Call of Duty®: Strike Team Games App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Activision Publishing, Inc.

Thanks to all of the fans who made Call of Duty®: Strike Team a
number one app in over 30 countries. In this update we bring you:

Take global command of the battle against Cordis Die by being ready to deploy your Strike Team quickly to anywhere in the world… from the mountains of Afghanistan to the rooftops of Kowloon! This new mode includes a raft of new features such as new mission objectives, leagues and weekly rewards.

Take the fight to the enemy by capturing and holding key checkpoints to earn score multipliers and Token rewards.

Hold back an audacious enemy assault on a US Naval Carrier in “Survival”, “Time Attack”, and “Domination” modes. Unlocked when you reach XP level 16

By popular fan request, the new sub-machine gun weapon class can now be deployed to your team! Choose from the PDW-57 and more!

Customer Ratings

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1762 Ratings
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4549 Ratings


*Now fully optimized for iPhone 5S/5C plus iPhone 5/4S, iPad Air/4/3/2/Mini & iPod 5.**

**NOT compatible with iPhone4, iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPhone 3GS**

*For the optimal experience we recommend rebooting your device before you play this app for the first time*

Press Reviews:
-APPLE: Editor's Choice Best of 2013 Blockbuster Games
-MODOJO: "Excellent graphics in both strategic and first-person views…"
-YAHOO GAMES: One of "10 games fit for your iPhone 5S"
-SLIDE TO PLAY: "Game of the Month, September 2013"

Call of Duty®: Strike Team delivers an all-new, first-person and third-person Call of Duty® experience built from the ground up for mobile and tablet devices. Fully customize your squad’s loadouts and abilities before leading them into combat in diverse gameplay environments. Call of Duty®: Strike Team features the revolutionary ability to dynamically switch from run-and-gun first-person view to reconnaissance and coordinated squad attacks in third-person view.

The year is 2020. Tensions run high amongst the world’s superpowers. In a surprise attack, the U.S. finds themselves in a war with an unknown enemy. Your mission is to lead a Joint Special Operations Team in a global effort to hunt down those responsible.

Play your way. Switch between first-person and third-person action at almost any time. Strategically customize the members of your squad with weapons, perks or body armor.
CAMPAIGN MODE: Experience an immersive single-player campaign full of epic, cinematic moments in diverse locations around the world.
SURVIVAL MODE: Put your skills to the test as you fight off waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Compete against family, friends and the Call of Duty®: Strike Team community for leaderboard domination.

© 2013 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION and CALL OF DUTY are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. By downloading, installing or using this App, you agree to Activision's privacy policy, as may be updated by Activision from time to time. Please visit to view Activision's privacy policy.

*** NOTE: Call of Duty®: Strike Team is ONLY compatible with and optimized for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), and iPod touch (5th generation). Requires iOS 6.0 or later.***

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Customer Reviews

  • Best shooting game ever

    by Jeremiah130

    Best call of duty ever the thing I wish it had was multiplayer

  • Best shooting game ever

    by Jeremiah130

    Best call of duty ever the thing I wish it had was multiplayer

  • Great

    by Wordplaykiid

    Controls are a tad weird at first as are all iOS FPS but wonderful gameplay

  • This game is great, tho it needs more tactical options

    by T..d..s

    Good game and the Update improved graphics and overall performance making the game quite more enjoyable and making it look and feel more like call of duty than before. There could have been more music than just a repeating loop of the same song during missions, but the tactics involved are pretty good, more, better maps and little better plot and the game would be spot on.

  • Black ops

    by 662 bad boys

    Very cool game

  • Not bad, needs work.

    by keyboardman123

    This game is ok, but it needs a lot of work. First off, the camera mechanic isn't that great. Make it like CoD:BOZ and I'll be happy. Also, add the option to customize the entire HUD. There's also a great number of lag on my iPad mini Retina. Please add multiplayer and/or zombies too. It'll make a lot of people happy.

  • Awsome

    by Katles

    IT is awsome great graphics andmaps

  • Awesome

    by $E305$


  • Pretty Fun but…

    by MaskedSlayer

    You should add more maps and online multiplayer. Other than that, it's a pretty good game.

  • Sorta Good

    by Hunted Across The Feet

    I liked the whole 'control your squad' thing from a helicopter view, but then when you finish the campaign, thats over. You could add a survival focused on this or something...

