NBA 2K13 Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Updated: Oct, 02 2012
  • Version: 1.3.5
  • Size: 1.24 GB

Languages: English

Seller: 2K Sports

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***We are aware of the issues being caused by iOS 7 with this game and are actively looking into solutions.***

Enter the New Dynasty with NBA 2K13, the latest installment of the top-rated NBA video game simulation franchise 12 years running. Built on the critically acclaimed NBA 2K engine, NBA 2K13 for iOS features improved graphics and intuitive One-Finger controls to give you the ultimate NBA experience while on the go. For the first time, players can now challenge their friends in multiplayer mode via Game Center or Bluetooth. NBA 2K13 also lets you relive some of the most memorable performances in NBA history, including Kobe Bryant’s 81-point performance in 2006.
Executive produced by multi-platinum recording artist JAY Z, who personally curated this year’s soundtrack.
- Multiplayer: Take the court against your friends via Game Center and Bluetooth.
- Intuitive Controls: Choose between classic control and One-Finger control, built specifically for iOS devices.
- Improved graphics and animations.
- NBA’s Greatest Games: Relive some of the best performances in NBA history, including Kobe Bryant’s 81-point performance in 2006.
- A JAY Z Production: Featuring a soundtrack personally curated by multi-platinum recording artist JAY Z.
- Multiseason Mode: Play through multiple NBA seasons and establish your team as a dynasty.
- TV-style presentation, including full commentary from Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg.
- Updated Rosters - All transactions from the 2011-2012 season have been incorporated, meaning you will be playing with current teams and ratings.

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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing Game But.....

    by Gmc fresh

    I love this game but it crashes SO MUCH! I can't play for 1 minute and then it crashes! Please fix this!!

  • Good game, but crashes

    by Jet6364

    I was very excited to get this game. I started a multiseason and I played the first game and won but before I got back to the main menu it crashed. I had to play the same game and I came back from a 14 point deficit and won, but once again it crashed. Now I can't even start a game anymore before it crashes. If the game didn't crash I would have rated it 5 star. Please fix these issues. Thanks!!

  • It crashes

    by jjfoley1

    I bought this game because I thought it looked fun and I payed 3 dollars and when I play in my season I'm only three games in when I should be 10 games in because it crashes all the time and I have to restart the game please fix this problem but when I get to play it is a fun game.

  • Not great

    by matthewrecord

    1: Fix Crashing. 2: Add Dunk Contest. 3: Add 3 Point Contest. 4: Really Fix Crashing. But Other Then That It's Has Good Controls.

  • Update please

    by Shane Darrisaw

    This game needs an iPhone 5 update and a update for every device along with it

  • Us shave

    by Ya Best game

    It's good but it crashes when I do multisession

  • Great game but a major flaw

    by scott belliveau

    This game is really fun and all but about 2/3 of the quick play games don't ask me which set of controls to use. It just goes straight to the game and when I am in the game there are no buttons to press I'm practically spectating

  • All right

    by $SWEET$

    The gameplay is great but graphics seriously need to be fixed. I love this game but the graphics are a bit rough.

  • Crashes and update

    by Mhr18

    Crashes every time I get on the game. There should be an update so that u can create a my player.

  • Ok

    by Pat da big bad boy35

    It's ok but there are glitches during the game

  • Crashes Every Time

    by Littlemaster6

    It crashes every single time!! Please fix it!!!

  • Crashes

    by carolina jordan

    It was working good on the iPhone 5s before the update, but know it is glitching and crashes in the middle of the game. Otherwise good

  • Great update but..

    by Irvin897

    The graphics look rougher than before, gameplay was smooth in the last versions of the game. Please find time to solve this problem. I play this like everyday.


    by Blakesshipp

    It's a great game but it cashes every time you play.

  • Great game but needs fixing

    by David Thornton

    I love the game but I can't finish or even start a game. Please fix. PLEASE!!!

