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Small bug fixes!

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Dragon Finga is a unique Kung-Fu fighting game for all ages!
Take direct control of your own Dragon Warrior to take on infinite hordes of evil enemies!
Race against the clock and complete missions for fantastic rewards!
Unlock new powers, locations and enemies as you climb the belt rankings to become the ultimate warrior.
Challenge your friends to see if they have what it takes to beat your score!

Customer Reviews

  • Dragon finga is awesome

    by Adr3nlin3ninja


  • The Single Most Epic App

    by Billy Furgeson19986

    This game rocks! Dragon Finga is especially for guys like me who think Kung fu moves and epic Dragon Warrior skillz are totally awesome! Download it now!

  • Love this game!

    by -Xis-

    Its a very original game! Buy!

  • Okay

    by Neel517

    It's a good game but the controls are sh*t

  • Awesome....but...

    by Reddwalker

    When I use the Dragon power and it drains slowly I just noticed that when I pause the game while using the dragon power that the meter drains faster for a second while it's paused. Basically I pause it, and it drains a little faster for a second and stops draining.

  • Xblade2314

    by Baddxger345

    This game is awsome! The new update when you can level up to get new characters really helps out when you r in deep need for a stronger character.This is a must have IOS 7 game and it is really fun!

  • Awesome Finga

    by Now sjsjns


  • Cool

    by Leroy Hepler

    This is sweet but the only thing is...... When is muilt player coming !!!

  • Ideas

    by Gus the dog30

    - blood ( you can turn blood on or off in settings). - wounds ( if your hurt bad you have many scratches, I'm sure you know what I mean). - change color on costume, hat, and gloves. - Select and unlock special moves for each character. That's all the of my ideas so far, I'll tell you more once i get more ideas.

  • Jess

    by Fyudgfjcjff

    Very good game

  • Good

    by Not enough episodes

    Great and hilarious app, highly recommend for something to pass time. But i think there should be more playable characters.

  • Finger power

    by Dyton

    I love this game keep up the good work.

  • Nice

    by Saeed agha

    Really nice and addictive game

  • Good game

    by Maceor

    It's a good game

  • So fun

    by ~SSX~

    It's one of my favorite games!

  • Lucin18

    by Lucin18

    What a great game.....we can't stop playing

  • Good game

    by Progammer64

    Pretty awesome

  • Amazing Game

    by VideoGameExpert

    [Content Deleted]

  • Ragdoll

    by Yet gig g gh

    Reminds me of rag-doll Kung fu

  • Good

    by ManOfButts

    It's pretty good for a game

  • Boring.

    by Azinye

    Once you unlock an item you can't see the benefits ever again unless I'm doing something wrong. When I started the game money poured in like a waterfall but after about an hour I get maybe 600 coins a match. Super grind heavy and the difference in characters seems to be huge. I can kill three bosses with Henry and 7 with Raymond in the same level even though Henry's attack is maxed and Raymond is on LVl 3 attack. I just don't have the patience to grind for everything.

  • Good game, too many ads.

    by Doug from ATL

    Game is goos but better before the update and ads every battle. Maybe turn the timer off during battles.

  • Waste of time

    by Act to

    Game will not let me in!!! Please fix!!!

  • Ruined it with new update

    by Nun ya binizz

    I hope you enjoy sitting there playing 1 minute of game and then 30 seconds of commercial. Totally just ruined the game, and I will now be uninstalling this piece of crap.

  • Please fix!

    by Thissuckspoles

    It wont turn on therefore a one star game, please fix and this might change

  • Good game...

    by PersianMagic

    Love the game but the forced ad after every battle is crazy.... Maybe every now and then is playable, but I quit after 3 straight ads

  • Game

    by Ihafndfkyygcf

    This game is bad

  • Its ok but crashed

    by MsRinz

    I was playing this it crashed after i didn't want to pay for upgrades. The game is ok . Looks like it using simple rag doll physics with box2d. However the game is fun but it ruined it for me when it forced me to upgrade to continue.

  • Brilliant

    by SirFifolo

    But ruined by iap, the curse of the App Store.

  • Nice


    Looks sweet can't wait to play it.

  • Amazing game

    by WilliamFrancoXO

    One of the best games for iOS

  • Amazing game

    by WilliamFrancoXO

    One of the best games for iOS

  • Amazing game

    by Mr.average160

    This is the best none 3-d game ive ever played in my life downlaod it

  • Progresses too slow.

    by RupRep444

    Title says it all.

