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Seller: Andrzej Kuciel

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Drive into the world of 3D Stunt Car Race. Make long jumps, smash obstacles, go full speed!

9 different races available including races on snow and desert. Can You win all 6 leauges?

Earn virtual money for race and leagues results, spent it in garage for new parts or new cars.

This is a 2D race game idea implemented in 3d (graphics and physics). Player can control gas and speed, the driving directions are set automatically to follow the track.

This is the free, ads supported version of 3D Stunt Car Race.

Customer Reviews

  • Good but

    by Monstrosm

    I downloaded the game but its awesome but.. Fix the lag please I will support this game

  • Great but bugs

    by Gbuyvgvfvg

    I love this game but i got the buggy and its invisable fix it please

  • Lagging

    by Mpapaya1

    The game is amazing but once you are racing, it starts lagging. After a while it works but the lagging can get really annoying...

  • Fun

    by DC2336

    Fun game really cool. But the 2 skins u buy u can't see them u just see the tires. Plz fix. Nd the steering is sketchy

  • Problem

    by Mitchellmattjew

    I bought both skins for the truck they are both invisible help

  • Game

    by minecrafter0000000

    It's fun but when you get I the third race it keeps freezing then going, freezing then going, freezing then going! I'm tired of it! Fix it please!

  • Sooooooooo fun

    by Lewis Mac Feldman

    THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!

  • Car

    by Danny boy 55550

    Car flips to easy

  • Boo!!!!!

    by nathons1

    So stupid but fun

  • Great

    by Causgaidh

    Great and worth it. I don't know the difference in the paid one

  • Could be better

    by Bul crap

    It needs an update. The game has potential but the car flips way to easy.

  • Okay

    by Strongmexicanman

    It's fun

  • This game has potential!

    by THAT GUY 98

    Very fun, but could use some touching up. Otherwise I love it!

  • Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by DavidHuynh2

    Good graphic and addicting but please make the wheels turn faster and better grip

  • Fun

    by Pa345

    It gliched and it let me buy all the upgrades with only 500$!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good

    by Diner Denman

    The graphics are good

  • Ok game.....

    by Clgmtt

    This game is ok..... The graphics are pretty good but pretty much all you do is press the gas and watch it go. The menu set up isn't too great either. So overall, this game is ok, but kinda boring.

  • Barrel roll

    by Lolman30

    I like how when I finish a race there is a hill to drive up and when I get to the top I stop and the car rolls then it automatically steers and it brings an awesome looking barrel roll. Please have update for more of the following: Cars,upgrades,sceneries,cups,and menu buttons. Thanks and cool game

  • win you crash you can just reset. this game is awesome

    by WaterMel

    19th 2012. from Matt Lawrence

  • Nice

    by Artsy654

    It's really fun until you,wreck:p

  • Lame

    by Enzosmom14

    Do not buy it. The graphics are hareabull This game was probably made in the 1980's!!! It is the worst game I have!!!

  • Crap?

    by ddfdggd

    I HATE this game!!!!!!

  • Lag

    by Jayhawker2384


  • Garbage after update

    by Jomaddie

    After I updated this app it glitches at 2 frames persecond for the first 10 seconds then smooths out. but the truck over corrects the steering causing multiple rollovers and gets stuck on obstacles all the time WTH it's a 4x4 truck and It gets stuck on a small box? The complete lack of control over your truck makes the game frustrating. When you buy the next truck it is INVISIBLE. I'm playing the game on an iPad2

  • 3D stunt car race

    by 12345687952575

    Worst game ever

  • Sorry

    by Fufu 47

    I do not like this game .it is very dumb to keep tis app .I erased it after 2minutes of it I would rather play parking mania free. At the app store. Worst game :(

  • Booo

    by Wal$nut

    I hate this game.it was really cool at first but after the update it is so slow and the car u can only see the tire

  • I hate it

    by Garrett8101

    Bad grafix and glitches

  • T

    by JJDawg1999

    Only worked for me the first race then it just glitches out. Make an update to fix it

  • Did not work!

    by SingGinaSing

    ...at all!

  • Bad

    by Josei Marin

    Flips to easy

  • Potential

    by primpie

    Could be a fun game, but is not ready.

  • Doesn't even deserve 1 star

    by Sc00terdude

    By far the worst game ever! Physics are 100% FAKE

  • Meh

    by fredvabc

    This truck is so top heavy, next time put wheels on the roof.

  • Terrible

    by Dhhibasdjjs d dhdsfsbdjuek

    The physics are horrible and the car always crashed and rolls. I fully upgrade it and it was still worse than bad.

  • Good at first

    by Funtimes22

    I loved it at first then it froze up and I can't play it anymore.

  • Really!? Worst racing game ever!

    by Gamerqwerasgt

    The thin logs that roll down the track literally trap you and make you restart! This game is totally unreal,I mean the truck just flips and flips and nothing really happens! Overall I wanted to give it a zero star rating. Do not get this game! I deleted it after a few hours of playing.

  • Ok

    by 6373828292

    Its got potional.

  • App is crap!!!!!!!!!

    by XxsavierXx

    •_•.!.!.!.!.!.| it is so crapy

  • Crapola

    by Countcockula

    This is the biggest pile of garbage I've ever downloaded. Its slow and glitchy. And impossible to play.

  • Stupid

    by Ddude22

    Waste of time

  • Bad

    by Fatking 583

    Just pain BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't Download

    by SuperFingers

    Crashes all the time and it's a bad game.

  • Bad

    by My self yo

    It constantly glitches.

  • Game

    by suzy(horsemomof5)

    It gitched at the end dumb

  • Hmm! Just bad

    by Sammaddison

    Immediately you notice this game's flaws, and it has a lot of them. Nothing about the game is polished or even interesting. The game screens are so poorly done, the physics of the car itself are impossibly bad, even the road you race on ends abruptly into blue nothingness that you tumble down into. Anyone who gives this game more than two stars has not played the game, I assure you. The only thing that is stopping me from giving it one star is that it was probably made by two or three nice people who just didn't have the time or money to make the game anything but terrible.

  • Terrible

    by Tynan137

    This is the worst game ever they should pay u to download it

  • Cool

    by Deathwatches


  • Bad

    by PlaystationPlayer

    This game is terrible!

  • Horable

    by Ribye99

    It's the worst car app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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