Isabelle Dance Studio Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: American Girl
  • Updated: Jan, 01 2014
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Size: 86.96 MB

Languages: English

Seller: American Girl Brands, LLC

This update fixes the bug that keeps the app from launching.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
33 Ratings
All Versions:
100 Ratings


Isabelle Palmer, American Girl’s Girl of the Year 2014, is an inspired dancer living in Washington, D.C. Isabelle is excited to begin at Anna Hart School of the Arts, where her older sister, Jade, has been studying ballet. Jade and the other girls at school are amazing dancers, and Isabelle worries that she won’t be able to keep up!

Help Isabelle improve her ballet skills by playing Isabelle Dance Studio. Tap the stars so that Isabelle will reach and leap to keep them in the air. Touch stars to earn points. Let stars hit gems to fill up the starburst meter and unlock its special power. Tap megastars for more points and powers, but don’t touch the black pearl! If you do, you’ll have to start over. Remember, practice makes perfect!

To learn more about Isabelle, or to discover more fun games and activities, visit

Game Features
•Beautiful graphics
•Multiple backgrounds
•Endless play
•Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

Customer Reviews

  • Update?

    by Luv american girls!

    I thought the update was going to fix the bugs. It did but the game still keeps crashing!!!

  • Cool

    by Fairly awesome

    It came out at midnight when it was officially 2014! Pretty cool, it does crash occasionally on my iTouch 4th generation but I like it

  • Wish it would work...

    by Tay Tay

    This game worked at first but now it kicks me back before I can start playing and I'm sure it's not my device, it doesn't do it to any of my other American girl games. Please fix!

  • Amazing!

    by softballfreak_ikr12365

    This is an awesome app. I love the girl of the year because she is a dancer like me:)

  • I luv AG

    by Michael highwayman

    After u start playing it is fun!!!!

  • Just got it!!!!!!

    by $cute girl$

    So excited!! . - All those things about it crashing its ur device not the game delete it then try again P.S. think u guys are cool P.P.S. u are wrong it is still your device I tried it and works perfectly P.P.P.S. this is great for little girls who like the art of ballet!!!

  • Awesome

    by Geggerz

    It is a very fun game. Before it would always crash and if you turn the device off for a minute then turn it back on it Should work. I love the game.

  • Very Fun!

    by T-BoneH

    I love it a lot, although there is the occasional crashing, it does not bother me. Many people have said it is boring and lame, I think it's upbeat, fun and entertaining! Definitely worth $0.99! Love the music, too.

  • Ok

    by Turffboy67

    It's a good game but it get boring after while

  • Cool!

    by Tay Tay

    This is a pretty fun game but it moves kinda choppy and it kicks me back quite a bit

  • Awesome!!

    by Naner pants dancer

    I love it its so fun! You should try it

  • It so awesome

    by 9zzzz9

    You should do get this app

  • Frozen

    by Fluff1205

    I was playing it and it was fine but then it froze!

  • Fixed

    by Puppypuppy104

    I opened the game a couple days after it didn't work. I was in a different location but the game ran like it was supposed to. ☺️

  • It Works.

    by jcfuller66

    It works but it's also kinda boring. But whenever I'm in the mood I play it. Also if it doesn't work it's prob you don't have iOS 6.0 or below. It says it in details.

  • Works-4-me

    by Ballet2014

    It works on my iPad! :) I think it works really well on the iPad. By the other reviews i don't think it works on iPod? But over-all it work perfectly on my iPad!!!:) Love this Game! :) It's awesome :)

  • Come on

    by Lololololloll

    Come on I really want to play don't ever buy this game I am not joking

  • Works

    by Swim555

    I really like this game it works really good and it is so fun hope u like it to

  • Isabelle

    by Zmilka7

    Best game ever ! Works perfectly fine ! Already at 1,360 points ! I really recommend the game !

  • Fun!

    by Jj20030228

    I have this game on my iPad and it's soo fun! I have gotten to 4,000 points already! It looks like on the other reviews it doesn't work on other devices, but on the iPad, it works perfectly!

  • I would NOT get it

    by airbear2174

    The app is awful, every time you try play it, it goes black and brings you back to home screen. Every 100 times I tried it the app would not work.


    by Name- Lexi

    I clicked buy, and I KNOW I have the money and nothing happened. It went to the download symbol so I waited.... For 6 hours. NOTHING. Please help!

  • Keeps on Crashing

    by AG lover Carly

    I love AG and I just got this app and it keeps crashing. Even if you think it will act different on your device like I did you're wrong!

  • by HgjgfjfddhjvxG

    It is soooooo boring

  • Does not work

    by Siz luv

    It just keeps crashin

  • Stupid

    by Dhjvrhd

    Really not worth paying .99 for it. Isabelle has a derpy face and the moves are just stupid kicks. I wish this game had more to offer.:(

  • Crashes

    by RebeccaSigns

    We can't get the app to load. Will be requesting a refund, or filing a complaint with our credit card company if the app is not fixed.

  • Ok

    by DolphinTrainer Wanabe

    This app is nice, but boring. All Isabelle does is jump around. I am a dancer, and I just think that it should have more moves. Also, after I finish a game, when I press the replay button, it crashes!!:( I really don't like that. Please Fix!!!!!!!:(

  • Hate it

    by Hunt cuts

    It didn't work when I first got it and now it dosnt work when I did the update that said it would fix that bug I paid for it I want to play it

  • Crash

    by a0g8orr

    this app is awful... paid $1.99 and it wont work. opens up then loads then crashes :(

  • Ok

    by AG Girl9

    I like playing it but it keeps crashing .

  • Crash

    by Crashesonmeeverysingletime.