  • ohh yeaahh

    by Grizzly228

    Cool game

  • Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!

    by Gillofdatroll


  • Add

    by Assassin 416

    Add more weapons like swords ad bamboo and ad more characters to choose from in the beginning

  • Whoa!!!

    by Game designer on the rise

    Game was great at first but then after a few updates no multiplayer despite the promises then the enemies are ridiculously hard to defeat so oh when is the final stage coming I'm still waiting for that as well and final character so until these things happen no 5 star

  • Nice

    by Adel196

    I like it

  • Good Game.

    by Ant addy

    Good controls and gameplay, but the characters are difficult to acquire and I cannot find the boosts.

  • I found out!

    by Reddwalker

    I found out the glitch, I maxed out my other warrior and he was VERY weak, but I had other warriors who were very weak but their strong now! So the glitch is that the weak are strong and the strong are weak.

  • Used to love it now I don't add Multiplayer and I'll consider it

    by 1234/2322

    Used to love it now I don't add multiplayer and I will consider it

  • Needs tweaking

    by Clceditor

    Game started out cool but now it is just forcing players to spend money in order to play it to the fullest. 1. Barely any gems given 2. Experience level barely increases 3. Bosses take longer to defeat 4. Can only buy boosts and 'continues' with gems (see #1) 5. Have plenty of coins but once characters are maxed out, coins are useless (see #s 1 and 4) Hint- if you are giving only coins for completing missions, maybe allow players to use either coins or gems to buy boosts and to continue ... Or drop more gems during the game. If not, players will be forced to buy gems to enjoy playing - or maybe that is the point.

  • Blew It!

    by Mr Rictus Grin

    This WAS one of my favorite games, but now it STINKS! The "upgrade" made it unplayable and lame. Made it so now I play and play and play, and I get nowhere! Thanks a lot! I'm moving on, and it gets DELETED!

  • Multiplayer!?

    by Jalen weston

    Where is multiplayer at I've been waiting for it but I'm still going to rate it 5 stars

  • One great game

    by Captain Haddok

    One of the best games on iOS, simple fun and charming. I love it

  • When will multiplayer come

    by Lol7797


  • Good but...

    by Jdhussle82

    I'm liking the game so far but the controls are not as responsive as they could be. When I try to jump it doesn't always work and I have to keep trying. Also I don't like that I have to touch the avatar then slide my finger to get him to jump. It covers up my avatar. Should be able to make him jump by touching close to him and not directly on him because he's so small. I do like the concept of the jump and do special moves and combos but need improving .Also upgrades are too expensive. Other than that I really like the ragdoll effect and the art style

  • Greatness

    by Finga fun

    Real fun. Hooked.

  • Improvement idea

    by Zeektheguy

    The app is great except for not being able to listen to "outside" music while playing. It's rather frustrating for the app not to support the two (i.e. gameplay & music listening)

  • Fun

    by Daly Roach

    Great game.

  • Fantastic

    by A Person57643

    Such a great game

  • Kind of annoying but fun

    by Kyle Berkins

    It's definitely a fun game and all, but I'm a little annoyed. On "Windoo Wood", I use maxed out "howling Henry" yet after the first level, any enemy that touches me insta-kills me. Can't exactly get past this part, so I'm kind of bored with the game.

  • Fun

    by WhatTheF**kbro

    It's awesome no lie but the cost of the upgrade is a little overwhelming and the goals I want to complete seem impossible

  • Great game

    by AyrtonCarson

    The game is super fun to play. It also has quite a few extra fighters and upgrades that give you many reasons to keep playing. My only complaint is that the game constantly pesters you to do things that increase your in game currency. After every fight it asks you to do activities such as watch a trailer,go to a web site,etc. I would have much rather paid 2 or 3 dollars for the game the have to deal with the constant nagging.

  • Dragon Fingas

    by Mr. Max124

    Love this game!!...love the Bruce lee look and sounds. I could play this game all day long!!

  • Great

    by Whiteout522

    Love this game

  • Dragon finga

    by Waewee

    Solid!!!!!!!! Hooked

  • Freemium Ragdoll Fun

    by Lord Gek

    Neat game marred a bit by expensive consumable IAP purchases. Is it just me or is the local Ping's Palace score failing to properly update (I'm seeing this on my iPhone 5 and iPad 3, iOS 7.03).

  • Amazing

    by Blake shown

    Really a great game definitely worth downloading !

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