NBA 2K13 Lite Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Updated: Jan, 23 2013
  • Version: 1.3.5
  • Size: 1.25 GB

Languages: English

Seller: 2K Sports

Stability improvements

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
132 Ratings
All Versions:
3640 Ratings


***We are aware of the issues being caused by iOS 7 with this game and are actively looking into solutions.***

Enter the New Dynasty with NBA 2K13, the latest installment of the top-rated NBA video game simulation franchise 12 years running. Built on the critically acclaimed NBA 2K engine, NBA 2K13 Lite for iOS features improved graphics and intuitive One-Finger controls to give you the ultimate NBA experience while on the go. Executive produced by multi-platinum recording artist JAY Z, who personally curated this year’s soundtrack.

- Intuitive Controls: Choose between classic control and One-Finger control, built specifically for iOS devices.
- Improved graphics and animations.
- A JAY Z Production: Featuring a soundtrack personally curated by multi-platinum recording artist JAY Z.
- TV-style presentation, including full commentary from Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg.

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Customer Reviews

  • Forever

    by DonQ17

    When you install this game it takes forever to download and I only have 4 other games!

  • Woo hoo

    by Kenny Wayne jane

    Love it way better than nba 2k14 cause on this game all the players have the shooting form they have in real life and on nba 2k14 they all have the same shooting stroke

  • Fix

    by __DeeD__

    When I get ready to start the quick game it closes that game. Fix that. Update Rosters. And give us 10 teams to pick from. And more Greatest game. My rate right now is about a 5

  • Great game

    by Mr. 5 Stars

    Crashes at start so unplayable, but I know you guys are looking into it. Thank you for making a great game!

  • Best Game Ever

    by Triple yes

    i always Play This Game it is the BEST GAME

  • Ok

    by Fantasicly amazingly good

    This game would be great but needs a lot more teams

  • Please do this below

    by Supercaymen61 in the house

    I like it but put my 2k player plus change it to 2k14 lite

  • So fun

    by Jkjgnb

    When I am playing this game it is so fun because it almost feels like your playing a real game.You got to GET THIS GAME.

  • LAGS

    by Rafaykj1602


  • Almost there

    by PatzNation

    The last update was good, but just one more. It was stabilizing, but then it started to lag out again. Please make another small update. Other than that, great and fun play.

  • by Ypuppy

    I think it's a good game but it waste a lot of your battery

  • Thunder

    by Collllllllllllllll,lllllll

    Thunder's game

  • Can't download

    by Pao6432

    It says I don't have enough storage even though I have enough storage

  • Crashes right before game starts

    by Sunalovely03

    When I downloaded this, I thought it could would work, but right when it's loading, it stops at 4 lights then it crashes. Fix this.

  • Great!!!

    by dang Andy

    This game is great but please make it greater

  • Update

    by __DeeD__

    This is a good game but put more teams.Update Rosters. And make a NBA2K14.

  • Ios 6 bug fix

    by Crescentrxrx

    Before the update the gameplay is smooth but now it's very difficult to play because of the gameplay is now more "rougher". So can you have a fix on this issue

  • New updates

    by Mob #200

    Hopefully the new update benifits the graphics and game play.

  • People Just Don't Get It.

    by Dvtgrtgdrgdtgdthfthfth

    I don't get it. People are asking for more teams and longer games on the lite version. Its the DEMO for a reason, so that you can get an idea of if you like the game or not. Its not the full version so stop asking for the developers to add more teams, or make the games longer. It will never happen.

  • No Complaints

    by I have nothin

    I like this game but its slow to install but I have no complaints about that cause at least the game work I love this game tho

  • Fix this issue!

    by Pj2597

    When I get to the part where it's loading to start the game, it crashes and sends me out of the game. I haven't got to play the actual game because of this. Please fix this.

  • Crashes!!!


    This app crashes every time b4 i play a game!!! Plz fix this!!!

  • Crashes on every option

    by Myles Anthony 15

    I'll try to do practice mode, or quick game it loads to four lights then crashes

  • !!!!!!

    by Nemo2002100773$$;$&2&:

    This needs to be fixed!!!!!

