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App shows you the closest restaurants you have selected from your current location or elsewhere. If you select the detail view of a location pin, it will display that restaurants phone number , address and hours of operation (some restaurants).

Features Include:
- Adjustable number of pins
- Ability to select your location

This app is mostly US locations at the moment. More restaurants will be added with each new version, especially if requested.

Restaurants Include:
- Arby's©
- Auntie Anne's©
- Baja Fresh©
- Blimpie©
- Burger King©
- Buffalo Wild Wings©
- Carl's Jr©
- Checkers©
- Chili's©
- Chipotle©
- Church Chicken©
- Cinnabon©
- Cracker Barrel©
- Dairy Queen©
- Del Taco©
- Dennys©
- Dunkin' Donuts©
- Fat Burger©
- Fuddruckers©
- In-N-Out©
- Jimmy John's©
- Johnny Rockets©
- Krispy Kreme Doughnuts©
- McDonalds©
- Olive Garden©
- Orange Julius©
- Outback©
- Panda Express©
- Panera Bread©
- Pizza Hut©
- Popeyes©
- Qdoba©
- Quiznos©
- Roberto's©
- Starbucks©
- Subway©
- Wienerschnitzel©
- Wingstop©
- WhataBurger©
- White Castle©
- Zaxby's©

Customer Reviews

  • Constant error message but still good

    by Birmingham@ky

    Will NOT delete a "Wendy's" marker in my neighborhood that I have emailed them about 20 times!!

  • Great!

    by Im hungry all the time

    Great app for iPhone 5

  • Very helpful!

    by Stacybethi

    Great app so we can see what food stops are near and coming up. Needs a scale so we know how far a place is from us. Scale needs to adjust when zooming in and out of map. Refresh button would be good but switching between screens works to reload info.

  • Nice app

    by Ubiggity

    You can pick any fast food place and it will give you multiple locations

  • Need to add more restraints

    by Ereaper

    Like taco cabana for Mexican places besides that its good

  • Awesome Help

    by Josh 1357

    I've been on a few road trips lately, and this app has been a great help in finding a great place to eat in a town two thousand miles away. I've also been a fan of your other apps. Please keep creating apps! I love them so much! :)

  • Super awesome

    by Angel=Me

    Tells you where stuff is, good app

  • Missing places

    by Dragon350

    Shoney's is not listed at all. Would love to add places to search for myself that are not listed.

  • Gets the job done

    by Big Aggie89

    Pretty good in finding places you like to eat at. Just make sure you limit the number of restaurants shown.

  • Fantastic format and easy to use!

    by Kimarooni

    Finally- an app that is set up correctly, simply, and logically. Highly recommended!

  • Convenient

    by John Hamel

    I travel quite a bit and find this app very convenient and useful!

  • mrviejo50

    by mrviejo50

    Love this app! Lets me find places quick and in a hurry.

  • Great !!!

    by Daskn

    I have been looking for the ultimate food finder for many weeks. This one isn't perfect but is the best I've found !

  • Not always correct

    by Memehme

    It said there was a Wendy's in my hometown ? There's not and there never has been .Kinda weird

  • Great.

    by 6DOG9

    (Never hungry with this app) A road tripers best friend. Cheep gas app+ this one. No prob will exist. 10 out of 10

  • Works and useful

    by risakimu

    Works well and useful

  • Review

    by iamaump

    Great, accurate and inexpensive. Very good combination. Ralph

  • Great App

    by Proceniram

    Very handy app especially for traveling, it be awesome it the app allowed submittable reviews of venues and updated and posted the ten recent reviews.

  • Very Nice. four stars

    by MediaPlex

    This app is very nice and does what it says it can so however it would get a 5 from me if I could add my own establishments to locate. Like no breuggers bagels, carvels, Nathan's to name a few? 5 stars if I can enter those and others in.

  • Fast food

    by Batu kilic

    Very cool app,comes in handy

  • Useless

    by appaholic2

    Just installed app and it shows my location on a blank map. No restaurants are shown. Pointless.

  • Is

    by Wut 1568


  • Stuck installing

    by Rbhoffman

    I tried to install this app but it won't completely install. It's stuck installing with the blue bar almost finished. I can open it from the App Store but not from the app itself, and I can't delete it because it thinks it hasn't finished installing. Very irritating.

  • Terrible

    by AdinM

    Nothing worse than a app that has issues but constantly wants to redirect you to a paid venue.....constant error code as other reviews have noted

  • Handy

    by LittleJohn007

    Cool app

  • Review

    by Mrm1951

    Does a good job with items listed. Would like to be able to input additional locations.

  • Fast Food Locator

    by Diana, the Western Twin

    Some places they show on the wrong side of the street. But at least it gets you to the area!

  • Great... Until error

    by shannonabo

    Recently when I have tried to look up restaurants on this, it has said "unable to download story feed from website." What is wrong? It used to work!

  • Gets most of the places in the area, did notice it misses just a few

    by Jimbo-1957

    Pretty good job of getting what your looking for, only misses a few

  • Pretty Rawesome

    by Pamela Shanahan

    Rotrageously Ramazaing!

  • Disneyhoobs

    by Disneyhoobs

    Very handy when we are on the road to new places

  • Love it

    by Rosie519

    So great to have these restaurants so to easy to find. Didn't get 5 stars bc it is missing a couple of popular Southern places.

  • It works

    by april's

    Works as advertised. Use it often and like that it maps the locations.

  • Works fine

    by LeroyListener

    It works exactly as advertised. I'm happy with it.

  • Crap

    by carpittz

    This b suk, nothing on map

  • No restaurants on map.

    by Samfeagle

    It would be better if the selected restaurants appeared on the map.

  • Good Stuff


    Very convenient and seamless!

  • Good

    by 3814

    Wish I could choose my desired restaurant and mapquest would take me there.

  • Doesn't work

    by Qued63

    I checked off known restaurants Nothing shows up on the map.

  • Retired Traveler

    by Copeacabana

    Very useful app, thanks!

  • Nice updates

    by Dy8

    Adds some of my favorite restaurants with their nice updates.

  • Fast Food Finder

    by UncleGoose

    Nice App. Perfect for a trip with a car full of picky eaters

  • Good

    by App man 101111

    I like how I can locate places I've never been to

  • Fast Food

    by Beezy1220

    Nice app

  • Worst apppppppppp EVERRRR

    by Strikezzzz

    Don't get it not even good it is so bad it crashes all the time don't get this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sicks

  • Good

    by Jj heart players


  • Fast food app

    by Skyler226

    Awesome app!!

  • 5 stars

    by Minitink2001

    Can't say anything else but 5 stars so awesome

  • Ahh food

    by DrNaghtyspot

    This is a fun little App and a must have for fast food lovers!!

  • All I gotta say is...

    by 956Kay


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