Lost Treasures of Infocom Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Activision Publishing, Inc.

• Fixed a potential crash when restoring purchases, if an earlier transaction was improperly interrupted.
• "Manual" button added to the in-game button bar, allowing you to go from in-game directly to the manual and back again.
• The app now remembers your frequently viewed Manuals, Maps and Feelies where you last scrolled and zoomed, until you view a different item.
• Reset game timer when a new game started, so that you can improve on your best time.
• Other minor enhancements

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***"Lost Treasures of Infocom is a wonderfully nostalgic, superbly presented, and impressively comprehensive package.
A real labour of love, then, and a beautiful reminder that a picture isn't always preferable to a thousand words." - Pocket Gamer***

***"The part that's blowing my mind is just how well these games have made the translation to iOS" - Touch Arcade***

Enter the world of master storytellers. Before there were state-of-the-art consoles, tablets and PCs capable of amazing graphics, gamers had to use their imagination and wit, to solve intricate puzzles and progress through these text-only adventure gaming classics.

The Lost Treasures of Infocom brings these classic works of interactive fiction to life for the first time on iPad, Phone & iPod Touch. This definitive collection of 27 adventure games spanning fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, horror & more, places you in the center of immersive, richly-detailed interactive worlds full of interesting locations, engaging puzzles & surprising twists & turns. You’re more than just a passive reader as you engage directly with the story by typing actions through your keyboard. Use your imagination to come up with creative solutions to puzzles with multiple solutions as you progress through each adventure and bring these stories to life!

• Download today & get the all-time adventure classic that started it all, Zork I: The Great Underground Empire, for FREE! Plunge beneath the surface of the earth in search of the long lost Treasures of Zork. Starting from a field west of the iconic White House, Zork beckons you into a world fraught with danger & discovery.
• Collect & play the original Infocom text adventure library with 27 games in all, including The Zork™ Series, Planetfall®, The Enchanter Trilogy, Leather Goddesses of Phobos™, & many more!
• Interact with all of the original classic Infocom collectables, from the packaging & game manuals to the in-box "feelies", all faithfully reproduced for fans of the series
• Access special interactive versions the original InvisiClues hint books, & full game maps for each title, accessible from within the games themselves
• Learn about the rise & fall of Infocom, with an exclusive history article written exclusively for the app
• Showcase your adventure game accomplishments to your friends with full GameCenter leaderboard support
• Also includes the exclusive, never-before-published text adventure “Zork: The Undiscovered Underground”, written by original Infocom designers
• Re-live these brilliant & imaginative adventure titles with over 350 hours of gameplay

Complete your collection and keep these classic games alive for generations to come. Players can purchase five bundle packs with 5 games each for $2.99 per pack; OR own the entire game collection PLUS all game maps AND the exclusive, never-published bonus adventure “Zork: The Undiscovered Underground”, for just $9.99.

Games Available:
• A Mind Forever Voyaging
• Ballyhoo
• Border Zone
• Cutthroats
• Deadline
• Enchanter
• Hollywood Hijinx
• Infidel
• Leather Goddess of Phobos
• The Lurking Horror
• Moonmist
• Planetfall
• Plundered Hearts
• Seastalker
• Sorcerer
• Spellbreaker
• Starcross
• Stationfall
• Suspect
• Suspended: A Cryogenic Nightmare
• The Witness
• Trinity
• Wishbringer
• Zork 1: The Great Underground Empire (FREE with free initial download)
• Zork 2 : The Wizard of Frobozz
• Zork 3 : The Dungeon Master
• Zork: The Undiscovered Underground (bonus game for purchasing the Complete Collection)

©2012 Activision Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome Collection

    by Br'er Lappin

    1. It would be great if we could custom name our saves instead of using just a number. 2. Add iCloud support so we can play seamlessly between devices. 3. Please update with a new collection to include: Bureaucracy Hitchhiker's Guide Nord & Bert Beyond Zork Zork Zero Arthur Journey Sherlock Shogun

  • Astounding

    by Brucie1248

    Excellent way to provide easy access to an old, different format of gaming.


    by JacksonZ

    This is an excellent excellent package. — for any of you that were actually “gaming” in the 70’s and 80’s … this was it for us. And this package brings back lots of great memories. The added box and in-package goodies that they’ve included in each package is perfect. It’s like buying the original boxes all over again. If any of you were born in the 90’s and above, check this game style out. It’s like interacting with your favorite book. I love this. Thanks for bringing this to my iPad

  • Love it! One of best games for chilling out!

    by Gameaholic Machina

    Love it! One of best games for chilling out!