  • Storage

    by Aidan noble

    It keeps saying I don't have enough storage and I do have enough storage

  • Crashes right before

    by Kasoncompton

    Once you click in it it crashes before a game of basketball

  • Don't get it

    by Colesway

    This app is horrible first off lebron looks like a monkey and Westbrook looks like a 2 year old then when u try to play it Nocks u to the home screen waist of time do not get it!

  • F game

    by Chuck Norris 6:9

    Can't even play the game

  • Worth no stars if possible

    by Patriots win Superbowl

    This is what these clowns from 2k sports have to offer? It may be the lite version, but it still could be better! A LOT BETTER!!!

  • Needs work

    by Takpamgbo

    Work on the bugs. Every time I try to play the game it closes.

  • Fix it!!

    by Jellyjill813

    Will not let me play. I can go to the practice mode but not the actual game. It loads and it goes to the announcements before the game, then sends me to my home screen........... PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Always force closing and freezing


    Please fix

  • Sad

    by 8-)>

    It says it requires 1.34gb but I can't get it when I have over 3gb of storage on my ipod left!!

  • Smart

    by Joy deter


  • Worst game of2013

    by Maxcool1

    It slow it won't load I can't delete on my iPod touch 4th g it takes long time to downloads and you guy alway ruin game

  • Fix it!!!!!!

    by Bdrschyf

    It goes back to the home screen every time I try to play!!!

  • Can't download please read

    by Seanster41

    I want to get this game but it says I don't have enough storage. It is 1.34 when I have 1.6

  • Awful

    by Holidayseason97

    Keeps freezing an skips when you play

  • FIX IT!!!

    by Alex_098

    I can't even play it because it automatically goes to my home screen

  • Glitches loging out of game

    by $;$(!(83&2$:$9:(

    Fun but glitch

  • Nba2k 13

    by Bbrs eeedede

    It sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took 2 hours to load!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nba2k13

    by Lilboobu

    It keeps turning off when i play.....

  • Does not work

    by Dill9898

    I try to play and it exits me

  • FBein_Famous

    by FBein_Famous

    It won't let me play !!!!!

  • Crashing way to much

    by Qamar1012

    Can't play won't let me get pass start menu

  • Fix it !

    by Nbaclassichoes

    It won't let me play the game every time I get to the loading stage it pops off and goes back to my home screen y'all need to fix this problem because right now I'm rating y'all a negative 5

  • Crashing

    by Kenblock65

    Crashing way to much and it will not allow me to play it

  • Game

    by DylanChanceMoore

    Won't let me download and I got enough memory for this game on my iPhone Plz fix!!

  • Cunfused

    by Nineêeeeee

    I downloaded it it isn't letting me open the app I am really confused I want to rate 0 stars but it won't let you

  • Crashes every time I open it.

    by Jsquareddiggy

    Don't like this, can't even open the app......

  • Dont get it!

    by Mroddballs

    Dont get this game!! Such a waste!!!! Too many bugs!!!!

  • Apple robs you

    by Danielonhde

    You people rob us of our money i want a refund or im suing you for all your money

  • Ok

    by Kimberly Joseph

    It crashes too much to enjoy. Please fix this!

  • Keeps on crashing

    by Jewels2696

    Keeps on crashing and if there were at least 4 teams then it would be better.

  • Ehhh

    by CoCo Brooke

    I love the game, it's awesome. The only thing that is sorta bad is half the time I get on the app it shuts off all the time. It gets really annoying. Please fix this so I can actually enjoy the game!

  • Good Game

    by Aidanfitz19

    Anyone else just give the ball to LeBron and have him shoot (and make) 3s every time?

  • Don't get it

    by N.B.A. Basketball

    Always goes out of app.

  • Bad

    by Fkgskdjebjxjdba

    I can't even start a game without it crashing

  • How

    by Dggnjkhedbn

    I'm sad about nba

  • Glitchy

    by radjad.moore_cool_than_you

    The game is decent, but it's so glitchy I can't do anything anymore. I've tried so many different things and the game is pointless now.

  • Bruh

    by Vibekiller10

    Fix iht!!! So tht it will be capable for iOS 7!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok

    by Tennismonster12

    It crashes and I can't play it on any mode. It always crashes when it is loading games.

  • Ok

    by Tennismonster12

    It crashes and I can't play it on any mode. It always crashes when it is loading games.