  • Sorta Good

    by Hunted Across The Feet

    I liked the whole 'control your squad' thing from a helicopter view, but then when you finish the campaign, thats over. You could add a survival focused on this or something...

  • hi

    by Michael jorden

    call of duty strike team it is a good game

  • Better

    by app fand

    Dear Actvision, I'm impressed by the league and such but i'm not fully WOW! We need multiplayer team-match and maybe clans and/or better graphics like infinity blade 2/3 i'm happy to give 5 stars to your hard work in our call of duties games. If you can add any of these stuff i'll be amazed P.S I'm happy this game never crashed like the other games :) and also i forgot to say this... This game is pretty great like modern warfare 3 and we might need more missions to be entertained. Thank you for making our games Actvision. From J and J,

  • 9thdestiny

    by 9thdestiny

    Can you make call of duty ghost extinction. Please thank you.

  • Awesome

    by "Demokes"

    This game is a great combo of graphics and fps. I hope for more COD games soon.

  • Great

    by Cm1027


  • COD iOS

    by sbelew

    the only thing that would make this better is local multiplayer.

  • The best app EVER

    by Carsoninator

    This game is so fun and rely amazing gameplay. BUY IT!!!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Rolando Rivera

    This game has been very entertaining during my off time. it's the best game I've come across in a long time.

  • Call of Duty is the BOMB!!!

    by Hacker53

    This was an amazing break through in gameplay and shooter combining a third person shooter with a first-person shooter. And the graphics just took my breath away. The only bad thing is the lag on some mission. But other than that it's great.

  • Optimize

    by Pro elite 21232323232323232323

    Optomize it 4 ipod 4 th gen bro there r some people that have it and i wasted money

  • Keeps crashing

    by Joeyrocks101

    On my ipod 5 and iPhone 5 what heck

  • Money back

    by Remmigirl

    I want my money back I know it's not like the traditional cod but it couldn't even start I didn't even see the start screen on an iPod 5 iOS 7.0.1 I want my money back

  • Mission Crashes

    by Zarm farm

    It's a great game but it needs multiplayer. Also every time I hit "start mission" it crashes on me.

  • Hate it

    by General Jarb

    Oh, and from my other review I forgot to add that the controls are terrible for iPod Touch and iPhone! I don't have an iPhone but iPhones and iPod Touches are the same size so. I only have an iPod Touch but I've heard that it works for the iPad! Just make it an iPad-Only app!

  • Waste

    by David Tester

    Waste of my money It crashes every time I play it

  • Rip off

    by Bowmaster35

    It isn't compatible with my I pod I just spend 7 dollers on it and it will not work man am I mad this thing deserves no stars but u have to this game stinks

  • Great game but!


    Every time a cinematic plays it kills to sound on my iPhone 4S for the whole day. Please fix!!!

  • Are you sh**ing me?

    by Mine craft cool creeper

    I wanted this so I could play cod online but I just get a fuking story only. Would it hurt to add the chicom or m27?

  • Best FPS on a mobile device

    by Iamaboss2793

    After playing several FPS games on my iPhone, none of them gave me the expectations I had after seeing an advertisement want for the app. Then, I found Call of Duty: Strike Team. This is BY FAR the BEST FPS game I have played. I have played all of the Call of Duty console games, and this is still the same. This FPS has the best storyline, graphics, and is the most interactive. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making such a awesome FPS. Keep up the good work!

  • Not what I expected

    by Pond man

    Andre10gj explains it correctly. Concerning what gamers would like to expect.

  • Money wasted

    by emad saeed

    Just bought it on iPod 5, I was excited because I really like call of duty games, so when the game finished downloading, I opened it up started the mission when the mission was about to start the game crashed, hopefully this issue will be solved.

  • Call Of Duty Air Strike

    by KillahCal

    It's a nice game. I like it, even though I believe the movement n control of shooting. Could be a little better, even auto lock could use a tweak. But other than that I like it.

  • Sweet FPS

    by MCPitch

    Very nice game play on my iPad 3. Already addicted.

  • More things

    by Red Dragon Gx

    Its so awesome but add skins for guns more missions sights customization more guns zombies and it lags and crashes sometimes plz fix

  • Not downloading

    by Thebeast222222

    This game will not download on my iPhone 4S. I have 4.4 GB of memory and I can't figure out the problem.

