece of garbage. I paid $1 for an alarm clock with stupid widgets you can't even move, and annoying backgrounds that will light up with your room with the ipads intense screen and found no reason to include a black background image. Really? Really? Save your money and time and buy a crappy alarm clock, buy the worst one you can find and I can almost guarantee you it will be an improvement over this painful monstrosity

  • Iphone App Testing

    by HowlingWolf14

    Really nice app but is very tight and needs some work with many of its features!

  • useful but cluttered

    by qayshp

    By default the layout is very cluttered, and almost impossible to read on the default background. I changed the skin to a plain black to make it more useable. Handy features, but really overdone, sorry.

  • It's ok

    by prochary

    Does what it says,but it's confusing!

  • Great

    by hotpts

    Great job! Well worth the money!

  • Exactly i need

    by CrysisML

    Great app. it is amazing

  • So Great

    by newb.1101

    I love this super App Awesome

  • Ok...

    by EdJonesIII

    It's just ok.. Like blah..

  • Pretty cool app

    by x10kx

    Nice app...bit laggy tho

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