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Which popular fast food restaurants have gluten free products to offer you? Find out with Gluten Free Fast Food! This super easy to use resource gives you fast access to the information you need, with just a tap to your screen. You’ll love this important reference application. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

"Really helpful"
- Htc45newyork

"Love the ease of use"
- AndoCommando 

You love eating Kentucky Fried Chicken but you’re on a gluten free diet. Is there anything on their menu that you can eat?

What about your children? The doctor has suggested a gluten allergy might be at the root of some problems. But they’re kids; they like to go to McDonalds, just like all of their friends do.

Don’t deprive yourself or your family when faced with a gluten free diet. There’s just no need for it when you can download Gluten Free Fast Food to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This handy, quick reference shows you the gluten free options at your favorite fast food restaurants.

Standing in line at your local Dairy Queen, scanning the menu and wondering if there’s anything there that you can eat? Don’t worry, just open up the Gluten Free Fast Food app and you’ll know instantly what they offer that fits your special diet.

Go ahead and enjoy picking up something yummy at Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Subway, Arby’s and a ton of other establishments that you love to frequent. These eateries cater to the masses and also to those, like you, who eat gluten-free. You are a valued customer and more and more places are putting great food on their menu that’s safe for you to eat when avoiding gluten.

You can treat yourself to a Chargrilled Chicken Fillet at Chick-Fil-A, a Low Carb Thickburger at Hardee’s, or Fresh Apple Fries at Burger King. Food doesn’t have to be boring just because it lacks gluten!

Look at some of the features you get in Gluten Free Fast Food:
* Really easy to use, attractive interface
* Find out instantly what gluten-free menu items are available from each of the most popular fast food restaurants
* Always have a handy, ready resource and reference at your fingertips – take it with you when you go out to dine

You may be eating gluten free but you have choices, lots of them. Thanks to this app, you’ll know what and where they are.

Download Gluten Free Fast Food now and treat yourself and your family to a meal out at your favorite eatery tonight.

*Always double-check with food provider; our information comes from their websites, but is subject to change/inaccuracies.

*Does not work properly on 2g devices, sorry for any inconvenience.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing app

    by ShanneL_Bids

    I highly recommend this app.

  • Love it

    by Josh48300

    Heard about this app from a friend.

  • Good

    by QueenL2

    Great app thank you for making this app.

  • Restaurants

    by Gluten freek

    I think you should add more fast food restaurants and be more specific on the food items.

  • Learn to read

    by Biscuitgirl81

    A shoe in needs to learn how to read before blasting off. Chick FilA waffle fries ARE gluten free according to their site. Thanks for a great app! This will be super handy! I agree more choices would be nice.

  • Helpful!

    by georgey porgie

    I thought this app is a good starting place. Of course you should continue to be careful and ask what's in food, but it is still a nice app. It's nice that it's free! Could be updated or added too though.

  • Helpful!

    by Meljmcd

    Thank you! I need this!

  • Excellent!

    by Ellenm30

    This is a great app that has quick access to gf menus and items at all your local restaurants and chains!

  • Really helpful

    by Htc45newyork


  • Finally!

    by Lala0917

    Finally, an app for gluten free fast food where all of the menu items are listed in one place! Love it. Thank you!

  • Great

    by Andocommando55

    Love the ease of use

  • cool!

    by Matthew Caldwell

    Very helpful!

  • Not worth the time to download

    by monaLUVSjosh

    I read a few reviews which seemed to say "what they say is gluten free actually may contain a tiny bit of gluten". I figured, I'm good with 99% gluten free and said what the heck. I'll probably read each of the 12 (yes, 12) fast food joints lists, then delete the app. Maybe add some places that actually have a few solid choices, even if they're smaller chains? Here's Subway's entire list (from the app): Salads: Chicken & Bacon Ranch (includes cheese), Cold Cut Combo, Ham (Black Forest), Italian BMT, Roast Beef, Roasted Chicken Breast, Tuna, Turkey Breast, Turkey Breast & Ham, Spicy Italian, Subway Club, Steak & Cheese, Veggie Delite Meat & Poultry:
 Bacon Strips
 Chicken Breast Patty
 Chicken Strips – plain Cheese: All cheeses are gluten free Vegetables: Banana peppers, Jalapenos, Olives, Pickles, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Green peppers, Red onions, Olives, Carrots If you are gluten free, or just sensitive, like me, this app won't show you anything you don't already know and if you're new, it won't teach you anything. Subway has potato chips, yet none are listed. Lays / Ruffles / Tim's are just potatoes, vegetable oil and salt and are absolutely gluten free, I guarantee I'd find one of those chips at my local Subway. And-no dressings listed for the salads? Come on, even though it's nothing new to ole pros, things like oil and vinegar are obviously gluten free and should be suggested along with the salads. Lastly, I'm sorry- carrots? Where are the carrots at Subway? (although that's a great idea!) I give it 2 stars (instead of 1), because I love the idea and I want the developers to keep trying! And more fast food places to offer gluten free options!

  • Be careful - not 100% reliable

    by A shoe in

    I have been gluten free for 14 years so know my info pretty well. I have seen things listed on this app that are not gluten free. Example: Chick fil a waffle fries are not listed as GF on the chick fil a website but are listed as GF on this app. Best to go to the fast food chain's website or you could have problems. Cross contamination is also an issue.

  • Be very careful!

    by Glutenfreeisme

    This app is very marginal for being safe. They have potato cakes listed as GF at Arby's and when I asked if they had a dedicated fryer she said everything is made in the same fryers which means contamination when they fry kids breaded chicken fingers, duh! I would recommend that if you are new to being GF to skip using this App!

  • Not true

    by KRVS122609

    Things may start out GF from the factory but as soon as the employees touch it with their gluten filled gloves you're in for a mess of trouble. Not to mention that the cooking surfaces are not GF.

  • Needs more restaurants!!

    by LalaWykle

    Please add more restaurants to the app. I love the ease of use, but more is needed.

  • Wow

    by Serika .

    So you took all bread and potato items off the menu and then list every condiment item instead. Seriously?

  • Not helpful

    by Valszz

    Not help for us GF

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