2K Sports NHL 2K11 for iPad Games App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Updated: Feb, 10 2011
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • Size: 227.69 MB

Languages: English

Seller: 2K Sports

iOS7 support
stability improvements
framerate improvements

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
88 Ratings
All Versions:
1036 Ratings


Experience NHL® action on the iPad like never before with 2K Sports NHL® 2K11. Created with the critically acclaimed NHL 2K console game engine, NHL 2K11 on iPad delivers simulation hockey in all its glory including realistic A.I., incredibly fast hockey action and the depth of gameplay that you'd expect from a 2K Sports product. Additionally, NHL 2K11 features multiple modes of play including Season Mode, Quick Game, Free Skate, Winter Classic Mode and even a Shootout Mode. With true NHL action and single finger touch controls, NHL 2K11 for iPad is sure to win the hearts of puckheads everywhere!

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Customer Reviews

  • NHL2k11

    by Dope19911111

    I think this NHL game is the best so far. Wish they would make a NHL 14, throughout! overall GREAT HOCKY EXPERIENCE !!

  • Update rosters

    by Roster update

    Please update the rosters It's a great game but rosters need tone updated

  • Help

    by metsfan 13

    Since the update it is starting to freeze up when I shoot.

  • Cool app!!!

    by Goodapp$$

    It would be 5 star if you guys had the actual teams goal songs in here

  • Please Make Updated Roster or from 2012-13 Season

    by skylit_drive_71

    NHL 2K11 needs roster improvement from this or last season including new rookies. Plus, adding commentary like Jim Hughson & Randy Hahn would be great for the feel of the game. Otherwise, bring in NHL 14 w/ NHL 12 like game features and updated roster/graphics.

  • Fun but...

    by JoeyV960

    The controls are completely terrible and lags on my iPad mini. The controls is my biggest complaint. Give an option to customize our own control layout and sensitivity. Por favor

  • Pretty good

    by Tony Magro

    This game would get five stars if it had general commentary.... I would love to hear some announcers during the game

  • Awesome

    by Angrybirdsmonster

    Thank you for the update

  • Awesome

    by Aefyjtfyjg

    Thank you for the update the game is so cool!!! Hopefully you can add some new things but good job!! Love it

  • Update!

    by Jetazajo

    Thanks for the update. Now that I can read it, it's a very good game. Thanks again

  • Amazing!!

    by Irish1754

    Thanks so much for the update......always was a great game, but it froze constantly.........absolutely great game now with the fix.......AWESOME!!!!


    by XxCrazy DudExX

    Update is amazing I felt like I was reading German or something but the update is nice!!! Thanks you great people

  • I can read it now!!!

    by DavidC58

    Thank you so much for updating it to ios7 I love the game!

  • Buggy

    by TVH22

    This app is extremely fun, but all the text is messed up when you play it

  • Letters

    by Nick Davi

    There is a huge problem with this game whenever I get to the main menu I can't read anything it's really frustrating since I payed $5.00 for it

  • Fix pls

    by samuscapitol

    Instead of saying "Quick Game" or "Season", it's just says a heap of gibberish, and it randomly freezes and crashes while I'm playing. FIX THESE!

  • Bugs

    by MiniBrady12

    Fun game, but all the letters are half gone or something completely different, please fix, otherwise, It's a good game

  • Really?

    by Conlutt00

    The letters are so screwed up. There like Indian,China, and America. Plz. Fix

  • Good Game

    by AvalancheFan1000

    This is a great game! Although with the lack of activity in the developers of this game, it has become.... out of date. As I said, this game is awesome, but it could be much better in future updates... :-]

  • Glitch

    by Name Limits

    I'm playing on an iPad mini and it puts it either in a different language or it squishes the letters together so I can't read or play anything, same with the iPod version.

  • It's not updated for ios 7

    by Justin Boye

    Same issues. Unreadable words and freezing.

  • Just horrible

    by MGB20019875

    Can't believe they are allowed to keep selling this. All the text is jibbersh and they can't find a fix? Game is worthless as is, don't bother.

  • dumbutt nhl

    by ace3955

    Always freezes needs update also make a nhl 14 really What langauge is this in not english thats for sure cmon stupid i spent money make it english

  • Horrible app

    by Pintreststinks

    So mad my 5 year old son wanted this game so bad and when I purchased it and downloaded it, it gave me the china version can't read anything don't know what I'm doing.

  • Can't read the words

    by Gmacoll

    The words are all mixed up and impossible to read the game freezes and it's frustrating please fix it is a good game just please fix ASAP.

  • Awful, do not buy unless they fix bugs

    by John and Gillian Norman

    Healthcare.gov is in better shape than this app. Look elsewhere unless they fix it.