  • Greatest App since Frotz

    by GonzoSports

    Code Mystics are my heroes. 3D images of the feelies is inspired. With all my heart, thanks.

  • Love 'em all

    by Radiobuz

    I've see these games on EBay for over $100 (and in old computer formats). Getting all of these for 10 bucks is a steal. Especially for us pioneers who go all the way back to Commodore 64 days. I couldn't be happier.

  • Genius-headed idea!

    by SuperJimmy

    Thanks, Activision! I'm glad there's a way to get these complete games at a very reasonable price. I'm happy to pay for them now that they're available, versus finding them elsewhere. You can unlock all the games, InvisiClues, and complete maps for less than one of these would've cost back in the 80's. I'm going to stop being productive at work and focus on rebuilding my childhood!

  • Amazing

    by vladrac

    $10 is a steal for all of theses games and extras. Just picked it up some I'm hope my external keyboard works. I gave it 4 stars for the missing titles. Maybe that will be added in future updates or a "Part 2" game. Nice job Activision and Infocom.

  • YES!

    by Yoman200000@!

    Ok, so I'm young and I've always wanted to play these games! I've mostly wanted to play ZORK. And now look, they're right here in front of me! Thank you devs who made this for mobile devices! Anyone who wants to play text based games get this app!

  • Fantastic

    by Jlz3535

    Someone has spent a great deal of time bringing back these classics. Well done!

  • Get App

    by Gregory York

    If you've ever had even a passing, cursory interest in text adventures, get this app. For fans, it's even closer to a book than ever before.

  • Great Collection! Needs iCloud!

    by J Lo

    I cut my teeth on text adventures back in the late '70s & early '80s. It is great to revisit these and play the ones I missed or never completed. They still hold fast as quality games. My only complaint/request would be to see iCloud and/or Dropbox integrated in the save system. Not having access to my saves from iPhone to iPad is a major bummer. I'd love to have the ability to continue my game while sitting around sans iPad.

  • Classics

    by Whyrendog

    I've bought every version of "Treasures" and still have yet to play them all, but I'd gladly give Wishbringer a 3rd try!

  • Great, But A Couple Gripes

    by Gaidzag Chukudnassian

    I agree with all the good things people have said about this app--and am genuinely stoked to be able to play all these games in one place, but I'd like to add a couple things that I wish I'd known before slapping down my $9.99 : 1. Once you swipe an invisiclues answer and make it visible, there's no way to re-hide it. Not a big deal I guess, if you are the only one using the app. But if someone else wants to play the game, the whole reveal-hints-bit-by-bit idea goes out the window. The only workaround I've found is deleting the app and reinstalling it. What a pain. 2. The in-game maps are awesome, except for the one game that I bought the app to play in the first place: Suspended. As you may recall, Suspended actually came with its own map (instead of requiring you to make it as you played like in all the other games) and little markers for each of the six robots you control so that you can keep track of where each robot is. It was almost impossible to play the game without this aid. Guess what? The app has the map, but no markers or any other way to keep track of the robots. So it's almost totally useless in that regard. Maybe docking two stars might be excessive, but the first seems like it would be an easy fix, and the second makes the game unplayable without a printed out map which defeats the whole point of having it on a portable tablet. If these two points get resolved my rating would be 5 out of 5.

  • Back to the future.

    by Godzilla1976

    The early days of computing featured a more elegant style of game that actually required use of one's imagination. The Infocom games are absolute classics - each a wonderful interactive novel that allows your brain (not your graphics card) to do the heavy lifting. Highly recommended!!!

  • Really Cool

    by Eastmarch

    Nice app. Please add more text color customization -- I want retro green.

  • So excited they created this! Thank you!!

    by jul22

    I grew up with these amazing games. This is such an excellent way to explore them on the iPad. I love the manuals, maps, and feelies here. Awesome! Two wishes - that you could save files with names versus number slots (unlimited saves would be nice, too...), and that your saved files could sync from iPad to iPhone.

  • Finally a way to obtain these games

    by Sh15326

    It's really hard to purchase these games, and the used versions are pricey. So I was happy that they were made available through this app. High nostalgia value for me; I remember Planetfall (Floyd!) as my favorite from way back.

  • Back in the good ol' underground

    by Dr. Who.

