AFR Drop Zone - Extreme Skydiving Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

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  • Publisher: BahnTech
  • Updated: Oct, 30 2009
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 10.07 MB

Languages: English

Seller: BahnTech

Bug Fix
Some Graphics Optimization

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217 Ratings
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AFR Drop Zone is the ultimate Skydiving and Parachuting game. It allows the user to jump, skydive and do tricks, then pull the rip-cord and parachute to the Drop Zone Target. The closer to the center of the target the better the score.

You can only collect floating bonus tiles while in free-fall, so pull your parachute rip-cord (swipe) as late as possible.

Suit up and have fun!

Drop Zones Include:
Mokuleia, Oahu
Barbers Point, Oahu
NY City Central Park
Merritt Island
Sebastian FL
San Francisco
Diamond Head Crater park, Oahu

International high-score engine (device only, your country only, or entire world)
Airplane Throw-Forward
Realistic free-fall physics engine
Realistic parachute
Realistic cross winds that get stronger and less predictable at higher levels
Rock and roll sound track
Photo-Realistic Graphics

1. You can not get floating-bonus points under canopy; only while in free-fall.
2. You only get two flips per Level (Bonus)

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Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by BroBear 20

    Very cool game. Just wish it more areas. And I wish you can change your height. And it really makes me laugh at the beginning when the guy jumps out of the plane and zooms in on the camera lol.

  • Super cool

    by Surfer PR

    Very cool game

  • Needs better info...

    by Buying Lots of Apps

    You jump out of a plane. A great concept. You can see the land zone on the first jump. After that good luck. If you get turned around you will never find it. I don't know if there is some little screen info that tells me how to re-orient the skydiver but could not find any kind of instructions. Liked the game at first and had to keep playing the first screen over and over but took if off and don't play it any more. If you don't know where the drop zone is the game is a waste of time. Fix that and I will re-install it.

  • good game... its a recommend.

    by Kerstinkerosin

    Sure you dont get to kill anything (good for my little guys), but it is a relaxingly addictive game. Anything that keeps me and my kids entertained for a few hours is well worth the admission price. Y

  • Worst game ever

    by Bucknutzs

    This game blows. I'd rather jump out of a plane without a parachute than at this sorry game again.

  • Terrible

    by G031990

    This game is a waste of time

  • Terrible

    by Willy108

    Could have donated that dollar to starving children you sick app developer!!! XD

  • Waste of a dollar

    by DC43

    Title says it all, should've read the reviews first.

  • Don't buy this

    by Gpujic12345

    Poor graphics Pointless game Not worth 0.99

  • Drop zone

    by Smogin

    Horrible game what a waste of my dollar!

  • Stupid

    by Ltmj518

    Waste of money

  • Bad Game

    by Joe Graham

    This game is no fun at all. Cant do freeflying or anything. Total waste of money.

  • Seriously???

    by blbo25

    Okay, fine, I get it, it is a game... But I wasted 99 cents on this game because it doesn't work - period. The chute doesn't open. I try and try and try, but NOTHING opens the chute. Waste of money. You really need to get this fixed!!!

  • Eh

    by Pat1313131

    Ew. Its like he isnt even falling. Its just a picture. It isnt realistic at all. One star. It has potential tho


    by Blazin.])ank.

    DONT BUY IT! parachute dont open half the time,you just fall to ur death.not worth one star!!!!!

  • Disapointing

    by Ben555

    I thaugt I would buy a nice realistic game... Well 100% the oposite... Don't waste ur time or money on it I did it 4 u.

  • Don't buy

    by SkydiverHD

    Horrible game!!! No good things about it

  • Waste of time and money!!!

    by gknighted

    As a competitive skydiver with over 4500 jumps this is the worst skydiving game I have ever seen. Dont wast your time or your money this game is far from addicting or fun!

  • S c k s !

    by tadz00ks


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