Call of Duty: Zombies Games App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Activision Publishing, Inc.

• The Der Riese map
• Unlocking of maps Verruckt and Shi No Numa, previous available only as DLC
• New Zombie variants
• Zombies can climb ledges
• Better Zombie AI (for crowd situations in big open rooms)
• Teleporters: power them up and link them
• Monkey Bombs: attract nearby zombies, to give you some breathing space
• The Pack-A-Punch machine, to upgrade your weapons
• Pack-A-Punch upgrade effects to all weapons: more damage, ammo capacity and special abilities
• New achievements

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Four Massive Zombie Maps. One Great New Price. Now includes the ALL-NEW fan favorite, Der Riese, the largest, most feature-rich Zombie map to date. This is the ultimate Co-op experience for the iPhone/iPod Touch!

“Der Riese” (Zombie Factory) features:
•The all-new Pack A Punch Machine allows you to upgrade ANY of your weapons: Increased Firepower, More Ammo, and a new Metal Finish.
•New Teleporters allow you and your team to zip around this enormous map and evade the oncoming Zombie Horde.
•The Bowie Knife allows to you take down higher level zombies in one quick blow.
•Favorites such as the Hell Hounds, the Wunderwaffe lightning gun, and the Perks-a-Cola Machines return.
•The online 4-player co-op action you've come to expect returns with even more intensity.

“Shi No Numa” (Zombie Swamp) features:
•Shi No Numa is a hauntingly beautiful environment filled with terrifying zombies, weapons, and zombie traps.
•New weapons featuring the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Fry hordes of zombies with a single blast from this shockingly powerful new weapon.
•Survive the Hellhounds! Ferocious and fast, the Hellhounds will test your reflexes and your team's ability to work together.
•New playable characters! Play as Tank Dempsey (US), Takeo Masaki (Japan), Nikolai Belinski (USSR), and the infamous Dr. Richtofen (Germany).
•New Zombie traps including the Flogger for massive Zombie destruction and the Zipline for quick getaways.

Call of Duty: Zombies also includes:
•“Verrückt” (Zombie Asylum): Dare to enter the insane asylum and fend off the Zombie onslaught alone or with friends. Use electric traps to keep the zombies at bay.
•“Nacht der Untoten”: The original zombie map returns in all its glory. Fight to survive in the abandoned bunker that started the zombie phenomenon.

About Call of Duty: Zombies:
Call of Duty: Zombies brings the classic Call of Duty: World at War zombie-slaying game mode to the iPhone™ and iPod® Touch. Featuring ALL 4 Zombie maps, you’ll need to bring along your friends to help push back the endless waves of attacking zombies!

Highlights include:

- Call of Duty: Zombies for the iPhone™ supports up to four players via Wi-Fi/Internet and two players via Bluetooth. Play with your friends in the same room, on the other side of town, and even across the globe. With the option of either private or open matchmaking, where there’s a Wi-Fi connection, there’s a friend to go Zombie-hunting with.*

- This is the Zombie experience from Call of Duty: World at War. All 4 Zombie maps have been fully realized on the iPhone™ in a silky smooth 3D environment, along with the return of your favorite guns and killer power ups.

- Three different control schemes are available to suit your style. Take advantage of the iPhone’s unique tilt capabilities or, for Zombie vets, use the virtual analog sticks to fend off the undead.

- Call of Duty: Zombies features a massive list of unique Achievements.
- Leaderboard support awards the best of the best, accessed directly through your iPhone™ or iPod® Touch. Become the top zombie slayer and prove your standings to the world!

So snap to attention, pick up Call of Duty: Zombies, and start fending off the zombie horde!

*Wi-Fi support only at this time, play unavailable on cellular networks.

Note: Call of Duty: Zombies is best played on a 2nd generation iPod® Touch or higher with the latest firmware installed.

Customer Reviews

  • Great game !

    by Culeo

    need a new update for ios 7 !

  • Awesome!

    by Danj17173

    Great game, no lag and multiplayer! Sweet! But maybe..... make it have voice chat? That would be epic! Also please optimize the graphics for iPod 4th generation. Thanks

  • Fix it.

    by Cjackal

    It's not letting me make my profile.

