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Seller: Suburban Access LLC

* An improved "Rate Me" button, addressing an issue leading to an empty link.

* We've upgraded our "Favorites" feature with a move to the cloud. Your favorite items saved with web orders are now available on your phone and vice versa. Name and save your favorite orders after checkout. That perfect mix of toppings shows up conveniently at the top of the menu next time you begin an order!

* Other fixes to eliminate various small bugs.

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~ Currently serving select locations in Oklahoma ~

Satisfying your appetite for Schlotzsky's has never been easier.

The Schlotzsky's app, powered by, allows you to order from nearby locations in just a matter of seconds. Plus, you can pay ahead to avoid those pesky lines!


• Easily locate restaurants nearest you
• Securely store your credit card for fast ordering
• Save your favorite orders to enter warp speed!
• Connect to Facebook and Twitter to share activity with friends

Why you'll love it:

* Avoid lines!
* In-a-hurry-friendly
* Makes ordering in groups a breeze

Customer Reviews

  • Simple and convenient

    by momentarylapse

    Saves time, ensures accuracy and gets me through the line quicker. Thumbs up!

  • I like it!

    by Siggiwiggy

    I live in Oklahoma City & I like the app. I understand the concept of a test market and I hope it works out well for the app. I'll keep using it. Saves time at the counter or drive through.

  • Awesome

    by Tbird823

    Just ordered for myself while my friends stood in line...Loved walking right passed them to grab my lunch!

  • Sooooo sick!!!!!!!

    by Nicholas Isaacs

    Just skipped that line!!!!

  • No use

    by MarinDeauDouce

    Only showing stores in Oklahoma.

  • What were they thinking!

    by sdadell

    I just left Schlotzkys and downloaded this app expecting to track rewards and gift cards. It does NOTHING and even shows the nearest location as hundreds of miles away. What a waste.

  • Worthless

    by Tmikemc

    I love Schlotzskys and have since the mid 70s so it is really hard for me to say this. This app is worse than useless. I was on Interstate 40 in Albuquerque and searched for Schlotzskys. It told me the nearest resturant to I-40 was 300 plus miles away in Oklahoma. It was only looking on I-40. My app showed 6 resturants in Albq. The next day in Amarillo it did the same thing. Then I passed an exit that had a Schlotzkys right on I-40. This thing is worthless.

  • Galactic Overlord

    by Reagan Cardwell

    This app can't find the nearest location, despite being less than 5 miles from one. It thinks the closest location is more than 300 miles in the opposite direction.

  • Gps only halfbaked

    by smark71

    The gps correctly finds my location, but only shows stores hundreds of miles away while I'm sitting in one right here! There doesn't seem to be any way to change this setting so the app is useless until that gets fixed.

  • It's terrible!

    by Lori Platt

    It asks for my location and pulls up stores in other states. No menu option! I'm deleting this app!

  • Shouldn't even get one star.

    by Nanlanny

    Shows no store. There's no search field to type in an address or keyword. Should fix it or take it down.

  • Can't find any stores near me

    by jafco5573

    This app has the potential to be helpful if it could actually find any stores near me! Placing an order using the app or looking over the menu for a particular location could be really convenient. I know for a fact that there are stores within 20 minutes of me in two different directions but the "store locator" says the closest is 347 miles from me. I'm certainly not placing an order from the app to pick up at that location. Schlotzsky's is good but not that good!!!

  • Non functional.

    by B3miller

    The app can not even find a location to order from. Will only show location in Dallas, which it correctly tells me are hundreds of miles away. Not much hope for actually placing an order if it think 100s of miles is my closest location. BTW there are 15 locations with 15 miles of my location.

  • Useless

    by Flickity Split

    No matter where I am the store locater shows the stores in Norman OK. All the app seems to offer is store locater.

  • Q

    by rdc50000

    Worthless app

  • Awful & useless!

    by Chelleez

    We have a million locations in the Houston Metro areas & app does not Identify any of them. No menu access or area. We love their food, but our local store is owned by an asian family & they are cheap, nickel & dime even for napkins, are open really weird reduced hours when everything is open at least until 10 pm the close sometime at 8 & shew people out very abruptly. Randomly at 7 pm too. This app is absolutely a waste! Terrible!

  • Serious sandwiches. Silly app.

    by Kirkkerekes

    When you open the app, it requires that you set up an "account" to proceed in any way. You cannot even find a store location without the "account". Vast majority of users are just going to delete the app, and think less of Schlotzky's for putting their name on something this dopey.

  • Incomplete

    by Ladyfire6648

    App contains a limited data set that only has Oklahoma. Shame on them for rolling out an unfinished app.

  • Only good in limited area of OK

    by mcneecev

    This app doesn't work for all of Schlotskys stores, just a few in OK. Disappointing and not useful unless you live around a select few of their stores

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