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Optimized for improved performance with iOS 6.

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Ready to take on the game that Knowyourmobile calls “the best game we’ve played on iPhone”? With Guitar Hero you’ll get the mobile gaming experience that has “literally blown the opposition out of the water” ( The biggest music videogame franchise ever created is now available for the first time on your iPhone or iPod Touch! It’s your chance to experience the original, addictive guitar game that over 40 million people have jammed out to worldwide.

Here’s what the reviews are saying:

“Well worth the wait… this is the most fun I’ve had with a music game since the original Guitar Hero... It beats the pants off of anything else out there.” 4.5/5 Rating. –

“Guitar Hero is by far the best. The control system and ability to compete against friends over Facebook puts this game above the rest, and it’s an absolute steal at $2.99.” – Cult of Mac Blog

“Easily the premier rhythm game for your mobile device. [It] has almost literally blown the opposition out of the water…” –

“Guitar Hero is a feast for the eyes.” 5/5 Rating –

You’ll find a robust avatar customization mode that allows you to personalize your in-game rock star, built-in social network feeds that let you to share your scores on Facebook, and an innovative new play style that challenges you to tap, strum, whammy and slide your way to the top of the Rock Ranks. Guitar Hero for the iPhone and iPod Touch is the most authentic guitar and bass experience on the go!

Download Guitar Hero today and play six FREE songs from legendary artists to modern favorites:

• Queen – We Are The Champions
• Rise Against - Savior
• The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
• The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
• Weezer - Say It Ain’t So
• Vampire Weekend – Cousins

Rock out with these features anytime, anywhere:
•Strum, whammy, tap and slide to amazing gameplay customized for each song by real musicians
•Show off your personal style by customizing your own full 3D rock star, and use the Photo Booth to share images with friends on Facebook
•Complete challenges to increase your Rock Rank as you master both guitar and bass
•Share your scores on Facebook, see how you stack up on the leaderboards, and get updates through in-game news feeds
•Download more game tracks from the in-game store, and take on all –new song-specific challenges to boost your Rock Rank
•Play Guitar Hero on any and all iPhone and iPod Touch hardware! Play on an iPhone 3GS or third-generation iPod Touch to experience your avatar in a 3D concert setting, or use previous generation devices to show off your custom look in an awesome stylized photo shoot

Be sure to check out the in-game store to update your set list with new game tracks by these great artists:

Rolling Stones, Queen, Vampire Weekend, Minus the Bear, Silversun Pickups, The Faint, Band of Skulls, White Stripes, Obits, Darkest Hour, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Protest the Hero, Breaking Benjamin, A Day to Remember, & AFI

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Customer Reviews

  • I love it but..

    by Skyrimdude145

    It's needs more cooler song to buy like guns and roses with at least sweet o child of mine and welcome to the jungle in it :)

  • Pretty Dope

    by DThr33Beats

    I like it

  • Love it!!!

    by RI0LU

    I could play this app all day! :D

  • Needs more old schools

    by Born-To-Be-A-Ghost

    Bon Jovi, Survivor, Journey...more Legends of rock...

  • Alsome game

    by @;@!:9,7,&:(;8:)));$;$$:).!

    Alsome game

  • VERY Good

    by Zeboss129

    This Guitar Hero iOS is amazing, but why is 'Paint It Black' under simple? I think the main parts of it are challenging. Also this game is semi-rage inducing.

  • It's ok

    by Rose1620

    It's expensive $2 is too much for only 4 songs they should have mor artists like Adele or Carrie underwood or Bruno mars. They should not have 4 songs especially for $2.Other than that is a good app.

  • Pretty fun and good controls

    by stamina3

    This app really needs an update though. That isnt why i didnt give 5 stars, i just think that keeping an app updated is key to keeping the sales up.

  • Buen juego

    by Nep21

    Muy emocionante

  • Good time

    by nickelbee

    Good way to pass time at an airport

  • Good

    by $0 <001

    Great game

  • Fun

    by P-Barf

    Needs more songs

  • Rocking

    by Billyb9000


  • Awesome game but no iOS 7 update

    by Thehacker1245

    Just to speed up the game a little. Game is great some freezing here and there but it's great. iOS 7 update

  • Addictive

    by Blade13ist

    Addictive and the songs are good.

  • Nicely resurrected version of a great game

    by PhatBerter

    Finally a GH that is close to the original and fun to play. Love how strumming is emulated and love the slides that were introduced later in the franchise.. These games were discontinued for the big console market in favor of more and more first person shooters so I'm glad somebody has brought it to IOS. Lots of fun. The only downside is the small library of songs included with the app; but on the positive side, the song packs are pretty reasonable. A must have if you are a fan of the franchise.