  • Great!!!!!

    by Samirrrrrrrrrrrrrroi

    Great game but needs a update for the online account can't play because won't let me sigh in

  • Great app, but

    by Mckillerbot

    This is a great app, but on my iPhone 5S my keypad won't come up. So I can't make an online account. Please fix.


    by Cool, but it

    Unlike like black op zombies, this never blacks out and this game is fast and very fun!!!P.S. if u want me to like black ops, update it so it can be faster!!!!!!!!! |:(

  • Great game need a keyboard

    by Steve 2 the 4th

    The game is great loved playing world at war zombies but can there be another update to allow a keyboard for iOS 7 can't validate account

  • Need to update for ios7

    by annexyll

    Keypad doesn't show up when creating anew account to go online. Alot of people play this game because they can go online ( Multiplayer ).

  • Luv The game

    by beastinator8180

    Great game but please fix multiplayer and add new maps.

  • Problem

    by My time is now!

    I can't change my name or password I hv iOS 7 and a iPod 5 and the games not full screen and when I try to write my name the keyboard doesn't come up

  • Update for ios7

    by Kswiff

    This needs an update because I can not sign in and it will not let me type anything as a username or password and the keyboard doesn't even come up.

  • Cool game

    by Gamerarturoc123

    You shoued make more maps and make more like 5 people in a multiplayer mode :)

  • Ios 7 compatible

    by erik bautista

    Please make this app comparative with ios 7.

  • Ios7 multiplayer problem-READ IT

    by Fix bugs please!

    When you go into extras and profile to make a username and password it won't let you. You click on the tab to insert your information but no keyboard comes up. Only problem Great game just please fix multiplayer and get 5 star rating thank you for your time. PS: I have restarted turned off and back on my ios device- ipod fifth gen- multiple times. I've also deleted and redownloaded the game. So please fix multiplayer so I can make a profile and play online on this amazing game.

  • Update...?

    by Twilight Hybrid

    Awesome game, but it seems to be in need of an update. On my iPod touch 5 and iPhone 5s I have problems trying to sign in and make a new user account. Please fix. Thanks.

  • Call of duty: fun but not working

    by AllyLeering143

    A while ago I started playing this game on my iPod, I got a new phone (I phone 5s) and now it will not let me sign into my account so I can play the game online? Overall its VERY fun. (I don't have the iPod anymore, so I can't play)

  • Help?

    by Kaito-kun..

    As fun as this addicting game is, I require some help from you or other players within this area of gaming. I love this app but I also love playing online too. Sadly whenever I try and validate my account for online multiplayer my name box won't show up whenever I try and write something. Maybe you can fix this, maybe you can't but please try because I really need someone's help right now. Thanks.. P.s You should update details, game design and maybe.. more multiplayer options.

  • Call of duty 33098904

    by Smilyfacegoffyspongebob13

    This game needs a update!! If u don't update by march 1 then I'm downloading plants vs zombies. Plus thx for making it compatible for the iPod 2.can u plz make call of duty black op zombies compatible for the iPod touch 2 good game doe.

  • Zombies!

    by Jury_Curl

    Fun to pass the time. Controls a little tricky.

  • Call of Duty:Zombies

    by DDD_2001

    This Game is amazing,but I can't play online.Why? because it says I need a validate profile.So I went to extras,clicked on profile,then I clicked on create a new profile.Once I did that the keyboard doesn't show up,so how can I play online if I can't make a profile then validate it.We need a keyboard showing up update very soon! By the way great game!

  • Controller?

    by Grayson 10

    Find a way to hook up a controller to the iPhone and game because these controls are awful.

  • Online account issues

    by Jeovahny

    It wont show the keyboard so i can type my username or password to create a account to play online


    by TGOD (-_-)


  • Won't let me make an account

    by Cpcheater3223

    When I try to enter in a username and password, a keyboard doesn't come up. That means I have to play single player.

  • Crap

    by Sirfartsalot443

    Can't create a account on my I pod 5 to play online don't buy this game

  • Let me make it!!!!!!

    by Wezzy cod zombies

    It won't let me make a account for online when I try to make my the letters don't show up and I can't make an account now plz FIX!!!!

  • Activision Login

    by Haahaa you know William

    Can't play it on iOS 7 becuase u can't login to ur account

  • iPhone 5 support?

    by Super Reporter

    This app hasn't been updated in nearly 4 years.. iPhone 5 support would be awesome, guys.

