MyNBA2K14 Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Updated: Nov, 07 2013
  • Version: 1.1.82709
  • Size: 61.63 MB

Languages: English

Seller: 2K Sports

- Rivalries Event now available!  Join week long tournaments between two NBA Rivals to earn the great new rewards!  Pick a side to play for and earn points for your team.  When the event ends you’ll earn prizes based on your rank vs. the rest of the community.  Check in game for when the next Rivalries Event begins!

- On your Apple devices listen to your own music while playing the game now.

- Fixed a problem with Pick and Win for Android users.  You should now be able to pick teams and receive VC daily.

- MyGame login improved!  Passwords are now saved for 7 days.  Logging in on another device will force the password to be entered.

- Minor bug fixes

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MyNBA2K14 is the companion app to the world's biggest and best NBA video game franchise – NBA 2K14. With MyNBA2K14, stay in touch with your Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of NBA 2K14 wherever you go with the MyGAME feature that allows players to view key data from the console – including MyCAREER stats, online multiplayer records, and leaderboards while earning extra VC (console in-game currency) with an NBA Pick-Em mini-game and daily VC rewards. As an added bonus, players can also enjoy an NBA 2K themed card battle game, MyTeam Mobile, where players can collect the cards of over 400 current and former NBA players and battle against other NBA fans.

Customer Reviews

  • Not enough epics and Legendaries

    by Zac855812

    Overall this is a great addicting game but epics and Legendaries are unheard of. I have over 2 thousand wins and don't have an epic yet. I got one epic off of my season but the app crashed and the card was deleted from my account. This game needs major improvements or i will be deleting. Increase the number of epics you can receive from the draft board. Hopefully 2k sports will improve this game.

  • Closes everytime

    by Reece Ketch

    Ever since the update whenever I open the app it automatically closes. I really want my daily vc please fix this bug soon

  • Good

    by Kd35 coolguy

    It is really good game On the next update can we get trading to people and draft credits

  • Nba

    by God loved the world

    They should put nba triva formvc on there

  • It's okay.

    by Willeyum511

    5000+ draft picks later and I've yet to receive an Epic card. Could be I'm unlucky or this game refuses to drop any.

  • Donut

    by AKreuch

    This is the best game ever, maybe add trading? Idk, great game can't wait for Rivals Clash to start

  • I cant get vc


    When i get my daily vc bonus I get it but when I'm going on my game I dont get my vc

  • Awesome!!

    by Laura Cass

    By Dylan I love the game but I have some ideas to even make it better like you could have goals where you have to complete tasks to get extra cards like for example if you get a pro version of Ricky Rubio (rare) you get a random extra rare or like 150 credits some thing like that. Also it won't let me sign in so just used mobile so can you fix that

  • Keeps crashing

    by Rintimus Prime

    I got the upgrade now it just keeps crashing

  • No more kicky please

    by Z man 6282827378401763

    Always kicks me off when the game is loading.

  • New Update Issues

    by Elliot Cole

    Can't open the app with the new update on my iPhone. Loved the app, but can't play it anymore.


    by The worst app in the world

    Get it, the gameplay is fun and surprising when it comes to draft picks. For instance I got 3 Rare players from it. The goal of the game is to become the best around and get more powerful players to beat other users. It's gameplay is with cards (Like in a pokerish way) and these cards all have a value and some cards are better than others in certain ways. For instance one card may be better than another in defense. But overall it's a great game and you should get it.

  • Great app but

    by iggy_teh_great

    I use it everyday to get my daily vc and to check stats. I have great wifi but today the pick and win wouldn't go through. It keeps saying network error try again. Please fix this

  • Great game

    by Cgs20018228

    A very fun game I love it


    by Mr.Clasher

    I love the game but what I don't like is that u need to play a bunch of games to freaking get one epic I have hundreds of games and On my 800th game I finally got an epic!I also think that the price to get a draft pick of epic to legendary should be max $10 if not then $5 and that stuff doesn't start changing me and my 150 friends will all delete the game!!!!!!!

