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Languages: English

Seller: Suburban Access LLC

* An improved "Rate Me" button, addressing an issue leading to an empty link.

* We've upgraded our "Favorites" feature with a move to the cloud. Your favorite items saved with web orders are now available on your phone and vice versa. Name and save your favorite orders after checkout. That perfect mix of toppings shows up conveniently at the top of the menu next time you begin an order!

* Other fixes to eliminate various small bugs.

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~ Currently serving select locations ~

Satisfying your appetite for Cinnabon has never been easier.

The Cinnabon app, powered by, allows you to order from nearby locations in just a matter of seconds. Plus, you can pay ahead to avoid those pesky lines!


• Easily locate restaurants nearest you
• Securely store your credit card for fast ordering
• Save your favorite orders to enter warp speed!
• Connect to Facebook and Twitter to share activity with friends

Why you'll love it:

* Avoid lines!
* In-a-hurry-friendly
* Makes ordering in groups a breeze

Customer Reviews

  • Thank goodness!

    by einexile

    As a New Yorker I was concerned there might be a Cinnabon close by. Fortunately the nearest store is still some 800 miles away. It looks like I've got at least another year before I'll need to cut back on Pop Tarts and chocolate pudding. Two bonus stars for the nice icon.

  • Nice little app

    by sales101

    Can't wait for more locations!

  • What's the point of this app???

    by Starrbright10

    This app does nothing. It gives my current location but does not show the close locations. There is an option to order but it does not work.

  • by Crystal Love

    I am trying to create an account and can not so sad because I really like

  • Boring :(

    by Beverly 555657585990

    only work in Atlanta area

  • Only 1 store? In Atlanta?

    by mpmccormick

    Bad app. Bad app. No treat!

  • Useless if do not want to create a login.

    by dk0767

    'Nuf said.

  • Really?

    by cdmdave

    Only one store in the U.S? I guess I was just imagining the ones nearby.

  • Kinda off.....

    by Cupcake lover1016775

    I live no where near Georgia and it keeps telling me the nearest store is at Georgia...

  • 1 location only?

    by Dcobs

    What's the point? Why waste your time making an app for one location, and how do you get the nerve to call it a locator app?

  • A little off...

    by Imbrium79

    I'm in Miami and it's telling me the nearest store is up in Atlanta, Ga. I'm pretty that is not the closest store

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