  • What's going on???

    by thething6754

    Awesome game, but I try to edit my accounts name and password and it won't let me type. So how am I supposed to create or sync my account? Please fix it. -loving player

  • Could be better

    by Dusk Wolfie

    Honestly, I don't really like it, the controls are really poor, and to be completely honest, I'd like to get my money back

  • Not Able to Play online

    by Legal Eagle100

    Not able to enter any characters in the profile or create one, though it says you need a valid profile to play online. So I am unable to play online. Two stars for the single person but no more until typing for the profile so I can play online is fixed.

  • Online?

    by <(0_0(<

    I have the iPhone 5C... And for some reason it doesn't let me make an account for online. I hit the make username and it won't let me type any thing. Please fix because I have all the achievements for online, and I want all the achievements

  • Koo

    by BurnJuan

    Koo game but i cant create an online account because the keyboard doesnt pop up fix that !!!!!

  • I need problem fixed

    by Calmighty

    I'll go straight to the point, my game auto pauses at random intervals. Between every 3-6 seconds. Please help

  • Keyboard fix

    by _Like_A_Boss

    It needs a keyboard fix for ios 7 because it wont let me make a profile.

  • Amazing game but

    by Cartman101 84

    I cant make an account, when i go to type it will not give me a keyboard

  • Great game

    by Cristobal600

    This game is great with no crashes if you are playing on a iPhone 4S, multiplayer works great too and you don't have to pay to play these maps. Yall should at least add shangri-la map or Kino-Der-toten map in the next update, anyways this is a real great game. And one more thing.. Add more zombies like jumping jacks or i reccommend adding new maps like i said earlier... BECAUSE I ALREADY GOT BORED OF THE FIRST 4 MAPS. And you should add sprint button. And thanks for hearing me!!oh and please add GLOBAL MULTIPLAYER AND THAT WILL COMPLETE MY LIFE.. SO PLEASE ADD WORLDWIDE MULTIPLAYER OR GLOBAL AT LEAST.. Thanks for hearing me

  • Well...

    by Tayder65

    I'm running on iOS 7 and I just downloaded this game and I've talked to customer service but this game won't allow me to log in. It brings the box up but won't let me type anything...

  • Problems

    by Antopini

    I used to be able to play online then with the iOS 7 update when I go to make an account it just won't let me... Just a white text box that says ok and name.

  • Eh.... :(

    by Seleythen ab koresh

    There is no iphone 5 support and probably never will be. You can't make profiles with the new ios 7, so I can't play online... These features are all I would like. Thank you.

  • Great

    by {Light}

    The app is good and everything but the only problem is when making the account i touch. To enter my id name. But when i touch to try to type but nothings happening so i cannot make an account to go on multiplayer. Can you guys fix that bug or glitch. Whatever it is

  • The keyboards...

    by Aldric Gutierrez

    I try signing in to my profile after it keeps logging me out, but the keyboards or the space to type it in won't show up for some odd reason. Please send in an update to fix this, along with the constant "automatic resetting" problem.

  • Ios 7

    by G-forcer

    Hey it's time to update I love playing your game but I would like it to be ios 7 compatible. And thanks for all the zombie hours! :)

  • Best game

    by Hibobbyjo:)

    Cod zombies is a great way to have fun

  • Won't let me Edited text

    by Trony rome

    Hi, I love this game a lot but on ios7 it says i got to make a account to play online, so when I go to create my account it doesn't let me edit the text. Only a white box pop up and I can tap anything to edit the text. Please fix for 5stars. Thankyou!!

  • Re update it

    by JNana098

    I love this game but I want the update to make a profile and without profile it doesn't make it fun I really love this game and I played it in 2010 I need a new update please

  • Good app

    by Metalhead5599

    Good app but can't create a multiplayer account when I try to make a name and password it does not give u the option to type , please fix!

  • Issues

    by The68(so close)

    I want to play the online multiplayer but you have to make an account. And when I try it won't let me do it.

  • How do I make a account

    by Pedrocraft

    How do I make a account in the game I can't do it I press and it just appear a box not the keyboard help plz !!!!!!!

  • Major bug

    by I am not bane

    When running on iOS 7 no keyboard pops up when you try to make an account to use the online feature. Please release a fix update for this bug. Anyone trying to buy this app it's worth it but you won't be able to play online until they fix this bug.