  • Not the best game in the world

    by Carsen777

    This is not the best game I personally prefer cod black ops zombies I personally don't exactly like the game

  • Awesome

    by Gummytree

    The game is great but the controls take a little while to get use to.

  • Multiplayer and more Campaign and Hunter killers

    by AVPFireDragon

    The game is good though but please add more campaign levels please. and put multiplayer but you can select the amount of soldiers to fight in campaign and in multiplayer and still have that little drone in the air to control your squad so please add more levels and multiplayer. Thank you.And that can't you people who made this game just add Hunter killers please just like Grenades but They really follow your enemy and explode on your enemy so please add that thanks!

  • Eh

    by Rhogdn

    I like the fps part but whenever I try doing the first mission the app quits. Please fix the bug

  • Great shooter

    by David M123456789

    Great shooter

  • It's good game

    by Choikang Couple

    So~~ cool~~~!!! along with graphic response~

  • Love it

    by TheRealAdamG

    Great game on iOS


    by Danjet197

    Crashes every time! Please fix it. Ipad mini

  • Money back

    by Joven de Dios

    I tough this was a online game like moder combat 4 or something like that but nah ,

  • Wow

    by Dah hello

    Just bought it for awhile and never had a chance to play and when I did I kept crashing!!!!!! 0_0 wat is this!!!!!

  • Best game ever

    by Awesome246805

    I love the action and that I can take it everywhere


    by Fuzziwing

    THIS GAME IS THE BOMB... It makes missions so much easier... I'd give it 10 stars if possible

  • Great fun!

    by Keith Whisman

    I'm really enjoying this my iPad 4. Now stop pestering me about rating your game.

  • Addictive

    by Badykay

    Since I bought this game.. I've been playing it every single day :D


    by Kojak1970

    So I got this game because it looked pretty good, and I thought it would be fun. So I launch the app and it worked fine, until I launched a mission. It will load it but once I get into the game IT CRASHES! The only thing I can play is survival mode! Waste of my money! Fix please!

  • Awesome 5 Stars *****

    by 2buckChuxk

    Love this game!


    by Crackly Flea

    I SPENT $6 ON A GAME THAT CRASHES! When ever I get to the loading screen in game it crashes.

  • Call of duty strike team

    by Markld168

    This app I finally got it and on my ipad and it's great !!

  • Worst game ever

    by Cosas olvidadas

    Its the worst 7 hundred pennys i have spend!

  • Great but crashes to often

    by NarutoTarek3

    For Ipad mini every time i play it crashes accept for survival mode I would give it a five if it will fix it

  • Sad :(

    by The beast of orange juice

    The sad thing about this game is that it crashes all the time making you nervous if your data will even be saved. It has poor graphics and hard controls. Bummer. I spent 7 dollars on a game that only works for the iPad. If you can fix this then maybe just maybe I will give it a better review. Also it doesn't even work on an iPhone 4S. I mean if it is just going to work for the iPad then it should say only available for the iPad. Not available for iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 if it doesn't work for any of those!

  • Cod

    by Josh Hamilton 3223 3113

    Great game

  • Sad :(

    by The beast of orange juice

    The sad thing about this game is that it crashes all the time making you nervous if your data will even be saved. It has poor graphics and hard controls. Bummer. I spent 3 dollars on a game that only works for the iPad. If you can fix this then maybe just maybe I will give it a better review.

  • Good game, but...

    by TristanValdez

    I give this a 4 star because it would be better if it had multiplayer. I want to be able to play with friends and random people as we'll. other then that then I say the game is awesome! I love it but I really want multiplayer!!! Please?! :]


    by CreeperGamimg


  • Crashing

    by Fnfnfbhngj

    Crashes too much on iPad mini

  • Awesome

    by AZDevilDog


  • Excellent!

    by bhawkdrvr

    Great game!

  • Compatibility

    by Radar#1

    I have yet to play the game but I know it was a waste of money because all of the devices aren't compatible with it please update so it can work with iPod touch 4th gen

  • Crashes

    by Rami-ro200

    The game is great but crashes all the time If you fix it I will be glad I don't know it might be my device or the game but I'm pretty sure it's the game because all my other games do not crash


    by =)

    I LOVE the game but you should add all the guns in the game instead of three of each type and You should also add multiplayer and let you costomize your gunn and let You change your second dary weapon

  • It keeps crashing

    by RedneckShotguner117

    Repair it!

  • Pretty cool

    by Donnell P.

