2K Sports NHL 2K11 Lite Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Updated: Aug, 24 2010
  • Version: 1.3.1
  • Size: 212.65 MB

Languages: English

Seller: 2K Sports

Framerate improvements

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7 Ratings
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*NOTE: Not compatible with original (1st generation) iPhone, iPhone 3G and original iPod Touch

Whet your hockey appetite with 2K Sports NHL® 2K11 Lite. Play a period of hockey as either the Philadelphia Flyers™ or the Chicago Blackhawks™ and experience NHL® action on the iPhone like never before. Created with the critically acclaimed NHL 2K console game engine, NHL 2K11 on iPhone delivers simulation hockey in all its glory with realistic A.I., incredibly fast hockey action and the depth of gameplay that you'd expect from a 2K Sports product. NHL 2K11 Lite also features a Free Skate Mode to practice and master the controls. With true NHL action and superior gameplay, portable for the first time in NHL 2K history, NHL 2K11 for iPhone is sure to win the hearts of puck-heads everywhere!

Customer Reviews

  • by Mr. Cool gye

    Ok game, only two teams,sometimes crashes full version is awesome!!!!!!

  • Just one problem

    by Jace9712

    U can only be two teams

  • Awesome

    by Seattleskiers

    This is an awesome game

  • I'll buy the full game IF.....

    by Ef9steve

    You fix the speed!!! Might even be worth another dollar

  • Slow

    by bpladdict020

    They fixed the text problem but now the frame rate is way too slow.

  • Love app fix glitch

    by Trae hockey boy

    Love the app hate the glitch please fix

  • Can't read anything

    by Maddy2137

    It's fun but I can't read any thing

  • Awesome~

    by Emmiz'z

    I love love love love this app!! Except that the letters are overlapping each other and i can't read it. It can maybe bug or it just my wifi wasn't so good when i download it(it took quite a lot of time too) Almost perfect, just a little fix. Love it anyway

  • Can't read anything.

    by JammieSammie

    It's a good game, but the letters are squished together and nothing is legible.

  • ????

    by Baseball jakeinhimer

    Why is mine in Chinese

  • Nhl

    by Dylan Seinw

    Good game but it is in another language

  • Chinese????

    by S13bigdog

    Mine is all in Chinese ??? Any help??

  • Great App

    by Grant W 17

    Great game BUT the words are all messed up so I can't read any of the words

  • Could be better

    by Butter source

    I don't like the fact that it's in Chinese and that I only have two teams

  • China

    by Hunter Franklin

    This is a fun game, except I can't really understand what I'm doing because it's in freaking CHINESE !

  • No stars

    by Feliz13

    It's awful, you can only be two teams and the game is Chinese. You can't change the language.

  • Fix!!!!!

    by Jerry268L

    Make goal horns louder and the penalty bar doesn't show anything it's just all black. And fix puck over the goal line thing. Also how come they can always be pushing me and I can't do that to them??????? Fix this!!!!

  • It is bad


    It always crashes

  • >:(

    by LWardL

    This game us terrible but full version is best game ever!!!!

  • Terrible

    by Desidezdez

    Horrible frame rate, you can only be two teams, opal most impossible to score. I'm afraid to spend $5 on the full version

  • Fix the words

    by Jonnybra123

    I thought my phone was broken when all of the words were gibberish you need to fix it!!

  • by Help<_>

    I don't know what I'm doing because it won't switch from Chinese to English!! Good graphics thought.

  • Lost all its speed

    by Probabilities

    Just upgraded. Now the game plays at less than half speed.

  • Buggy

    by Kclavelo

    Was very surprised to see this game updated, but unfortunately it's still very buggy. The update was supposed to fix a frame rate issue and instead they just made it worse. The only thing they actually fixed was all the text, which used to be a bunch of gibberish.

  • Okay

    by P$$$$$$$$$$$$

    The game is fun but the letters are all scrambled up so to can't read the menus or anything Please fix

  • Bad

    by Jim12345689

    It's Chinese I need it to be English

  • Bad

    by Doodle wart

    For me the game is in a different language and I can't find the switch button!?

  • Stupid

    by Worlds longest worst name ever

    It starts you off with Chinese which barley anyone can find anything

  • Bad

    by Bossjohn1610

    When I pull it up it is in some weird language that doesn't let me change the language on this version and the bought version

  • Please help

    by Qwerbcnxjbehddh

    For some reason my thing is some crazy foreign language

  • Ediem

    by E-diem

    The only reason I'm giving it 1 star is because the whole game gives me some gibberish stuff I can't read. Please fix to English language!

  • Mine's not in English

    by TheRealDPiddy

    As soon as I opened this app, all the menus are in Russian or something. I don't even know what's what here.

  • Nhl

    by Cristiano Messi10

    Still some bugs but otherwise good

  • Russian?

    by Alaska oh ge

    I downloaded and it's not in English, looks like Russian tried every option, and re installed still Russian scared to buy game cause it may not be in English for some reason. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Horrible

    by Zfrye56

    On my phone the text is unreadable

  • Hate it now

    by Reid123456789

    It is taking over 16 minutes to download on my 3GS

  • Horrible

    by 45628

    The letters are chinese

  • Wrong language!!

    by Jennifer Geurkink

    It is in Russian!

  • Language

    by Jehsifnevushf

    When I open it I can't read it it's in some weird language

  • Crap

    by Petey12379

    I had it once and it was fine now when I download it it goes to another language help

  • Letters

    by Dman0619

    The words are all scrambled up I can't read it it's on all my tk games

  • Chinese

    by R 0841650078

    The game is in Chinese instead of English for some reason

  • Crappy

    by PewTom

    I can't read anything it is in a different language

  • Language Barrier

    by JRea1155

    I downloaded this for my kids to play. Everything loaded just fine. However, when we went to open the app, none of the writing was in English. Is this a new problem?

  • Hate it

    by Blakaksx

    I baught this app and it's in Spanish can u change language

  • Deleted

    by Steve2972

    Only loads in Chinese. Won't let you change.

  • Update Language?!

    by devilz815

    the first thing i see in the game, its in a another language! seriously 2k?

  • Ok

    by W3456789

    Fun but mine is on a weird language and i cant change it

  • ?????????????

    by Dhbyrfiiffcsry

    It's all in some made up language of symbols anyone also experience this pleas respond

  • No

    by Muppets ha

    Everything is in Chinese. I don't understand Chinese. Got ripped off of $3.99 I guess. Even the play is wonky.

  • Chinese????

    by Berhergiegurs

    I downloaded the app and it only lets me play in china mode and I it won't let me switch the language. But a fun game in theory.

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