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We have added a new Stacked Burger reward to our Give Me More Stripes reward chart. We strive to offer the best app possible, and your feedback helps us do that. To share any details about your app experiences with us, please contact our Guest Relations team at 1-800-FRIDAYS (374-3297) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT. So we may better serve you, please have the following information available: mobile device, operating system and email address.

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T.G.I. Friday’s℠

In Here, It’s Always Friday®. Now, with our updated app, you can find a Fridays℠, check out our drink and food menus, get special offers, and find out what’s going on any night of the week in the Happenings section. And with My Fridays Tab powered by Tabbedout®, you can start a tab, keep tabs on it, and even pay directly from your phone.

• Pay your bill from your phone with My Friday’s Tab℠
• Find a Friday’s® using your current location by ZIP code, or city and state
• Get maps and driving directions to the nearest Friday’s®
• Check out our drink specials and promotions
• Browse through our full drink and food menus
• Give Me More Stripes: check your stripes, request Rewards, view and show Rewards certificates to your server, even request Stripes credit from your phone

Great Rewards Are Just a Tap Away

Get full access to your Give Me More Stripes® account, request Rewards, or receive Stripes credit directly from your phone. Not a Stripes friend? Join directly from your device for great rewards and perks. We’ll even send you a free appetizer or dessert coupon via email for signing up.

An Important Tip

My Friday’s Tab℠ is programmed to suggest a tip of 18%. You can increase or decrease this tip at your discretion when you close your tab. However, if you leave the Friday’s location without closing your tab on your mobile device, a gratuity of 18% will be added.

Customer Reviews

  • Smh

    by CashIsSyne

    The app is ok, a lot of times it crashes n other times it's great! Get it together guys ur not sum cheap little second hand company, u shoulda had these issues paid n fixed a long time ago! Also! Soooo there are times in a month where I'm at Fridays every other day n then there are times in the month where I'm there like 1 time in the whole month! Point being now that u guys started this crap of in order to keep points u must visit 2xs in one month is pure B.S.! I'm sooo upset that you would have to force customers n make them now worry bout how many times they visited ur stupid store before they loose ur points! It makes me just want to throw away the membership n head to a new spit for food n drinks altogether! I mean u guys already so stupidly got rid of happy hour, n know this??!! Who wants to deal with this crap now?

  • good

    by  Undwirtanzten

    l love it

  • Don't Get the Negative Reviews

    by Ricardo A Guzman 

    Used it a couple of weeks ago with absolutely no problem. Going to use it again tonight. If you follow instructions, you'll have a great experience with it.

  • Great

    by Leslie*


  • Love it

    by Prideman01

    Don't see how other people have problems but none here. The only thing is that some Friday employees know nothing obout the app.

  • Needs improvement

    by Brod77381157496

    Current stripes King and I can't sign in. I Live right next to Fridays and it gave me directions to get to the same restaurant 4 miles away in the woods. Please fix!!!

  • Awesome

    by VballSammi

    Great app!

  • Rewards are sweet

    by  Sikofitt

    Instantly selected a reward and shared the certificate with the server right there at the table. That's the way to give customers a nice perk!

  • User

    by Lisa Doubtfire

    Love the new logo!

  • I eat there sometimes

    by the MIZ's friend

    Great app thank you!

  • Yay!

    by Thomas Kay

    Thank you very much for fixing your app. I can finally scan my receipt to earn my points. This is awesome :)

  • :(

    by Brittiney J.

    I can't get the app to open...I even rebooted my phone after the install.

  • Fantastic!

    by Carbamide

    Seems like they fixed the crashing issues. Good.

  • Good job!

    by Terry Palmer

    Looks like a great app!

  • Easy to use and tab feature is cool

    by 918Spencer

    This app is easy to use and the TabbedOut feature is really cool. More restaurants/bars should be offering that.

  • Thank you Friday's

    by Revisited

    Whatever you did fixed my problems. Now I can get my rewards again!

  • I wish every restaurant had this

    by chuckschiller

    I love paying the tab from my phone. It puts everything on my terms. Great app, great idea. I want some ribs!

  • Nice update!

    by JamesAHering

    Thanks for addressing the hiccups. New version shows all my Stripes info and rewards. Now ready to earn and burn a few more Stripes!

  • Doesn't work

    by Mike OS 

    App won't work, keeps crashing every time I try to use it. Don't understand why they can't have a fully functioning app.

  • Too Formal

    by Player ggggggff

    No happy hour menu

  • Crashes before opening!!!

    by thabish14765

    Can't even use the app because it crashes upon opening! I was excited to use it & haven't been able to! I was at T.G.I. Friday's last night & couldn't use it!!!

