NBA 2K14 Games App Review (iOS, $7.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Updated: Oct, 01 2013
  • Version: 1.1.5
  • Size: 1.39 GB

Languages: English

Seller: 2K Sports

1. Added iOS controller support
2. Added Simplified Chinese support
3. Bug fixes

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341 Ratings
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***NOTE: Compatible with iPad 2 and up, iPad mini, iPod touch 5 and up and iPhone 4 and up – WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES***

NBA 2K14 is the latest installment of the world's biggest and best NBA video game franchise. With more than 38 Sports Game of the Year and "Best Of" mentions last year on console, 2K14 is set to rule the virtual hardwood on iOS. This year, we've joined forces with the league's most dominant force: LeBron James. NBA 2K14 will raise the bar, yet again.

Customer Reviews

  • good game

    by Kluv91

    I really enjoy playing this game, sometimes the passing might mess up and on ball defense is almost useless and the rate players block shots is ridiculous I give it a 3/5. I suggest you do a roster update and have it so we have the rosters of today's nba season because so many players on the wrong teams and ratings need to be adjusted for certain players who have been playing well above their rating in this game like goran dragic lance stephenson, michael carter-williams, and terrence ross to name some, and reduce players ratings who have been under performing like andrew bynum, anthony bennett, and the other bums

  • fun

    by Tiney80


  • Lags

    by SDTG 42

    I love the game but it lags a lot on the 4s

  • Good on a 5s, not a 4s

    by Shaun05231998

    I didn't like this game when I had my 4s because it always froze and closed itself out and never saved but on a 5s it's great. Definitely worth the download if you have a iPhone 5 or better.

  • Good game but can be a little better

    by Zoldello

    So far it is good. However, some more updates would make it even better. The virtual controller is too close to the court. So, it blocks my view when I try to control players and guard the opposition. I cannot call plays, so makes playing the game harder for me. It would be nice to have a league mode where I can play several seasons, draft players, trade players and win championships.

  • My Career

    by sauvepower

    This is a good game but the game should add my career if They can do Lebron path to greatness with 1 player then they can with my career please add

  • Great game but needs my career

    by lgs2008

    The game is really good, but needs the game mode my career. Other than that great game

  • The game is good...but

    by Cd34560000

    The game is good but just recently it's been crashing before I can even start a game! Also I would love it if you add a create a player mode. Thank you

  • Mmmmm

    by Likeaboss121212

    This game is fun and all but I don't know why I feel like nba2k13 is better it's seem like it has better graphics and faster also there isn't any fun game modes that are fun I liked playing those challenges with legendary players on 2k13 so this. Game should fix glitches ,get better graphics , and make it faster, also add legenedery player challenges r

  • by Binoshay2273

    I honestly have no problems what so ever with this game ,but then I notices, and I quote, " why are they wearing the same shoes, where's the LeBron 11s or any type of shoes" this made me laugh

  • My career mode

    by Carolinaking22

    I like the game but I think 2k games need to put my career player creation on iPhone for nba 2k14 update or nba 2k15 that would be cool:)

  • Game Center Multiplayer

    by Mrsgsloan811

    5 star rating because the game is great....please fix game center multiplayer. I have completed two and won two games but it does not save my progress. 2/3/14 This game is great so far but it could be so much better! I love the Game Center multiplayer but there should be a penalty for sore losers that rage quit. I played a game with a final score of 59-19 but I lost all of my progress when I tried to share my score. Please fix!!!

  • NBA 2k14

    by 宁彬

    All star?????????

  • Great but crashes

    by Thomas J Price Concord

    I know you've heard this a lot but it's worth mentioning in hopes it can be fixed. I can't get past halftime or even 3rd quarter without it crashing. Graphics are great, fluidity is nice, and for a iPhone, the resolution is pretty great. I have iOS 7 iPhone 4S btw.

  • Incomplete without commentators

    by Leinad big

    Where are the commentators? Why were they eliminated? At least make it optional. I would have not spent $ had I known about this before.

  • NBA2k14

    by Fftyftfytfytfhtftftyfthftfhg

    Really really fun for everyone

  • Game Crashes'

    by DarielCR

    I have iPod 4 gen and the game crash when I touch quickgame, I can't play the game. I throw 4 dollars to the trash with this game. Please fix it!

  • Shooting Form

    by Adriant6@9

    Everyones shooting form is the same and it kind of annoys me because shooting with Kobe Lebron Durant etc. Other wise the game is great and fun.

  • Needs update

    by Kcghhcvjfcvgygghhyfvjhgu

    It's awesome but you should be able to pick who you play as in practice mode.

