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- Summer time is here. Time to cook out -

Coleman® is pleased to announce the launch of the Cookout Cookbook & Meal Planner iPhone application to help families prepare meals during the busy summer camping and cook out season. Based on top-rated recipes by Coleman®, the Cookout Cookbook & Meal Planner application allows users to find the perfect meal based on food type, category, and ingredients. Rank your favorite recipe for kids, best dessert or ideal recipe for the boat.

- Make and plan the perfect meal -

Users can search for a recipe based on the type of food and ingredients necessary to make the perfect meal. This is the first application that allows users to plan meals for an entire camping trip. Pick the number of days and campers and let the application do the rest. Generate shopping and equipment lists so you never forget an essential ingredient at home. Special events are no problem for the application as users can organize recipes into lists tailored to unique days like the Fourth of July.

- Making cooking and shopping easy -

Using the Coleman® recipe card system, families are given handy ingredients and cooking times to guide their cook out experience. Ingredients can be easily compiled and put into shopping lists to guide grocery purchases and makes cook outs more fun and easy to plan. Save time by preparing steps at home!

Customer Reviews

  • camper

    by IanC Again

    Has good potential, but not very robust. Only 6 recipes under the Dutch Oven category. Are you kidding me? Come on Coleman… you have to give me more for your advertising attention.

  • Planner

    by Kindertchr1

    When I go to generate shopping list it crashes on me. The layout for planning meals is great and the recipes give you several choices. Would love to be able to generate the shopping list. And equipment list without the app crashing.

  • Good app

    by Madilexi2000

    For the most part it is a good app but I have been having issues with it crashing on me a lot of the time.

  • Not real camping

    by GoombayButch

    I was hopping that they would have more real life camping meals and not the gourmet car camping meals. I backpack a lot so most of these recipes won't work.

  • Cool

    by Bull frog26

    Good! Fun to use!

  • Nice app

    by Dejarik

    Good easy recipes. Shopping list function is great

  • Dutch oven

    by R.C.V

    More dutch oven recipes please!

  • Great!

    by Dnkmeadows

    So helpful - love this app

  • Good app

    by Camper167

    Has some great recipes and looking forward to trying some this spring. Only thing wish u could add recipes from other sources,

  • Great app!

    by kickinbass

    This app has great, family friendly recipies that look so easy the kids can get involved. Can' t wait to try them out this year!

  • Confused

    by Mary Lan

    Am I missing something? The screen tells me to touch the "+" symbol to add my own recipes, but I don't see a plus sign. Help! This app would be great if I can add personal recipes.

  • Awesome

    by Starlakittycat

    Very helpful it does everything I thought it would and I don't know why people say it doesn't save their meal planner.I made one just to see if it would and it did

  • planner saves perfectly

    by swix

    this app is amazing. well thought out. useful. makes preparing/cooking super easy.

  • Great app - need sharing ability

    by Burchb

    Love the app. Well thought out. Really like the meal plan creation for multiple campers and multiple days. Wish it had a way to share a complete plan with another iPhone user or to email in usable format.

  • Email ability please

    by Mspradley

    I am really happy I found this app, since we are going camping this weekend and I'm a little stuck on what to make our fam for meals. The only thing that is disappointing is that I can't email a menu. This would helpful to share with my husband or the group of other families so we can coordinate who brings what. Also, adding our own recipes would be helpful. I was a little surprised at how few recipes there are, and that there wasn't a picture for the S'mores recipe...I mean, really, how common is that?

  • Very Handy

    by RandyK29582

    This is a very nice little app, and despite what one reviewer said, every recipe can be easily made at your campsite with any Coleman stove and minimal equipment and hassle. Nice of the folks at Coleman to provide it.

  • Fix on the way

    by Buy this album!!!

    Sorry for the problem with the save function. Database coding error. Keep the reviews coming!

  • interesting app

    by hardinjmm

    i love the recipes. i hope to try a few of these recipes next weekend.

  • Love the new app!

    by Camping Guy

    I like the new version a lot. Very helpful for my family.

  • Recipe Editing/Adding Ability

    by frywalker

    Would like the ability to add some of my own recipes.

