2K Sports NHL 2K11 Games App Review (iOS, $3.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Updated: Aug, 24 2010
  • Version: 1.3.1
  • Size: 210.5 MB

Languages: English

Seller: 2K Sports

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*NOTE: Not compatible with original (1st generation) iPhone, iPhone 3G and original iPod Touch

***We are aware of the issues being caused by iOS 7 with this game and are actively looking into solutions.***

Experience NHL® action on the iPhone like never before with 2K Sports NHL® 2K11. Created with the critically acclaimed NHL 2K console game engine, NHL 2K11 on iPhone delivers simulation hockey in all its glory including realistic A.I., incredibly fast hockey action and the depth of gameplay that you'd expect from a 2K Sports product. Additionally, NHL 2K11 features multiple modes of play including Season Mode, Quick Game, Free Skate and even a Shootout Mode. With true NHL action and superior gameplay, portable for the first time in NHL 2K history, NHL 2K11 for iPhone is sure to win the hearts of puckheads everywhere!

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Customer Reviews

  • Great game/Glitches in update

    by CKacey

    I've liked this game since it was first released, great smooth gameplay, great graphics. However my game will not adjust any of the gameplay options I set. It's stuck on 20minute periods too! Please help us out with a fixed update that adjust the gameplay options! Thanks and please respond since we are taking the time to write a review and give your app feedback.

  • Game is Great

    by Pigeons4ever

    This game is great! I play it whenever I'm bored but I would like u to consider One addition-Fighting. If u guys could do that the game would be perfect!

  • Review

    by Markelkhava

    So the crashing has stopped but every time I go into my season and create my own team lines it automatically changes to players i didn't pick when I start playing a game. If that could be fixed I would greatly appreciate it

  • This app is great

    by Bostonbruins15

    This app is the greatest hockey game from the 2k sports but it needs an update badly lets start with the controller I cant clear the puck or aim the puck down the ice next is the roster change were is Tyler seguin and were are the players pictures and the graphics are bad and there should be fighting allowed were are the draft picks the ice needs improvment like the teams name in the ice there should also be better graphics so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese 2k sports I need an update badly thanks and go bruins LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE I WANT MORE CHANGES More changes need to be made to this game more changes new roster updates Lindstrom retired No Tyler seguin No Monohan add pictures to the players New update I spent good money make the change if anyone is listening make the change!!!!!

  • Good game but can't play in season mode

    by TravLuke

    I liked the lite version but when I bought the full version and tried playing season mode there was no control buttons on the screen for me to use. Only the CPU's were in control so kinda makes me wonder if it was worth the money...

  • Roster update

    by Yomohhdhdbdjdjd

    GREAT GAME but can u update the rosters plz


    by Red wings fan 29

    Put home team logo at center ice , and possibly add home team goal horn. Thank you!!

  • Good

    by Mr. K-Phat

    It is a fun game

  • Good

    by Wester12344321

    The game was good when I played it but it is closing when I start a game. Please fix it.

  • by Michael Bremer


  • Good

    by Sonicspeed794

    Make the players names underneath the actual player, update the rosters, or make another NHL2K game!

  • Amazing

    by Poufi

    Awesome game Ty for updating things but I have some requests please add fighting and a roster update please and the ability to make/edit players and as good as the graphics are u should try a new design like try to make it better and one last thing make more nhl games I understand nba is ur biggest hit but u can't just one side work on a sport but overall FREAKING AMAZING

  • Great game but...

    by Epic kid483920:818293838

    You guys made a grate game, but the graphics are horrible. I am sorry to say that.

  • Amazing

    by Flyers fan boy

    Amazing the graphics aren't the best but only 8 year olds care about the graphics the checking is awesome the goals look nice the saves look incredible there's everything season mode shoot out mode and if you just want to play a regular game as you favorite team you can do that to just incredible. Yay now no more iOS 7 problems just if you could add fighting that would be nice and roster updates would be nice to

  • Amazing

    by 233841

    Awesome game works great overall the only thing that I think should be added is an updated rosters because a lot of the plays are different teams now but overall great game

  • Good game...

    by Hdhdhdhshsb

    Add fighting in an update fast!