  • Please Update

    by App twister

    Fun but.... The players are slow and have jerky movements


    by Fadsboy

    I can't try out the game because it keeps crashing! Please fix

  • crashes

    by Tiney80

  • Crashes

    by Isaac0_o

    It crashes and it won't let me even get to the home screen plz fix

  • Swaggerman19410

    by Jxkxmjdnsjnk

    Come on you need iPod 4 support

  • Still horrible

    by Jysjunk

    Crashes frequently, still has bugs such as the net going crazy, getting stuck on the close up of the players and getting a 5 second violation because of it. Also as another reviewer mentioned the difficulty levels are out of whack now. On all pro my AI controlled players are fouling every other play sending all the starters to the bench, now shooting is impossible. On pro, the skill level below, I'm stealing the ball 40 times a game and winning by 80 points. Fix this. If you can't fix it, at least include sliders to adjust these things. And where is the commentary? I would have preferred if you had just repackaged 2k13 with updated rosters. Last time I buy this unless the next update fixes everything.

  • Too Easy

    by Veryfatcat

    I always win on every level (even HOF) by at least 40 points!!!! Please make the game a little more challenging!!!

  • Cant play

    by Daraughn

    Every time i click to play a game in any it crashes but i go to the options and everything but i cant play please fix it

  • Commentary

    by Renald Josue

    I need 2 hear the game while I'm playing , that's not fun at all need an update soon

  • Crash

    by Santa the Christmas BEAST

    Right before I get to play on my carrier I get kicked off the app this just happend 7 times in a row and counting please fix on an iPad mini

  • Come on

    by Switch gamer

    Not worth the 3$ I want it back please


    by 5amuel180

    Every time I hit play in the app it crashes! GRRR!

  • Doesn't even load up

    by Juwan C

    I paid 3.99 for this app, haven't even got to play ONE game on it, just sends me back to the home screen smh waste of money, doubt the people read these reviews so this app probably won't even get fixed properly

  • This game has to much glitches

    by Cool songz

    I hate how it glitches so much so if I were you I wouldn't buy it. Way to expensive for glitches and turning it self off when I try to play with friends in my iPhone 5s this game is just crap with lots of bugs if fixed I would probably play it more!!!!!!!!

  • It's slow

    by Saiah823

    It don't move fast as the iPod

  • Everybodys shot

    by Kevin41214121

    Why does everyone on the game shoot the same please fix????

  • ???CRASHING???

    by <>

    It's not a cheap game and it crashes everything I try to play a game it crashes

  • 4th gen

    by Pielove345

    You should say not compatible with 4th gen because i just bought this 3 dollar game now i can't play it because it isn't compatible with 4th gen, major waste

  • Wish I could put zero stars...

    by Cpt.Bacon

    Was hyped on playing this on my iPod after playing it on my friends Xbox. Totally wrong. The app crashed after loading, I deleted all other background apps and still didn't work. Deleted it and redownloaded it over five times. Didn't work. Just get NBA Jam. It's only a dollar and it actually works.

  • Crash!

    by Zac-Man101

    This game is terrible,whenever i try to open the app,i cant even get to the main menu because it crashes. This game was a waste of my money,and i am very disapionted in 2k

  • Nba2k14

    by Charlieg06

    This game Need Commentators And The Players and the crowd need better graphics then ill rate it 5stars

  • iCloud

    by Suffruffmcgruff

    I would like this game if it weren't for these issues -the backboard has some strange invisibility quality -iCloud will never stop saving -shooting is too easy Here are some suggestions to make this game worth 8 dollars -Add my player-even if it costs 5 dollars you should add it- even the PSP has it -Add instant replay that is accessible in the pause menu -Add a my team mode- again, even if it costs money

  • Put this

    by Seba12345678910

    Put my career

  • WASTE OF $4

    by Fire blade 999999987777

    I waited 3 hours to download this game and when I finally get it, I can't even play it because it crashes every time. DO NOT GET UNLESS THEY FIX CRASHES

  • Needs an update...

    by Irvin897

    Work on update pls change shooting forms, shoes and add commentaries

  • Player

    by A great sport

    Honestly I think they should add my career mode like the Rookie showcase

  • Crashes

    by ryankofen egret

    All it does is crash at the beginning

  • Bad

    by Peyton Harris

    I couldn't even play! It always go's to my menu!

  • NBA 2K12 &13 were better

    by revp

    Not worth the purchase, even after upgrade. Gameplay lags on iPhone 5. Graphics are better than previous versions but commentary is gone & each players' personal style of shooting is gone. I think since there's no competition in App Store for other quality nba games, 2k has relaxed on attention to detail. I've emailed 2k sports a detailed concern of how the game is steps backwards from previous versions. If you do the same, they may fix this.

