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Seller: Sky Orchard Studios Incorporated

Fixed Black Screen Problem.

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Create your own perfect wedding cake!

Elegant or fun, you can make the wedding cake of your dreams! Use it to plan your own wedding, or make some cakes just for fun!

* Get inspired by generating a random wedding cake. Just shake the device or tap the Shuffle Button.

* Over 75 options to customize! Includes icing roses, berries, chocolates, patterns, monograms, toppers and trims. 28 colors to match your cake to your wedding theme!

* Export large, full-quality 640x820 images of your designs.

* Lock certain items from being shuffled, to further refine your design.

* Share your designs easily on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or email it to a friend.

Wedding Cake Designer is a CreateShake App. Also, stay tuned for more CreateShake apps to inspire your creativity!

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Customer Reviews

  • I had to delete all of my cakes and redownload the program!!!

    by X-treamyouth


  • I like trains

    by Five star ratw

    I like cake

  • Cake fun

    by K-doggyest

    This is a pretty fun game there is so many desins

  • Please fix this

    by 3.14 pi pie

    I had gotten all of the packs, but the black screen bug fix update took them away. I'd like to have them back please.

  • ok

    by H(;):

    it's alright, but I don't really think the app is for me. I thought you actully got to design your own. but still ok

  • so creative

    by F5Kitten

    its so inspiring. i wuddint egspect eney thing bedre from thez aaps. PLAEEES MAKE MORE I WILL BUY THEM ALLL love you!!!!!! ;)

  • Great

    by Alexis9900

    Love this app it helps me think of good cake designs!!

  • Its Pretty Good I Guess

    by 1DLOVERRRbaby


  • Love it

    by dragonrider735

    I love it. It's wonderful for budding cake artists and it work wonderfully on my phone.

  • LOVE IT!

    by Mal tocan

    It never crashes and I can do every thing. I don't know why you are giving it one star it works for me.

  • Why the hate????

    by KaadyKay

    This game is actually really good!! There's so many options, a lot of possibilities, and great variety! I just don't understand why people are giving it 1 star???!

  • Love it

    by Raspberry rose


  • Luv it

    by Hawesy52

    But it crashes a lot

  • Amazing

    by Koity fruity

    This app us amazing. I know that others will not like it. But if Is not one if those bake a cake then put stupid icing kn it. Thus app us gif the people who like to be creative and biding about new ideas for future cake designs. For example I made one and my little cousin said that she wanted that cake as her sweet sixteen cake and she is only 9.

  • Okay!

    by UNC Beach Girl

    This app is pretty good but it is very slow.

  • By lightning fan 101.

    by 2247257538357

    It's good but you really can't do much like pick your own flavor or do any thing you want but the good side is there is no locked items so you can pick whatever

  • Super fun

    by Roachibu

    :) very fun little game have a blast playing love it :) :) <3

  • Boring but fun!!!!

    by HPIA

    It's ok because it takes to long to load and it's very boring some times please fix this app !!!!

  • Super fun

    by Cute.humph :)

    It is a little slow, but for the most part a very cool and fun game!

  • In love with this app

    by Uhgghgh

    When your changing the look it is a little slow but there are a lot of choices and it helped me pick out my moms birthday cake

  • Sad

    by Shortfry09

    This app is not user friendly. I want a full refund for the mega pack.

  • Why!!!!!

    by awesome Alena!

    Why can't the iPad 1 have this game?????? I loved this game when my iPad 1 could have is but now I can't because you have to have an iOS 6. Please change this! Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!! Pretty pweeeeeeeeeese!!!!

  • WHY IS THIS????

    by Aiman D Sims

    Can you help PLEASE!!!!!!!! When I purchased the Modern Pack, the contents was not there why is this????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Same issue as wedding dresses

    by fivex5

    I try to generate a design & screen goes black.

  • Dumb

    by Julianaaline

    Don't waist your money.

  • Boring

    by Outsider girl


  • Decorate your own cake

    by Strawberry fan when 4-6

    I love the app, but after playing for two days it starts shutting down when I open it.

  • No designs

    by Peace love USA

    No designs and confusing ?:( wast of your time

  • Not fun!

    by Bbbbbeeeaaaannnnn

    It is not fun! All you do is shake your phone or Ipod!

  • Horrible

    by Niqoboo

    This app is horrible u can't even design your own cake.

  • Get horrible..........

    by My fella

    Why do you put a top in app purchases on it? It just make it more worst! And now I can't play it anymore cause it keeps crashing! don't do these on your other apps It will be worse!!

  • GRRR

    by Kramsyd624

    It looks really fun, but it keeps logging out as soon as I try to play

  • Boring

    by :D dino dan

    Worst app. Ever

  • Boring

    by Lessa19

    This is so boring good thing it's free

  • Horrible

    by Tree in life

    Hate it so much!!!! Worst game ever made! Save your time and don't get it!

  • Love it!

    by  BigFan 

    I  it but there can be more details…

  • HI

    by Smiley face2002

    Hi person

  • I love it

    by Badgersx

    I love this app it is really fast

  • Love this app

    by Liviy lu

    For all the people that said this app is slow , check your wifi . Because I had three bars when I was loading into it and it only tock less than ten sec.

  • could be fun

    by le7124

    this game is ssoo slow.

  • Brilliant

    by Harry Potter Witch

    Brilliant...nothing more to say

  • Really slow...fix that.

    by Happy super fan of zombies!!

    Excellent design but horribly slow speed.

  • Great app!

    by Cakelove11

    So cute and sooo fun! This app has a lot of options and tons of different combinations. And it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awsome

    by dayanav

    Love this app nothing is locked but can be really slow never crashed

  • great!!

    by Littlemiss307

    an amazing app but can be slow...:(

  • Love it!!

    by Polka Stripes

    I love it!! But it's just a teensy weensy bit slow

  • Ok.. But

    by Lyttlewolfe

    Good app but crashes a lot.

  • What ever happened to pvz?

    by Dlovedj

    enough said

  • Great app

    by MsCocoMochoCoco

    I love this app. It has quite a few choices. And the cakes always turn out pretty! Sure, it could be better, but hey... It's free:)

  • Awesome game

    by EvelynStar

    I don't get why people hate this game so much.. It has only crashed once for me and I love all the choices and EVERYTHING about this. Don't listen to the other reviews..

  • Slow

    by Ktcol

    Really annoying and slow........ Don't get it

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