  • NHL2k11

    by Rocker1112

    How do you save a game

  • Awesome

    by burrrrrrrrrrrrp

    Fun game go ISLANDERS

  • Awesome!

    by ............................1

    The games awesome! Works great and it's worth the money.

  • Just for updating

    by Manan dhunna

    5 star for optimizing after 2 years. At least u guys are not like crappy capcom who just don't listen.

  • Maybe a Fix for iPod 4th Gen?

    by Pannebaker

    I can open it fine, but when I go to play a game or open up my season, it crashes. It's unplayable.

  • Frustrated

    by Gehjbnndidknz

    I downloaded this app which is 100% it's in Chinese. I can't read that, how do you get it to American??

  • Crashing

    by Laxman360

    CRASHES! I was winning game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals 5-3 and the game crashes.

  • Crashes, can't complete a game

    by Videooz

    Please fix!!

  • Not Fair

    by RCJ32613

    I just got the game and I haven't played it yet because It crashes every time I try to open it :(

  • Rosters

    by Nick0579

    If you aren't going to make a new game can you please update the rosters !!!!!!

  • Lagggggggggg

    by My time is now!

    I love this game and the update helps it's just when I started playing a game on season mode it was super laggy!! I love this game plz fix it LETS GO ISLANDERS!!!

  • Great update

    by Aj Sampang

    Got rid of my larger complaints, I would definitely recommend buying this game. Smooth and good controls, fun season mode

  • Roster

    by Blackhawks fans

    I was hoping they would update the rosters too but anyhow the update is great you move more easily but trading is kinda weird cause i offered the avalanche bolland and turco for Ryan o'rielly and a prospect and they declined weird but anyhow no other issues thx nhl2k11 for bothering to make an update and LETS GO HAWKS

  • Good game but bad frame rate

    by allaccousticallthetime

    Great game! Exactly like the console version. the only problem is it has TERRIBLE frame rate. It gets hard to play sometimes because of the awful frame rate but it's a potentially great game.

  • Roster update

    by Bobbbayyyyy

    Could you please! Update the rosters!

  • Stinks make a newer one

    by Dominatinggoalie


  • Thanks for the update!

    by uhfeeiwvwkwpekbern

    Now I can finally play my favorite app again thanks to the new IOS 7 update, I thought for sure you guys at 2k gave up on the only NHL game for mobile but you proved me wrong. Five stars!!

  • New update doesn't load career

    by Omar Leal

    The new update doesn't load the career it loads the menu when u try to go in to a game mode it exits And crashes it needs performance fix and bug fix and stability fix too I have iPod touch 4th generation 32 gig iOS 6.1.5 the newest update fix it please i just bought the game

  • Need a update

    by Hi201

    Needs to show people talking and needs to skate faster and more teams

  • Needs more work

    by L96 dude

    This game is fun but since the new update it got laggy and the game speed is low I went to the options and I switched it to fast game speed and it was still slow please fix it

  • Last update screwed up all controls

    by Bigboi56

    I cannot even play this game anymore due to repositioning of touch controls in last update for iPhone 5

  • Gotten Worse Over Time

    by Phillie26phan

    This game used to be one of my favorites, but now it is really lagging, and the directional pad is terrible. PLEASE FIX!!!

  • Glitchy

    by Boats can be useful

    Very glitchy when playing and has problems when trading players

  • Please Update ASAP!!!!!

    by Jeana Jexie

    This game was laggy and slow after the update.

  • Don't do the update!

    by Boomgoesthedynamite101

    Ever since I did the last app update it has been so slow I can't even play it. 79 games in and 3 from the playoffs and the season is ruined. Not happy.

  • Horrible on iPhone 4.

    by Striker16351

    Okay on iPod touch 4 but on iPhone 4 the words are screwed up.