    It's great to see some of the greatest infocom games on the iTunes Store however it's success could be a lot more if it included Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

  • Challenging nostalgia

    by Ponsau

    I remembered playing these text based games with family. Having a computer back in the early 80s was a big deal, and my cousins and other family would get together to try to play these text based games. Hours sitting around drawing maps and trying to figure out puzzles. I think negative reviews are probably from younger gamers who may not understand the game, and who are probably use to instant gratification. These games are not easy, very challenging. Here are a few tips for those with problems: Read the manual! Draw a map of where you are going, and what and where you drop items. (Luckily maps are included in this electronic version, so convenient. You might need dropped items later) Try everything and anything, you would be surprised by what zork can recognize. Carry the sword in Zork and if it glows blue, save the game! Your about to see a monster! Save often so you can reload if you do something wrong. And finally if you can't figure something out, try looking at the invisiclues to see if it can help. With the game, maps, manuals, and invisiclues added, this is a great buy. I think it's a great way for current serious gamers to see how these classics were done.

  • Fun flashback to my youth, but...

    by BigDaddy1170

    Unable to access full game library on iPad, but recognizes that I had purchased full game library and able to play on my iPod Touch. Please fix.

  • Lost Treasures of Infocom

    by Randy Nelson

    I'm so excited that Zork is back! Like one of the previous reviewers I wish Hitchhikers was part of this set, but maybe sometime in the future. I would have given a 5 but whenever I try to look a a map it crashes. Please fix this!

  • The original meaning of "text"

    by Rick Hidalgo

    Simply put, there is no better collection of text adventures to be found bar none on iOS! Until now we had Frotz to fall back on. Frotz plays many more Text Adventures, but LT beats it hands down when it comes to details! Details that include being able to change the font size within the game, a graphic directional compass and many other nice touches! Easily the best $10 I've spent on an entertainment app in the App Store! IMO there isn't a better deal anywhere on these Infocom treasures. Have you seen how much the CD and disk collections (for computers) are going for on market sites? As much as $200-$250...really? There's no way I'd pay that much for something so abstract! Here's hoping this is just the beginning of a resurgence of a genre of gaming that's been long forgotten but by a few!

  • ??

    by Hussai_n

    I didn't understand anything about this game. How can i play? What am i supposed to do? Please help! Thanx

  • Lost Treasures II?

    by M. Weigel

    Okay Activision, I'm waiting for LToI 2 to pick up the rest of the library. Can't wait for Hithhiker's Guide, Sherlock, or Nord and Burt!! This app is definitely worth the investment!

  • Wonderful!!

    by Rev Carte

    I played these games in the 80's and reviewed them for a monthly publication back then. I have been trying for a long time to find a way to import them into my ipad. Now, Activision has done it for me. This is easily the best app I have ever downloaded from the App Store. I can even change the text, change the color of the background, and change the size of the text. This will keep busy for a long time. Thank you Activision!!!

  • Get this even if you have Frotz

    by Avnrk

    The developers have created the most perfect Infocom port for a tablet computer. I thought I might have to use a Bluetooth keyboard but it's been an hour already and I don't seem to need one! Amazing experience. Maps, invisiclues, everything done perfectly!

  • It's a must have!

    by Minecraftdude10

    You start out with one game which is zork 1 which is the perfect game to last intill you by more games. Love zork, I remember when I got my first zork game.

  • Activision being Activision


    So the other app to compare this to is window frotz which is an open source project that plays a vast array of IF games. Pros of IF games might go towards more to frotz, but this app is just as great, if not some what better than frotz. All of the avlible goodies in this app can easily be found and downloaded online for frotz and even more games can be played on frotz. But what this app offers is a unique and creative iphone interface for IF games. My two favorite features which cannot be found on any other frotz machine are the compass for the directions and the 3D model goods from the original games. You cannot find these kind of marks for the best of infocom games. Bassically what I'm saying is spen the 10$ for an impressive collection of games.

  • Nice!

    by Drewman5637

    Incredible job! It's great to see these games again, and even better that such a good translation to touch was designed for it.