  • .

    by tigerbluhd


  • Please update

    by Minerexcrafter

    When i want to create a profile it wont let me type on my iPhone 4s and Ipod 5G. Plz FIX !!! Hopefully there will be new maps too at least 2 more

  • cant type profile

    by Bill heather

    i have a ipod fifth generation and two things i would love to happen. one that you make the screen larger for people using a ipod iphone fifth generation and two that you make it so i can type my profile stuff in so that i can play online.

  • Please read I need help

    by Skyler0613

    Absolutely a great game I love it but why I need help is because I bought this game after ios7 and I can't do online because I can't make an online profile because when I click the username or password to type it in I can't it brings up the interface but there is no text box I can tap to type and I would really like to play online please update and like this review so they can see it

  • iOS 7

    by Amy Blicharski

    not compatible with iOS7 yet so I can't play online

  • Needs a major update to ios7 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Thekidd4

    I love this game but there is a major glitch/problem. When I go to click in the username or password area to set up an online account, a window pops up but no keyboard, so I can't type anything. I have an iphone 5s so I think that the app needs a major update to ios7. Thank u for ur time.

  • KeyBoard

    by The greatest gamer ever made

    It's a really good game though but every time I try to make a new profile when I tap name the thing pops up but no KEYBOARD pops up Please fix!!!

  • Glitches FIX IT!!!!

    by Ftw man

    Hey the keyboard doesn't show up when tryin to make a profile im this game on ios 7!!! Also when I play online, it says that I lost connection when the person is right next to me an I know we didn't lose connection.. FIX IT!!!

  • Great

    by Snoopy-the-great

    Needs to be updated for 5th generation devices But other than that great game made it to wave 36 with my friend

  • Awesome

    by Dalton0310

    Love this game but now i downloaded it again and with ios7 it wont let me type anything on the game like to edit my profile

  • Best app ever⬇️

    by Huntermowery

    I love call of on xbox but this Is sweet love it

  • Epic, but please update

    by Chrome 2.0

    This game is nearly flawless but on newer iOS's, the achievements are frequently deleted along with multiplayer not working due to bugs involving being able to enter names. I urge you to update this game as it is far superior to that wretched black ops version you call a sequel.

  • Love it

    by Sherman101

    I love call of duty zombies and I live WW2 weapons this and this is even better than the bo1 vershion it is wourth it! Please optimize it for I phone 5 c please

  • Update for 5s

    by Bboy Bran Bran

    Can't make profile keyboard won't come up!!! I'll rate 5 when fix!

  • Update for 5s

    by Bboy Bran Bran

    Can't make profile keyboard won't come up!!! I'll rate 5 when fix!

  • Ios7 support

    by Cacoulte

    I bought this game right when it came out on the app store Been playing it off and on when im bored or have time to kill. Had it on an itouch, an iphone4 and now an iphone4s with IOS7. I cannot play multiplayer online with IOS7 because i cannot validate a profile It wont let me type in a name or a password. Id love for an update for ios7 support. By the way to all the people saying "thanks treyarch" It was not made by treyarch Yes it was published by activision but it was made by another company.

  • Zombies Onlline


    It Doesn't Let Me Make A Online Account

  • Call of Duty

    by cashes to much

    The controls are horrible!

  • Co-Op doesn't work

    by 

    In IOS 7 the game won't allow you to enter a password to create an online profile. Fun when it did work though.

  • awesome game but

    by Kiwi lover

    great game i love it but needs to be updated for ios 7 so we can sync our profiles to play online other than that great game

  • large game bug

    by novaslayerX

    Every time i try and create an account in the profile part i keep getting a window on my screen saying name: and i cant even add a name or password. fix this i cant play multiplayerwithout it. plus im playing this on an ipod5gen

  • Why can't I play

    by Game lover185

    It want to let me play online because I can't validate a profile on my iPhone 5s

  • How do you create a new account?

    by calilife559

    I've played this game before and I loved it, but for some reason when I try to sign in or make a new account, it won't let me!! I click on the username space to type and it'll pop up this little tab thing in the middle that says"username" on it. So it'll be great if someone helps me, thanks

  • Needs update

    by rascal567

    Needs to be updated so it is more iOS 7 friendly. I can't make a valid account on this version.