  • Ok

    by Tennismonster12

    It crashes and I can't play it on any mode. It always crashes when it is loading games.

  • Storage problem

    by SwimMySteve

    When i try and download it says "Not enough storage" and i have 2.9 gb's on my phone and it is 1.2 gb download —_—

  • Looks like great game(authors look)

    by Brycebales

    I'm having download problems it goes a tiny bit and then says cannot download Fix and I give 5 stars

  • Crap

    by Brealp

    This game after you update it does nothing but crash and exit out of the app

  • Can't download

    by Iamsoawesome132

    I want to play the game but it won't download. it is 1.3GB and I have 2.4GB available and it still won't let it download, you have to fix this or something.

  • Awesome game

    by Mike Vick is awsome

    This game never messes up and mines different I can have 15 mins in a game

  • Type good

    by Swagoo botch

    It crashes a lot

  • ..

    by majiii x-

    Screenshots make it seem cool but I'm very upset that this game takes up 1.2GB i have 2.4GB space on my ipod and MORE space on my iphone yet i cannot download this app? Okay.. Fix this please..

  • Mad

    by This need to fix

  • Crashes

    by Shaded jakes

    It crashes on the I pod 5th generation

  • Keeps crashing

    by Jonnydominguez

    My game crashes whenever I open it

  • Idk

    by Lana1552

    Every time I open the app it runs until the game starts then it crashes. Very frustrating..good thing I didn't have to pay for it!

  • Won't download

    by Bradles#swag

    Every time I try to download it won't. It will go halfway and then the thing in the middle disappears. It makes me ANGRY

  • Fix

    by PG24superstar

    The game shuts off as soon as I start the game please fix the bugs!!

  • Craaash

    by Amis997

    It crashes crashes and crashes

  • App crash

    by Firomsayusuf

    All I have to say is that the app is crashing I really like it and I want to play it but it just keeps crashing...

  • Where

    by Hi201

    Where is 2k12

  • Crashes

    by The bbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeesssssssst

    The game always glitches. I can't even start the game. The update wasn't even that good. Make it better.

  • Ok...

    by We u

    Too many lags with iPad mini keeps crashing

  • Please do this below

    by Supercaymen61 in the house

    PLEASE!!!!! Can we swish teams

  • Nice game

    by Game_Judger

    I bust I had 110 points with Kobe Bryant in one game

  • Can't download

    by Daniel juarez

    It says it takes 1.2 GB and I have 2.1 GB please help me ur man cristiano Ronaldo

  • Shafe

    by Shafenasir

    Wow this is amazing

  • Put Lakers on here

    by MLBolt5

    They should put the LA Lakers on this game and other teams! :(

  • Needs to stop crashing

    by Godprincess14

    This game crash to much it needs to be fix its not even my phone acting up its a bran new iphone 4s in i download thid game today in it wont play

  • Glitches aren't very fun!

    by Roxursox2222

    Not the best app. Just got the app and I was like 2 steps within the app and it glitched out and went to my home screen. What happened? Deleting until fixed!

  • Bad

    by Dgtwo5

    Horrible. Closes every time I open it.

  • Put back

    by Hi201

    Can you plz put back nba2k12 lite and full thing

  • Download

    by Noel1421 

    It takes for ever to download it took me 14 days

  • Crashes

    by  INKAGE

    It opens the app but when I start the game it crashes. 2k needs to fix this bug. :(

  • Pretty good

    by Na na na natt 

    It keeps crashing though help

  • NBA 2k13

    by Kyle Purdy

    It stinks.It crashes when it's not even 2 seconds into the game.

  • Crashes

    by mikewiley 

    Won't even let me practice or anything. It loads but then crashes before I see any gameplay

  • Make it not have that much GB

    by Go nbak13

    Pls can you make it not have that much of GB pls cause I really wanna play it but it won't let me because I don't have that much space

  • 2kNA

    by  jessica1232

    Like game for systems but graphic ehhh

  • Disappointed

    by WendyChic

    I was really excited to play this game but once I tried it crashed and I kept trying and it keeps crashing :-( wish it would work but all I can do is practice mode :-/

  • Good Game

    by LeBron56

    I like the game,but price is to high for full version.Still fun tho.

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