    It's a fun game!

  • Ticked off!!!

    by lemckinn

    I paid $6 for this and all it does is crash!

  • Crashed

    by =!TheBeat!=

    It crashes when I try to play Europa Falls or something, it's the first level. Please fix, I have hopes for this game

  • Doesn't load campaign

    by Shmeshe

    I have a iPod 5 and it won't load the campaign but it does survival well but I like sevivle please fix

  • Crashing

    by Call of aggdvf

    This game crashes. I can at lest get in but one i start a level it crashes please fix and make it computable with iPod 4th gens

  • Can I get a refund

    by Joespg

    Every time I'm about to start the mission the game crashes. I deleted and reinstalled the app and it's doing the same. I want a refund.

  • What the heck

    by Elisha gulledge

    I bought this game for 3 bucks and it's so laggy that I cant even enjoy it

  • New at this

    by Char,,,,,ly

    Every time I try to start a mission the game crashes, any help or advice would be appreciated.


    by Awesome creeper 19

    Terrible wouldn't let me play kept on bringing me back to homescreen

  • Does not work on iPad mini

    by Rand

    Piece of crap app crashes as soon as you go to play. Thanks a lot for taking my money AND NOT WORKING

  • Ios 7 + ipad2 = not good

    by sol333

    Needs to have a graphics reduction for us old ipad 2s. Used to work, its i gem of a single player game. Now its too lagged to be playable. Fix it and my rating goes back up to 5 stars

  • Crashes

    by Koala69739183

    Great game but it crashes on my iPad when I try to play. PLEASE FIX

  • Needs multiplayer

    by MotoJake199

    I love this game but it would be so awesome if it had multiplayer and able to customize classes

  • Awesome

    by SuperCritic1234567


  • Super Cool!

    by Plisade

    Amazing. This was clearly made for the iPhone. Good job!


    by Por pe


  • Crashes

    by HlwgmCn bush

    Constant crashing to the point of no gameplay.

  • Start on black ops 2 zombies already

    by Ok hi what up

    I wanted black ops 2 zombies for ios before I got an xbox will you ever make it

  • Lame

    by LQ.B2010

    I open the app, not even a minute and it just closes. Waste of $7!!!!! Fix it!!! Please!!!

  • Great game

    by Herrkrkddk

    Great game

  • F*** this

    by Grambh12

    It never lets me play, and it crashed while loading the level. Don't waist the cash.

  • Totally Unique Gameplay

    by Skullyganic

    Love the dual mode style of gameplay. Once you get used the the squad vs. single view modes...and how to use them effectively. The gameplay is pretty cool. People need to stop comparing it to console's an ipad. For mobile gameplay, it's really nice.

  • Too short

    by Chill, it's a joke

    The story was too short and they never updated it with more. I still found the first-person mode too difficult to control. They should make a whole game of commanding a fireteam. Also, in the birds-eye mode, there were a few glitches with the fighting.

  • It's fun but crashes

    by Bullslover23

    Can you fix it not working for Ipad mini fix please so I could win I wasted 6.99 for crashing

  • Luv it ;)

    by PGcaptclutch

    I love this game. Best call of duty I've played on the iPad THANK YOU TREYARCH!!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Lightning274

    We'll worth the money.

  • There is something wrong

    by Luca awsome

    For some reason I don't have enof of storage and I don't know why? Please help me for all of your help. Thank you for all support for me please send me back a mesagge! Sincerely, Luca Mitchell

  • Money back

    by Novaguy89

    I bought this then realized it was for iphone4s or greater and I hav a iPhone 5 so of u change this or give me 5 stars I'll get rid of this review


    by Epic Guy 60

    This game needs a lot more. Here is a list I came up with. 1.Improve performance, game is too slow 2. Attachments for guns like sights and launchers. 3. Online Multi-Player. 4. ZOMBIE MODE! 5. Crash fixes. 6. Make a customizable HUD. 7. Make it so my helpers can follow me around! 8. MORE WEAPONS! 9. More maps please. 10. Add secondary weapons. Add these, and this game may earn a better rating! I will rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

  • Excelnte

    by TheAngelus

    Jueguenlo demasiado bueno recomendable

  • Awesome game

    by Fragtions

    Must have for apple device. Nice gameplay, content, and graphics.

  • Waste

    by Rochelle hiddleston

    Waste of money it keeps crashing

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