Dynamojis - Animated Emojis and Stickers for iMessages Entertainment App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Curtis Renshaw

Fixed various iOS7 bugs.
Removed need for copy-paste in iOS7.

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•••#1 Most Downloaded ENTERTAINMENT App (USA/Paid) - in 2013•••

•••The ORIGINAL and ONLY Dynamojis App On the AppStore•••

Check out the screenshots! Download the app today to get 40 FREE animated emojis (and stickers), the others must be purchased. Get it now so you don't miss your chance on the 40 free dynamojis (that's a lot)! This app sends ANIMATED IMAGES that contain your text and animated emojis (this is how animated content works on iMessages) you will be texting an animated iMessage that will be an animated image made to replicate an iMessage bubble! Check the screenshots to see how they will look in action!

Dynamojis allows you to:
•Be awesome.
•Unlock and Insert up to 160 animated emoticons into your text messages (or send as stickers)
•Change the bubble color of your text-messages
•Make the bubble background of your text messages animated
•Change the font of your text messages (e.g. red-text, blue-glowing-text, bold-text, underlined-text, etc.)

This app allows you to text animated smiley face emojis. The way the app works is it lets you type your message with text and there is an animated emoji keyboard in the app. You will type the animated emojis (dynamojis) that you want and they will be inserted into your message. When you are ready to send your moving message the whole text will be rendered into an animated gif (the only way to have animated emojis on Apple devices are to render them in gif format). This animated gif message will then be copied to your clipboard so you can paste it into an iMessage! It looks incredibly cool and all of your friends will be AMAZED! Check out the screenshots below to see just how awesome the new emojis look in action!

**Get the app NOW (hurry!) to get 40 animated emojis!!!! You can then unlock 120 more animated emojis within the app! AMAZING!**

Impress all of your friends with your new animated emoticons while they are stuck using the plain old boring motionless "emojis". With dynamojis you will be unlocking and texting from a selection of up to 160 moving smileys in a matter of seconds! Be the envy of your friends! Download the app now! (You won't regret it!)

(*Downloading this app gives you access to many animated emojis! When you download the app we will give you a TON of animated emojis for free (40 unlocked free-of-charge after app-download), the others must be unlocked by the user!)

See screenshots below for examples! Enjoy!

This app contains animated emoticons and background bubbles to insert into your MMS iMessage bubble! (SOME (not all) premium smileys as well as the bubble-backgrounds and text-effects must be unlocked)


Dynamoji© Apps4Life, LLC - 2013
Dynamoji™ Apps4Life, LLC - 2013
Dynamojis© Apps4Life, LLC - 2013
Dynamojis™ Apps4Life, LLC - 2013
Any and All images used in this application (including all frames of the animated emoticons "Dynamojis") are TradeMarked property of Apps4Life, LLC (2013), do not use them in any of your own projects without first receiving our written consent. (acceptable use includes screenshots of our application for the general public, and use in text-messages (MMS) and iMessages if the images your are texting were created by our app.)

"iMessage(s)" is(are) terms owned by Apple, inc.

*Do NOT copy this app and/or it's name(s), you will be held liable to the fullest extent of the law.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Strat-c

    Worked flawlessly! Love it and use it all the time!

  • Great app

    by Strat-c

    Worked flawlessly! Love it and use it all the time!

  • 5 stars

    by Tebow15_4


  • Awesome

    by The awese rollarcoster

    Love disss!!!

  • Good... But bad

    by AGdolllovers

    Awesome app! The emoji moves! Just they need to fix if you put the emoji with a txt message and it starts another line, it won't show they emoji. They need to fix that.

  • Hdhdjdkxycydudjdhd

    by Hdnsjsjshdvhzndndndbdbs

    This Is so cool it's awesome sauce

  • I love it! But one thing...

    by Sarah .M.

    Can you make it to where it can be used on Instagram, Kik Messenger, and notes on my iPod? If you can, thanks.

  • It's OKAY

    by Hailey

    I like the app but seriously the video in the introduction was a total FAKE I spent like 2.99 then an additional 4.99 the the heck? This app is ok and a piece of crap at the same time the emojis are cute though… you people are luck I'm giving this three stars

  • Too much money

    by Rosie4554

    To unlock every dynamojoii it costs another $3. So your paying $6 for this app pretty much

  • Awesome

    by Aimname

    This is a great app and I recommend this to everybody

  • Good

    by KKGirl228

    This app is good, but it never loads

  • Ok

    by Bobbobbobpizza

    It says buy all for 3.00 but it really charges you 5.00

  • Dynamojis

    by Racer102542

    This app is great, you may have to copy & paste the emoji but it's super fast And easy. Plus it's pretty good pricing for the cool stuff! But don't buy the single packs it saves money to just buy all in one.