  • New update doesn't load career

    by Omar Leal

    The new update doesn't load the career it loads the menu when u try to go in to a game mode it exits And crashes it needs performance fix and bug fix and stability fix too I have iPod touch 4th generation 32 gig iOS 6.1.5 the newest update fix it please i just bought the game

  • Crashes

    by glg182

    I am tired of the god dang crashes they get on my nerves. Every single time I finish setting up a season, it crashes if I could rate 0 stars I would

  • DO NOT BUY - You will regret it

    by craigwny

    You just get the sense that 2K Sports just doesn't care about this game at all. Quality and frequency of their updates might be the biggest joke in the App Store. Very sad. This game could have been great.

  • "Come on man"

    by I need a nickname!!!!!!!!!

    Do I need to say anything else!!!

  • Laggy

    by Rcorc

    The game has been extremely Laggy since update (fix plz.) and maybe even update the rosters for an In-App Purchase heck I'd do it it's such a fun game

  • Not good at all

    by Rolltidebuster

    Just in all not a good game

  • Lags

    by Listen 2 ne

    I wish I didn't update it. :'(

  • 2011?

    by Tank 88

    Where's the update? All other sports games seem up to date, except for this one. 2011? BTW, it's 2k14! Get with the program! And the graphics are terrible. Plus, I can't read anything, it's all written like this 5jskl680hdballqpisn! How am I supposed to know the score, who has the puck, or how much time is left in the period? C'mon 2k, you're better than this! Please fix!

  • Roster

    by Blackhawks fans

    I was hoping they would update the rosters too ):

  • Laggy

    by Crud man

    Immense lag and unresponsive controls make this game unplayable. Being my favorite game I was very excited seeing an update in the App Store only to be disappointed that it made a good game bad.

  • by Mr I quote

    I LIKED IT ON MY IPOD 4 but now on my ipod 4 I DO NOT KNOW THE LANGUAGE

  • It has potential... If it had updates..

    by jdkrs

    I'm glad it was optimized for iPhone 5 but it is really laggy. Needs to update and fix that but I doubt it will happen. Don't waste a dollar here!

  • Good

    by Baseball_2014

    The game is great even for how old it is but I would like to see you make another app

  • Lag

    by Abrogers21

    The text display was fixed but now it's incredibly laggy

  • Crashes

    by T Ru

    When you go and open up it lets me pick a mode and teams but as soon as it asks me about difficulty and length it crashes please fix this because the update didn't. It used to work every once and a while but since the update it crashes every time.

  • NHL 2k11 language review

    by Niko Lozada

    How come when I re download the game it is in a different language

  • NHL 2k11 language review

    by Niko Lozada

    How come when I re download the game it is in a different language

  • Improving....

    by CH338

    I absolutely loved this before it didn't work with iOS7... Then it turned into nonsense symbols-can't possibly operate it... And now with this update, I can play, but it's very difficult to move the joystick left, and it's INSANELY lag filled. But at least I can "play" now. Seriously, though, I know you're working on it. If those bugs are fixed, I will without a doubt change my rating to 5 stars and remove my sarcasm :)

  • Please fix bug

    by Peeweeherman95

    I would like to move and pass to the left. I am happy that we can read words now.

  • Suggestions

    by Gfrds

    If you added multiplayer and "fighting" in the game and changed the title to NHL "2k14" then this would be the top app

  • Weird language

    by Hunt fish eat repeat

    All if the words are either messed up or in a different language on my iPhone 4 plz fix!

  • The language

    by 99lilly22

    It's in a different language I don't know how to change it so I can not play because its in Chinese

  • Laggy, unresponsive controls

    by Greg7388

    The game is lags, and the controls can be unresponsive. The control pad will even show the graphic for a direction of movement, but the play doesn't respond. This is a prime candidate for a game that could use the MFi game controllers.

  • Update

    by Copre

    Ever since the update it lags horribly makes it virtually unplayable

  • Language

    by Fggshdudduudjd

    My game is in some different language I can't understand so I tried deleting the game then redownloaded it to see if it would go back to English but it stayed in the same language. Please fix!!

  • Slow

    by Thomas mcd

    Idk why I updated the unupdated version is so much better

  • Still doesn't work with iOS 7

    by JohnO NYC

    Finally updated for iOS 7 but still unplayable. Can't turn left. Really S-L-O-W even on Fast setting. Fix it completely please! Oh and how about rosters newer than 2011?