  • No trading !!?

    by Luckyguy1243

    On my iPhone 5 it won't let me trade and it starts like this I would trade wade for chis Paul and when I hit the trade thing it say's iCloud saving and it won't do anything I would of gave it 5 stars if u could trade

  • Awful

    by Raymon27

    The game opens up but I can't play a game or any game mode. Even on the menu screen the song skips. If I could I would rate this game I would rate it zero stars. Need a new update ASAP. JUST TERRIBLE

  • Fouls

    by 1036202

    The game is good but could you give us the ability to turn fouls off

  • Never even downloads

    by Gdmkck

    I am dissipated

  • Crash

    by Akemroo

    Plz update it it keeps crashing sometimes and I don't even get to play 1 quater of the game and also plz add more game modes like black top

  • Great

    by Game bees alsome$$$$$$$$$$

    Thank you SO MUCH for fixing that road home bug. I finally won on the road and it was competitive. A little laggy, but I think it's just because my iPad is jammed. They are missing a few player though.

  • Changes listed down here⬇️⬇️⬇️


    EVERYONE shoots the same.Change it. There's NO commentary,except when a point is made. The players need better detail. More team updates. Maybe music in timeouts,like Radioactive? Better audience. Nevertheless,good app.

  • Please

    by Grizzzzzzzzzzzz

    Make compatible for iPod 4th gen

  • Camera

    by Justin945

    Cant change camera angle. Plz fix. I put it on Drive but it's still im Broadcast

  • iPhone 5s

    by Kray Robinson

    The controls don't work at all

  • Wow 2k

    by Sid1$

    This game doesn't even get to the start menu for me and I've had to download it 3 times so far fix this please I do like this game

  • Crap

    by So terrible bad

    Too hard to play and crappy

  • Hard to download.very disappointed

    by AgentDeluxe

    I've been downloading it for hours ..its not worth it..i wish i could refund the money ive wasted

  • crashes

    by Dude perfict

    i dont know why but whenever i go to play any type of game it crashes have it be quick play or any type it crashes plz fix!!!!!!!!!!

  • come on!!

    by David_Portillo

    This game should be worth the money. First of all theres no commentary. Second of all it way too overly priced. p.s. please add my career

  • This is not installing.

    by Danielsuits

    This has not been installing for 2 or 3 days already.

  • APP constantly crashes

    by ccampbell382

    Ever since I first downloaded this app I've had nothing but trouble. Probably one of the biggest waste of money I have seen. Constantly crashes. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my iPad and all. Nothing works. Definitely not worth it!

  • Commentary

    by Jonathan_o15

    Can there please be commentary????? That's so awesome

  • NBA 2k14

    by Kierstan Adams

    Love the game but it close out too much

  • Love/Hate Thing

    by Focus313rd

    It's 2k on your phone! W that being said.. Bad : it's almost impossible to win games on the road, very unfair if ur not the home team, u can have the best team..shoot over 80 percent the whole game and still lose to the worse team .no "my player mode" commentators during matches making it very bland at times.almost impossible to block shots. One thing I absolutely hate...u can't do any type of play calling unless u play that other very horrible controller style. Computer can run all types of plays on u,ur team only does plays at random or most of the time not at all. Also crashes a lot! Overall I love 2k! Always will but the bad things I listed should really be fixed..crazy thing is it's very small details that I know won't take these guys no time to fix....u got that 6.99 doe lol

  • 2k

    by Trezzytrey

    I like this game because it's new but it need the real person shot

  • Almost perfect

    by Bry guy shadow 666

    This is an amazing game!! But PLEASE,PLEASE make it so that we get john trice dimitries drakos and ekon okoye. If you can make it so that we can get these player it would be AMAZING, otherwise great game!

  • Reason for crashing

    by Xavi Iniesta

    The reason it crashes is because it's not compatible with an iPod 4th generation maybe next time before you something check if it's compatible I have an iPhone 5 C it's great on it but add commentary also I don't think that you can put audio it's too quiet no commentating what's so ever

  • Review

    by LoveTayluhh

    The iCloud saving is TERRIBLE!!! Every time I finish a game during my season I can't see anything but when it says iCloud save. Please fix this!! And make the graphics better!!!

  • Need to fix this

    by Nyesowaty

    There are so many crashes. I almost can never finish a single game. There's no commentary so he feels like I'm just sitting there like a loner. 2K please fix this, you are a better company. Please please please please fix all of this. At least add my story or my player, commentary, and fix all the crashes.Since 2012 NBA 2K you been having all these crashes, please fix it.

  • Review some upgrade

    by Eiffel21

    In all star mode the opponent so dominant, 95% field goals, every player only misses two shot in a 8 minute a game...out rebound even by the small guys, and its clearly im close to block the shot but they still make it, but for me i make a jumpshot 75 percent being blocked even the opponent is far thay can reach....and if i using the pro mode its the other thing around im dominant, i want just a fair play equal level of the computer, its should be pleasurable when u play games but it get the nerve in you...u just get annoyed by it...please fix some errors...