  • Constant crashes

    by NYS5030

    Despite the graphics lacking a bit, the game is fun to play and offers a ton of variety in game modes. However, it's impossible to get through an entire game w 5 min periods without the app crashing. It just freezes and that's it. I have ios6

  • Terrible...I want my money back!

    by schmidtacious

    Even if it was only a dollar...the text is all garbled...the game always starts in the middle of an existing game...controls get stuck. I have been very pleased with other EA games in past but definitely not this one. Stay away!!!!

  • Ios7 issues

    by Oman47652

    I bought the app awhile back, and now the text is scrambled. Fix it or I want money back

  • So blurry

    by How bad can a app be

    Would be best hockey app ever but I can't even read the names on the game so bad do not waste iPod version is better than ipod

  • Language all garbled

    by JNGold

    Not sure what is going on but all the text in the app is jumbled and illegible. The is a US App Store purchase what gives?

  • Horrible

    by Lothar70937

    I STINKS I'm in the middle of a game and it freezes please fix!

  • A lot of bugs in the game

    by Laquitara

    The game freezes all the time and it's in another language instead of the English language I tried to contact the company they can't figure it still waiting

  • Bugs

    by Sebi 12321

    Can't read the words. In my game, its gibberish. I can not understand a thing. I demand an update or al least fix my application.

  • Bugs-a-plenty

    by Tenebriseques

    I downloaded this excitedly, only to find out that I can't judge the game because I can't play the game. I can't read any of the menus or writing because it's all scrambled and looks like Helen Keller rewrote the Iliad. If this bug is fixed, I'd change my mind, I'm sure, but this is infuriating. Thank goodness I only paid a buck for it.

  • Disappointing

    by Ekvamme

    Language is in Chinese after install. Freezes after 4 minutes of gameplay. Not worth $5 to be honest. Gameplay is great. Very disappointed n would like my money back please.

  • Crap.

    by Nick DeAngelis

    What the heck is this piece of crap? I get to the main menu and its just a bunch of gibberish. I wish i could upload a screenshot of what this garbage looks like. Its not even HD. The icon looks like it was done by a 5 year old.

  • Horrible game

    by Keith171717

    To many bugs. Freezes constantly. And buttons are to close together. SAVE YOUR MONEY. DON'T BUY THIS GAME


    by Jasmine 596

    Overall this is a really good game but there's one flaw. When I opened the app up, THE WHOLE THING WAS LIKE IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE OR SOMETHING or that THE LETTERS ARE SCREWED UP!!!! PLEASE MAKE AN UPDATE

  • Fix it

    by The airy hole

    Can u fix it i have ios 7


    by Jstack94

    This game is horrible now with iOS 7 this needs to be fixed every single word is cut off please don't ignore this no one can play because of this bug fix!!!!

  • Bugs

    by Jeni6279

    The game is fun but I can't read anything, the words are all jumbled. I paid for this and can't read any of the options. There are a lot of glitches, the ref does a funky dance occasionally, in two spots at once. PLEASE FIX!


    by Juderyder

    Worst game on the market. All the words are a jumbled mess, game crashes, a complete waste of space and the developers could care less. I have sent SEVERAL emails regarding said issues and apparently they got their money and don't care about anything else. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!

  • Chinese version

    by BigK_ut

    Seriously I download the game and what do I get but everything in Chinese. Not impressed. Get it right 2k Sports.

  • Very annoying

    by Sstunafish

    The words are all blurred up making it impossible to read all options. When I try to play it doesn't let me select who I want to use. Don't get

  • Too bad...

    by Man Laugh

    This game is good, except it crashes. A lot. Like, almost all the time. Sometimes it freezes when with 2 minutes left in the third period. Sometimes right away. The problem is that iOS can't seemingly support a decent hockey game, which is why we have to resort to the garbage offered to us. The gameplay is actually decent if not downright fun. It is one of the better sports games I've handled on the ipad, it just doesn't feel like working about 75% of the time, which really kind of makes it pointless...don't you think so 2K? Not enough to give me my $5 back, apparently.

  • Horrible buy

    by Jayrhy

    Do not purchase this app. Not worth $4.99. Just purchased this about 30 minutes ago and it has already froze 4 times. Also the wording is all messed up and you can not even read anything it says on the app. Horrible buy.

  • Dont waste your time

    by Yoyoypyoyoyooyoyjvjn

    This app just freezes in every game i play so dont waste your money on this game unless an update come out

  • Fix the bugs

    by Chandler1514

    I spent 5 bucks to get this game but the bugs are stoping me to play it fix it soon

  • Many problems

    by Kt breck

    This game has many glitches and it would be best if they put in a new up date because i cant even read the words that come up.

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