    Tried to play it and it crashed right after I first tapped the star.

  • Sad it won't work

    by DJLA1321

    Paid for this game all we get us frustration. It starts loading and then crashes.

  • BOO!!!

    by Vlnplr

    I love AG games but not this one,I updated it twice and it still won't work!!!!

  • Worst app EVER!!!

    by Nature and Animals

    I thought hey this looks like a nice app all of the other american girl apps I downloaded have worked. Nope I was wrong! This app is a complete waste of the $0.99 you have to pay. I want my money back! I will never download another one of your games. Because you are just using people to get their money which is not only rude it is completely wrong. So instead of taking no...stealing money away from people why don't you fix the problem and actually let people get onto the app. Ever single time I open it it fails.

  • Boring

    by TheSecretUnicorn

    This app crashes and freezes for most people. For me it doesn't. I gave it two stars because it's super boring. When I saw that this app costs 99 cents, I thought that meant it would be more fun than the others. I was SOOOOO wrong. McKenna and Kanani were fun. This is the exact opposite!

  • Terrible!

    by Cocojean1

    It's frozen. Can't even play once. DO NOT BUY this app! I only gave it 1 star because I had to. ZERO stars! My iPad is not acting right since downloading. There goes AG sucking more & more $ out of people.

  • Seriously???

    by Brianna G F C M.

    I just paid 0.99 for this game thinking it would be fun just like the gymnastics downloads. I enter the app & click start...... Nothing!!!!!????

  • Sorry

    by Www123456790

    Sorry American Girl but this app is horrible! The new update didn't fix any thing! It just signed me out:( If your going to advertise apps in your magazine they should work! $.99 isn't a good price for this app. Reader please don't buy! It's a waste of time and money.

  • Awful

    by DolphinTrainer Wanabe

    I just got this app a couple days ago. Every time I opened it, I wasn't able to play because it kept crashing. I also just updated it and it still won't work!!!:( I really want to play it, but it won't work.

  • FIX IT!!!!!

    by Kanai Mae

    I just downloaded this app and it crashes everything I try I open it! It happened at least 5 times in a row. I never got to play that game cause it always crashes whenever I open it. PLEASE FIX IT!!! I just downloaded the update too and it still crashes! DO NOT BUY THIS APP. NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!

  • Horrible

    by Awesomess7

    This game is no good i can't even get past American Girl then it says loading and then it goes back to my home screen i do not suggest this game

  • So Disappointed

    by Jen Dec

    Only goes on the first screen and then crashes. Please fix it because I would like to see what the app is all about. $1.00 wasted!

  • It does not work

    by Meme617

    I was excited to play. But for some reason there is a logo that says American girl. Then it says loading but then it crashes. And I payed $1 for this stupid game!

  • Terrible :(

    by Peace Love & Fashion

    I was totally upset because I can't get past the main screen. $1 spent for nothing. I was so excited. Please fix it.

  • Terrible

    by Linbandit

  • Isabelles Dance Studio

    by Dzizzamia

    Crap app. Won't open. Want refund. Would give NO stars if I could...

  • Crappy piece of junk

    by Coonlvr

    I would die after one minute of playing this game.spent $ and all I got was a crappy works, but it should be for 1-3year olds.

  • Not very fun!

    by Kakyak

    The game is not responsive to your touch and even I could not get far in the game. The girls gave up after five minutes. Do not waste a dollar!

  • Horrible.

    by M&M 3000

    This game took an hour to download and it won't let me play at all. DON'T WAIST YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doesn't work!!!

    by chriswinfield

    What a joke

  • All it dose is crash


    It's not worth the money not at all! I only got to play it once and it was sooo glitchy!!! DO NOT GET IT! It really really really needs fixed!

  • Not for 11 year olds

    by Dominit

    It worked 4 me but not that fun I'm 11 and I think it's for a younger person maybe 6 or 7 all u do is tap on stars :( o it works fine on my iPad if your a mom reading this I recommend the american girl cheerleading app if your daughter is 10 or older ;) btw my iPad is an iPad 4 by:#mrs.styles#1

  • Sucky game

    by Love4Music82

    It's a waste of money and I if I were u I would not but it. It stinks bc it won't let me get past the American girl sign worst game ever.

  • Crashes!

    by Twins Squared

    This app doesn't work! It crashes on the home screen! Please fix!

  • Bummer!

    by Emile jay

    I bought this game and it freezes before you even get to play on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Horrid and waste of $

    by AtlasAnthem

    For 1 dollar all you do is tap the screen I got this game for my little sister and she hates it!

  • No

    by Dancer of 10 years

    I'm a dancer and was super excited to get this game but it WONT RVEN DOWNLOAD! Huge fan of AG but you need to FIX THIS GAME!!!!!


    by Leerachriss

    Wasted $1 on this and it did not work from the beginning. It says to press a star but it freezes.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Danielle dicecco

    It keeps crashing dose not work so not worth $1 I paid

  • Mom

    by ACBay

    Piece of crap... Paid for this and it doesn't work and I have a disappointed child

  • Title screen

    by Allisonpakulski17

    It won't let me go past the home screen! Please fix it!! I paid a dollar for this!

  • :(

    by dancegirl111111111111111111111

    Game DOES NOT work keeps going back to home screen!very disappointed!

  • Disappointed

    by Sam1010101_

    So i payed 99 cents on my iPod touch and all this game did was crash. I think you need to fix it

  • Freeze by lol

    by By bugs

    I was very upset when I realized that my game wouldn't get past the American girl sign.

  • Wast of money

    by Jolynn111

    You will hate this game forever. I can't even live 1second playing this. Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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