  • Good but...

    by Grizzzzzzzzzzzz

    Crashes whenever I play multi season besides the crashing the game is great

  • Awesome

    by N.B.A. Basketball

    Best app ever. Easy controls ,announcer , and more than 5 players on court.

  • Good, No Crashing, Fun!

    by I, iPod

    I waited to buy this game until now because of the problems with iOS 7 compatibility. I bought it yesterday and have played about 4 games, no crashing, lag, or glitches. I took a chance buying this because I didn't know if the problem was fixed, but to my delight, it was. I highly recommend this game, even though it's a year old and some rosters are outdated.

  • 2k

    by ZSwagga5

    Put Richard Johnson back in the game!

  • Multi season

    by Borabora7373

    Multiseason crashes Quick game works now

  • Crashing app

    by La Gibson Femme

    Not good, keeps freezing up. Would like my money refunded.

  • Crashes

    by 3,im different

    It crashes everytime i try to play it please fix

  • Worth 0 stars

    by Patriots win Superbowl

    This is unacceptable. I open up the app, go to quick game, and as soon as they set up for the jump ball,BANG, it crashes. Just like that! This happened on only the 2nd day I had the app.2k, I don't know what drill you're running here but if I were you, I'd fix it before more and more people start spending $3.00 on an app that doesn't even work! And, if I delete the app, i SHOULD get my money back, but... NO THAT WOULD BE 3 BUCKS 2K SPORTS DOESNT END UP WITH!!! I was thinking about getting 2k 14 instead, but... $8.00 is what it costs for an app that might work as bad as this one. 2K SPORTS IM DONE W/ YOU!!!

  • Bad

    by Subway surfurs

    Worst game ever probally the game was fine but how would I no I couldn't even get it because it wouldn't download but I had enough space but these crooks were still able to charge me don't waste your money !

  • ...

    by Justy429

    Great game, crashes on almost all of them though

  • Crashes

    by Dylan wojtanoski

    I got a redfund because it keeped crashing

  • by D'Jo3


  • Update is Worse...

    by Smarter than you think

    The game was perfectly fine before this recent update. Now I don't even play the game because the gameplay is rough and hard to focus because it's a tad bit of a lag or something. Horrible update. Fix soon.

  • I want my money back

    by Softball_chic_08

    I have an iPod touch 5th generation, and this app doesn't even WORK. I want a refund!! It crashes and exits to my home screen.

  • Crash

    by Benedetto Davi

    I love to play this game a lot but, the app crashes when I load a game. Plz fix, I would love to play this again.

  • Crashes

    by Wind of time 100

    It was a great game till I couldn't play anymore cause all it would do is crash I hope you would fix it instead of me wasting my money on this game

  • Crashing

    by Kiwiking!

    Fix the crashing!!! I payed for this app and I can't play a game because when I start a game it just crashes to the home screen.

  • Crash Problem

    by cheznmayonnaise

    Keeps on crashing on my iPod Touch (5th Generation) Please fix this problem in the next update.


    by Jacoboller

    It was fun till it started crashing now I can't even open it on my iPhone 5c

  • Crashes

    by Brendan.c107

    Every time I am about to start a game. You really need to update this Because usually I don't buy apps but I wanted to for this. And now it crashed. You need to fix this

  • Amazing Game...When it works

    by BennyG23ER

    When it works, it's an easy 5, but after the update, I can't even play. As soon as a match begins it crashes. Please help.

  • Amazing Game...When it works

    by BennyG23ER

    When it works, it's an easy 5, but after the update, I can't even play. As soon as a match begins it crashes. Please help.

  • Crashes like crazy

    by Babywolf24

    Don't get it! The update didn't help the crashes at all!

  • Crap... I'm done.

    by Greyshouse625

    After it finally started to stop freezing, for some reason it decided it needed to download... A SECOND TIME. No. I'm not the type of customer that will put up with this BS... Deleted App. Done with 2K games forever. EA sports is where you can find me.... Psshhh. (I should get my money back you money hungry idiots!)

