Skylanders Lost Islands™ Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Activision Publishing, Inc.

What's New in Version 1.9.1

o It is recommended that players upgrade to iOS7 to optimize their gameplay experience.
o Bug fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
290 Ratings
All Versions:
41156 Ratings


***More than 3 million downloads!***

Play for FREE as you explore the Skylands, build your own island and embark on incredible quests with your Skylanders in this amazing new adventure for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

More than a simple “builder” game, Skylanders Lost Islands™ is all about collecting and evolving your collection of Skylanders. As you progress, build out your island to unlock Skylanders and send them on exciting quests and adventures to rank them up. What’s more, bring your physical Skylanders figures into the game! Unlock them and add them to your in-game collection for even more adventuring fun!

Skylanders Lost Islands™ is easy to pick up and play, even if you haven’t played Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure™, Skylanders Giants™ or Skylanders SWAP Force™.

o Build, evolve and customize Skylands islands of your own design
o Unlock over 90 unique Skylanders and rank them up to help you in your goals including the brand new SWAP Force™!
o Welcome new Companions to your islands and unlock their unique gameplay perks.
o Help characters on your islands and earn rewards along the way as you send Skylanders on amazing adventures and feats!
o Explore many islands full of surprise and mystery
o Level up through the game to unlock new items and customize your islands
o Supports your physical Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure™, Skylanders Giants™ and Skylanders SWAP Force™ toy collection — import them into the game to bring them to life in Skylanders Lost Islands™
o Amazing art and HD graphics optimized for the Retina display
o Featuring the voices from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure™, Skylanders Giants™ and Skylanders SWAP
o Play with your friends via Facebook and Game Center to get exclusive rewards*
o Play in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages
o More features added all the time!
o Play for FREE!

*Due to privacy concerns, some features are not available to all users.

Skylanders Lost Islands™ is completely free-to-play, but some in-game items can be purchased using real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.

Visit the Official Skylanders Lost Islands™ forums at:

Note: Not supported on iPhone 3GS, iPod3 or older devices.

Be sure to check out Skylanders Collection Vault™, Skylanders Cloud Patrol™ and Skylanders Battlegrounds™, also in the App Store!


Customer Reviews

  • Great game

    by Richard Velasquez

    Great game

  • Great game

    by amanda warren

    Addicting game

  • Good

    by 1MDTF33

    Pretty good

  • Fofodcj

    by Foggy meld


  • Awesome

    by Linda Potter

    Love this game give me a fix from the real game

  • Very fun

    by Greyknight10

    Exciting and fun with what I already have!

  • Great

    by Roy7520

    Great game

  • Good game

    by Ahnold1212

    Good game!

  • Lots of fun and have the game on my xbox

    by Anthony bartal

    I have swap force but when I type wash bucklers Code right it says I'm wrong but I have his code so why are you doing this and make stuff cost less like the skylander spin I have six and it cost 100 000 coins cool game but make stuff cost less

  • Buena app

    by Roberto Chavez

    la verdad no esperaba mas de esta app, es muy adictiva xD, si la recomiendo para pasar un momento de aburrimiento

  • Fun fun fun!!

    by The Big Italian

    Excellent game!

  • Awesome

    by Boii66


  • OK game

    by Sis 394

    Kids love it

  • Fun so far...

    by Hpk2020

    But I just started playing.

  • cool

    by BloodlessNova

    very entertaining

  • Cool

    by Pok3master2917


  • Son loves game!

    by Silly sal01

    My son loves playing!

  • Cool

    by Allik803

    Good game

  • Love it!

    by Isarealgirl

    Absolutely love this app.

  • Amazing

    by Myabcs5

    This is a must for all skylanders fans! Get this portal masters!!!!

  • Not happy

    by LaShaunda Harris

    I cannot open the app; it has been almost two weeks. If I have to delete the game again because it will not open I am not downloading it again. This will be the second time that it has done this. So get it fixed why don't you!!!

  • Skylanders

    by Cwasko1

    This is the best game!

  • Skylanders power

    by Jose E Cotto

    This is a really good game get it now if you like Skylanders

  • Ha

    by Qwesadrftghyjkluiopmbncvxz

    Ha ho how is it going

  • Excellent

    by TH3_R3V_

    good game. Hope I don't have a to actually spend money to get more sky landers.

  • Ok

    by Nanasie

    Ok game. The price cost for items and such could use some adjusting (pricey). Game has not crashed or become sluggish which is excellent.

  • Cool app

    by val bucio

    Cool app

  • Awesome

    by Bid79

    Really great game

  • Cool game

    by IParhamKiller

    This is a cool game and i enjoy that

  • Love it

    by Pumpkin2064

    I love playing the game

  • Fun

    by Boondoba

    Great so far

  • Yes

    by Jerxallen


  • Still can't play:(lost my whole game)

    by **JustMeLeslie**

    It's been 4 months since I've been able open and play this game..when is it going to be fixed?? I was really far into the game--so sad:( I can't login to either fb or activate..still getting an error message when I try..I've lost all of my progress..I had almost all of the skylanders. I'm so disappointed in Activision..

  • Usual city game

    by MooWarrior

    It's the standard "city" or "ville" game just with Skylanders wondering around.