  • So good

    by Anthony4209

    I love these to zombies games black ops zombies and world of war zombies but this lags sometimes and add multiplayer and add make account please iPod 5 generation

  • Needs better Easter egg song

    by Knightwing800

    In der riese when I knife all the brain jars it doesn't play Beauty of Annihilation it just plays the tune. Please fix. Also best app ever!

  • Need to have a new level

    by Joker :0

    On natch der untoten there needs to be door to Outside

  • Frtho

    by Thisisalligotsofix

    I just bout this game today and I'm not happy I click extras click profile then I click name and password and it won't let me type in a name I am pretty disappointed I can't play online so I paid 4.--$ for this app and 7.--$ for call of duty black ops and you know what it crashed please fix 1⭐️ For now

  • I cant change my username

    by Bigg Memo $

    I would give it 5 stars but i cant change my username or make a new account. When i tap change username it pops up and says name. I tap it and nothing happens

  • Please fix for iPhone 5s

    by Cheeseburger 7200

    I can't make a profile for some reason I click choose a user name and no key board appears. Plus it doesn't fit the full iPhone 5s screen. Overall great game small file size 4 maps. Assortment of weapons. Lots of gameplay. I would give 5 stars if it was for iPhone 5s.

  • Join

    by Scientific

    Does anybody plays this game

  • Please please please please

    by Izzy Vazquez

    I would really appreciate if this game updated to be optimized for iPhone 5! I will wait patiently and be as humble about it as possible but I really would love if this version of COD Zombies updated to play on iOS 7

  • Maps

    by Jesús Abarca

    All are great maps but after a while you get bored if the same maps,ADD MORE MAPS

  • World at war zombies problem bug

    by Frusturated customer!!

    I'm having a problem with world at war zombies along with other friends....we can not play multiplayer in part to not being able to set up a profile due to a bug....if activision fixes this bug I'll be glad to change my rating to a 5 star. I currently have iPad mini and other friends have iPads .

  • Problem?

    by Nick De Lauer

    I can't validate my account because I can't type in my information.. Plz fix??

  • Great game

    by BustUrAss

    Great game but for some reason on iOS 7, I try to to create an account but it won't make it overall great game

  • Stupid

    by MorrowDragon

    This is stupid I got it for my iPhone 4 on ios 7 and I can't make a name or anything this is the stupidest app ever!!!

  • iOS 7 help please!

    by M.E.I swimmer

    With iOS 7 you can not type in a username or password to play online! It is extremely annoying! All it does is a box pops up that says name: or password and no keyboard! I am extremely upset

  • New stuff

    by Awesome124635

    The game is excellent except it gets boring after the same guns and maps. Maybe can you guys include new guns and new maps?

  • Can't type

    by Epic not not fail

    Every time I try to type on make a account it won't work

  • Iphone5c

    by pablofy98

    it needs to be fitted to the iphone5c screen completly for a better experience

  • Game review

    by CgDAGh

    The game is good it works it's hard an all but no crashes on my iPhone 4 but you can't play mulitiplayer it's a stupid profile thing first of all it should take its acount from (Game Center) so the profile works second off (I ADVISE YOu if you have any call of duty game on a mobile get an ad card or buy extra space card or somthin

  • Some of the perks have no effect.

    by LevelLoki

    I was playing Der Riese and i bought a quick revive and got to round 12 and it didnt revive me. FIX IT!!

  • I want a refund

    by DeDlysoldier667777

    I have this for iOS 7 and when I go to create an account no keyboard comes up please fix it please

  • cod

    by i wanna play online

    i went to create an account to play online but it wont let me write anything!!!! plz fix this otherwise this is a great app

  • Great game

    by ARay294

    Love this game but needs an update. I redownloaded the game and tried to put my username in, but it won't let me type anything.

  • Needs an update!

    by Grayghost951

    Can't create/sign into validated profile! Good game, but I'd like to play it online too

  • Doesn't work

    by WorkData

    Game doesn't work anymore, it crashes, and it won't let me make a profile

  • Really

    by Brendan9700

    I can't make a zombies account 0-10

  • Wish I can use it on my iphone 5c

    by Call of battlefield 4

    I download it on my iphone 5c I can play it with 2 black borders and no sound

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