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  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Avalinx LLC
  • Updated: Sep, 05 2008
  • Version: 1.5.1
  • Size: 14.31 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Avalinx LLC

-Fixed issue with Insurance Yes/No buttons not showing properly

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22 Ratings
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Or copy and paste this link:: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blackjack-21-pro/id561705065?mt=8

Customer Reviews

  • Great Game

    by Kingrah

    This game is great just like the real thing!!! The plus side to this game I can play freely with the money bc I know when I lose it all I can get it right back...lol I wouldn't do that in real life

  • Just great.

    by Emgdoctor

    Tried all the others. Thus is absolutely the best.

  • Is it normal...

    by Soluna668

    ...for the dealer to continue to hit himself, under 17, even after he beat you on the flop? An still wind up under 21, every freaking time? Seems odd to me. Makes me Leary of playing for real. I would purchase this app if it seemed to have some sense and IF you can play more than one hand at a time. Local casinos allow you to play more than one hand if you double the minimum bet.

  • Great, and matches my casino experience

    by Princessoftides

    OK, maybe the algorithm needs some minor tweaking, but honestly I find the results pretty comparable to the casino. If you're not playing perfect basic strategy (and, uh, yeah, that *does* include surrendering your hand occasionally) the House has a pretty big advantage. Blackjack will eat your money *fast* if you're cocky :) I like the flow and the ability to configure everything from game rules to decks to what's shown on screen. It's great for counting practice - deals are quick but the table doesn't get cleared until you re-bet, so you get practice thinking fast but you also have a second chance to re-count if you get confused. Three notes for devs: 1) You've got the Hi-Lo True Count and Running Count backwards in the pop-out screen. Oops. 2) It would be helpful to have a note somewhere of how much I've bet. Those little chips are too small to count so I often have to clear and re-bet to make sure I'm putting out what I intend. 3) It would be ideal to have multiple hands on the table, including simulated other players. In real life I find that often makes it harder for me to count, so I'd like to be able to practice that way. Great app - thanks!

  • All around good 21 app

    by Jgm02301

    Great way to get the basics down. Although playing more than 1 hand would be nice.

  • Zayn Malik <3

    by 1Dbiggestfan

    so fun and I once got up to $10,000!! people want to take me to Vegas with them! ♥♣♦♠

  • Awesome Game!! Play it everyday

    by DungeonJoe

    Minor bug? When I'm playing the 1K table, the the 5k and 25k chips don't get highlighted. They are playable just not highlighted. I thought I didn't have the have bread when I totally did. Besides that TOTALLY AWESOME! Thanks

  • 21 Pro: Blackjack

    by Jag23DEN

    I love playing it. It is so realistic.

  • By far, the best one out there!

    by AirWhisperer

    Graphics are outstanding! It is actually very difficult to make less than $100,000! In that respect, this game's algorithm is probably too slanted to the player, but that just makes it fun to play.

  • Great game, shuffle algorithm needs work though

    by 113235321

    This is overall a very well put together game. However, much needed improvements to the algorithm that simulates shuffling. If you know nothing about blackjack you will be disappointed with the outcome of most hands, though if you've memorized basic strategy here's what you can expect; to consistently bust on 12-16, 14 is a lost hand almost every time, dealer pulls blackjack roughy 30% of times it has a face card showing, if you show 18-20 you will lose to dealer 60% of hands played regardless of what it's showing card is, though the game rarely pushes if you do get 21. Originally got this game to practice basic as the flow is phenomenal and snappy, however after playing 1000+ hands it has become obvious this doesn't quite move like a real table, you will learn quite a bit regardless but the real randomness isn't there.

  • None of you know how to play BJ

    by Seth Duskin

    Seriously, the game is fine. I bought it to practice my KO count and it's great. Realistic game and runs flawlessly. If you guys knew basic strategy you wouldn't have so many issues. Feel me?

  • Very good app.

    by Minnowsota

    Plays just like a casino and has lots of options to adjust play format.