  • Excellent game

    by Charadis

    This game brings back memories of days when my siblings and I played for hours on the ps2. I set low expectations when I pulled up this app. After a couple of songs, and a learning curve, I feel like I could spend hours just mastering the songs. I only wish there was an ipad version as the iphone 5's screen feels a bit small trying to manipulate 4 lanes with my two thumbs.

  • Pretty rad

    by Lucknau

    Makes me feel like a bit of a zombie, while playing it. Just obsessed.

  • Worth the $$

    by Cc ktm

    This app is awesome! It's worth the $$! It crash out sometimes but it's worth it!

  • Awesome

    by Blimp one

    Great game best game ever

  • Scam

    by Mann87666666666

    Total rip off!!! Only 6 songs!!!

  • 6 Songs and No DLC?

    by jkeitz

    This has the potential to be a nice replacement for Rock Band, but it only comes with six songs and you can't buy any more. They have DLC packs, but they don't actually work. Shame.

  • Wish it would actually work on iPad!!

    by Jblack1188

    Needs an Update !!!! BAD

  • Fun, but not worth it

    by Hihijihoj

    The game is fun, but they only give you about 6 songs the start, the rest you have to buy to play, not worth the spend.

  • It's ok

    by Alphakid62045

    Good game but its complete bull if you think after buying a three dollar game that I am going to buy more songs that are two dollars for three...add more songs!!!

  • Where is more song

    by Forrfang

    6 song to tire

  • Rip off

    by Gabellaaa

    you pay for this app and you only get 6 songs and you have to pay like 2 bucks for more songs. I'm trying to get a refund. Don't buy it!!!

  • Not good

    by GhosttNappa

    While it does "feel" like the GH we all know and love, but it does not deliver at all. First you start with 6 songs. The only way to unlock more is to pay. $2 for three songs and you pick by artist not song. That and the graphics and UI operations are clunky at best. And good luck keeping your multiplier when you activate star power. Not worth the time, nor the money.

  • The worst app

    by Nicolas Salazar

    You need to make a new version of the game in HD that can be able to work on iPhone 5s

  • Love it!!!

    by Lutherwaffles

    Nice but needs more songs getting bored:(

  • Great game!

    by HatePizzaHut

    Really fun, looks great, easy to use while still a challenging game. Thank you for not having Metallica.

  • Like it

    by Poneysandhorses

    I like guitar hero but I think it would be awesome to have the song packs cheaper as well

  • My favorite app

    by zzzCarlie

    Although I wish it had more songs it's really fun.

  • Good but I wish there were more songs

    by Cristian mmm

    The songs they give are good but u only have a handful of songs

  • Guitar hero

    by Tj maino

    This is decent game to get. For 1.99 cents i would give it a rate 1-5 a 3. Because you cannot take songs from your playlist and play them.

  • Great app

    by Rothg

    It's a really great app for people who enjoy guitar hero! I only wish they had a wider song selection.

  • More songs

    by אביב1125@

    Add Led Zeppelin and some more bands

  • Very fun, but crashes

    by Rockengamez099

    I really enjoy this game and wish that it wont crash after every song. For some reason, when I first got this, it never crashed. A few days later, after I finish a song my data is saved and before I can press song list, it crashes.

  • Could use touch-ups.

    by Nicholas Flare

    The game does a great job of making the Guitar Hero experience portable. A few issues though. Not only does the game come with very few songs, but the music store is quite limited too. The game's visuals could use a touch up for Retina displays. The game should also be optimized to run at 60 fps (I am playing on iPhone 4S). It doesn't even run 60 fps on focus mode.Finally, there are too many intrusive sound effects in-game, such as when using star power.

  • Awesome app

    by Egbkbfdnkv

    Great app but there's barley any songs

  • Would definitely be better

    by Tyyyyyyy1802

    With a update so on the iPhone 5 it's full screen

  • Awesome game

    by TravP1885

    Not as good as the console version but still a great game.

  • Awesome

    by Lulu c4

    Well worth the money. Some Metallica would me nice.

  • Good

    by CookieBaBa

    it feels as if I'm playing it on the xbox, but I see no reason to there being no Orange or cheats. the arrows add difficulty and makes it more fun, but it needs more and cheaper song packs

  • Rip-Off

    by Skeeevan

    Even for 99 cents it a complete waste of money for the few songs you get.

  • I keep playing this game until now !

    by Ahmed Curlz

    I'm in love with this game, but please do us a favor and update your game to be screen fit on iPhone 5/5S also add more sone pack such like Metallica and so on please be fast

  • Worse than I thought…

    by Derpuqgjs

    Has good songs, but controls feel unresponsive and very frustrating especially since I play on expert. Waste of money

  • ):

    by Ryguy878

    Waste of money. Love the game, but $2 for three songs is really expensive when you could but it for the wii or Xbox and get 30+ songs for under $5.

  • Update

    by ScorpionMonster

    This App Needs A Update To iPhone 5 and iOS 7!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Trueshot788

    I really enjoy this! Awesome songs.

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