  • Fix bugs

    by Rappermaster

    It keeps going back on me

  • Crashes

    by Jkrafy

    The game crashes all the time, please fix.

  • Crashes

    by Ruxb

    I have never been able to play this game because it crashes when loading every time. I can't believe this is what I get after paying for this app!!

  • Crashes on iPad unplayable

    by Jackawesome

    Please fix I love this game

  • Graphics are Worse

    by Dion O.

    The latest update made the frame rate noticeably shorter. Please take the time to fix this. This game was fun, but the graphics need to be fixed.

  • Crashes


    This game almost always crashes when I try to play the Greatest Games mode.

  • Fix the freakin crashing

    by Captain piggle

    I got the newest update that is support to fix crashes and it crashes every freakin time ESPECIALLY ON MULTISEASON!!!! Just please fix this fast :(

  • Worst

    by Bdhfjjdnekgdmdndjsk

    Waste of money!!!!

  • Fix it

    by Hannah1324

    You can't even start a game or it will crash. Don't waste your money

  • The game crashes

    by Sejvbjv

    Every time I play it on the I pod it won't let me do anything it just crashes and its stupid. It's absolutely not worth 2.99.

  • Won't work...

    by Blearned69

    I updated the game now won't work... I have an older iPad and it won't load. Would likes refund!


    by zacko 877774487

    The new update crashes all the time

  • Don't buy

    by Umich823

    This app keeps crashing on my iPad, don't waste your money like I did.

  • Always crashing

    by pooleparty5

    The app is always crashing once I get into a game.

  • Fun a year ago, but now crashes repeatedly

    by Mello-d30

    An update? Finally an update!!! Still doesn't work...

  • Freezes

    by DJ Chiva 01

    The game was decent when it was working. Then it just freezes when I want to start a game. I've tried to play dozens of time. It's been like this for months. Waste of money!!!

  • Crashes

    by Taybugs

    I can't even open the game without it crashing

  • update

    by 对方的防守方的

    Are you kidding me? The update made the game stability worse.

  • Update made it worse

    by Thattreeoverthere33

    I used to have no problems with crashing, but with the update I can't even start a game without it crashing.

  • Fix

    by Victor17!

    This game keeps kicking me off right after I played fix it or I'll report and get the court because I payed money

  • Crashes Every time

    by Me too 24

    Got the Jan. 29, 2014 update. Now it crashes on my iPad! What is going on?!!!?!?!? The bad reviews are why I didn't get the NBA2K 2014 version. You won't update the original Jordan 2K version. Now this one is unplayable. Please fix it.

  • It's Useless

    by poopster mcghee

    It keeps crashing, don't buy it

  • Do not buy

    by Valcin24

    It crashes. If you want to listen to the music only. Cool, other than that you can not play.. I want a refund. :(

  • Crashhhhhhes

    by meowwwwwwwwwwww. grrrr


  • Update

    by Aaaaaaassasbddkdnsbsvshkskf tv

    Please update it kicks me out every time it's again great game but I can't play

  • Crashing

    by Spiderman player

    The game is really cool but 15 out of 75 times it crashes please fix it

  • 2k update come on

    by Umygkfudsyfg

    Still keeps crashing when i play a game?

  • NBA2k13 and NBA2k14 are both crap.

    by Square Bob Pants Sponge

    When I got both games they didn't let me play them. I've already spent like $7.00 on the two games and they don't even work. I want updates and it to let me play!!!

  • The game is crashing alot

    by DJ kabuki

    It crashes every time i try to play

  • ~

    by Peter QU

    What the - why the game is running so slow then ?? 5s used to running super fast -

  • 你们要把2K系列搞臭么?

    by remus198410


  • Still Crashes Upon Selecting Multiseason

    by Dvtgrtgdrgdtgdthfthfth

    The game keeps crashing whenever i click on multiseason even after the update. And i dont think it is my devices fault because i have an iPad Air.