  • Don't listen to other reviews

    by Dealin21s

    Everyone needs to stop complaining. I should know first hand and I'll tell you why. I'm a dealer in a casino, every game in the house. When I'm on blackjack I get the same kind of hands-- they get 19, I get 29. They get 20, I get 21. Face cards, blackjack's, everything. So the game is NOT rigged, it's just how you play it. From the way I deal at work to the hands I get on here, I expect it. Besides, it's fake money! The one thing I do wish though, is that you have an option to re-buy instead of starting over. I could be in the middle of a shoe, run out of money and have to start over. That's why it's 4 stars. Other than that, I love it. It scratches my itch to gamble sometimes. But plz try to fix the money thing. Thanks!

  • Cheats

    by Luz2gr8

    2 Aces and an 8 make 20?? Any way to make you lose - greater than the house's typical advantage. Better if it simulated other players at the table.

  • Works fine and plays fair!

    by Spider-Boy

    No complaints! Very fun game!

  • Plays like a Vegas table

    by Bronco Smitty

    Seems to play fairly, reminds me of a real game table.

  • Great

    by Ner2

    It is great but it needs on-line and off-line multiplayer

  • تقييم لعبه

    by Abdullahppqpq

    اللعبه سيئة جدا لا ادري اذا كان ورق اللعب من المفترض ان يتكرر خلال التوزيع الواحد دائما في اللعبه الحاسمه تخسر وكان الورق معروف قبل اللعب وما يثبت ذلك تكرار نفس الورق كل مره حتى النجمه الواحده لهذه اللعبه اجدها كثيره جدا

  • Fine for practice

    by ViperCar400

    But...dealer won on over 15 bust card hands in a row and always seems to win with a 2? Agree with others, highly improbable.

  • Not Free: All features cost $

    by movieGOD

    All features from the previous version need to be bought a la carte, and cost too much. Questionable randomness, you can predict what cards will come out. Selling chips in gambling apps should not be allowed.

  • Don't bother

    by Mira bella

    Terrible. Dealer constantly wins the most improbable hands. Not worth playing. I have deleted it.

  • Frustrating Game

    by sonicguy

    I liked this game when I first purchased it but not so much anymore. Why does the dealer always win? Game is no longer fun.

  • Trash

    by Waynethangg

    The first one was fun with tha high roller and cheats and etc. and u could have tons of money and play with jus one deck....now u start off with a thousands dollars hardly no options and tha dealer wins 99% of the time.

  • Not Random

    by michaeldowntown

    Why is it that the more I bet the greater the chance I will lose? Why are the basic rules about when a player should hit and when a player should stay useless here? (The player with 11 seldom gets 10. When dealer shows a 2 thru 6 the down card usually turns out to be one that keeps the dealer at 7 thru 11. This pushes the player into making wrong choices and instills bad habits.) Why can't the cards be dealt randomly? This takes the fun out of the game. People who give this app a good rating must either work for the company that created it or are not very observant. I am not interested in winning more hands than I lose. I am interested in fair play. I can't imagine paying for this app when the free version has the problems described above.

  • Not to good

    by Shippuden fan

    At first this game was fun but realized it's bs how the other guy was always winning.

  • Unreal game

    by Tanker1987

    I like the graphics but the way the dealer always wins is unreal. The dealer gets 10 times more blackjacks than me. And will also get blackjacks back to back.

  • Worse app

    by Ref5678

    This is the first app I have ever actually taken the time to review. I had to with this app because it is absolutely horrible. The dealer NEVER busts and always wins. It draws whatever it needs and always gets it. Don't waste your time with this stupid app. Complete waste of time

  • Crappy game

    by Khole84

    Worse game ever. Dealer had blackjack 3 times in a row, the hit 20 the next 6 times...

  • Blackjack


    Horrible AI

  • Tough playing!

    by TedNav

    Not much fun when dealer sits across from you with 19 or 20, 80% of the time. And all those Aces--whew!

  • Kinda fun

    by BJPlayar

    This game is only kinda fun. The worst part of it is you can not play with other players or choose where you sit.