  • Used to be good til the update

    by JVLcdonalds

    I can't play anymore it crashes every time I try to go on.

  • Great app

    by Player1235321

    I love how you can choose your own lineups and draft new players! My lineup is jammer Nelson at pg, randy foe at sg, Matt Barnes at sf, Jason maxiell at Pf, and deandre Jordan at center

  • Legendary picks do exist

    by Jamesss255525222

    Just saying. Got me a magic Johnson dudes kinda nice. His mental game alone is over 500. You are just unlucky! 9k wins I bet by 18k you'll have at least one of them!

  • One of my favorite apps!

    by bgiggs4

    This is definitely one of my top used apps daily. It's a fun way to keep track of your progress and earn more coins if you have NBA 2k14 for Xbox 360 or ps3.

  • Any update problem

    by Daleyiphone

    Turn off device, than turn it back on thx me later!

  • Doesn't work

    by Zay Hasan

    Whenever I open the app it just closes

  • Used to like it

    by Tr3y Roc

    Ok app. A few of the problems I have: 1. Still can't sign in to earn vc. 2. Despite playing over 600 games, I've yet to unlock an epic or legendary card. 3. I keep getting knocked out of the playoffs early to teams a lot weaker than me. The last 2 times my lineup had more than 500 xp in each category and I blew them out in the regular season. I'm giving up on this game and will be uninstalling .

  • Crashes

    by Soulstealer423

    Every time I open the game, it crashes. Ever since the last update, it's crashed ever time. Please fix.

  • Help!

    by Gamer415805

    Love the app but i cant play anymore because I have too many cards and i cant delete them..can anyone help?

  • Crashes

    by Redstars32

    iPad 3

  • Don't work

    by Nicky do dah

    Still don't let me log in with my email n password for my career mode

  • Good game but…

    by sammi lou

    This game is really fun but it keeps closing out every time I open it after I got this update

  • Network error

    by l2ansom

    Was working fine until update now network error

  • Keeps crashing

    by Og357541870

    I can't even open the app anymore, for some reason it keeps on crashing since the update on February 7th on my iPhone!!!

  • Needs to keep everyone in the on category with season

    by Ghill in the mist

    It's unfair if someone mental is 1468 and their opponent is in the 2000's keep everyone in a nice same category besides that awesome game love it just fix that please and thank you

  • Doesn't make sense


    I have won over 400 matches, and I only have one epic card (which I had to spend over $20 to get it). So basically I can't win better cards because I can't guess the right card with a 1/25 percent chance.

  • Why won't it let me login?Can anybody help

    by Payton gene Tackett

    It's getting on my nerve

  • Doesn't Work!!!!!!

    by Davis24

    When are you all gonna update the app again so I can claim my VC daily? Network Error all the time

  • Can't collect daily bonus VC....

    by Kidsnipa

    This app was 5 stars and worked perfect now it constantly crashes when I try to get my daily VC FIX IT!!! You get barely anything for guessing on games your update broke the main source for VC

  • Easy cash for player

    by Joemama629

    Great for getting currency and I like all the little side stats on my player but it has my position wrong and it doesn't always load properly

  • Won't let me log in

    by sadbutfab

    I don't want to leave a negative rate because this app was very helpful for 2k13 but,it won't let me log in

  • Last year was WAY better

    by Ionic n covalent

    This app is so stupid. It wouldn't let me sign in to the app unless I updated the app. Now the daily VC won't work anymore. I swear this is the worst app ever. I'm gonna make sure to tell everyone not to waste there time with this piece of garbage

  • Frustrating

    by Sam Gittleman

    Good for vc, but needs to give more than just energy it's so annoying

  • Crashes upon launch

    by teeganter682

    Even after the update

  • Great Game

    by Official Money

    Great game, no need of money and the update made it even greater. All about strategy and I think you should get it.

  • Doesn't work most of the time

    by Gigxjurfv

    Just like almost everything else with 2k14 this doesn't work most of the time.

  • WAS a big fan...

    by James Green

    But since the last update most of my players/cards have no pictures. This makes it difficult to manage the cards and takes the fun out of the matches. Makes it hard to imagine an actual game.