  • Crashes

    by Buffs92

    Crashes each time I attempt to generate a list.

  • Crashes

    by Eportfolio

    Great app, but crashes.

  • App crashes when viewing menu list

    by gr8scraps

    This would be a great app for scouts! But it crashes after you make a menu list. Stinks! Fix it- so it can be used!

  • App crashes

    by Margooles

    App crashes upon attempt to view meal plan list. I see you have been aware of this since June?!? I guess I won't be buying Coleman products again if your response time on a simple App is so long.

  • Has Potential

    by Qt7

    Need to be able to add your own items to your planner and save your work! Great app and recipe ideas except for these two major drawbacks :/

  • Love the app...dire need of an update

    by Mattsturbogti

    This app is great and has excellent recipes. However, the planner does not save your work :(

  • Doesn't save

    by Cherbear12345

    I just spent 45 minutes planning my camping meals. I closed and came back and NOTHING was saved. This app has some great ideas for camp cooking. Don't plan on it planning anything for you. If you like a recipe email it to yourself and then plan it from there.

  • Planner doesn't save

    by Busybee Mommy

    Love the recipes and I was excited to use planner for our camping trip. I created our trip menu but when I came back to it, my list wasn't there! It had erased it! Same with the favorites I had saved. Each time I leave the app it erases my work :(

  • Ok

    by Camp fire

    Is ok meals but you can't really use them camping

  • Nice app

    by Pacamper

    This app is nicely set up. It just needs more recipes. It would be nice too to be able to add your own. The Coleman website has more recipes. With more recipes it would be a 5 star.

  • out of sequence

    by azrngr

    Great recipes, but was the proofreader dyslexic? Most of the steps are reversed. Please fix it!

  • Expert camper

    by Camp-Pro

    Best app for planning the perfect camping experience. A++

  • Great idea

    by MIZZLost23

    I just downloaded the app and I really like the idea of a meal planner (helps with packing)! I can't wait to try some of the recipes next weekend!

  • Seems good, but recipe instructions are in wrong order

    by Sweetpeas2331

    Many of the recipes are out of order - it lists step 1 as 'place in coals' and then step 2 is 'create a pile of coals in the center of your firepit and light the coals'. Someone needs to proof the recipes!!

  • Having trouble?

    by venus6

    Uninstall and reinstall it worked for me. I think it's a nice app. I look forward to updates!!

  • Hey, It works now! Woooo!!!

    by Future Car Owner (maybe) who has e-mailed TV a few times for information to be sent from his iPhone

    As I promised, here's a good review: Very useful and I love how it's categorized into the different types. The filters are very nice and are very helpful in finding a recipe. I hope you get more though.

  • Dido

    by Killa joker

    Fix the problem and I'll redownload

  • It crashes on startup

    by weRtheborgUwillBassimilated

    I've been looking for something like this but it never gets past the splash screen.

  • Garbage

    by DentDaddy

    Doesn't work tried three times but hopefully they will get the bugs lined out an I can start cooking some of them recipes

  • Works for me

    by knerrmit

    I think this is my first review, but I had to stick up for Coleman a little (maybe I'm a fanboy). Anyway, it seems to be working perfectly for me. Maybe they updated it, or maybe those below need to update their phones. Although, the latter seems unlikely since so many people had issues. At any rate, it's a great little app. In future versions, it would be useful to have the ability to add your own recipies, but the included recipes look good. Anyway, it may be worth a second look, if you've had issues.

  • Wish it worked!

    by We Love Labs

    The app crashes on startup! It never loads. Really bad job on writing this app, it could be really!

  • Crash on start up

    by taplep

    Just like everybody else said--doesn't work. It's been deleted

  • Still needs work

    by ELKRAM

    The whole app has potential. Breakfast, for example, needs to allow for multiple selections. Great idea here. Need to allow submission of personal selections.

  • Great Idea but...

    by tnpathfinder

    App crashes on the splash screen. Come on guys, get it fixed!

  • Crashes on startup repeatedly

    by Scorpius210

    Looks like this could be a very nice handy app. However, I stress that it could be if it worked on my end. I will re submit a review if there is a solution to the crashing issue. Thanks

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