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- Highly improved performance.
- Fixed Rate bug.
- Improved users' control.
- Fix Enemies stuck bugs.

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AI Crisis is a strategy game where you spend resources on building towers that destroy waves of incoming enemies. As you kill more enemies, your resources grow. It's a combo of strategy and puzzle play, there are different ways you can beat a level.


- Universal-App for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

- Powerful weapon system, 15 tower types with 3 levels of capability. Each tower has unique trade offs that affect ideal placement.

- 16 enemies with different attributes. The enemy with special skills may destroy your defensive line.

- Reasonable balance of weapons system and enemies system, need to combine different towers to deal with enemy forces.

- Each maps can be solved in many different ways, with increasing rewards for improved efficiency.

- Each map includes Stroy mode , challenge mode and Endless mode.

- In endless mode, eneies show up randomly, giving infinite possibility.

- IAP offers Ultra towers which can reverse the situation.

- The help system in each level will have the corresponding game tips.

- Realistic 3d environments, like green space, barren hills, snow, volcanoes, bare rock.

- Background music produced by independent music producer.

- Easy to operate, with different heights of 3D perspective.

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Customer Reviews

  • Good Game

    by gsxr750blj

    Not bad. There is times where towers can't be selected but other than that it is a good game.

  • Good TD

    by Uberkid2k

    Overall this is very fun Tower Defense game, buy it! You learn the game by first introducing the towers with no upgrades to the towers then later levels let you upgrade to second-level tower and then the third level tower. This is the same tower defense game available on PC's via steam by some other name. The graphics are better on the PC version. The larger maps did crash, but I killed off some processes and was able to complete all levels. I then played again in the harder mode and unlocked each levels endless mode.

  • Don't Buy!

    by evergreenpie

    Horrible! Buggy! You'll waste your money if you buy this. Not even worth the free version. Looks like some 9 year old's school project attempt at a game.

  • Yet Another Broken Tower Defense Game

    by HektikLyfe

    The Good: The Graphics and Audio are decent. The Bad: The controls are broken. Sometimes you can't select towers, build towers or zoom correctly. The Ugly: Sometimes when you build a tower it automatically scrolls to the corner of the map then it takes forever to scroll back. The Summary: Not worth the premium iDevice memory in its current state. Even free.

  • bmamba

    by Jamie133

    As TD wonk a game that has great potential. Good maps, weapons and scenery. Play the free only. $2.99 version has a few bugs that are significant and appear to be indicative of a rushed game. Wait for fixes.

  • Worst TD Game on App Store

    by Vagabum

    Maps and mechanics are distantly similar to Defense Grid on XBLA but art, gameplay, presentation and performance are horribly amateur and not even close to that game. Features are incomplete (cannot upgrade towers!) and horribly buggy. Performance is terrible. Graphics are not retina and actually even worse than PSOne. This game is virtually unplayable. Waste of time and money. Any other TD ga

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