  • This collection's missing 9 games that I can think of...

    by TuneIn2Me

    ...and until they're included (within reason) I can't give it a full 5 stars, even though this app IS excellent and deserving of a 5-star rating. Now, I don't think anyone's really expecting to see Shogun, due to some legal issues (although if it were to get included at some point, feelies and all, that would be worth well over 5 stars. Too bad 5's the limit). Ditto for Hitchhiker's (even though it's how I and many others came across Infocom and text adventures in the first place), and I guess not including Bureaucracy or even Sherlock is kind of understandable for the same reason. However, those issues are the only conceivable reason not to have Nord And Bert in the collection, and that's a stretch at best. As for the rest, except for technical issues, which could be resolved, there seems to be NO reason not to include them. Leaving Arthur and Journey out seems pointless enough, but excluding Zork Zero and Beyond Zork is flat-out INEXCUSABLE. I am expecting to see at least a few of these titles added at some point in the future, sooner rather than later. Hopefully, they will also be free to those who already bought the full library, or at the very least drastically reduced in price, and even then only if the library goes up in price and the cost just makes up the difference. As for the feelies, some of them are hard to see well, and some new scans of the game packaging would be useful (although it's kind of amusing to see where price tag stickers have been scratched off and things like that). Other than that, some of the pages in the instructions are in the wrong order. Everything else in this app is pretty much prefect, though, and everyone who likes puzzles or good writing in games, or adventure games in general, should get this.

  • Outstanding

    by cyberfugue

    I cut my gaming teeth on Infocom games and the effort and attention to detail that Activision put into this app made the $9.99 purchase a no brainier for me. Here's hoping they add the missing titles - Beyond Zork, Zork Zero, Hitchhiker's Guide and Nord and Bert. I'd gladly pay extra for these. Thanks, Activision!

  • Well done!

    by jetlag26

    Activision did a great job on porting their games to the iPad. Hitchhikers Guide is available thru the Gotz app along with all the Zorks. Too bad one app does not rule them all.

  • Incomplete

    by Where's Nord?

    It claims to be the "Lost Treasures," but meriting the title requires inclusion of "Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It," truly the most lost Infocom treasure of all.

  • Addressing Bluetooth usage and other feedback

    by CodeMystics

    To those with Bluetooth Keyboards, you just have to tap on the game screen to activate the keyboard. Bluetooth keyboards don't work with any app until you've activated the input field, just like with on-screen keyboards. In LTOI, input is activated (and deactivated) by tapping the screen. Regarding the complaint below about iPad Mini, there are many ways to see more of the game text: 1. turn the device to portrait orientation so the keyboard covers fewer lines, 2. pinch the text to shrink it, so that more text is visible in the window, or 3. hide the keyboard by tapping the screen. The keyboard covers exactly the same portion of the screen on an iPad Mini as a regular iPad, so there's no disadvantage playing on an iPad Mini. Also, to another comment, these games can be played on multiple devices for the one purchase, but you (a) have to use the same iTunes account and (b) have to tap the "Restore Purchases" button on the Store screen to have it unlock purchases made on a different device. If people are having difficulties, we encourage people to send support requests into the publisher or developer. We're happy to help, but the App Store Reviews are not an ideal place to seek tech support, since we can't really have a proper dialogue here. Disclaimer: we are not associated with Activision and do not speak for them.

  • Missing Hitchhiker

    by noothernicknameavailable

    $10 for all the games listed isn't really bad. I paid $30 or so for each of the originals back in the day, so this is a steal. I'm really missing the addition of Hitchhiker and Nord & Bert (might be a few others missing also), but overall it's a great little app. Frotz does a lot of what's in this app, but the addition of virtual feelies is awesome. And since some of the games relied on clues from the feelies (early piracy protection) it certainly helps keep the feel of the games true to the originals. Simply a must-have for the old school gamer like me.

  • Activision got it Right!

    by Whomping Norb

    Wow! This is a once in a lifetime app! It's a big collection of Infocom games that haven't been commercially available for ages, and it's extremely well implemented, from all the maps and invisiclues, right down to full 3d models of all the boxes and feelies. Someone at Activision put a lot of effort into this, and, even though it's a product of a large company, it was clearly a labor of love for the developers. Very, very cool stuff. Must buy!

  • AWESOME...just needs...

    by JoenShar

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to be perfect! Been waiting for this for a long time and I'm excited to share these games with my kids who are learning to read and really understand what they are reading.


    by Jack Sawyer1001

    I have been waiting for this for a long time and it wildly exceeds my expectations. Unlike some other commentators everything is perfectly legible. It has all the feelies, invisiclues, maps, you name it. It is polished and very well done. I remember these games and bought them all when they first came out in the 80's and still have almost all of the originals but since I'm an INFOCOM junkie I had to have this. If you like INFOCOM I highly recommend this. BTW: I have a ZAGG keyboard and BT works perfectly with it.