  • Terrible

    by Choatetchoat

    I thought that this app was going to be like the original emojis app where you could use it right from your keyboard and the only reason I was draw to it was for the new faces I don't not recommend this to anyone who is looking for new emojis it's a really pain to use

  • Don't buy it

    by Cassie Everett

    It won't let me go On It and I can't put it on my keyboard


    by Shakemann

    I wasted $2.99 on this expecting it to be cool and IT IS NOT!


    by Cupcakes4407

    I can't believe I wasted $2 I could've bought something from Starbucks which would be WAY better than this stupid app

  • Don't download this app‼️

    by Marmerjoc

    I payed $2.99 for this expecting to be able to use all the emojis and when I try to use them I have to buy them AGAIN so don't download this app it's a waste of money❗️❗️

  • Bad

    by hayleysparkle13

    You can't even get to the keyboard lame app don't waste your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    by Monkey lover726


  • Trash

    by TreHazy

    Complete crap. Crashes as soon as I touch the screen


    by Tree lover


  • It's good but...

    by g Olhava

    The ios 7 keyboard won't work

  • Don't waste your money!!!

    by Tiffany1234514

    This app is just a waste of money, I bought it thinking it would be like emoji but you have to copy and paste it into the text message. Not cool!! And then you only get like 20 of the animations and have to buy the rest for $3. This app is just a frickin waste of money but the animations are cool if your willing to waste your money and take more time to copy and paste it into your text message box.

  • Scam

    by Zaqwsxcdertyfvgbyuhjbniklmop

    I will sue u if you don't give my money back or fix the app

  • I hate it

    by Ramon Rinconeno

    I hate this app. It doesn't connect to your keyboard like the other emojis. Don't buy it

  • Wow so great

    by AnotherDWfan

    Doesn't respond to iOS 7, off centered, not that great

  • Don't buy this

    by Mav5213

    I thought it would add it to the keyboard like regular emojis but nope this is stupid I want a refund

  • Not worth it

    by Pppppppiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnkkkkkkk

    I payed $3 just for the app Then $5 to use the app that just mean it don't even work right I want my money back

  • Mad mad mad mad mad grrrrrrrrrrr sooooo mad

    by Sable ph

    Grrrrr mad horribal

  • Poop


    This app is a pile of crap They should have added them to your emoji pad thingy

  • Horrible

    by Gamergirlloveshercat!

    This was the first time I bought an app and didn't read the raitings and I regret it! I bought it, downloaded it, and now it won't even let me open it! Big waste of money!!!! Don't buy!!! Always read raitings!!! Doesn't even deserve 1 star!

  • Awful app

    by Cheer Girl Nelson

    I hate it!! Do NOT waste your money, keep it. It's slow over rated and you have to buy more after you spend $3.00 on it all ready! I think we should get our money back! I should read reviews more often!!


    by Shesshelley

    Absolutely Hated it! End of story.

  • Waste of money!

    by Bryant14#

    This is a horrible app. First they make you pay $2.99 for this. They give you just 40 emojis and the rest you have to buy. The bubble color you have to buy. You'd have to be a millionaire to like this app because there is so much stuff to buy. You can't use these emojis on posts on Instagram or Facebook. You can just use it on texting.


    by Sakredsage

    You have to buy everything. You also have to copy and paste. I want my money back. I am going to say it again. I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW .

  • Horrible

    by Awesome Cats Cute 12345

    Give us back our money!!!!!!!!! You have to copy and paste it on !

  • I hate this.

    by JJGorr2254

    I hate this app. I driving wasted my money it's not even a emoji it gets downloaded as a fricking jpeg

  • Don't Buy

    by Ahmedjdhuiebvs

    Apple should remove this app from the store

  • DUMB!!

    by Mck249

    It actually costs 5.00 to unlock all the emojis not 3.00 this game is the worst

  • DUMB!!

    by Mck249

    It actually costs 5.00 to unlock all the emojis not 3.00 this game is the worst

  • Terrible

    by 88Paul88

    You have to pay extra for all the features NOT WORTH IT!!!!

  • Stop!!!

    by Imreallymad!!!!!

    Don't get this app it's a waste of money you pay for the all but you also have to pay for the Emojis in the app save your money it's a waste of money to get this app! This app should be delete from the App Store

  • Horrible

    by Van ban

    Really!? Okay so I send a message, and it doesn't even move on the other persons phone!!! Don't waste your money!

  • Worst app ever save ur money

    by Fun.,.,...o,k,Jon,

    1st thing the texting part is ONLY FOR IOS 6 And under!!!! 2 thing Always remember to read reviews before you WASTE your money on something like this!!! I forgot to and I WASTED 3 dollars!!! DONT BUY YOULL REGRET IT!! I wish you could rate it 0 stars! It's accually that bad!! Seriously

  • Waste of time

    by Super Duper waste of time!

