Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Activision Publishing, Inc.

Two all new characters, Dingodile and Polar, amp up the great racing action in celebration of the release of Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2!

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The richest 3D kart racing experience! Speed your way through 12 thrilling tracks and multiple environments! Race and battle against zany opponents and turn them to dust with 8 devastating weapons. Tilt and twist your iPhone for truly "Nitro" driving sensations.

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Customer Reviews

  • It's good but it keeps crashing on me

    by Ramon8029

    I like the game but it keeps crashing on me so I can't play that long on it

  • Lovely game

    by Alaaar

    I love the game, but when i start the "cup" level it crashes and close :(

  • Good game but crashes a lot

    by scouter1199

    Amazing game but it crashes constantly. This needs to be fixed.

  • Might be a great game

    by leah helms

    But I can't get more than 30 seconds into it before it closes. I don't want to create an acct on activision site to get support so guess I'm just out the 3 bucks

  • Great

    by Me is ausom

    Awesome game if you don't mind bad graphics and a little bit of loading!

  • Crashes

    by Bophus

    Been over 3 and a half years since last update unable to play once I get to quick race and it starts it crashes instantly I have the 5th gen iPod touch with ios 7.0.4. On it


    by The Kraydicurple

    You can make like crash bandicoot wrath of cortex or warped or crash bandicoot nitro kart 1 for iOS. U guys should do me the honor and make a new one

  • Not working

    by Shahadhotami

    The game didn't work !! It close as soon as the race start Please fix it or give me my money back !!!

  • Love this but...

    by Chow1229

    Definitely needs an update ASAP

  • App No Longer Works

    by Cait_the_Great

    Went through my previously downloaded apps and re-downloaded this. Every time I try to play it closes out. What a waste.

  • Crash

    by Bnicooe

    Just bought and can't even play!!! It crashes everytime the race is about to start!!!!! Waste of $3!!!!!!

  • bad

    by alazweri

    30 seconds then close.

  • Terrible App

    by Lauren Ramazzini

    Can't even play the game. Every time I open the app it crashes. No matter what I do it crashes. Please fix this soon.

  • Crashes on iOS 7

    by BeardICan

    Doesn't stop crashing no matter which mode you chose to play.

  • This game

    by Tiff2130

    My game keeps closing after I open it a waist of my money smh

  • Bad but good

    by Hockey 89

    I would love to play it but it crashes all the time when starting races and the intro sequence does not start

  • Sad

    by Lazlo&cwaggi'swaggi

    At first the game was great now the app forecloses after like 20 seconds, i actually paid for this game so it disappointing that i cant even play it. Fix please

  • Not so good

    by Alibear36518

    Crash Kart keeps CRASHING!!! (No pun intended) Like what?!?! This needs to be fixed it I need my $3 I paid for the game back

  • What a waste of money

    by rldutrow

    The app crashes as soon as I open it. I can't believe I wasted 3 bucks on this. DO NOT BUY!! IT DOESN'T WORK!

  • Broken app

    by Metal.laith

    This game is not working properly it crashes as soon as u start playing I wont my money back

  • Crashes over and over!

    by Skeeter 327

    I bought this game for $2.99 like everyone else, but if you're going to sell a game at least make it work properly! I can't even get past the main menu without it crashing and me getting sent back to my home screen. Horrible game!

  • App keeps crashing

    by Sports forever

    I love this game but recently my app has been crashing every time I go on it. I've tried refreshing it, logging off other apps, restarting my phone, deleting the app and getting it again but nothing's working. I hope this bug gets fixed so I can play it again.

  • Couldn't even play it

    by ptkeox3

    I ordered it and the first time I tried to play it kept cutting off one me. A waste of 3 dollars.

  • App crashes constantly

    by DJWaffles

    Can't complete a single race without the app crashing.

  • Keeps crashing!

    by The legend of zelda ttt

    This looks like a fun game so I bought it and when I started a race. It exited out of the app. Please fix this!

  • Crashes

    by smorgierich

    I just payed $3 for an app the crashes so I can't even play it..

  • CRASH is all it does

    by SaalTab

    I can't even play the game I'm more than furious about it. like 3 dollars for a a game that doesn't even play.. cool. not satisfied at all and I DO NOT suggest getting it unless you want to waste money and storage space! needs fixing asap

  • Crash?

    by Camperbuddy

    Just like the title says, this crashes. I'll open it and about 15 seconds later it crashes and closes out. Worst money I've ever spent on the App Store.

  • Crashes...

    by Lynn1077

    I love this game but it crashes so much and I can't even play.. Until it's fixed I would not buy.

  • by Taylor Gurshin

    Just bought it and won't even open.

  • Freezes constantly

    by NicholaHuffman

    I would give a more in depth review if I could open the game! Wasted $2.99, would like a refund!!

  • Fun game but crashes a lot

    by Ashtonyp

    Please fix the crashing problems!!!

  • Crashes

    by EEMMTTX1

    Crashes whenever I start a race.

  • Crash crashes...

    by Juan1234321

    Can't play in my iPhone 5 -.-

  • by Carmalatteee

    every time i try to play it , it always closes by itself, the screen would go white . i haven't been able to play one race since i got it . not liking this

  • Crash

    by Camolover99

    The name is correct- it won't even open anymore w/o crashing. Fix it.

  • Won't work

    by hb298

    I paid 2.99 for a game that won't even open. Definitely needs to be fixed.

  • Crashes - Zero Stars

    by Iphone4awesome

    Graphics and image is very bad, not what expected after looking at the display picture for the app. App opens up and plays song with a blank screen then finally opens up to the race and just before starting the race the whole app crashes and closes abruptly. I'm such a Crash Bandicoot fan and I got too excited for this game. I regret the $ spent.

  • What The???

    by P0psz

    Within a few seconds of playing, it crashes, needs to be fixed!

  • Crashing!!!

    by Kkanne81211

    I was so excited to buy this game because it was one of my favorite games to play growing up. But I've had it for 2 days now and I haven't been able to play because it crashes every single time I open it up. Please fix!!!

  • Not working !! Read first !!

    by NeekyMcpretty

    I can't even get to play the game !!! Keeps crashing needs to be fixed ASAP or I want my money back ! I'm not paying for a game I can't even play! Not even worth 1 star !

  • Angry

    by Frenchdoll

    Please fix the crashing problem. Can't even get 3 seconds into the race without it crashing

  • Crashes

    by scontino1

    Can't open it. Please update this app!!!!!

  • Crash

    by Maurer77

    Just bought the game and i can't play. Doesn,t even open. Fix it

  • Odd!!

    by HaYeM 2012

    So stupid, not working on iphone 5s!!!

  • Seriously?!?!

    by KyleeFadley

    I just bought this stupid game and apparently I wasted my money because it won't even open! This needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • Crash crashes!!!

    by James.1617

    I bought the app and I feel like I've lost the money, the app closes everytime I try to play!


    by 645382026

    Just downloaded the game and I can't play it at all.. It crashes as soon as the race starts

  • SMH

    by Kash410

    Just brought the game for $2.99 an every time I open the app, it CRASHES!!! The doesn't even stay open for 1min. "NEEDS TO UPDATE"

  • Crashes constantly

    by Steggiewoo

    I can't even play the game because it crashes after the title screen every time. #refund

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