  • Can't use anymore

    by Cecil Bloss

    Does nothing but force close every time I try to use it after the update yesterday. Fix it

  • Crashes

    by Car1284

    After the update, it crashes before it even gets to the menu screen.

  • Bad Update

    by ChrisW400

    Since the latest update it crashes every time you open the app.

  • Terrible update

    by AceThePitbull

    Now it says network error when before the update it was working fine. Over 150000 man hours and you still can't give me a functioning game


    by jooooooooosssssshhhhhh

    First of all nice idea with the event update that looks super fun! But taking away the majority of the players faces by replacing them with arrows just makes no sense to me. Now I can't see the MVP of the players I go against. Other than that player face thing this app is a 5 star all day! PLEASE FIX! Then ill change my review!

  • ....

    by Jkfjhfkcpgkdkjeb

    Keeps crashing since update

  • Come on man

    by Matt201519

    First I'm going to say I love the game but I've played over 1000 quick games and still no legendary or epic card! What do I have to do to get one of those cards?

  • Crashes every time

    by Bmullett

    After most recent update it crashes - haven't been able to open once - loved game but you've lost me

  • Good

    by Kd35 coolguy

    It is really good game

  • Great update

    by Kevin The Gamer 123

    Everything seems to be working fine. I wish that you could have a my player closet.

  • Great

    by Justthetip81

    Love it

  • Bad game

    by Zippypainter101

    It glitches at the home menu the other than that it's good

  • Great Update!

    by davpel

    This update really fixed a lot of problems and this new game mode seems fun.

  • Fun game

    by brixhouse24456

    Its a fun card game. It wont let me log in to my MyPlayer account, but the game is still fun Most recent update wont let me open the app. This is great progress

  • Awesome!

    by Hyperspace3699

    Best game ever!

  • Small but great wins

    by Nicb360

    Finally added some much needed changes, especially the logging in every time!

  • Awesome game

    by Fhggd


  • Amazing

    by Jordysolo24

    This game is sooo fun. It is also very addicting. I play on the mobile one . My whole school is addicted. BEST GAME EVER!!!

  • Great app must buy!

    by Tigerswin2424

    Awesome app, gets about 1000 vc plus daily! Plus you can keep up with all your stats.

  • Awful Update

    by TheRescue

    Most recent update bricked the Daily VC. Click on an envelope and it says "network error message." I find nothing in the app that says anything about Rivals mode.

  • New update doesn't work

    by Lance Bullock

    The new update on iPad for iOS 7 doesn't work at all. It crashes right away

  • Outstanding... But

    by Thedonutmaster

    This game is awesome but if you delete it and download it again the players faces are messed up and it's hard to get good players unless you spend money besides those few bugs it is awesome

  • Opinion

    by bboy virus

    This App is really fun idk why but i love the Myteam mode

  • Fun

    by Xboss gunnerX

    I play this every day to earn VC. I was always having a hard time earning VC.My team mobile is also very fun.

  • Awesome

    by Penick10

    Love this app today I got a legendary my team and the vc part is working fine

  • Great. But...

    by Nathan Socia

    I think this is a great game. The prices for purchasing credits is a little high tho. Another thing. You should be able to do the vc draft lottery right after midnight instead of having to wait 24 hours. One last thing is that it shouldn't require a password every time you try to get into the main area for my nba 2k. Other than those things, great app.

  • Music issue

    by TSB39571

    Can you guys please update the game to allow us to play our own music in the background ?? Only problem I've found beside simple bs when it comes to computer card picking

  • Need more games

    by Jejeerjrjrjrjr

    If they can make a basketball game they can make a baseball for me get on it plz

  • Nba app

    by daniel micthell

    Still can't login

  • Good

    by Danisanepicperson

    It's great and all but there is a few bugs when I have to do the forget password. It won't let me type!