  • Crash


    It still crashes on ios7

  • Thx for update

    by dfdfhdfdfidfd

    Thx for the update 2k this update should fix the crashing :)

  • It's a very good game but sometimes at the beginning i am a spectator

    by gerry/le_boss

    Pretty good

  • Fix

    by Bmj67890

    It kicks me out after i start a game

  • Crashes guaranteed in iOS7

    by TexasMale

    If you're running this on iOS 7, it will indubitably crash, iPhone or iPad. Still waiting on the fix.

  • Crashes

    by Jkrafy

    The game crashes all the time, please fix.

  • Crashing

    by James Jules

    It was a GREAT game. I truly loved it. I did. Than it started crashing. Otherwise best game in the world. Truly is. Thank you

  • Piece of junk

    by Gnvghghygyu

    Every time I turn on it just goes back to the home screen


    by Lordepicness332

    I have an ipod , but I cannot get to tip off without this game crashing. 2k has scammed us again.

  • Crashes

    by Yuuuuuuuuuupp

    This game is not even worth the money... All it does is crash I can only play the practice mode and that gets boring after awhile. If they make an update to fix this problem then yeah it seems like it'd be a fun game..

  • Fun but crashes

    by Mike65765

    My game keeps crashing in the middle of a game since I got the newest update! Please fix this as soon as possible.

  • Do not buy for ipad

    by Pete2345

    The iphone version of this is amazing the graphic aren't rpthat good but gameplay is. But ipad is horrible I can't even play one game every time I start it it crashes before the tip off. I hope you make a wise decision and spend three dollars on a game you can actually play.

  • Horrible

    by Gustino Gonnella

    It won't even Download it is a piece of junk if u got iPod 4th don't get this game if I could give it less than 1 star I would

  • Please read this

    by Beastman9903

    This app was great fun until it crashed. Now only 10 percent of the time I get to play.

  • IPad Mini

    by jjrrulez

    Crashes before I can even start a game... I'm on iPad mini.

  • Fix this issue ASAP

    by Borabora7373

    Fix the compatibility issue quick please. The interface looks really nice, but when I try to play a game it crashes.

  • Cash

    by Brockyasores

    Crashes way to much

  • Horrible

    by The best game ever 12534

    I paid my money to play this game but It won't even download

  • Fix!!

    by Kiloo game

    Please fix!!!! I just bought this game and opened it, and I kicked me out. Please fix. I have Seen a friend play this and it looks awesome!! Please fix!! I would have given it 5 stars but it kicks me out.

  • Not working right

    by Codymcc

    This game would probably be really fun if it wasn't so buggy. I can't even play a game with out the players going 2 mph and moving weird. Please fix.

  • Forever

    by Bcckkhgf

    Takes forever to load onto my phone haven't played yet I hope the $3 was worth it.


    by mulliganinmadcity

    I LOVE IT!

  • Crashes

    by Ian21459

    Crashes every time I try to play a game. Don't buy until they fix this issue.

  • Crashing

    by Dungeon 3

    Every time I want to play a game it goes to my home screen! I can only simulate the game to!! Please please fix the crashing so I can play the game!!

  • It glitches on me every time

    by Hajj condor

    Read title

  • Great Game on Opposite Day


    Keeps crashing its a great game though fix the app I paid three dollars for this stupid app and I can't even play a game with iOS 7

  • Better then 2k14

    by Better Then 2k14

    It's better then 2k14 nice job 2k making it wors

  • Uhhhh waste of 7$

    by Lil swain

    I like it but later on I would go to it and it will go back to my home screen!!! Idk it's because I got 4th generation but yeah. And next update as my carer/player but first update where I can play!

  • Bad

    by Personly person

    It has to stop crashing on I pad I have only gotten to play one game

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