  • Game crashes

    by Anpw17

    This game crashes all the time and when you load the screen it brings you to Game Center.

  • Crashes

    by Rbysftf

    can't do anything crashes before I do anything I need refund dosent work Refund me on iPod 4th generation

  • 2k fan

    by Jv6598

    It looks like the app developer tried no effort on putting this app together. Still needs a lot of work and also it has been still glitching and keeps sending me back to the main menu. Even with the newest update. Recommend not to buy it until more improvements are done.

  • Glitch

    by Joeyd00002

    Every time I try playing the game it keeps crashing. It doesn't work for IPod 4th generation. Why??

  • This game plays perfect on iphone4S

    by D-avenger

    everything plays smoothly on my iphone 4S. so worth it the 2.99. I'll change my review if I find any glitches. very fun game because I changed the camera settings.

  • Game Center Multiplayer

    by Mrsgsloan811

    This game is great so far but it could be so much better! I love the Game Center multiplayer but there should be a penalty for sore losers that rage quit. I played a game with a final score of 59-19 but I lost all of my progress when I tried to share my score. Please fix!!!

  • Game doesn't work

    by Very very Mad customer

    I paid 7.99 for this game and it doesn't even work. It keeps freezing when it first comes on. For the amount I paid you would think it would work!!!!!!!

  • We need commentaries!!!

    by iKbomac

    Please bring back commentaries i need to hear whats happening on the game it just make it more fun,Pleaseee!!!

  • App crashes

    by Ian is boss

    It keeps crashing when I click the play button and it is really annoying and you need to fix it

  • Great game

    by WestHoff4

    Everything is great except everybody has the same shooting motion

  • Not able 2 PLAY

    by protime89

    I bought this with my money! I want it back! Every time I hit play or some times even before that, it crashes and just goes to the home menu.

  • Annoying

    by hotmamamich

    This game is very fun until the 4th quarter. I would have 20 points ahead of my opponent until my game crashes. This game is constantly crashing no matter what. This should not be 8$ to be honest with you. This game would have gotten a 5 star ratting if doesnt constantly crash on me. It kills my mood to even try to play.

  • Poop

    by Aaarec

    Still crashes before I get to the home page of the app. This is the third update and you haven't fixed it yet. This app I rate zero stars. Do not buy this app. Total waste of money and I want my money back

  • Very buggy

    by Jeff11769

    This is a great app, but it crashes a lot. Is very frustrating to play a game for 30min or more & the app crashes & you have to start over. Also updates are almost non existent. Players are added a lot to teams & I am not talking about trades, but players signed from other countries or leagues and you can't added them.

  • No my career and no all star teams

    by ZRB ZRB

    There should be my career like in other devices like xboxes and there should be an all star team of the year before

  • This stinks

    by Mooreyyyyyyyy

    I can't even play the game because it goes right to home screen

  • 2k14 add more

    by Ballislife7890

    Good game add more uniforms like the special ones,add the regular hair the nba players have now, put in my player.plaes update it keep on crashing when i do any game mode fix an i will give it a 4 stars

  • Game crashes

    by LittleMainey

    I tried playing this game on an ipod, but it keeps crashing. Today while playing on the Ipad, I was leading by 20 points and the game crashed. every time I try to play multiple seasons, the game crashes.

  • Crashing

    by LenofHatena

    Running on iPod 7.0.4, won't even let me get to the main screen

  • No MyCareer

    by Alex

    The reason I rate this app 3 stars is because it spent include the things that make 2k, 2k. Like MyCareer and they don't have enough settings options or they don't have instant replay, I suggest they include that stuff in an update to make this a better app

  • Great but glitches

    by Josie Amezcua

    The game itself a amazing besides the fact that Damian lillard can't alley oop along with kyrie Irving also after the update it's been glitching non stop you also need to give people their own jumpshot I also wish you could custamize your own character and have your own career with them and custamize their stats I hope I inspire your next update. Thanks

  • Want money back

    by Angry NBA 2K 14 buyer

    I bought this app with the understanding that it would work on an I pod touch 4th generation. It will not let me play the game which I just paid for and I am very disappointed. I want my money back!!!

  • Won't play

    by Zeketonethunder

    I need help cause my iPod won't let me play 2k14.Cause once it starts it doesn't let me play the game.

  • Booo!!!!!!

    by Jodye The II

    I want my money back

  • So Amazing!!!!!!!

    by Samerrassam

    This game is really fun!!! All I want for 5 stars is for me to be able to pick which players play and when. I also want a game mode where u could play with any random person in the world. Other than that, keep up the good work!!

  • Fix this game

    by Spideyice2012

    Its absolutly horrible. Gameplay is slow there are too few buttons. No spins jukes isolation pick n rolls..nothing!! Defense is crappy. Wasted money

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