    So I buy the app right, thinking it would be cool. Guess what it isn't. It's smart if u don't buy this app and save money

  • Not worth it

    by Starkiller7750

    Just Don't buy it

  • Horrible

    by Sassy1044

    This doesn't even deserve one star, it's so bad. I spent $3 on this app and it won't even open after its downloaded. COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!!

  • Can i have my money back?

    by Brebre12345667890

    This app is terrible,you have to pay for everything!!! Dont waste your money on this app!!!! Also can i have money back?also im deleting this app

  • Ok

    by No nicknamo

    It costs $3 just to buy the app, then you only have like 1/6 of everything and to buy the rest it says $2.99 and then after you type in your password is says: confirm purchase for $4.99. It said $2.99 earlier. The emojis are cool, but it totally rips you off.


    by Amazing1015

    Stupidest app ever!!! Doesn't work and after you spend money to buy it you have to spend 5 dollars to use it! I WANT MY MONEY BACK

  • Don't do it

    by Cgd4life

    Ya the emojis are cool but you don't get all of them especially the really awesome ones. I recommend don't buy it.


    by patinator02

    I paid 3 bucks for this, yet i cant use it becuase the stupid copy paste thing doesnt WORK, which nothing else does, and you pay for this app just for 40faces? If i pay for an app i expect no inapp purchases, becuase its normal

  • Terrible just terrible.

    by Luke1117

    I thought you were gonna be able to add it to the key board but no you can't. DO NOT WAST YOUR MONEY bad idea people just sayin

  • Bad

    by Z3tg

    Bad bad bad


    by Lovable_mcmuffet32

    i wasted money on this app and its worthless I WANT MY MONEY BACK

  • Okay

    by 53570897

    It is really stupid how u have to pay $2.99 to just open/get the app and then u have to pay even more to buy the extras! It is really cool tho. But just wayyy to much money to spend


    by Korok12

    Terrible it's like eating crap

  • Horrible!

    by Killer3392

    A scam of the real Dynamojis !!

  • Buy to buy more

    by Sure this could work

    You only get 20 emojis and then you have to spend at least 10 more dollars to get everything unlocked waste of money

  • DON'T waste your MONEY!

    by Jose Solano

    This app seems cool at first, but when you use it, it is something different. 1. You have to type the actual message on the app and then copy it and paste it in messages! 2. If you wan't to use more emojis you'll need to pay more money than what you paid for the original app 3. It is really slow and it is a really bad made app I just suggest to not buy it!


    by Jjigidy

    If you have ios 7 then DO NOT GET it would be fine if i had ios 6 but most people have ios 7 so I think that it is overall a waist of money

  • I'm upset


    I payed three dollars for emojis that are animated! No where in the details it said you have to pay extra! To anyone we have been played:( I'm going to keep it because it's not worth deleting! I just blew three dollars


    by Ronan32

    This is by far the worst app I have ever purchased do not waste your money on it!

  • Money waster, this app doesn't work

    by Chestnut2011

    If you didn't buy the app yet, don't!! I'm warning you!!! It costs $3.00 and it only gives you 20 emojis. You have 2 buy the rest. When u copy it, then paste it, and finally send it it might send a picture, or some creepy,fake, message. If you are reading this, don't get this app

  • Horrible

    by Shirley Temple 69

    Too laggy waste of money!!!!!

  • AWFULL completely not worth it

    by Antoniovh14

    Awfull app waste of money no cool at all

  • Worst thing ever

    by Javier Resnik

    "Oh ok let's make an app which already costs money and give them 20 emojis and other silly things, then they'll want to get all which cost 5$" ⬅️ Is what the game is like


    by Cupcakes4407

    I bought this and you only have like 15 or so emojis it's a total waste of money I spent my last $2 on this crap

  • Depends...

    by <3drag0n_obsession

    I have an app that requires wifi in order for me to text (called talkatone) but if I had normal texting it would be a great app. It gives u 40 dynamojis that come with the original price, then you can buy more for 2.99. It would be worth it for me if I had regular texting. I'm disappointed it only pastes to regular iMessage. But if I were you if u were willing to spend 6.00 over all it would be worth it. It depends on what you want to pay.

  • Terrible

    by Don-utz

    I hate how u can't use them for real it's a total waste of money

  • I want my money back now

    by Lizard486157367892267

    I can't believe I had to give it a one star, it doesn't even deserve it. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. First off you have to pay four bucks for an app that doesn't even work. You can't even put the emojis into text with iOS7. You get forty emojis, that don't work, and if you want more you have to pay! The creators of this should be sued of lying and theft because this app doesn't even work! I REPEAT DO NOT BUY I GIVE IT A -5⭐️ And there's a regular emoji that works!

  • Hate this app

    by Thatpeepudontknow7732

    Everything on this app costs money I thought it would be cool but like I said all the cool stuff is money


    by Snapchat reviewerrrr

    Horrible app. You only can copy and paste stuff and you actually have to open the text to see it. You can NOT post on social media or put it in notes. Please don't waste $5 like I did

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