  • IOS 7 broke it

    by Wingly23

    (Sept '13) It was a 4-star, just with random rare crashes, but after iOS 7, it's fonts are messed up completely ruining it. :( (Jan '14) Update: after 3 months being unable to play due to the text font not being English, this update leaves me still unable to play due to control pad misalignment... Can't go left! Other minor new bugs also seen but less important. Related though? (Player names misaligned/ off to the side) Disappointed.

  • Language

    by Sgeh13

    My 5 y.o hockey player LOVES this game an all of a sudden we can't read it.. It appears to be in another language or maybe the text is jut extremely messed up... Pls let me know how I can fix it, thanks!


    by Fezballa

    This is one of my favorite games and I don't even like nhl. The new update after a long time was a great improvement but the game is very laggy and controls or off. PLEASE FIX THANK YOU

  • Thanks for the update!

    by LANYJ27

    Thanks for the update! Game still stalls though.

  • Horrible

    by Nick_Nak

    After all this time waiting for the update to even understand and play the game, it is absolutely terrible. The controls are slow to respond, it is extremely laggy, and it's so annoying waiting for faceoffs and end of periods because it takes FOREVER. Waiting all this time for the comparability update and it is, to my dissapointment, a horrible game. It is definetly not worth the money.

  • WOW.

    by josh.hofer

    Wow. I can't believe this game got an update. Serious surprise. However, things are still pretty buggy on the lastest iOS version on my iPhone 5. The directional control seems to be waaaay off. Also, still having some strange frame rate issues, even after rebooting my device and trying again. Hopefully a future update addresses what I said above, updates the teams, and the rosters. Crossing my fingers it doesn't take nearly as long as it took for this update to hit. Thanks for breathing some life back into this game! twitter.com/josh_hofer

  • Much needed

    by Artist199

    I am not one to write reviews, but when ios 7 came out i was devastated that i couldn't play such an incredible game. Now that this update has happened, this app deserves the 5 star rating. Keep up the good work

  • Great game but....,

    by Laxer4Life

    I love it but in wont save my season team like I will make one and it says default team will not save or something and I click yes and I doesn't save plz help me

  • It used to be good

    by Real person @notkidding.com

    Ever since iOS 7 came out the game was weird. Every thing is the same gameplay wise but you can't read anything, it's like they smashed all of the letters together. Don't buy until smashed letters are fixed. Does not support iOS 7.

  • Smh

    by tyrone carr

    Smh yea you right it has been 4 yrs since they had a update they could have at least came with a new hockey game in the last 4 yrs

  • Lag

    by Gosyfsudgdf

    Happy they made it optimized for iphone 5,but really laggy since update

  • Don't buy

    by ............................1

    I don't think you should buy this this is there 1st update in 4 years!!!! Can't count on them to fix any thing. It's called lazy Also this needs to be fixed. Not counting on it until 4 years from now when this app doesn't have a monopoly on the iOS NHL games (hopefully) but the game is very very slow when you play. The players move slow. Needs a fix fast. If this is fixed in a few weeks I will change my review. But I don't think this game will be fixed for a few years.

  • Great game

    by Chris loves donuts

    Although it is old, NHL 2K11 is great! There are all of the teams, fluid controls, and many game modes! I recommend it because it now has ios 7 support for newer devices!

  • Great game

    by iPod dom

    It's a great game but on the iPhone 4 the words are screwed up

  • Update

    by Sonicspeed794

    Needs more updates

  • Game it's okay

    by Apple4hockey

    But directional pad is not letting me turn to the left the joy stick fades when turn to the left and making it automatically move to the center it's really hard to play it like that please fix that and make the control bottoms bigger since the screen is bigger...

  • Language ?

    by cava2208

    Why is this game in a foreign language ?

  • Laggy on ipod touch 5g

    by dfdfhdfdfidfd

    Ever since the update it has been laggy on my ipod touch 5g plz fix thxs

  • basketball

    by Iamcool05

    it's awesome but mines in a different language

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