  • Well I already had Frotz...

    by Plausibility

    Which if you haven't heard of it because you don't enjoy sorting through app after app like me also has the original MIT version of Zork for free. However,it mostly has non infocom games including a very amusing story where you play a orc after his lost pig. But I digress...I got this more for the collecting sake and when I feel like paying for the rest of the games or at least some of them. The free version not only has Zork but also has a really nice interface and collectors elements and I am kinda excited about Wishbringer. Lots of history and helpful stuff. One last digression,if you enjoy these games outside of the infocom world Frotz i believe is free and has a link to a nice database and quite a few games included.

  • Keyboard

    by Grue1221

    Tap the screen on the right-arrow on the command line. You should be able to type on your BlueTooth Keyboard. It worked for me!

  • Great, with a few problems.

    by scotty321

    We're thrilled that these Infocom games have made it to iOS!! Thank you! Love the digital reproductions of the "feelies" that used to come in the box, and the full InvisiClues! So things are mostly good, but there are some current problems. (1) Every time we try to buy the InvisiClues for 99 cents within Plundered Hearts, the app crashes. (2) Whomever did the scanning of the backs of the boxes did a bad job, because you can't read what it says on the backs of most of the boxes. (3) After you purchase the full game library, you can no longer see a brief summary of what each game is about… you have to depend on the summary on the back of each box, but the boxes aren't readable because the scans weren't well done. (4) A few of my favorite games are missing, like "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and "Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It".

  • Serious Cool! (plus tip to make bluetooth & Airplay work)

    by QuarksBar

    I love that Infocom/Activision has done this!! Thank you!! So why did I give it a 3 out of 5? Simple, my favorite game "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is just missing. Bring it in an update and I'll give it 5 out of 5. Tips: Bluetooth Keyboard Here is how to get it to work, if it doesn't work. Step 1: open Safari browser and click in the search field. Step 2: exit the browser (press the home button on the iPad/iPhone). Step 3: Launch the game, start your game and get to the game prompt Step 4: if your bluetooth keyboard doesn't work at this point, then switch to Safari, type a character into the search field and now switch back to the game -- it should work now. Mines does and I was able to repeat these steps multiple times with success each time. Tips: Ariplay on iPad (full-sized, not mini, not iPhone, not iPod touch -- not sure if those work, this is based on my iPad) Step 1: on the home screen, double-click the home button Step 2: swipe the bottom from left to right Step 3: click on the Airplay button Step 4: select your Airplay destination Step 5: turn ON Mirroring Step 6: (you should see your iPad on your TV now) press the Home button and launch the game. Zoom text in-out using the Pinch gesture :) The video and audio are both sent to the Airplay destination. Have fun!! Thank you Activision for doing this! I look forward to more 8-bit/16-bit/32-bit retro games! Take Care, Quark :-)

  • Code Mystics Does it Again

    by 12(b)(6)

    A near perfect experience: auto completing parser, interactive feelies, invisible, and maps help to make this collection into something very, very special. The only thing keeping me from rating this a full five stars (a rarity) is the lack of external keyboard and Airplay support. Playing with the onscreen keyboard is wonderful when I'm on the go, but, I do _occasionally_ collapse onto my sofa; external keyboard support (get the keyboard off the screen), or Airplay support (get everything _but_ the keyboard on to another screen), would allow this collection to replace the desktop experience entirely.

  • Finally!

    by XJapanFan

    Some of these games are so hard to find and get working...I'm happy there's finally an option other than waiting for Good Old Games to license them all. The presentation is great and the inclusion of felines was just genius! Here's hoping they keep it up!

  • Great Game But. ..

    by macike

    I cannot get my external bluetooth keyboard to work with the game. New version 1/24/13 --- Still does not work with iPad mini and external keyboard

  • One problem

    by Zippyvinman

    "not implemented in this build". Keep getting that message when trying to play Seastalker.

  • What A Great App

    by ImBach

    If you were a fan of the text adventures then you really need to pick this up. It's so well done and worth the money. I bought the whole package for ten bucks and have been enjoying it ever since. A must have!

  • Timeless classics from Infocom

    by SixStringSamurai

    These games are a great value and hold up remarkably well after all these years. The iPhone is the perfect platform for playing these games. A couple of feature requests: 1) it would be great if you could maintain a "game notebook" with each saved game so that the player could use to map the game and take notes. Part of the joy of these games was making maps and diagraming puzzles. 2) Twitter and facebook support!

  • Works with Bluetooth keyboard!

    by Allen Huffman

    A nicely polished app, especially considering it's a 1.0 release. Unfortunately, the two games I want to play the most (Hitchhiker's Guide and Bureaucracy) are not part of this package. Still, it's giving me a chance to revisit some I haven't played since dialed in to a BBS in Houston in the early 1980s. Suspended, here I come!

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