  • Update?

    by Kairothusiast

    When is the "rivals clash " game mode coming? It's been a while since any new features have been added, and it's feeling a bit repetitive, I'm looking forward to the update, it'll make the game feel fresh and more exciting

  • Love it

    by Jofo12345676666

    Great game please make a MYNBA

  • Crashes

    by Redstars32

    Crashes on start up

  • Great game

    by Silvabeast91

    The my team is great, but needs a little bit more. You should be able to earn credits without having to pay. You should also be able to get a greater chance to get epic and legendary cards in the draft board. Lastly, you should be able to trade cards with other players. Other than that, great game.

  • Teams

    by Name Limits

    I think it would be better if it was a little bit easier to earn rare and up players. Also, I noticed the historical teams and I think it would be cool to have the Minneapolis lakers on the historical team list.

  • Worst game ever

    by With the bros

    What is up with the password it is so dumb not reason to make it so hard come u guys got to do better this this is so dumb make it better dumb game makers

  • How

    by sheila pettit

    How do you get money in mobile

  • It's....alright

    by nse5

    It's stabilized as far as getting the VC for 2k14, but the ratio to get good cards in the mobile team app is absurd. I've played 10,000+ quick games and have gotten two legendary and five epic cards through the "draft". Even yesterday when they "drastically reduced" the drop rate for epic cards for two hours, 300+ draft picks and no epic cards. It's frustrating to try to improve your team at these odds without spending a lot of money

  • Best game

    by JFK icky

    I love it but add a trading block so u can trade and a friends list for friends

  • This isn't good

    by Popolkij

    Every time I go in the app it crashes needs to be fixed.

  • This isn't good

    by Popolkij

    Every time I go in the app it crashes needs to be fixed.

  • Playof barraket

    by GloDinero

    If should only be 5 rounds. & the 5th is for a tie breaker .

  • Good but won't let me sign

    by Hugboss

    Very good app but it doesn't let me login and I have reset the password a couple off times and nothing ...hopefully they fix it ...

  • Horribly Unfair

    by G_Parsons

    The NBA 2k14 portion is very good. But the my team portion is awful it stalls you at after getting an all Rare team unless you spend tons of money.

  • Needs attribute upgrades

    by sfgiantstillidie

    You should be able to upgrade your MyCareer attributes in this app too

  • Interesting but needs work

    by JoshandLizz

    I wish this would work with the PC version of the game but I have not figured it out yet if it does at all. Gladly will give this five stars when the app works for the PC version as well.

  • Let us play music from our library

    by Kurdstar

    We should be able to play music from our library. Every time I open the app it stops the music. I could play it for hours but I can't stand listen to the games music.

  • Fix this!!!

    by King Nate Knox!

    My team mobile doesn't work!

  • Great but needs something else

    by Zuckaduck

    Great game, but you should include a mode where you can send a game request to a friend.

  • Nba2k14

    by Maria_14

    You should put all the rookies in the app

  • Great App but Crashes a Lot.

    by Jcudydchncjdy

    Whenever you play a lot more games it starts to crash more often.

  • Overall Needs improvement

    by jonboy0000

    Good app has alot of issues. Just got beat in the last semi finals game even though i had better stats. You shouldn't be able to buy packs during a season. I cant get a legendary card worth crap.

  • Better cards!

    by Umygkfudsyfg

    In the draft lottery there needs to be a way to get epic cards at least also everything is fine so 3 stars for you 2k

  • MyGm needs improvement..

    by ZeAtomicBird

    This is a good app but my MyGm hasn't updated. I started w/ the heat about a month ago (now I own the t-wolves) but the MyGm part of the app hasn't kept up with it and still says I'm with the heat. PLEASE FIX

  • Needs to fix.

    by WoBbLeNuTz

    VC finally works for me but my player mobile does not.

  • Myteammoblie

    by Vetzi

    I love this game but on myteammobile it's hard to get good players I have like 30 rare cards and 5 epic cards and I would rate this 5 stars if there's trades that both players accept that r fair please please please have an update with trades

  • Locked account

    by yoloalltheway

    My myteammobile account was locked... Anyone else have this problem?? I called 2k and they don't know how to fix it

  • Help

    by Sfsfad

    Is this app for next gen 2k

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