  • Chop chop

    by Heatbot

    I like skylander

  • Good

    by Manoffire1996


  • Sigh

    by Cbdude2001


  • Good game

    by Zetsumei631

    I'm hooked

  • Fun

    by :)Bug(:

    This game is actually super fun

  • Great game

    by Ksjwisnsinw

    This is a really good game nice work!!!!! :)

  • Not bad

    by Jjw03

    It's not a bad game

  • No help

    by Suogt

    The update didnt do nothing but take the snow away and still laggs every 2 seconds

  • Female fan

    by Love pink monster girl

    Will you please let all of us have female sky landers ? Please switch my male sky landers for female sky landers! Girls play this game too and love it just be fair to us!

  • Love it

    by Christi's

    I play this with my husband and grandchildren. It has something for all of us.

  • Skylanders

    by Trvujtgyjyfdcfgym

    It is fun.

  • Lost Island

    by MOonsnail

    It is a great game to lost your time too.

  • 1.9.1 Crash!

    by Nick8114

    Been playing this game for a while, but with this update I can't get passed the "loading" screen. Just crashes! Over and over... Fix it if you want anymore of my money!

  • Skylanders lost island

    by Theeagle12

    Fun game

  • Kid loves it

    by Bowenbk

    Nuff said

  • Good

    by Andrew Mays

    I love this game

  • Cool app for Skylanders!!

    by ringobatkin

    My son loves playing the game on iPad or the Wii,

  • I hate it

    by Love is cool man

    Hate it if you like fighting with sky landers. This is not 4 u

  • I like it but...

    by Mattyblover191

    I really like sky landers but on mobile divices I really don't like because you haft to buy everything and stuff but when you buy the sky landers and you place it on the plastic thing it's more fun because you get to play with a mini auction toy like hotdog or all if thoses but it's really fun because your on a controller other than a mobile divice do you agree?

  • Great game

    by Knowell33

    Super fun game. Even better if you own skylanders

  • Sky landers

    by AwesomeLanders

    Awesome game and never ends with unlimited upgrades, u should definitely get this amazing app by Activision

  • Good

    by Dukigo


  • New update

    by Hina_71

    After the update it won't let me open it anymore :(

  • Fun

    by Davo12321

    I love it

  • Cool game

    by OneBadDragon

    Sweet to play a game my son plays and helps me identify the chars in the game

  • Help

    by Branjojo

    I love this app. I am always in it. I got a new iPhone and am trying to get this app to connect to my Facebook but it won't. Fix it. I had two altro egos so I can't get them back!!!

  • Awesome

    by FlutterPie kitten

    I loved the games for the other systems and now I have it on my phone! This is pretty cool.

  • Rowan Elizabeth Busicchia

    by A. Wickes

    Awesome game he should play! LOL! Like coolest thing in the world! If you don't like it you should think again! Awesome game bro! OMG I just passed everything! I unlocked everything so I can still play when !it comes out

  • Cool

    by 12Dylan34B


  • I <3 Skylanders

    by Skylanders Girl 712

    I love Skylanders and I started as soon as my sister showed me how to play so I downloaded this app to play on the go

  • Great game!

    by Ice walker098$&


  • Amazing game!

    by Happinessssss

    Add me please, screen name kingpin. I play and give gifts daily.

  • It is awsome

    by B&C FTC pro

    Cool game realy cool cool

  • Fix the bad update!

    by Mjajom

    Just updated and it crashes. It will not open. Loved it before latest update.

  • Great game

    by Chant151

    Fun and exciting!

  • Fun ans simple

    by Drewwwy1

    Fun and entertaining ..

  • by williamrobertellis

  • Best app

    by Tmk91

    Very awesome game

  • Pretty cool

    by Brandee1919

    I love being able to play skylanders when I'm not at home.

  • Love it

    by Purpledragonboi

    Love it

  • Fun

    by Matt88g


  • Fun

    by Tacrida78

    Great game

  • Bojangles

    by Bojangles82

    Very fun game!!!

  • Fun

    by LocoAaron97

    This game is fun and easy

  • Skylanders

    by Foxfire1133

    Seems like an interesting game so far

  • Omg

    by Kitkatlovetocheerforblitz

    Grate game sooo much fun love it

  • .

    by Micah bacon

    This game is grate it has all the skylanders I wish I had

  • Oh

    by Drigothedragon


  • Gg

    by Dafooddood#1


  • Hdid

    by J-S=no love


  • Cool!!!!!!!!!!

    by JMA5T3R

    Good Game

  • Good

    by Jsili


  • Now the app crashes

    by JRV25

    With the new update now the app crashes. Bad update!

  • Fun

    by Butcher.8.13

    This is a very fun game.

  • It cool

    by Tammys911

    I just got to level 3 and so far it's cool.

  • Yes!

    by Laurforensics <3

    Great game

  • Dissapointed

    by Kiz21

    It wont open

  • Good

    by Yanks950


  • A fun game

    by King Bowser

    If you like sky landers you will have a fun time building and gathering characters for the other games.

  • Skylanders

    by Wowwhosthatdude

    Cute so far! But I just started:-) we'll see! I love skylanders!!

  • Best update ever!!!!


    Since I updated this app element of the day finally works again. Where is the snow and does New Years Countdown not have a house like the other alto ego characters?

  • Fun

    by Xman4977

    Wish they had all skylanders to get even old ones

  • Sky landers

    by Daniela@99


  • Cool

    by Sueo27


  • Awesome

    by Na34567890

    This is the 5 stars up

  • Great

    by Babyjayoutlaw07

    Only thing is after update I loss all my data

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