  • Missing essential features for Stripes members

    by Staci100796938

    This app misses the mark. The "Tab" feature is clever. But the people most likely to use this app are your frequent diners - i.e., your Stripes members. There is essentially no way for your most loyal customers to access their Stripes account or redeem an award from within the app. The Rewards feature only takes you to the Stripes web page - not even mobile-optimized! - and when you log in, you continue to see the regular website, which is impossible to work with on an iPhone screen. I can do that from Safari, without the need for an app. Overall a terrible user experience. Forget it - I'll delete the app and print out Stripes rewards on paper for now. At this point, the app isn't worthwhile.

  • Fix it!!!

    by  daicatuyen

    Fix the members login!!!! Ridiculous!

  • Useless

    by Jobo4ed

    They should really use something better like appay, which can do everything this app can plus it has ordering capabilities, refill support, and iBeacon support...there is even an app for franchises/businesses to create their menu and view incoming orders

  • App terrible for getting rewards and info

    by Mjferr

    1) If you went to Friday's twice this week and want to scan or enter both receipts to get your points, YOU CAN NOT ! You can only enter one, then wait a day (or more) before entering the second one. Can you imagine if your credit card worked that way ? Sorry - you already charged something today you have to wait 24 hours before you can charge something else. 2) DISPLAY hisotry of rewards .. I have 300+ points, but history shows NO ACTIVITY . TERRIBLE feature. 3) You turn on "keep me signed in," but it does not.

  • Crashes

    by SarnoNL4 

    App continuously crashes even after restart

  • Logging doesn't work

    by Crash update!

    Keeps saying my password is invalid, won't let me login!!

  • Won't work

    by Trishka2000

    I've tried 3 times in 3 weeks to sign up on this app and it never will connect.

  • App only good in Texas?

    by dburroway

    When you download this app it will ask your permission to use your current location. When you try to find the location nearest you in the locations tab, it directs you to pa dozen or so locations in Texas. One problem, Plano TX is 945 miles from my current location.

  • Crashes before it opens!

    by MWINY

    App keeps crashing before it can opens

  • Won't open

    by Janda83

    I really want to use this app but I can't. It crashes after 3 seconds on startup. Very frustrating.

  • Anger!!

    by Meejeenius

    Fix the flippen app!!!

  • App wont open

    by Amy Gearns

    Sitting in the restaurant and can't get into app to claim rewards!

  • Won't open just crashes

    by Holly C Rivera

    I give it two bc I am hoping to have this fixed. It won't even open. Just opens to the first pic and then crashes.

  • Crap

    by Pakachewie

    This app licks nuts it doesnt open it just keeps crashing

  • Can't login

    by Vgi-user

    iPhone app does not accept the password. I can login in the browser, but can't on my phone.

  • Crash

    by Checkerme

    Doesn't even run. Just crashes. Don't download.

  • Boo!!

    by Chrisk636

    This app worked great at first, but now I can't get it to open! I have deleted and reloaded the app several times but still won't work!!!

  • Can't sign in

    by jnuzzimcse

    Every time I try to sign in it says bad URL.

  • Crashing

    by Llamalover103

    It doesn't work at all. Every time I open the app it crashes.

  • App will not open

    by Digmo1

    Downloaded app 8/26/13 and it will NOT open on my iPhone 4 Hope they fix and update soon

  • Still crashing

    by Gesgolf

    App crashes before it ever gets past the initial screen. I guess the improvement is that it used to crash AFTER logging in and now it crashes before it even gets that far. So, that's a time saver... Please fix the app!!!

  • App Stinks

    by Kdubb617

    My app hasn't worked months & it's really unfortunate. What it's done is steered me away from going to Fridays where as before because of the convenience of the app I was there 3-4 times a month. You would think a flourishing multi million dollar corporation wouldn't have these types of issues long term. And I patiently waited for a malfunctioned update. You guys lost a loyal customer

  • ?

    by Woot bear

    App doesn't open

  • TGIFriday's app

    by Val's eclectic mix

    The stupid thing never even opens. I have deleted it and downloaded it again, still to no avail. Useless.

  • App failure!

    by abwrobinson95

    The app will not load and keeps crashing! The updated version isn't working! Update again please!!


    by brkbeatjunkie

    Can't complete the sign up because you can't scroll to the bottom. Garbage quality control. Did you even test your app?


    by Laila1119

    Crashes before you can open. Cant even get my striped credit updated smh what a waste

  • Terrible app.

    by CBaxter000

    Doesn't open. Crashes when it does.

  • App does not open

    by Ashley Vi

    Downloaded and app would not open so I deleted and downloaded again, same problem. Cannot comment beyond that because I cannot even open!!

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