  • I removed it after playing it twice only

    by Cloud Trader

    You cannot see how much you are betting Totally unrealistic. Over 90% dealer wins. Dumped it

  • Should be called "Jackwagon"

    by Wolfeman3

    Major bias to the house. Guaranteed bust when hitting on a two card 12, 13 etc.

  • Garbage

    by Jackal111497

    The game should not be called "21 Pro" but called "Whatever the Dealer Needs". What a total joke.

  • Biased

    by Chuhbaca

    Seems unrealistically biased toward the house. Dealer always draws to 21 when needed and hardly ever bust, even on 16.

  • Maybe?

    by Eazy_202

    Cheats like hell maybe would be better if you could play more that 1 hand..

  • F...in Joke

    by NKP 514

    The casino gives you better odds. You bet big you'll get 16. Don't waist your time!

  • Cheats

    by Predator325

    The computer cheats..

  • Another 21 game that u lose at 85% of the time

    by TiggerRocks30

    Here we go again!! Another blackjack game where the programmers have u losing at LEAST 85% of the hands to the dealer AND EVERY time u get a 12 or 13 u BUST IF U HIT OR lose if u stay! Dealer always wins! It's like playing tight slot machines at a REAL casino but this game is NOT FOR real money so loosen it up programmers!!!

  • Worst game ever

    by FU21 Pro!!

    The most f-ing retarded sperm guzzling afterbirth eating cheating game I've ever played!! Burn in hell piece of sh!t developers.

  • Mr. Roos

    by Rujooch 61

    Dealer hit bust hands and beat my 20 7 times in a row and 8 out of 9 overall. This pattern doesn't happen in a casino but did on all 3 free games that I tried. Not realistic.

  • Something's not right!

    by TheKBBman

    The interface is great and the game flow is as well.... But something is a miss! I spent some time playing this and after a bunch of hands, the results are very biased toward the dealer. I'm not sure if they developed like that, if so I'm not sure I see the logic. I would love to see a more realistic odds based game, more options and an iPad version. Sorry guys can't give you a recommendation based on this current version.

  • Dont download

    by SupahGamer

    Don't download!!!! They made it so the computer wins everytime! Horrible blackjack app. I want those minutes of my life back

  • New Strategy- Double down on 14

    by Bandboxxer

    Since the dealer will always give you a 5 or 6 when you double down ,it's best to only double down on 13-15 only.Ha ha. The game is a peice of excrement.

  • Fixed

    by Pembina

    The game was run against two versions of cardpro using standard settings with the soft 17 variation. The game did not demonstrate the normal card scatter, with cards delivered to the dealer showing a strong pre-ordination towards favorable dealer outcome far outside the normative values. Both card distribution analytics showed similar results at least two standard deviations out of normal probabilities. Fun if you like playing with a card cheat.

  • Worse Blackjack Game ever

    by Jeff & Jordan

    Not realistic at all!!! Don't bother downloading this game. You will just get frustrated how the dealer ALWAYS ends up winning and taking all your money. Delete this APP! Waste of time.

  • Don't do

    by Mc1739

    Worst game ever. Don't even bother downloading. You'll just get mad at the outcome EVERY time. Not even close to realistic. Terrible attempt guys, just terrible.

  • Lose 90% of the time

    by M.Donia

    They show a 3 and somehow keep hitting until they get 21. You get a 20 and they get the same. Just make it a fair game. Computer cheats...

  • Pure evil

    by dan bury

    Satan programmed this app for your doom of losing every time.

  • Avoid

    by Sharon Embry

    Terrible attempt at feeling like real poker. Dealer will win 90 percent of the time, card counter is wrong, and if u get anything from a 17-20 the dealer will push or most of the time win the hand..... Low tables u win alot but as soon as u go to the high table u lose it all. U can't go all in r u get low hands while he will get blackjack r 20 on u all day. Really need to redo the card shuffling along with the dealers hands. The dealer getting blackjack 3 times in a row then hitting two 19s isn't very good for a game.... Come on man

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